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A/N: This is set a few months after Siegfried drove Soul Calibur through Soul Edge.

PAIRING: Siegfried/Ivy


The cool mountain breeze was barely noticed by the knight who walked the rarely travelled path. He had no companions, no pets, and not even a horse. He liked it that way.


Not a single chance of him hurting anyone. He knew that the evil blade Soul Edge was sealed for all eternity. And with it all of its hellish inlfuence. His Nightmare was finnally over. He knew all all this and was comforted that it was by his actions alone that this had happened. Yet... he still did not trust himself to be around people for long just yet. He refused to take risks... and kept a vigilant eye on his right arm.

He had decided that he would try to alleviate the world of some of the pain Soul Edge was responsible for. Not but 3 months after Soul Edge's destruction that he had acomplished a great deal already. He was able to cure the children of Sophitia Alexandria of the evil that had possessed them by Soul Edge; this was done by tapping into his soul's energy and using it as a guide to find and bring out the true personalities of the Greek woman's children. Sophitia wanted to thank the knight, but by the time she finished hugging her twins, he was gone. Another deed had been when he personally ended Cervantes reign of terror. He had confronted the blasted Pirate and won by cunning and sheer willpower.

The surprising thing was Cervantes didn't even notice Soul Edge was in a bag that the knight always kept nearby. It must mean that Soul Edge is dying, the knight thought to himself.

His name is Siegfried Schtauffen. The man who waged a war in his own mind to regain control from Soul Edge. The man who had been Nightmare, the Azure Knight of Death.

But that was over now.

Now his true quest and life can begin.par par But enough of viewing the past. Time to focus on his current goal. He was seeking knowledge of how to finally destroy Soul Edge, and the one woman who did know might not be so... eager to see him. Siegfried could only hope she didn't know who Nightmare was under the helm. Then again, there were lot's of people using zweihanders nowadays.

Siegfried suddenly felt guilt. With Soul Edge he destroyed a strand of the future that would have become a place were technology reigned supreme. Where thinking machines called 'computers' would run the world.

Now mankind was doomed to never move past pistols and cannons.

He was not sure how Nightmare had done it, but the result remains the same.

He only hoped the woman would not recognize him. Siegfried desired no fight. It was a truly beautiful landscape Valentine Manner was built on. Great fields, a small lake, and an occasional forest were in the line of Siegfried's view. He looked at the great house, it was awe inspiring to say the least. It looked as if it had been made to fit right in it's surrounding's, the house was so covered in plant life that at first glance you'd asume it was a copse of trees. Siegfried hurried his pace to the door and stopped. He banged on the door to let whoever was in know he was there.

"Hello! Is there anyone ho-!" Siegfried shouted as he was cut off by another voice.

"Yes! Now stop that God awful banging!" He could tell then it was the woman he was searching for.

"May I come in?" Siegfied had to remind himself to stay as polite as possible.

"You may enter, but keep your zweihander where I can see it."

'How did she know about Requiem?' He wondered to himself.

He slowly entered as the doors swung open by themselves. 'That felt ominous.' He thought. He entered the main lobby and was surprised at all the dust and dirt that it acquired. 'She must not keep any staff aroud at all. Why would someone of noble birth do that?' Siegfried did not like where this was going and made sure his hand could shoot up to Reqiuem at a moments notice. He looked around and saw no one. Where was the woman?

"Hello, Herr Schtauffen. May I call you Siegfried?" The voice rang out again.

"Siegfried, if you wish. I presume you are Isabella Valentine." He stated.

"Call me Ivy. I have heard of you and your deeds, Siegfried. I am impressed that you have carried out your quest for redemption so swiftly. Oh, don't be surprised. I know you used to be Nightmare... my former master. It was quite a deception you had me on back then, making me believe that if you gathered enough power you could bring forth Soul Edge when you were using it all along."

"I am not that person anymore." Siegfried said sternly.

"Yes. I know, I've been having you followed and have been kept well aware of your actions. Aside from that, I have researched the Soul Edge... and Soul Calibur for quite some time to have guessed how you became free."

"Then if you know that, then you must know that I would not harm you. So why all the cloak and dagger?" He inquired still scanning the area for Ivy.

"Because I enjoy keeping people on their toes." Siegfried twirled around to see her standing right bhind him. She was wearing a white version of the clothes she once wore. Siegfred knew she only wore them so she could keep most opponents distracted... a not so unsuccessful feat many bandits learned the hard way.

