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Black Shadow Guardian

Summary: Hiei's thought on Yukina, how he must protect her. One-shot.

It was raining, a wet Tuesday afternoon. Or was it Wednesday? He didn't know. He didn't care. He just flitted from tree to tree, heading for the temple in the woods.

He stopped, gazed down on the small temple. She was in there, he knew she was. And in the rain, the cool, damp rain, that soaked his cloak, chilled him to the bone, dripped off the precious jewel that hung around his neck, he stood, still, quiet, like a statue, outside the temple, and uttered one word.


He saw a flash of red to his right, and turned his head, only slightly. Kurama rushed to Genkai's temple in the rain, stood under the tree Hiei stood in. Kurama looked up and smiled at him. "Hello, Hiei."

"Hn." He wasn't in the mood to talk, but then again, was he ever? Maybe only when giving advice to Kurama, or insulting Kuwabaka. Talk is cheap, he thought. How he hated each arrogant enemy he had to slay, because they talked too much to realize they were already dead. Hiei just wanted to get the fights over with, even though the adreneline rush and the bloodlust still coursed through his veins like fire.

His Jagan flared briefly, and he stepped to the side and brought out his sword, instantly killing the demon about to jump him. All because the idiot tripped and fell right into my sword...

He looked again, and the kitsune was gone, already in the temple's doorway, taking off his shoes. Hiei disappear with a quick displacement of air, and reappeared behind a wooden post, looking in from the rain. Kurama and Genkai were sitting down, and Yukina brought tea for them. Kurama glanced at him and smiled, warmly. Genkai looked to where Kurama was looking and saw the fire demon. Yukina also turned and smiled sweetly.

"Hello, Hiei-san. Would you like to come in? It must be unpleasant in the rain. Come in and warm yourself." she said, her high voice full of concern and love. It made Hiei's heart melt for a second, just hearing her voice. He knew he had to protect her, and he couldn't let her know...know he was her brother.

He couldn't turn away. Her concern for his safety reached out to him, caught him, holding possession of his heart. He sighed, taking off his boots and antering the temple. Kurama smiled to himself. He knew Hiei wouldn't resist, Couldn't resist Yukina's loving and caring nature. The fire demon had a soft spot for her, he knew. Oh, did he know...

"Would you like some tea, Hiei-san?" she asked, politely. He looked at her, her crimson eyes, so much like his own, only bigger, brighter, more caring and loving and trusting. He shook his head. "No, thank you."

This was a shock. Hiei said...thank you? Kurama looked at his friend, surprised, but he smiled again. It was Yukina, Yukina was getting to Hiei. Someday, Hiei, you'll tell her... he thought.

Shut up, Fox.

Alright, alright...

But Kurama smiled in his mind, well, more like grinned. So they sat there, the foursome, Hiei, Kurama, Yukina and Genkai, sitting, drinking tea, listening to them rain. If Yukina could get Hiei to do this...how long would it take for him to tell her the truth?

Someday, Hiei, you'll tell her...

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