36. Chasing Happiness

His eyes scanned the front of the property, and the surrounding tree line that circled the property. Kikyo had no idea how right she was that something was amiss and not insane; so was Bunny, always listen to the dog. Inuyasha entered the house, he couldn't help but notice how unnerved Kikyo truly was as he watched her lock the two deadbolts and instantly arm the alarm system. With a sigh Kikyo turned watching Inuyasha play with the German Shepard, Bunny was always happy when the hanyou came over, the 75 pound puppy rolled to her back begging Inuyasha to scratch her belly; of course he obliged.

Kikyo smiled warmly as she felt herself relax in the presence of her estranged husband, it seemed she was getting signs to take him back. "Et tu Bunny? Guess you want me to take him back as well." Kikyo whispered to herself as she found a sudden flush overtake her as she noticed that she was staring at his butt as he was bent over playing with the dog. "Okay, I need a man."

Inuyasha dropped his bag at the declaration that came from Kikyo's lips in a whisper. Inuyasha stood and looked Kikyo in the eyes, he couldn't help but notice the blush, and he felt like they were dating again. She looked so embarrassed. "Did you say something Kikyo?" He couldn't help but smile at her boyishly. Kikyo knew full well Inuyasha heard her quiet revelation.

"Um, I, I need a drink, that's what I said." Completely embarrassed Kikyo brushed past Inuyasha and into the kitchen. "Want one?"

"Sure double-"

"Scotch neat, yea I remember Inuyasha." With shaking hands Kikyo retrieved the bottle of Red Label from a cabinet above the fridge. "Think I'll have the same, my nerves are frayed."

"I can tell. I'll take my bag upstairs, be right back." Inuyasha ascended the stairs by two's Bunny bounding up to follow right at his heels.

He could hear Avatar still playing in Kikyo's bedroom, however the girls were quiet. He passed Inumaru's room, silently Inuyasha slipped into his son's room the soft glow of the nightlight casting shadows as he moved to the baby's' crib, Bunny sitting at the door watching patiently. The low glow from the faint light gave the proud father the perfect view of his peacefully sleeping son, his downy jet hair with slight silver around his forehead gave Inuyasha the feeling like he was looking upon a cherubim from heaven, Inumaru's sapphire faceted eyes were closed in sleep, yet the hanyou fought the urge to wake him simply to see the baby's infectious smile. The father beaming with pride leaned in gently kissing the sleeping baby on the forehead. The baby did not stir a bit.

"Love you buddy. See you in the morning." With silent footfalls Inuyasha exited the nursery, closing the door as Bunny trotted to the head of the stairs. For a brief moment his last vision of Kagome wrenched his heart. "Our son is happy Kagome. Forgive me for living on, but I realize how much my family means to me. I never stopped loving them." Inuyasha prayed inwardly.

Inuyasha was out of the room 20 seconds later Bunny bounced around his feet as he made his way to the guest bedroom. He swung open the door of the dark guest room which looked out over the back property, as were most of the bedrooms, as the second story facing the front of the property was a huge open media room part game room. Dropping the bag on the dresser, this time the dog made her way in, lying on the rug covering the hardwood floor. Clicking on the lamp Inuyasha moved slowly to the window looking out with his keen eyes for any movement, for the moment everything seemed serene. However he also knew that looks alone could be deceiving, especially in his life of the past year and a half, hell his entire life. There was a dark presence over the property, Kikyo was right in calling him even if she felt foolish about it. Inuyasha learned a long time ago never underestimate a mothers' instinct. Leaving the room the rambunctious puppy nearly took him off his feet as Inuyasha went to leave the threshold of the bedroom in her rush to make it to the stairs before the visitor.

Bunny bounded back down the stairs as soon as Inuyasha left the room. Standing on the staircase landing looking down he saw Kikyo sitting on the steps two tumblers in her hands. Soundlessly Inuyasha sat beside his obviously upset wife, no words between them Kikyo handed him his drink, her sad eyes meeting his intense saffron gaze. There were thoughts she wanted to speak, yet her mind refused her lips to from forming the words.

