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The Future Is Wild!

By Nefertanya dragongurl Ahhotep

Chapter 28: Electric Boo-Ga-Loo


The mechanical arms were bathed in a white glow, and with an amazing amount of force, split apart like a flower in bloom. Ace and Slam fell heavily to the ground, panting and gasping. For several minutes, it was the only sound as Vinn and the others stared dumbfounded at the smoldering equipment. Slowly, all eyes turned to the green-furred canine behind them. Tech's jaw was on the ground as focused on the jumbled, sparking machinery.

Slowly, shakily, he raised a hand to point at the mess. "Did I…. Did I do that?" He asked weakly.

Now it was Vinn's turn to contort in rage. "You! You broke my toy! You're a bad dog! Bad bad bad bad dog! What did it ever do to you! Bad, bad dog! You've done a BAD thing! Oh, You've made me SOO ANGRY!"

"Funny, it made me happy." Ace coughed and spat as he rose on shaky legs. Slam chortled in amusement and agreement. Vinn Price gave the bunny a look that would make Schwarzenegger1 cringe before pulling a pulling a few levers, causing the sputtering, smoking, but still flyable machine up into the air


"Huh?" The giant iron man looked up from the cluster of buildings he was tearing apart in his search for his 'father's' nemeses. He casually tossed the giant steel globe2 he'd been holding over his shoulder, where it landed dead center in the ruined Mercurial-Bond Stadium3 and walked over to its master. Vinn steered the machine eye level with his creation. "Look at what they did to daddy's Aerocraft 4! If you had destroyed them promptly when I told you, it wouldn't look like this, now would it?"

George whimpered and tried to protest against the accusations. "NO EXCUSES!" Vinn roared, wagging a finger. "JUST DESTROY THEM NOW!"

Despite been hundreds of times larger than his creator, the iron man cringed with fear and shame. His angry, red eyes reappeared as he turned towards the bothersome pests that had gotten him such a scolding.

"Tech!" Ace yelped frantically. "Tech, do that again!"

The bottle green canine succinctly replied, "Huh?"

Ace rolled his eyes with a growl. "You know! Dat trick ya did before, with tha' lights and the boom and da splitting of metal?"

"I…U'm not really sure how I did it the first time!"

Lexi squealed as she and Ace leapt off a springboard of asphalt pushed up from the giant's fist. "Well you better hurry up and remember fast!"

'Okay' Tech thought to himself, 'How did I do that? Let's see…Ace and Slam had been trapped in the Aerocraft's claw arm mechanism…could the proximity of the craft's gravity servos affected me? No, I've been around AGS's before this and nothing like that has ever happened. Hmm.' "Oooh, it's on the tip of my brain! Think, coyote, think!" He smacked his fist against his forehead; trying to force the solution out of whatever corner it was firmly entrenched in.


The shrill scream broke through the scientist's concentration, he only had but a moment to register that the world seemed to have gotten very dark. A scant moment later, it felt as if someone threw a sword made of fire down his spine, and every synapse burned like a thousand suns! He didn't have any time to scream – just a mere 'Gulp!' before he was a bloody mass of flesh beneath George's metal palm.

Around the crater, the five young heroes stared in mute horror at the silvery column as it slowly began to retract, leaving a crumbling crater in its wake. Lexi let out a sob, and Ace quickly pulled her in close. He didn't want her to see such a vulgar scene. No one should see a sight like that. He squeezed her tight as she shook with grief. Slam whimpered, Duck turned a sickly shade of green and began to gag and heave. Rev stood stiffly, eyes and fist squeezed tightly shut, trying to reject the graphic imagery.

George inspected the gloppy mess of blood, fur, and dirton his silvery hand. "Ew."

"Hee hee hee heehee!" Vinn Price wheezed with laughter as he danced about in his damaged Aerocraft. "Good work, Georgie! Now that ugly doggie (heh heh, heh heh) is worm food!" He clicked his heels in the air and did a barrel roll with the aircraft. George, not understanding much else other than it had pleased its master, laughed and clapped its hands.

The cacophony pulled Ace out of his shock. Pure rage replaced it – rage at this madman's callous disregard for life! "You…. you…. ASSHOLE!" Ace snarled as his eyes glowed red. He shot a laser blast at the craft, causing it to tilt wildly.

Knocked off balance, Price stopped celebrating and gave the lagomorph an insulted glare. "How dare you insult me like that? An inferior creature like you should know your place! Georgie! Destroy every one of them! Don't stop until you make them all look like their friend!"

George stopped laughing and its features grew serious. Again and again, it slammed its hands onto (and sometimes into) the ground. Then, tired of that, it activated its fingertip-mounted lasers. The remaining heroes managed to jump, roll, 'quack', and run out of reach, but things were really getting dicey, and fast!

"Slam! Take out that laser!" Lexi cried out desperately as the iron giant blasted away at Rev. Luckily, the young 'runner was speedy enough to be just missed by the deadly light.

"Whu..?" Slam looked about, before grinned in satisfaction as he found what he was looking for. "SLAM GOOD BOY!" He roared as he picked up and tossed a Transport Trailer5 at the deadly finger. His aim was true, and the vehicle lodged in the opening. The energy, with nowhere to go, backed up and blew out the giant's finger.

"Ow!" It cried, lifting the damaged hand for closer inspection. With a metallic whimper, it turned and presented the smoking contraption to his increasingly irritated master.

"Ooo, forget about your stupid finger! I'll give you 9 more just like it if you'd just hurry up and DESTROY THEM!"

George seemed pleased by this promise, and set forth with new determination. But 2 steps in, the ground collapsed below his left foot, and he flailed wildly.

"Dat's it!" Ace snapped his fingers, "Guys, remembah? Da ground here is riddled wit' underground chambers! We get him ova' to a weak spot, and he'll fall in!"

"And what'll we do with him then?" Lexi gasped.

"We'll cross dat bridge when we come to it! Now c'mon! We gotta get together and' act like a team-for Tech!"

Rev zipped up to the grey and yellow bunny and gave him a 'what about me?' kind of look. Ace gave him a cheeky grin. "You too, Redwings! Now all of ya, get over here! I gotta plan…."

Schwarzenegger - I can't believe spell check actually has this!

'Earth-United by Science' – a very large model of the Earth designed by sculptor and former Air Force pilot Malina Malana. Her LED covered, geodesic dome caused Disney Entertainment Arts Division to sue for copyright. The case was settled out of court. The globe is the size of a 2 story home, with a hollow interior that served as a computing center and repair shop. The LEDs displayed scenes of science, holiday messages, global news, and on more than one occasion, marriage proposals.

Mercurial-Bond Stadium - Home of the 'Titanium Terrors'.

Vinn Price's Aerocraft is a lot like Luke Skywalker's Repulsorlift (.), using a mix of anti-gravity devices and air jets. Expensive to maintain, they are vehicles to the well off and idle. It's the base of Vinn's fortunes

The type used to carry plus sized vehicles like cargo jets, and such.