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Title - Best Friends

Chapter 1- Naruto Returns

Revised edition

Naruto was now seventeen years old. He just got back from a three year training session with Jiraiya, his master. His training session consisted of learning many water techniques, earth techniques, and fire techniques. Naruto also practiced chakra control, chakra augmentation, strength training, and tactical analysis. He was incredibly swift in all his techniques and taijutsu. His stamina was very much over par and was actually much greater than before he started training. He had learned over eight hundred techniques so far and therefore the boy was considered a contender for hokage in the future. Even though Jiraiya always called him an 'idiot' many times during Naruto's training, Jiraiya deeply respected the boy and the boy's power and determination. Naruto dedicated himself to train all day everyday, until his master had forced him to rest. After everyday of training, Naruto came back to the lodge with chakra burnt hands and his body was fatigued. Naruto exceeded Jiraiya's expectations and Jiraiya considered Naruto better than he was, although Jiraiya had more experience in real-time battles. Naruto's chakra level was enormous even without the Kyuubi's help. Amazingly, Naruto who was once a dropout could now summon Gamabunta without the monster fox lending his power. He was able to spawn two rasengans at once in both hands without the help of his clones' hands. Naruto learned to provide his rasengan more power than ever before and therefore he could annihilate anything in his way. His rasengan had so much force and power in it that it literally deformed the ground creating a mammoth crater every time he used it.

In addition to all his growth in power, Naruto was also growing in looks. Naruto was now five feet and eleven inches tall. His looks were surprisingly similar to the fourth hokage except for the whisker marks on his face. His hair grew longer and was still blonde and spiky, which beard a resemblance to Yondaime. Jiraiya suspected a family connection between Naruto and the fourth hokage and was going to talk to Tsunade about it later on.

Despite on how much Naruto focused on his training, Naruto still worried about a certain girl he left behind in Konoha. He was afraid that something tragic was going to happen to her. He was bothered by the thought of her loving someone else. Would she even care that he came back after all these long years? Naruto hoped so and wished to see her beautiful face.

Naruto and his master reached the large wooden gates of Konoha. Naruto could smell the aroma of pork in the air as they walked into the village, and his stomach rumbled for some ramen. Traveling between villages was hard on Naruto, because there were no food stands and therefore no ramen to order. Naruto and his master had to make due with what they got, which was fish and rice-packets (where rice is packed into basil leaves).

"Hey, Ero-Sennin. Let's go celebrate our return by eating some ramen at Ichiraku's!" Naruto begged. "How about let's celebrate by going to the hot baths!" Jiraiya replied. "But we already did that on my birthday, and your perverted ways are getting annoying. Come on, you never do what I want to do!"

"Stop bickering idiot… Alright, I'll go with you, but after that we go to the hot baths; deal?" Naruto nodded and they started to walk over to Ichiraku's when two guards came up to them.

"Greetings Jiraiya-sama, Naruto-kun," exclaimed the guard. "Tsunade-sama has requested your presence as soon as possible."

Naruto sighed. "Well, there goes my plans for Ichiraku's, and I'm really hungry... I've been living off of crap for the whole journey back." Naruto's stomach growled.

"Eat up!" Jiraiya handed Naruto some rice packets.

"Thanks Ero-Sennin! Not as good as ramen though…."

-Knock-. "Come in", Tsunade-sama said. The door opened and one old grey haired man and one young blonde haired kid stepped in. Tsunade was taken aback when she looked at the blonde. 'Yondaime? No, it's just someone who looks like him,' she thought. Then she realized who it was. "N--Naruto? Hi, you looked like someone I knew." "What? Who?" Naruto asked. "Oh, never mind… Anyways, my apprentice was worried about you and wanted to talk to you," said Tsunade. "Eh? Sakura-chan was worried about me… that's weird." 'I thought she was obsessed over Sasuke for the past three years.' Naruto wondered. 'Maybe she's worried that I would get hurt and then I would be unable to bring back Sasuke,' Naruto laughed inside but was starting to feel sad.

'Poor Naruto. If he only knew that Sakura felt very lonely without having Naruto around her…' Tsunade thought to herself.

'That reminds me,' Naruto thought. "Tsunade, I feel like I'm ready to go to bring back Sasuke. Actually, I know I'm ready!"

Tsunade seemed annoyed by his determination to bring back Sasuke and started to twitch her eyes. "We will get to that later on. But for now, we need to worry about your rank as a chuunin. I will be assigning you as acting-chuunin from now on. You will be considered officially a chuunin once you completed a C, B or A rank mission. For the next week, you will not be assigned any missions because you will need to arrange your new team. Sakura has requested that she would be in your group and you will need to find another partner for your team."

"How is Sakura-chan doing anyways?" Naruto asked. "Glad you asked. She has improved quite a lot. Her medical ninjutsu has almost reached on par with mine! She also has improved dramatically in her taijutsu and her strength is amazing. I suspect she might even surpass me with lots of practice." "I didn't know she was that good! That's good to hear." Naruto exclaimed.

"I still want to hear how you've grown over these past three years, Naruto" she implied. "Well, I'm going to go now because I'm starving for some ramen, but I'm sure Jiraiya can tell you everything." Naruto said hesitantly and started to walk out the door. "Hey, wait! You're not going anywhere! I'm not done with you!" she yelled. Naruto ignored her and said, "Bye!" Naruto ran through the hallways trying to escape from Tsunade if she came out. Tsunade tried to calm herself down, and then she reluctantly asked Jiraiya how he was doing.

After eating six bowls of miso pork ramen, Naruto was satisfied and he started to head to his apartment. It was near sunset and Naruto was back in his old apartment he lived in for so long. He opened the refrigerator just to smell the stench of old rotten food. He quickly started to throw away all his food that was in the fridge. Then he started to get rid of his old clothes that he could no longer wear, since he had grown quite a bit. Naruto currently wore a dark blue sweatshirt with dark blue sweatpants with a tan color vest. He bought it in a black market ninja shop that he found in the hidden village of mist. He decided to give Konohamaru his old orange outfit since Konohamaru admired him so much.

There was a knock at the door. 'I wonder who that could be. Hopefully it's not Tsunade! I'd rather it be Jiraiya, or Kakashi. It can't be Konohamaru, because he usually meets me on the road. Or with any luck it could be…'

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