"Kik-" One syllable came out before Kikyo cut him bluntly off.

"Inuyasha I," She couldn't help but cut him off so rudely, if she didn't say something she felt as if her heart would shatter from the guilt she felt for still loving the man who betrayed her and the girls. Kikyo swallowed the scotch in one burning gulp. "This is hard for me to admit. God this is hard…I hate you. You know that?" Inuyasha nodded slowly, knowing Kikyo for as long as he did she was holding back, and failing miserably. The hanyou's eyes turned withdrawn and sad. "But…as much as I try to deny it for some unknown reason I … I still love you, and you're a complete asshole. I even went on a date and it lasted all of ten minutes because all I thought of was you! Do you know how frustrating that is! So now I'm back to wearing this." Kikyo showed Inuyasha the wedding ring back on her hand. "Where did that come from? It was in my pocket—" He was unable to hide the shock which overtook his features. "Why won't you get out of my head Inuyasha?"

The idea of Kikyo dating made jealousy creep into his wildly moving thoughts, and caused his blood pressure to jump; yet Inuyasha couldn't help but smile with a sigh of relief, leaning in kissing his wife for the second time in too many months to count. "I love you too. If only I could take it all back,"

Kikyo took his glass and drained it in a split-second making the hanyou laugh for a brief second until he met the seriousness in Kikyo's eyes. "You're a prick, you know that right? It's going to take me a long time to rebuild trust in you, but for my sanity,.. I…, GOD I can't believe I'm saying this, … I want you to stay with me Inuyasha. Stay with us. It was wrong what you did, to me and that poor dead girl, but Kagome didn't have to die. I feel sorry for her sometimes when I am holding Inumaru, but he is part of my family, your family. We all want you back, even the fucking dog." Kikyo looked over at Bunny lying at Inuyasha's feet contently.

Inuyasha took both tumblers setting them on the step behind them, turning back to Kikyo he pulled her into a fierce embrace; he never wanted to let her go. Inuyasha got a shock as he felt Kikyo run her delicate hand up his leg pausing, and then rubbing his crotch. Inuyasha pulled back from Kikyo whose dewy eyes were locked onto his, unable to help himself the hanyou ripped open Kikyo's blouse buttons flying in all directions drawing a small laugh from his wife as the shirt was pulled from her arms. Kikyo's hand continued to pet his manhood then traveled up unbuttoning then unzipping his pants, her hand moving inside Inuyasha's jeans drawing a moan from the love starved hanyou, he felt unworthy of love from anyone, especially Kikyo. Then again she was asking for him, Inuyasha paused as his eyes lingered over Kikyo sitting in his lap, she was so beautiful to him; even in her bra and jeans the woman he married still was radiant, her raven hair brushing his skin as she moved….no, he did not deserve this.

Kikyo could see the change in his eyes, reflected within those eyes was regret and remorse, Inuyasha always did wear his heart on his sleeve. Kikyo gently took his face in both of her hands and gently kissed him. "It is alright Inuyasha; I'm the one taking advantage of you."

The chastised man returned the kiss, his eyes nearly misting over at Kikyo's compassion. Inuyasha pressed his forehead to Kikyo's. "Thank you." Inuyasha whispered hugging her to him tightly. "Thank you. I don't think I can live without you either." His voice and the words were barely audible to Kikyo's ears, all she could hear was her heart beating furiously in her chest; just like the first time they were together.

"Maybe it's the scotch but I've missed you so much." Kikyo feverously kissed Inuyasha taking him by surprise. "If I ever see you so much as look at another woman wrong I'll kill you." Kikyo forced him to the floor at the foot of the staircase, nearly landing on the dog that yelped and ran off, Kikyo's mouth traveling down his neck as she pulled the shirt off his back. Kikyo sat atop him looking down into the golden eyes of the man who caused her so much pain, yet also unmatched happiness. "I'm only giving you this one warning."

