NOTES: In case you didn't know (well you should know), Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi are all 3-4 years younger than Sakura (who's 17). I am NOT making this a KonoSaku fic… lol… and Konohamaru will not get Naruto jealous over Sakura. I just want to show the audience that Konohamaru is curious about sexual things, but he will not in any way have any sexual relationship with Sakura. Just to clear that up… enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 8 - Revenge

Dear Sakura-chan, my very best friend,

I hope you had a good night's rest… I know I did. -Wink-. I want to say I love you and I have absolutely nothing against you. Ero-Sennin came knocking on the door this morning and he said he wants to talk to me about something very important... After I talk to him, I'll be training outside the eastside walls of Konoha. I just got back yesterday so I'm sorry I didn't have time to buy food for you all. I'll probably come back around three o'clock this afternoon. When I get back, maybe we can go shopping together to get some 'healthy' food for us all. Anyways, till then, maybe you can keep a watch on Moegi-chan or talk to Konohamaru and Udon. And make yourself at home! I'll miss you…


'I sure did have a goodnight's rest… Thanks to you Naruto-kun! I can't wait to sleep beside you again… if you'll allow me. I doubt Sasuke will be that delightful to sleep with… Even though Naruto and I are just best friends, it feels like we are in love! I haven't felt this good since… wait… I never felt this good! How does Naruto do it? How is he so charming? He is so…'

"I'm back with food everyone." Udon walked inside. "Hmm, Moegi-chan still hasn't waked up yet."

"Don't worry; she'll wake up soon, most likely today." Sakura tried to make Konohamaru and Udon feel better about the situation.

"I sure hope so… she doesn't look too good. Well, let's get to eating!" Udon replied.

Konohamaru and Udon started to take out the food while Sakura was sitting there in wonderland.

"Hey… hey…" Konohamaru tried to catch Sakura's attention. "Sakura! Snap out of it! What are you thinking about?"

"Oh… nothing." Sakura replied.

"Could that nothing be about last night while we were sleeping?" Konohamaru teased.

Sakura made a daunting glare at him.

"Did something happen?" Udon was interested.

"You mean to tell me you heard nothing Udon?" Konohamaru asked and hoped that he would get it.

"Nope… not a thing… I heard nothing at all… not one word…" Udon winked at Sakura.

Sakura sighed. "Please don't tell anyone, okay? We didn't have sex if that is what you're thinking Udon-kun."

"Sex? Why would you want sex from Naruto?" Konohamaru wanted to continue this conversation.

"Let's not go there, shall we? I don't want any rumors to get out into the streets that we had sex, and really we had none." Sakura tried to defend herself.

"But how's come that note said that Naruto had a very good night?" Konohamaru wouldn't give up on teasing Sakura.

"Alright! I laid on him… that's it! There wasn't even any contact between our lips." Sakura unwillingly said.

"Whatever happened to you two staying far away from each other…? Why can't a girl and a boy stay away from each other for only one night? Is that so hard?" Udon asked like he didn't know.

Konohamaru laughed. "Udon… apparently you haven't grown much. They can't resist because they have these things called 'hormones'. The hormones have a stimulating effect to the body when a man and a woman get together. That's why Sakura-neechan couldn't resist being away from Naruto-niichan, because her hormones took control of her."

Sakura felt embarrassed by Konohamaru's terminology. "Shut up you little brat!" Inner Sakura yelled.

"I never felt like that around a girl." Udon answered.

"Udon… you're weird! Don't you think Sakura-neechan looks attractive?" Konohamaru was confounded by Udon's lack of sexual interest.

"She looks pretty. But I don't feel the stimulating effect." Udon answered.

"Moron! You have to be close to Sakura-neechan! Like when she kisses you or hugs you with your head in her bre…" Konohamaru paused to look at Sakura.

Sakura then raised her head from resting in her arms on the table and said, "Can't you think about anything else Konohamaru? I can see you becoming a depraved pervert when you grow up! Udon-kun, you're the only normal one in here… Konohamaru grow up!"

"What did I say?" Konohamaru was taken aback.

"Forget it… let's have breakfast, shall we? I'm hungry!" Sakura changed the subject.

"Well…" Udon said. "We have fruit and honey nut granolas and freshly cooked basmati brown rice."

"Honey nut granolas! Udon-kun, you're the best!" Sakura grabbed a whole batch of granolas.

"Yeah, good job…" Konohamaru replied and was jealous that Sakura seemed to praise Udon but ridiculed himself.

