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Warning: Shonen-ai. Seto x Katsuya (Silly)

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By: Hiki-chan

Seto sighed. There was always a problem when morning arrives. The problem was now sleeping on his bed half naked.

The problem, was Katsuya Jounouchi.

He was so problematic, especially every morning.

Oh no, Seto didn't hate the pup. Would you hate someone who stole your heart with their kisses and smile? Obviously not! Seto loved his pup.

The problem, was that Seto always had a very hard time getting the blond pup to wake up.

Seto even had a book called, "How to train your dog" In hopes they would have some tips on how to train his puppy. But this lousy book didn't even help one bit. Not like Seto ever read it before. He knew Katsuya was a human but hell, just for the fun of it right?

He liked watching Katsuya sleep of course. But they were going to be late for school if he didn't wake him up soon.

Of course Seto didn't mind waking up the blond with kissing and all. However, today, Seto wanted to try a new way to wake his lover.

Making his way to his desk, he opened the drawer and found the book he bought sometime ago. Yep, it was the "How to train your dog" book.

Walking to the puppy, Seto did what was instructed in the book. He let one of his fingers point up and he said, "Sit up Katsuya."

His response? Well, he only heard the golden pup continue snoring.

He flipped the page of the book and continued. "Roll over Katsuya."

The blond just scratched his chin and continued sleeping.

Seto frowned, what a lousy book this is. He flipped it again and laughed. This was one command that Katsuya could do when he was in this state.

"Play dead."

As expected, Katsuya didn't do anything. He just laid there sleeping.

Seto chuckled and ran his hand lovingly through the blonds hair. He was just about to give up and wake Katsuya up the normal way but something caught his eye.

Looking carefully at the book, he smirked before he turned the book over at that page and left it at his dresser which was next to the bed.

Seto left his room and closed the door, then young CEO made his way to the kitchen and prepared pizza. He just popped it into the oven and waited patiently for it to be heated.

This was going to be interesting.

Once he heard a 'Bing!' He took the pizza out of the oven and slowly made his way to his room. He opened the door and stepped in.

Going to the puppy, he slowly opened the pizza that was in the box. The aroma filling the room.

Almost immediately, Katsuya sat up.

Seto started laughing and hard. He couldn't control himself.

Katsuya just stared at him dumbfounded. What was wrong with his boyfriend? Has all that work gone to his head? Katsuya was about to question the CEO before something caught his eye.

He saw a book on the dresser. Katsuya almost growled at the title. He turned the book over and finally knew why Seto was laughing so hard.

The page read, "If your dog is a food lover. Just go and get his very favorite food and whiff it under his nose. This method is 100 full proof to get your dogs full attention."

Katsuya glanced over to the CEO who was still laughing while holding a box with a pizza inside and he just glared daggers at him.