It's funny What Fate Throws You

Another Avatar, hopefully people will like this one better. It's got a bigger plot than the other one and I like how it's turning out. I'm telling you all now though, its Zuko/Sokka, so if you have any negative feelings about these two, or other yaoi/gay couplings, use good use of the back button. I also suggest that you watch the fortune teller ep so you know Aunt Wu. Look at the ratings when you read the story too, it may change.

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"This is ridiculous, Katara...," Sokka huffed.

"Shhhh," his sister shushed him, not completely hearing what he said, but just the fact that he spoke, she hushed him. "You promised you'd get a reading if I gave you a mango."

"And Momo took half of it!" Sokka exclaimed, just as Aunt Wu came into the room, looking at the siblings.

"You're back," she said, wearily thinking that she was going to have to answer all of Katara's questions. Katara smiled happily at seeing the fortune teller, while Sokka folded his arms, acting huffy.

"Yes ma'am," Katara said and gestured to her brother sitting next to her on the pillow. "Sokka has agreed to get his fortune told." The older woman was relieved considerably that she was not going to have to read Katara's fortune, again.

"Alright then, come now, Sokka." The old fortune teller ushered the water-tribe boy up and into the room where she told her fortunes. Sokka unhappily compiled, getting up and following Aunt Wu. Once they were in the fire lit room, Aunt Wu shut the door.

"This is ridiculous," He repeated for the umpteenth time, being directed to sit on a pillow in the room.

"Hush-hush," she replied, sitting on a pillow across from him, "I believe I will do a simple palm reading. What would you like to know?"

"When I can leave?" Sokka replied, waving his hand vaguely, but Aunt Wu grabbed his hand, determined to get his fortune told, maybe to play with the boys mind with bits of what was soon to be.

"I suppose I shall look at your love life," she said, turning his palm up. Sokka glared and rested his chin in his other hand, elbow resting on his knee.

"Right..." Sokka replied skeptically, but the fortune teller ignored him, one finger tracing the lines on his hand, looking into his near future. Sokka just watched a fly buzz around the room.

"Ah..." Her expression turned surprised after a few minutes, "Very fascinating, I never expected this..." Sokka couldn't help it, he grew curious.

"What?" he asked

"I see confusing times ahead," she said, tracing a line by his thumb, her voice lowering, "I see large change in your life and weight of inner conflict as well as outer. You will be tempted by what is right, and what is not. One night you will be without friends and your opinions will change about what you hate and who you are." She said the last line lowly, "I see fire, passion, intimacy and love as you're embraced with a man." Sokka, she was pleased to see when she was done, had been hanging on her every word until the end; then he sat straighter and looked offended.

"What do you mean a guy?", Sokka asked angrily.

"I say what I see, and I see you spending a night with a man." She smiled lightly and Sokka's face burned in anger.

"Well I don't swing that way!", he yelled, his voice becoming slightly higher pitched, embarrassing him further. He stood, yanking his hand away from hers, marching towards the door. "Now I know this is all guess work! You make it all up!" He slid open the door, only pausing as Aunt Wu caught his attention, by yelling.

"It will be raining on your night alone, I suggest bringing a hat!" He slammed the door behind him and marched out of the house where Aang and Katara waited for him. They both opened their mouths to greet him but he interrupted, bypassing them.

"Its all gibberish so don't ask!", he yelled and stomped out of the village they had saved, Aang and Katara exchanging confused looks, then followed him.


More length in the next chapters I promise, this was only the prologue