They were all going to sit down except there were only two seats. Udon sat down already and Sakura and Konohamaru were heading toward the other seat. Konohamaru was just about to sit down until he saw Sakura standing alone with no chair. He then immediately got up and let Sakura sit down. "Here Sakura-neechan, you can have this seat!"

"Thanks Konohamaru-kun! Despite you being a pervert, you can be real sweet at times!" Sakura then kissed him on the cheek.

"Anything for my new friend!" Konohamaru said and blushed again. 'Man, I can't believe I have such a good friend as Sakura-chan.'

Sakura turned back and smiled at Konohamaru. "Here you go friend." Sakura then handed over half of her share of honey nut granolas.

"Wow! You're so kind! I'm so glad I'm your friend." Konohamaru said.

"Me too…" Sakura replied.

While they were eating, they unexpectedly heard Moegi move around on the fold-up mattress that was on the ground.

"She's waking up!" Konohamaru screamed.

'Crap… what should I do? What should I say to her?' Sakura asked herself concerned over what Moegi's reaction would be.

Moegi was facing away from the group and she tried to sit up. "Ow! My head! It hurts so freaking bad!" … "Shit, I can barely open my eyes! What the hell happened to me?" Moegi swore.

'I never heard her swear so much…' Konohamaru thought feeling sad for Moegi.

Udon and Konohamaru ran over to Moegi. "Moegi-chan, you alright?" Konohamaru asked knowing the answer.

Moegi grabbed her head and started crying. "Shit… shit… shit… it hurts so freaking bad!" Moegi cried out if she was in extreme pain.

Sakura then became really sad and worried… 'I didn't know it would hurt this bad. What should I do? I can't just sit here.'

Konohamaru ran over to Sakura… "Sakura-neechan… she needs help! Please take away some of the pain!"

"I… uh… I… can try…" Sakura was feeling very nervous and she hesitantly walked over to Moegi.

"Moegi-chan, can you open your eyes?" Udon worriedly asked.

"I'd rather keep… closed. It hurts… so bad… when I open." Moegi stuttered because of the excruciating pain.

"Then keep them closed for now. We have someone here who can help with the pain." Konohamaru said.

"Who… where? Why… on… floor?" Moegi tried to get the words out.

"Just lay down for now…" Sakura said and hoped she didn't recognize her voice.

'Who is that? That voice sounds…' Moegi thought until Sakura put her hand on Moegi's forehead. 'Ah… that feels better… still hurts a little though.'

Fifteen minutes later -- 'She's still doing it… she's so kind! It feels so good with her hand on my forehead… and my eyes are starting to feel freer… she's really good! Whoever she is.' Moegi stopped crying and started to feel more relaxed. "Awww… that feels so good…" Moegi wanted her to keep on doing it.

The pink-haired medic was greatly drained of her chakra, and she had trouble continuing her treatment. Sakura was about to faint because she had tried incredibly hard to take away the pain that Moegi was experiencing. Sakura started to see yellow and white spots and decided to stop and sit down on the ground.

Moegi's eyes looked a lot better than before but her eyes were still a little decrepit. Her face started to have a healthy fleshly look to it, and Moegi was feeling a lot better.

"Thank…" Moegi opened her eyes to see who cured her.

"…YOU? What the hell? Konohamaru, Udon… what are you doing with her!"

"Well, I can explain…" Konohamaru answered.

"How can you explain? She tried to KILL ME! How… explain? She's the freaking craziest person I know!" Moegi, who was traumatized, looked over at the exhausted pink-haired girl and could only think of the pain that the monster pink-haired girl caused her. Moegi could remember the crazy pink-haired little horror's fist going in her precious face non-stop and Moegi was getting angrier by the second. "How would you like it if someone bashed your face in? I'll show you!"

Moegi wanted to release her infuriated anger on the fanatic and she charged at her at full alacrity.

"Moegi STOP!" Konohamaru and Udon shouted simultaneously.

Sakura tried to get up and fight but failed to do so because of her chakra exhaustion. Moegi then kicked Sakura in the gut as powerful as she possibly can.

"Gaaaaahhhhhhhh!" Sakura was booted flat to the ground and was wheezing for air. Konohamaru and Udon tried to grab onto Moegi's arms to hold her back. But Moegi dashed again towards Sakura and started to bash in Sakura's facial attributes. Moegi went directly for her green eyes; after pounding her eyes several times, she was just about to dislocate Sakura's jaw until…

"Don't hurt my friend, Moegi!" Konohamaru yelled and pushed Moegi hard against the counter, not caring if Moegi got hurt or not.