Inuyasha threw the button less shirt that was clinched in his hand aside as their gaze locked on each other. "I'll give you Tetsusaiga to run me thru. I promise you I will spend the rest of my life making you deliriously happy, and the kids will have the perfect dad, I'll even make Sesshomaru jealous." Inuyasha's mood immediately elevated to joy, as he watched Kikyo smile perched atop him.

He reached out to grab Kikyo but she leaned back. "What?"

"Well I guess forgot to tell you Rin just found out she's pregnant; it only took over 500 years but I suppose Sesshomaru finally relaxed enough for it to finally work. Just like Sango. Wanna have another in celebration? Join the rest of the family?" Inuyasha chuckled as Kikyo slapped his chest. She stood unbuttoning her jeans sliding them off letting them fall to the side. Inuyasha kicked off his shoes as Kikyo eyed him pealing the remainder of his clothing off. "And just what are you planning to do now?" The hanyou cocked an eyebrow as he playfully smiled at his nearly nude wife, as they lay at the foot of the stairs. "Are you going to join me, or play the tease?"

"Slaves should never ask questions, just obey." Kikyo straddled him sliding Inuyasha into her tight, burning hot core; Inuyasha could not help but let out a pleasurable moan as Kikyo looked down upon him with a smile on her lips. "At least I still know what you like."

Kikyo bit down on her lower lip to keep from letting out a sound, as she had Inuyasha under her control as she began a slow rhythm nearly driving the hanyou insane as the feelings intensified within them both. The bra came off with a quick movement of his claws as he took her breast in his hands wringing low moans from his newly regained wife. Inuyasha's eyes closed as he concentrated on not releasing himself too soon, yet the thrill of Kikyo accepting him back into her life, and the fact that she was so egger for him as well made it all so hard for the man to bare, especially when his wife held him under complete submission. His hands ran down to Kikyo's taunt stomach, his hands gently brushing the scar that ran vertically to her belly button, softly Inuyasha held to her hips trying to gain the upper hand before he lost himself completely as the woman he so loved was completely giving herself to him. Truly the forgiveness of woman could be vast, yet he would never test her heart again, nor would he even give Kikyo reason to mistrust him again.

Her eyes met his as she thrust herself upon Inuyasha drawing in his entire shaft as she pushed harder until a scream of ecstasy escaped from Kikyo's kiss swollen lips as she collapsed upon Inuyasha's chest as they came together; Inuyasha's panting hot in her ear. The hanyou deeply releasing his seed into Kikyo taking her thin body in his arms so tightly feeling afraid to let her go, as if she would disappear if he released her from his arms strong embrace.

Kikyo sighed as they were still joined, each of them could feel the others racing heartbeat. "God I needed this."

"I'm not complaining. I am yours to use as you see fit." Inuyasha voiced in a husky voice. Kikyo rolled off of him, feeling the cold of the marble seep into her over heated body, as she lay in the crook of Inuyasha's arm and body. "But I do have a question I want you to think about; I would be honored, if you Ms. Kikyo Shindo would do me the great honor of giving me your hand in marriage once again?"

Bewildered Kikyo sat to attention looking directly into the golden eyes realizing the seriousness which gazed at her. "No."

Kikyo stood on bare feet pulling the blanket on the couch around her as she broke eye contact with Inuyasha, Kikyo slowly walked to Inuyasha's shirt and slid on the white dress shirt on throwing the blanket back on the couch as she paced back to the hurt look on Inuyasha's face.

"Why will you not marry me again? Especially since what we both feel is real, and you said-" Inuyasha would do anything to prove to Kikyo he wanted a fresh shot at their married lives together.

"I remember clearly what I said Inuyasha. I want you back. Isn't that enough?" Kikyo pulled on her panties, her eyes afraid to meet his.

Dangerous thoughts speared his memory, evil eyes watched, blood boiled, and hands caked in blood curled into fists as he watched a beautifully naked Kikyo as she walked with an uneasy pace and disturbing look on her face to the couch retrieving a throw draping it over her milky white shoulders. Deep crimson eyes began to glow faintly as he viewed the hanyou slipping into his jeans pulling Kikyo onto his lap on the couch. The intruders jaw clinched as he watched Kikyo kiss the revolting half breed. Turning the man moved quickly into the first of four paddocks letting out a scream of frustration which carried on the wind to the house. Both girls stirred in their mothers' bed, somewhere in their shared demons blood something was wrong, even in sleep their bodies recognized danger.

