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Redemption of the Heart

Ch. 1: A Silence Broken by Tears

Already a decade had passed since Team Seven had formed. The young trio grew up together, fighting and learning with the old sensei Kakashi. They grew together all these years but each had somehow taken their own seperate paths. Sasuke often disappeared out of Konoha on missions with Kakashi and Naruto's passion for learning and training transfered into a passion for teaching others and soon found himself teaching at the Academy for other ninja. Aside from being a sensei, Naruto also opened up a Ramen shop on the side with Hinata's help. Sakura, matured more than anything. She harbored strength during those years and became the best local medic nin.

All four had become the closest of friends, or teamates as Sasuke often described their relationship, but Sakura stood by his side. Naruto had grown out of his childish crush on Sakura and was currently dating Hinata for a consecutive two years. Although he lost his romantic antics for Sakura, he regarded her as a sister. Kakashi always said he would never fall in love because of the burden he carried as a ninja, but found he couldn't keep his emotionless ways when he met a young woman named Suiren five years ago and now he's expecting their first baby. Suiren is a sweet girl with lavender hair and dark blue eyes. She came to Konoha seeking escape from her village which was taken over by rougue ninja. They crossed paths and magic just happened. She now works with Sakura as a medic nin. Everyone had expected Sakura's crush on Sasuke to fade during the course of those long years but they had only grown stronger. Her teamates and friends were shocked by the fact that all the experiences they shared only strengthened her love for him.

It was a full moon tonight and it was just warm enough to take a walk. Sakura found herself wandering to the old bridge where they met every morning for their training. She turned in the woods and found the rough ground clear up as the path to the bridge drew near. She found her heartbeat quicken when she saw Sasuke leaning against the smoothed down wooden railing with his eyes closed. Sakura smiled lightly as she drew closer to him.

"It's a beautiful night isn't it?" Sakura asked leaning on the railing with her elbows. She looked out into the stream and saw glittering bodies in the river. She always enjoyed watching the koi fish during the night, it always seems as though their scales would glow in the moonlight. Sasuke didn't answer. 'Typical' Sakura thought as she watched the fish glide through the water. Then the silence was broken when he spoke up.

"Why do you still try?" Sasuke said coldly. Sakura's eyes widened at his words. She turned her head as she felt her eyes well up with tears. Sasuke of course noticed this and growled inwardly. He hated the fact that Sakura was still waiting for him. Her never fading faith in him, her never ending courage and unconditional love all suffocated him. Why? He didn't know what to think or feel towards her. He doesn't know the first thing about love and just her presence demanded some kind of reaction and it annoyed the hell out of him. He was a ninja damnit. He was always supposed to know what to do or say, but with the subject of love, he was a naive child. He was starting from the beginning. He felt so weak. So damn weak...with her around.

"Sasuke? What are you talking about?" Sakura tried her best to play it off as if she had no idea what he was reffering to. She squeezed her eyes shut anticipating where this conversation was going.

"You know what I'm talking about. Why are you still waiting for me? Wasn't one rejection clear enough or do you need more?" Sasuke said angrily. Sakura visibly winced and he wanted more than anything to take those words back, but his pride told him otherwise. He hadn't meant to say it in such a cold tone but he couldn't take it back. He had to stop this before he became a weakling. He had come too far to go back now.

"Do I need a bigger reason than love?" Sakura said barely above a whisper. Sasuke felt his heart twinge with guilt. She was the first person to step up and give him genuine love. She gave her love to a man who didn't know what to do with it.

"You don't know what love is...and neither do I. This relationship...no this situation between us, always remember that it's nothing. We are nothing but teamates. Stop acting like I loved you at one point. You're trying to get back something you never had..." Sasuke said over his shoulder before he made his way off the bridge. He confidently strode towards the path back into the forest when his step faultered. He could hear her soft cries and the pitter patter of her tears landing on the ground. He stood there for what seemed like forever, listening to her tears falling like rain, a steady and strong pitter patter. He closed his eyes. 'Sakura, don't cry for me. I am a man of twenty-two and I have nothing to offer you. I barely understand my own emotions so please don't expect me to give them to you...just yet.'

Everything was eerily silent save for Sakura's gentle crying. It was strange. Sasuke didn't hear the midnight owls or even the babbling brook that lie behind him. Then it happened. It cut through the silence like a knife. He heard her heart break.