"Yes… Sam, Sam. Don't worry I'll be there soon. Hey, look the bus is almost here I'll meet you at your apartment in ten-twenty minutes. K? Love you bye."

Steven closed his cell phone and dropped it into his pocket. The southbound bus pulled to a stop in front of him. Stepping aboard Steven sat down opposite a familiar woman.

"Fancy meeting you here at a time like this." She said

Steven glanced around seeing it was only the two on the bus. A woman who looked about 23 had her eyes focused of Steven.

"Late night classes getting out?" She asked again

"Oh that. Yeah. My professor decided to drag out his lecture." Steven said. "So how are you doing Miss. Smithbridge?"

"Please. How many times must I say? Call me Talia." Talia responded

"Yes. Talia. Very odd name you'd hear around here." Steven said

"Yeah, my parents are insane. Big fanatics of "the old country", which ever one it was." Talia joked

Steven couldn't help but laugh. Steven heard his cell phone go off. Taking it out of his pocket Steven checked the number it was Samantha again.

"Girl troubles?" Talia asked

"In a way. Hell I love the girl. I'd do anything for her. Well, I can't really complain. She's just a little worry some and over protective." Steven said

He looked into the faceplate of his cell phone. Putting it away he looked over at Talia and smiled.

"I guess its good to let her worry for a little while." Steven spoke pleasantly

The bus pulled up to a standard stopping point. Steven glanced around.

"Well guess this is my stop." Steven said as he stood up. "Shall I see you in class tomorrow?"

Talia's gaze caught the window opposite her. Snapping back to reality Talia glanced over to Steven again. Sighing heavily she answered him.

"Maybe would could catch lunch tomorrow on campus?" Talia asked

Steven smiled at her.

"Sure. I'll be glad to." Steven finished before he stepped off the bus

Talia sighed again. Her head flooded with thoughts. Shaking them from her head she continued to gaze through the window of the bus as it started up again.

Steven held a heavy textbook in his hand with a filled notebook carrying a fresh smell of ink. Steven's cell phone started to ring again as he walked down the street. Ignoring it Steven turned the sound off. As he kept walking down dimly lit streets he turned a corner and saw a man dressed in a dark suit. Seeming out of place he stood under the moonlight. Carrying on his way the man he saw faded from his vision. As if he dematerialized in the moonlight. Blinking a few times he checked his watch.

"Damn, its already eleven pm. Samantha is gunna be pissed if I don't get there soon." Steven said

Steven looked up from his watch and saw a man staring dead into his eyes. The lamps bore down from above him. This man sniffed the air and grinned at Steven. Licking his lips this man slowly walked towards Steven.

"What a nice night we have here. I think I'll drain you dry." The stranger said

Steven was caught off guard by what he said.

"What?" Was all that Steven could say

The stranger walked closer to him, as he did two more followed out from an alley. Steven's mind flooded and dulled. Everything screamed fear, run away. There was a trance set upon his mind. Dropping his books Steven stood in place.

"I don't usually feed off of men. But I'm hungry. And after I'm done I'll have the rest of my crew feed of your empty veins." The stranger laughed

He violently pushed Steven's head over leaving an exposed neck. Two fangs grew as the stranger bit down lacerating his skin. All of Steven's blood ran quick. It was quickly siphoned from his body. Cold washed over him. Slowly his heart rested. Steven saw everything that was happening. Steven closed his eyes, feeling his cold numb body drop.

"Enough." A harsh voice called out

The Old man that once stood out in the open view confronted Steven's attacker.

"What do you think you're doing? You can't interfere." The stranger yelled

The stranger dropped Steven to the ground as he charged the old man. As the attacker raised a fist to attack the old man he was stopped. A fierce glare froze the attacker. A slash to his throat and his body melted into ash. The other two thugs growled in anger. One pulled out a gun. Pointing it at the old man he fired until the clip ran dry. Shells clattered to the ground as the old man stood vigil. In a blur he moved in and out of vision. The last thug saw his partner burn in ashes. The remaining thug pulled out a gun of his own.

