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Chapter Eight

"So, who's going to get the equipment out of the store cupboard?" Maria- being the goody two-shoes she was- clipped Miriam's ear in her rush to get her hand up. Miriam boredly put her hand up as well, wishing that she, as a Time Child, she could speed up time and get to the end of this decidedly monotonous day. The teacher brightly volunteered another boy- Jason- to help, and the three headed for the stock cupboard, Maria leaving the slouching Miriam and Jason behind in her frantic rush to get to the cupboard. The other children rolled their eyes at each other.

Miriam was helping Maria get some stuff down from the shelves. As she turned to pass a few pieces of equipment to Jason, she noticed that one of the children had crept up to the cupboard door while the teacher's back was turned.

"Hey…" she called, but it was too late. With a mischievous glint in his eyes, the boy shut the door.

"Move!" yelled Maria kicking Miriam in the leg "You're squashing me!"

"Sorry" said Miriam "The teacher has to know we've gone,"

"She'll know I'm gone but won't notice that you are!" Miriam turned, annoyed by the remarks she was getting. She opened her mouth to say something, but Jason got there first.

"You are a spoilt little teacher's pet and you deserve to be kept in here." he snapped. Maria seemed to be about to make a retort, but Miriam's sensitive ears picked up something.

"Ssh! Listen!" she hissed, putting her ear to the door. She heard a knock on the main door to the classroom, and also heard the teacher going over to answer it.

"Hello?" then there was silence for a moment. Then a scream. By now, Jason and Maria had joined Miriam at the cupboard door.

"C'mon- we've gotta see what's going on out there!" Miriam said, backing away from the door. The others cottoned on, and stood beside her. "Now- when I say three. One, Two, Three!" She yelled, and the three of them ran towards the door, throwing their weight against it. It buckled, but still stood

Other screams joined the first one. Children's screams. The threesome's efforts to break out faded and they listened in silence. Something hit the door, and they were jerked out of their reverie. An almost inhuman hiss got Miriam, Jason and Maria backing up against the far wall of the cupboard, as the door rattled and shook. Eventually, whatever was on the other side seemed to give up. The terrified occupants of the cupboard also noticed that the screams had stopped.

"D'you think that was a joke?" Jason eventually whispered. Miriam shook her head.

"No- knowing the behaviour of normal students, if it was a joke, they'd be laughing." She replied. Stepping forward, she tested the door once more. It swung open, seemingly weakened by the attack from outside. Miriam looked around, and felt all the colour drain from her face. What had been a living, breathing class of children was now a mess of bodies, scattered all over the room. The tables had been overturned, some on top of the lifeless bodies. All the children had blue-tinged faces, a sure sign of strangulation.

"Oh my…" she heard Maria's horrified whisper beside her.

"What happened here?" Jason asked, voice barely above a murmur.

"Dunno" Miriam's composure was starting to return. "We need to find the Doctor."

"The Doctor? Doctor who?" Maria asked.

"Just the Doctor. If anyone knows what's going on, it'll be him" she replied, silently praying that he had not been caught up in the attacks. This whole thing seemed like something from a seriously clichéd horror or sci-fi movie- attack of the mutant plants or something, only it was real. The evidence was right in front of her. She had always thought pinching yourself to check if it's all a dream was silly, but she found herself giving her own arm a very hard pinch, just in case.

It hurt. This was real.



The Doctor had not been caught up in the attacks. Yet. Apart from his own little battle with the sample he had, he was quietly oblivious to the chaos being wrecked by its fellows. If you could call them that. But his little bit of security wasn't going to last long.

E.g. It was just about to end. Now. Although the Doctor didn't know that.

"C'mon you stupid piece of tin! Analyse the chemicals… ow!" the last part was because he'd just been prodded by a very sharp bit the plant had just grown. Then, without warning, the door burst open. A huge plant stood there, filling almost the entire doorway. It seemed to hiss, as roots and branches snaked towards the Doctor, who lifted his screwdriver. The hiss turned to an unearthly wail, and a branch cracked out like a whip, trying to get the screwdriver. The Doctor yanked it away, pointed it at the plant and pressed the button. The familiar whirr filled his ears, the plant gave a final shriek and crumpled to the floor. The Doctor stepped over and scanned it.

"Well, whatever's gone on here is the same thing that's happened to that bit over there… Now, if I can just get the chemicals analysed…" he muttered. "TARDIS is needed here, I think." He strode out of the room…

To be confronted by a hallway full of plants. He jumped back inside the lab, slamming the door behind him and using the screwdriver to effectively lock it. He noticed with dismay that it was running out of power. Just then, the door shook violently as the things outside attacked.

It was time to get out of there, the Doctor decided. He smashed a window using a chair that had been lying nearby. Glass showered over him, cutting gashes in his hands. He jumped through the hole he had made, his trousers and hands getting scratched even more by the broken glass around the edge.


Miriam signalled to Jason and Maria to stop. She peered round the corner. A few plants snaked along the hallway beyond, making it look old and disused. It would have been pretty, if it wasn't for the knowledge that the plants were deadly and out to kill them. Jason joined Miriam, looking over her shoulder.

"Think they can hear us?" he asked softly. Then, before Miriam could stop him, he yelled "Oi! Green… thingys!"

"Idiot! Shut up!" Miriam hissed, clapping her hand over the boy's mouth. It was too late- branches snaked towards them with a hiss. "Now look what you've done!"


"Forget that- run!" she yelled now, grabbing Maria's hand as the children pelted down the other way. Round a corner, down some stairs and they saw it. The door out of the building. "Nearly there!"

But as they neared it, another group of plants appeared, blocking the way. The children scrambled to turn around, only to see the plants from before coming up behind them…


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