"I came here seeking the knowledge of how to destroy Soul Edge once in for all. I can only hope that your information that might aid me." He responded graciously.

"So Soul Edge didn't die as I hoped it would." She said with a small scowl.

"No. Both swords are in a kind of comatose state, it's as if all there power has been exorcised. I only seek to destroy the cursed sword just to be safe."

"I shall give you what I can, and when you leave here I shall join you." She said with a slight smirk.

"Why?" He asked suddenly apprehensive.

"There are a variety of reasons. For one thing it's damned boring and lonely researching, I wish for an adventure again. I have invested too much of my life in those swords, I want to see their final fate. And last of all, to pay you back." She said with admiration in the final part of her small list.

"Pay back for what?" The knight said thinking of his life as Nightmare.

"You killed Cerventes. That is a debt I don't think I can fully repay." She said with gratitude lining her voice.

A long silence ensued until Siegfried broke it.


"What?" Ivy asks with a quirked eyebrow.

"It is too... dangerous to be around me. If Soul Edge were to awaken... then more than likely Nightmare could as well."

"Well, well, well. Aren't you the noble one. Listen now for I hold truth in my words. That sword can never posess you again. Because you have held the holy sword in your hands and still live."

"Excuse me?"

"For whoever wields Soul Calibur for the good of world, there souls are purified to a point that Soul Edge would rather die than risk being purified by such a soul. Have you noticed that you are capable of feeling out evil and good in a person?" She said as she circled him.

"I try to avoid people in general." He said holding his ground.

"Why? Do you fear that they will judge you as a monster?"

He remained silent.

"Or are you afraid they'll forgive you?" Her words stung into Siegfried like red hot pokers. "Do not be afraid Sir Knight; if you wish forgiveness for your crimes, then accept it." She said in a gentler tone as she laid her hand on his shoulder. "Come... there is much we both can tell each other." She finished as she led him towards a sitting room of some kind. The room was a sharp contrast to the main hall; in it were greatly cared for furniture, a family portrait of Ivy and her parents, many shelves of books, and a small armory that went from broad swords to scimitars. "Now you must tell me of theexact way Soul Edge was sealed."

"I... I had broken free of it's control when a warrior used the last of his strength to stab it's evil eye, then Soul Calibur just appeared in my hand; it must have been dorment within Soul Edge when it was in too much pain to keep it in check. I stabbed Soul Calibur into Soul Edge and it was as if..."

"... as if both their powers vanished into the Abyss." She finished for him.

"Yes. So is there any actual way for the cursed blade to be permanantly destroyed, or are you toying with me for no reason?" Siegfried remarked becoming annoyed.

The strange woman chuckeled a bit at his expense. "There is a way, and you have no choice to let these events to happen. Soul Edge and Soul Calibur were meant to kill each other, because they are the personifications of good and evil within this world. They will not stay... indisposed. They will reject each other and a final and decisive battle will ensue, the spirit of Soul Edge itself will take command battle for its life. This is whereyou come in this little story. According to the Prophecy of the Soul Blades, only one who has truly felt the evil of Soul Edge may use the holy sword to kill it once and for all. That is the extent of my knowledge."

A long silence endured, and Siegfried once again took it upon himself to break it. "Then why do you want to come with me if you know all this? And it had better be a little better of an excuse than you first came up with."

"As I said before... I want to see how it ends. The man who raised me dedicated his life to finding the cursed sword and died before he could discover its evil."

"Very well; but you must remain on guard around me, I don't kn-" He said with sigh as he was cut off.

"Did you not listen! Soul Edge can never harm you again! Why don't you have any faith in yourself?" She stressed as she gestured around with her arms.

"Why do you have so much in me?" Siegfried quietly asked in return.

"Because I like to believe in people, not condemn them for actions that they did not willingly commit." She replied with a voice of someone who believed in everything they do and unshakable acceptance.

"So where so do we go? I only came here to talk with you." He said moving n to lighter topics.

"We're going to attempt to destroy as many Soul Edge fragments as possible so that its spirit won't be able to summon their power when the time comes."

"Where are we going to find fragments?"

Siegfried winced at her widening grin. 'This might not have been such a grand idea.' He grumbled to himself.

"Tell me Siegfried, have you ever been to Japan?"