Always a Shadow


"Happy New Year!" The glimmering ball in Time Square dropped on another new beginning. Dick Clarks' voice carried over the cheering, drunken crowd, and loud music for which he was the Master of Ceremonies once again.

"How is that man still alive, he is either a demon, or made some pact with a witch it has to be."

Kikyo rubbed her temples, and with the remote clicked off the giant flat screen that took over the wall of her living room. The envelope on the coffee table with her name typed on it was calling to her. She hadn't the courage to open it for two days, ever since Mr.Naraku hand delivered it to the condo. Why was she paying for his services if she couldn't even look at the results of his work? She grabbed the 8 x 11 envelope, her hands trembling; the glint of her wedding ring distracted the eye. Looking at the three-carat rock on her finger she laughed.

"Happily ever after my ass."

They had been married for five years; it began so storybook perfect, they even got pregnant on their honeymoon. That next February they were the proud parents of twin girls, Suki and Karisuma. Her daughters were the only bright spot of her blighted marriage. She wanted to blame her brother-in-law for all of the problems, but it really wasn't Sesshomaru's fault, even though his wife, two hundred and fifty years his junior was no help. Although Rin was an innocent, and a doting aunt, the age gap was enormous.

Kikyo held the envelope staring at it, it seemed unassuming, but its contents were a viper ready to strike, poisoning her so-called perfect marriage. He was going to be late again; this time the office New Year's party, that one she believed because she was supposed to be at his side as the dutiful wife. How could she predict both girls would get the flu a day before the party? Her sister could have watched them, but Kaede had traveled to Japan to deal with their own family's holdings, and care for the shrine. Turning the envelope over she fingered the brass brad. Best to get this over with, it could all be nothing, but it could also be the worse news for her and her daughters.

"Mommy?" Kari shuffled into the living room rubbing her eyes; she sleepily looked at her Mother. Kari was the mirror image of her father, other than the lustrous black hair. "Mommy I'm hot."

Kari's little velvet black ears drooped; Kikyo stuffed the envelope under the couch cushion and scooped up her daughter. Kari looped her tiny arms around her neck, a weak, happy smile on her face, she was happy in her Mothers arms, as all children are sick or other wise.

"Let's get that fever down baby." Kikyo carried her to the kitchen for medicine.

An hour later Kikyo lay asleep in her king size bed, her mind was quiet, and a smile on her lips, her girly nestled on either side of her all peaceful. Safe and content, the envelope and the bad feelings hidden for now, the couch could conceal the secret.

They were in acquisitions, well, his brother was in acquisitions; he rode on the coat tails, and enjoyed their good fortune. The United States had been good to their family; they had more money that the Hollywood elite, and many small countries combined. Sesshomaru would never allow any of his blood to be wanting for anything. His little wife had all she would ever need, or desire, that is what made stoic Sesshomaru happy, Rin. Now if they could have an heir his big brother might even break a smile.

The party was deafening loud, and campaign was flowing in never ending currents, everyone was happily drunk, and the inhibitions were on the endangered list. So far tonight he had seen many a married man sneak off with one of the girls in accounting or human resources. Hell, he was no better; his desire was thirty feet away talking to the on-staff lawyers, who happened to be her best friends. She was a law student this month, she couldn't make up her mind on a major; acquired by the company when his brother took over her fathers business ventures, they made a few million, not much to Sesshomaru, but money was money, and money made the world go round. The finalized contract was for Ms.Higurashi and her younger brother Sota would be taken care of. Sota was sent to their London office, the kid was some kind of computer genius, and on last report he was happy. They both had a substantial trust funds, neither really had to work, but Sango and Miroku wanted Kagome to work with them, she never did much in the way of work, mainly helping in the legal paperwork when his brother took over another company.

He leaned against the massive window pane watching her, his tie hanging undone around his neck, he had no idea where his coat was, he really didn't care, he undid another button on his shirt, tired of being in the stuffy clothes his brother insisted on him wearing. Realizing no one really cared about his appearance any more he pulled his silver hair out of it ponytail, shaking his head gently, god that was much better. His brother had left with Rin hours ago. He was the last of the higher ups to stay. The campaign flute in his hand twirled lazily the florescent lights catching the cut crystal in a dazzling prism of colors. How long was she going to keep acting like he wasn't here? She turned to catch his eyes, a demure smile on her lips, she knew he was watching her, and she loved making him wait. She gave him a wink, then turned back to her conversation with Sango. Miroku noticed the exchange and strode up to the hanyou.

"Shouldn't you be getting home Inuyasha? Aren't the girls sick?" Miroku questioned.

He glanced at his gold Rolex; it was well past two in the a.m. . "Nah, they are all asleep, I promised Ms. Higurashi I'd drive her home."

"Sango and I would be happy to do that for you Inuyasha, why don't you go on home to your family." Miroku patted him on the back, Inuyasha was getting annoyed.

"I promised her." His amber eyes glared at his friend.

"Really it's no problem for us."

"I will, take her home, now drop it Miroku."

"Okay, okay. I just thought I'd offer."

The embodiment of his desire walked to him finally, her low cut gown clinging to all the right curves. The scarlet color seemed to make her perfect creamy skin glow. Those smoky blue eyes captured his form briefly before turning to Miroku.

"I think Sango needs to go home, she is starting to slur her words, way to much campaign for the counselor." She hugged Miroku, bringing a scowl to Inuyashas face. "You better hurry before she passes out."

Miroku turned to look at his wife as she swooned, nearly bouncing off a wall. "Yes, goodnight all." He rushed to her only to turn to Inuyasha once more. "Tell Kikyo I'm sorry she couldn't make the party, we missed her."

"Fuckin' shut up Miroku." He grumbled under his breath.