"Konohamaru…?" Moegi felt pain again in the back of her head and started whining.

"Shit…! Sakura! You alright?" Konohamaru started crying and saw that Sakura's eyes were all red and swollen. Even Udon had some tears coming out and felt bad about the whole situation. "Sakura-neechan! Sakura-neechan! Sakura-neechan…" … … … "Damnit Moegi! She tried her fucking best to heal you! And this is how you repay her? What's the hell is wrong with you? That's not the Moegi I know! You turned into a bitch! You are a bitch!" Konohamaru was so angry at Moegi and wanted to beat her up to a bloody mash, but he decided not to confuse the situation anymore than it is.

Sakura was still wheezing for air and at the same time was bawling throatily in pain. Udon looked at Moegi with eyes full of disgust. Moegi was shaken at how much they cared for Sakura, and she started whimpering with her head in between her legs.

Konohamaru didn't have a clue what to do… If they went to the hospital, then everybody would get in serious trouble, and would be suspended as well as possibly be debarred from being ninja for there actions. So, Konohamaru promptly grabbed a cold wet rag from the sink and placed it over Sakura's eyes and forehead. Konohamaru and Udon picked up the injured medic and placed her on the closest side of the bed.

-Knock- … -Knock- … "Hey, what's going on in there? Open up!"

Konohamaru looked worried and thought, 'Shit, we're busted! There must be a way to avoid being caught!' Konohamaru paused for a couple seconds and came up with an idea and whispered loudly to everybody in the room. "Everybody be quiet and hide behind the counter! Moegi stop your crying! Sakura-neechan…" Konohamaru whispered into Sakura's ear. "Sakura-neechan… you need to be quiet so we don't get in trouble. Someone is at the door. Please Sakura-neechan!" Sakura-neechan surprisingly stopped bawling and started silently sniffling. "Thanks friend." Konohamaru replied.

Udon and Konohamaru placed Sakura behind the counter beside Moegi with a pillow to support her head. "Don't hurt her, Moegi." Konohamaru sounded disgusted with her.

"Henge…" Konohamaru transformed into the blond-spiky-haired kid, Naruto. He tentatively opened the door and found an angry tired old guy glaring at him. "Hey, mister… what can I do for you?"

"Don't be smart with me brat! I'll report you! You woke me up from my beauty sleep!" The old guy kept glaring at Konohamaru. 'Geez, you sleep pretty late mister…' Konohamaru thought. "Sorry about that, my friends can cause a ruckus sometimes, but there gone now…"

"I won't report you, since you were honest this one time… but I need some sugar. Give me a lot of your Meiji Melty Kisses. And hurry up will you?"

"Ugh… sure. Just wait one second." Konohamaru shut the door and started looking around for those kisses. 'Crap… I'm in big trouble… I can't freaking find them! Stupid old man, get your own sugar!' He recklessly rummaged around the kitchen looking everywhere possible. He checked the cupboards, drawers, containers, and the refrigerator. He couldn't find any food whatsoever except for some instant ramen noodles stashed away in his top cupboard. 'Shit… where does he stick them? I'm not even sure he has any!' The uninvited old man walked in and yelled in his hoarse voice, "What's taking you so long? You want me to die? Come on you pansy, hurry up!" …

"Umm…" Konohamaru was ready to give up.

"They're right there idiot! You always stick them there!" The old man irritably pointed to the paper bag beside the bathroom entrance.

"Oh… thanks. I thought I put them somewhere else before." Konohamaru was relieved.

"Baka, I'll get them myself." The old man started walking over to the bag and Konohamaru leaped in front of him with his arms open wide to prevent him from passing.

"Don't worry mister! I'll get them myself, you just wait right here." Konohamaru was agonizing over the circumstances and carefully walked to the bag, checking behind him to see if the old man was following him. He grabbed a whole handful of kisses and walked back to the old man. The old man examined the candy and yelped, "I want chocolate not cherry! I hate cherry! I thought you knew that… and why do you keep on calling me 'mister'? You always called me 'old man'. What's with you lately?"

"I… umm… oh… well I was just away from home for a long time. It doesn't feel right anymore to call you 'old man' for some reason." Konohamaru went back and started searching for the chocolate ones. After he got about twenty, he gave them to the old man who luckily still stayed where Konohamaru told him to stay at.

"Took you long enough…" The old man started walking towards the door.

-Cough!- Cough!- Moegi was coughing and the old man looked back…

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