"Didn't we try this already" The old man said

Swinging his hand out he decapitated the last thug. Its body too melted to ash.

"I hate Sabbot thugs." The old man said to himself

The old man looked down at Steven. At the brink of death he lied on the sidewalk. Gazing over his frail and broken body the old man leaned down next to him.

"Now what to do with you." The old man thought. "Its such a waste to let a promising person die…"

Holding a finger to his wrist. The nail grew and sharpened. Grazing his skin a thin line grew where he scratched his flesh. He forced red beads of blood from his body. Opening Steven's mouth he let the cold blood pour down his throat. The old man raised his wrist and watched the cut seal its self by his own will. Closing in sirens caught his attention. Looking down at Steven's body he parted with few words.

"Enjoy this gift." The old man said before he disappeared again.

The police that found Steven's body quickly called for an EMS to get him to the hospital. Quickly rushing through the streets Steven's eyes squinted open. Unable to hear what was going on he saw. The faces carried worried expressions as the looked on to him with horror. His eyes closed as he drifted from reality.

The ambulance quickly pulled up to the entrance to the hospital. Wheeling Steven into the ER they tried to bring this dying youth back to life. Feeling his heart rate and temperature drop they had needles with adrenalin and narcotics to jump start his system. When all of these failed the lead surgeon called for the defibrillator. Several seconds passed as the two plastic paddles charged. A single shrill ding resonated in the air as the surgeon yelled, "Clear".

Pressing the paddles down he pressed the switch sending mass amounts of volts into Steven's body. He convulsed on the table. Watching the heart monitor, Steven's heart rate did not change. It flat lined continuously. Again and again the surgeon tried to save Steven. But it was all in vain. Lowering his head the surgeon spoke.

"Time of death… 11:53 PM."

Wrapping up the used equipment they wheeled Steven out of the ER. Lost hopes and broken memories lined this corridor. Countless people died in that room and Steven joined the newest of ranks. Placing his body on a cold steel tray they put him in the morgue to rest.

"Damnit where is that boy?" Talia asked herself

Talia sat at a table in the cafeteria on the university campus. Checking her watch it read 12:28. Talia reached for her cell phone when she saw a crowd build up around one of the televisions. Her ears twitched as she heard the news.

"Last night a local college student was found by police. He was suffering from what seemed to be cardiac arrest. Rushed to the hospital doctors tried what they could to save the student, but all was in vain. Today, we wish best regards to friends and family to Steven M. Cossart."

Talia held her breath. A dear friend lost rested heavily on her heart. What she was feeling could not compare to Steven's girlfriend Samantha.

Several days passed since the incident.

A pale clerk who worked the midnight shift of this hospital wondered the grounds until ending her search in the morgue. Her hand graced the handles of the doors to the freezers. Each of the doors led to a different body. Holding a note pad she read to herself.

"Newest arrival: C. Steven. Cause of death: Heart Failure. Reason: Unknown. Wounds to body: A jagged open gash to the neck. Could have resolved from a mugging gone wrong. Family was notified but was unable to be reached. No next of kin. No brothers or sisters. Just him. Left in cold storage container 37." Jessica said

Putting the note pad down her hand rested on the handle to container number 37. As she turned away from it Jessica heard shifting coming around from inside the containers. What startled her was what happened next. There was banging on the door. Deep thuds rung out until the door swung open. A naked corpse crawled out of the small chilled room.

"Oh shit, I've got a live one… so to speak." Jessica said

Steven's eyes glossed over red. Starring at Jessica he lurched forward. Fangs grew from his jaw; a low growl was all that escaped his mouth.