"What was that Mr.Chikara? I didn't catch that?"

"Kagome, please, lets not do this now. I'll take you home."

He followed her out into the hall, and then led her toward his office, his hand at the small of her back stroking her softly.

"I thought you were taking me home?" She pushed open the door to his office; the only lights were the dazzling skyline shining thought the window.

"I need my coat." She heard the lock in the door engage. "And you, I can't wait till your place."

"Inuyasha. There are people out there." She leaned against his massive cherry desk. He didn't need light to see her in the darkness; his sensitive nose could smell her arousal. He was painfully so as well.

"So we won't be loud. And they are all drunk." Within a split second he was on her. Kissing her lips greedily.

He ran his hand up her dress, god she wanted him, his clawed fingers shredded her pantyhose, she was fumbling with his belt, pulling him from his confines her excitement was making her clumsy, he was burning in her hand, cool fingers teasing his firm shaft. She let out a moan as his fingers entered her wet essence, Kagome tore at his shirt, buttons flying every direction, and her lips found his chest, nipping at his taunt skin, he let out a moan as she licked playfully at his nipple. He removed his fingers, grabbed the desk and slid himself into her Kagome gasped and moaned her fingernails digging into his back. The pain bit into Inuyasha, he pushed harder into her, her body responding to his closing tightly around him, her moans becoming heavier as her breath came as panting in his sensitive ears. Her hand moved to his head stroking his ear in tracing their silhouette as Inuyasha growled sending him over the edge.

They lay in the city lights filtering through the window, his head resting on her breast, listening to her now slowing heart beat. Guilt should be beating him over the head, but he was happy, he felt complete with her. They had only entered into the tryst two months ago before the Thanksgiving holiday, and he was thankful. Kagome knew he was married, but said being with him was the first thing in her life that felt right. Apparently her love life was not up to her standards, but she was only dating college boys, granted he was much, much, older than she, but didn't look it. The sun began slowly making an appearance as they lay on the floor naked in each other's embrace, they made love till the twilight faded and the sun beat through the window. No one would be coming into the office, thankfully New Years landed on a Friday this year.

"Guess I should take you home?" Inuyasha kissed her nose then her lips. "After a shower, can't walk into the house looking like I haven't slept all night." He was glad all the executive offices were equipped with large showers and washrooms.

"Take me to breakfast first?"

"You know I can't do that, every one knows Kikyo and not to mention me. Yeah, no one would notice, how many people do you see in this city with silver hair and dog ears?" Inuyasha pulled jeans and a t-shirt out of a hidden panel closet next to his bathroom. She was upset, he knew it, but by god she looked good lying on that Persian rug. "I know Sango has clothes in her office, why don't you grab some, then join me in the shower." His eye twinkled lustfully at her.

"You're insatiable."

"I am part demon." Stripping off the rest of his clothes she heard him enter the shower.

Kagome stood pulling her dress up, and throwing her hose into the trashcan, she was hurt by his need for complete secrecy; she always remained in the shadows, what if that is what she would always be to Inuyasha? Nothing more than a shadow in his life, could she live with that? Would it be enough?

Sango had told her to stay away from him; even Sango noticed the instant attraction between them the moment they met. Even worse they were all family friends, they spent every holiday together, Inuyasha had stayed faithful to his wife until she came along. But, Kagome couldn't help it; she was starting to fall in love with him, even if it did ruin his marriage to the great philanthropist Kikyo. It wasn't like she was using him for money or anything. Kagome made her way to Sangos office and let herself in, she was on the staff, and so she did have a key. She rolled up her dress, and pulled on a Kelly green turtleneck, and a pair of Sangos jeans, she was thankful they wore the same size even if the jeans were a little long, she found some socks and boots and put them on. In the washroom she looked at her reflection, other than her hair being a mess she didn't look like she hadn't slept all night, using Sangos brush she pulled her hair up into a ponytail, that would have to do for now. Kagome grabbed her dress, and was out the door, heading back to Inuyashas office. She walked past the elevators and realized someone was watching her, she caught a man stepping on the elevator intensely staring at her, his red-auburn eyes never left her until the doors closed, she shivered violently, the guy creeped her out.

"Inuyasha who would be in the building this early?" Kagome closed his office door, only to be greeted by him half dressed, his jeans accentuated every male curve enough to make any woman drool, and the chiseled chest and abs, were enough to make any supermodel lust after him. "I, uh…" Was she drooling?

"You didn't join me. That was rude." Inuyasha pushed her up against the door placing a tender kiss on the lips. "To answer you no one should be in the building but the cleaning crew. Why?"

"Huh?" Damn she was acting like some love struck fool.

He smiled, laughing a bit. "You asked me a question."

"Oh, yeah. Some weird guy was watching me from the elevators, it kinda unnerved me." She watched him turn away from her, pulling on a red t-shirt, she couldn't help but stare at his ass. "I can't believe you don't work out, I'm so jealous."

"You keep me in shape. Come on I gotta get you home, it's almost eleven." He pulled on a brown leather jacket, putting his car keys and cell phone in his pocket they left the office.

In the parking garage, he opened the car door for her, she saw the same man from the elevator leaning against a Cadillac smoking a cigarette, staring at her.

"Inuyasha, that's the guy." Kagome motioned toward the stranger, as she pulled her seat belt on.

Inuyasha closed the door, and walked toward the guy. "Need help buddy?"

"Nah, just waiting." The stranger flicked the cigarette at Inuyashas feet.

"This is private property, so you need to get out."

"Sure thing Mr. Chinkara." In a fluid movement he was in his car with the engine running.

Inuyasha didn't like this guy, he reeked of demon blood, and there was a darkness about him that set off alarms in his head. Turning back to his car, he had memorized the guys plate number, he have Myoga check it out Monday.