"Damnit, he's frenzied too. This will be fun." Jessica said

She dropped her backpack and opened it. Not taking her eyes off of Steven she pulled out a blood pack. She held it out to him. Placing it on the ground Jessica pushed it over to him. Steven stared at this treat. Grabbing it he bit down onto the plastic wrapped plasma container. Ripping into it Steven drained the blood from it quickly. Thick crimson fluid dripped from his fingers and fangs. Steven's hunger settled. Licking the remaining plasma from his flesh he regained control of his body.

Eyes widened as Steven saw his environment. Beneath him were splatters of blood with an empty plasma bag resting in the middle.

"What the hell am I doing?" Steven asked

"You were hungry." Jessica answered

Steven looked up in shock at the woman standing over him. His eyes squinted from the lights over him.

"Welcome to the world of the dead." Jessica said. "I don't usually get gifts like you. But this one is already unwrapped for me. Plus… I didn't think it was that cold in here."

Steven looked on in confusion.

"What does that mean?" Steven asked as he stood up

Jessica handed him a suit of ER scrubs.

"You may want to put those on." Jessica said

Steven had just now noticed he wasn't wearing anything. Quickly taking the clothing he tried his best to not look embarrassed. Slipping the scrubs on Jessica picked up her bag and started to leave.

"Wait, where are you going?" Steven asked

"Oh please, not on the first date. I don't even have any protection on me." Jessica flirted

"What? No, I have a girlfriend." Steven protested

"Well, that's a shame, cute boy like you, I would have at least given you a feel." Jessica joked

Steven chased after Jessica.

"Please, tell me what's going on and why I'm here." Steven pleaded

"Oh… I love it when they beg." Jessica said

She kept on walking out of the hospital. Steven stayed close behind her following her out.

"Look, as much as I love having cute boys chase after me I have my jobs to do so if you don't mind, stop following me like a lost puppy." Jessica said

With that Jessica ran off down the street. There, alone on the sidewalk stood Steven in single layer of clothing. It was October, yet he was thinking why he wasn't feeling cold. It was still early last he knew it was only midnight. Getting his bearings back Steven started walking back to his apartment. Streets passed as he walked north. Finally arriving at his apartment he pushed the door open to see his room has been cleaned. Which only confused him more. Usually he just let this things lie where ever. The only other person who had a key to his room was Samantha. So instantly he though she had cleaned his room for him, again. Quickly going though his closet Steven redressed. Unable to find his coat Steven just grabbed a pair of jeans and a random band tee shirt. After he was fully clothed Steven ran outside. Not knowing what the hell was going on he could only think of seeing one person who might be able to clear a few things up.

It was a ten minute walk to Samantha's apartment but for some reason he arrived at the front gate to the dorms in only two. Pushing the doors open he rushed up to Samantha's room. Steven would come in to see Samantha all the time. But he wondered why everyone was giving him such strange looks. Gestures and expressions made Steven feel out of place. They all looked at him like he shouldn't be there. Some were just shocked to even see him standing there. Knocking on the door Steven didn't receive an answer. Waiting for a while in the hallway he asked around to the passing students if any of them had seen Samantha. All of them had not seen or heard from her. Dumbfounded Steven stood in the middle of the main lobby of the dorm.

"Steven!" A voice called out to him. "What the hell are you doing here?"

Steven looked around trying to figure out who was calling to him. There then came a push from behind him.

"Claire?" Steven said. "Where is Samantha?"

Claire looked up at Steven in sheer bewilderment.

"She's out at the East Sun Diner… but… you… here… how?" Clair fumbled her words

"What do you mean? I walked here from my house. I guess I'm late if she left with out me." Steven said

"No I mean. How the hell can you possibly be here? You shouldn't be here!" Claire yelled

"Calm down. I know it's a girl only dorm. But I'm only here to see Samantha. Besides you all don't seem to mind all the other times." Steven reasoned

Claire just looked blankly at Steven. Steven backed away from Claire. Turning around he bolted out the door towards the diner he and Samantha ate at all the time.

"How the hell is he alive… I took Sam to see his corpse…" Claire spoke to herself