Inuyasha pulled on his pants as confusion alerted him to Kikyo's true feelings. Was she lying to him about forgiveness? Even if she was could he really be upset about it. "Marry me Kikyo. We deserve a clean slate and no secrets this time, not to mention the kids would love it."

Kikyo leaned on the arm of the couch, her eyes staring off into the fire. "Why should we go through all of the anxiety again?"

She looked at her husband, and he was serious. Inuyasha sat on the couch beside her, his head hung down. Kikyo found her hand tracing the outline of scars which overtook most of Inuyasha's back wrapping around to his left shoulder and lower chest. The blast he withstood was mind-blowing that anything could walk out alive. Even though Kikyo still felt roots of doubt digging into her heart about the truth of Naraku's demise; it wasn't the truth not until she saw the body herself. Yet, Inuyasha did it all for her and Suki.

"You are not going to let this go are you?" The stubborn hanyou nodded his head in a "yes" motion. "Okay Inuyasha. Yes." Kikyo met Inuyasha's gaze as he looked up at her own burdened look. "But wouldn't that make me a fool for taking you back?"

Inuyasha swept her of the couch arm and into his lap as Kikyo looked into his gentle face kissing him deeply. The elated husband moved his hand under the blanket finding the little ticklish spot on Kikyo's abdomen brushing it with his thumb causing her to jump and squirm away from him with a contained giggle.

"Not fair Inuyasha!" She jumped from his lap as if it were covered in snakes; a smile which lit up her face caused the hanyou to smile as well. Kikyo ran up the stairs, Inuyasha on her heels as she ran into the dark guest bedroom clicking on the lights. "I have to get some sleep before Inumaru wakes up to eat in a couple hours, and since the girls have my bed, you'll have to share with me."

"I'll sleep anywhere. Just get some rest; there are a couple of things I have to do before I join you alright?" Inuyasha pulled on a sweater and shoes as Kikyo slipped beneath the sheets to get some much needed sleep. Inuyasha quietly shut the door as he paused to take another look at Kikyo, simply to make sure this was all real and not some screwed up dream. However there would be no sleep for him until he found out where the smell of blood was emanating from, not to mention the scream he heard as Kikyo had first rejected his plea for a renewal of vows.

Bunny came trotting back into the living room, her nose pressed to the window letting out a worried, short bark. The dog looked up at the ceiling where her mistress was walking, the female who seemed oblivious, and the man who should have heard such a noise, and probably didn't because even as a dog she could smell the pheromones in the air from the couple.

Inuyasha silently walked into the master bedroom going straight to the gun safe, entering the combination the lock opened with a small click, Inuyasha smiled as Kari's ears swiveled his direction, even in sleep the blood of his father was guarding his children. The protecting father took the fully automatic .45 and two extra clips, closing the gun safe and leaving the room in peace with a worried, yet sincere smile on his face. Inuyasha trotted down the stairs with the gun in the small of his back.

Bunny greeted him at the backdoor, lying in front of the exit as if to dare him to go out without her. "No." Bunny stood, jumping up on the hanyou as he was pulling on his trench with the sheathed Tetsusaiga, the dog stared into his face and softly barked. "I don't want you to get hurt you dumb mutt."

The dog dropped to all fours taking the hanyous' right hand in her mouth gently applying pressure; not enough to break the skin, but enough to let the stupid male know she could do it. Inuyasha sighed relenting to the dog as he pulled his hand free; Bunny stood in front of him her tail wagging happily.

"God you're a bitch." Inuyasha unlocked the electronic doggie door. "You hightail it back here if anything goes wrong. You have to protect my family." Bunny barked as if answering.

Kikyo stood on the stairs until she heard the utility room door slam shut with the winds force behind it, and Inuyasha no doubt losing grip on the handle. Inwardly she prayed for his safety, and that there was no reason for her concern, yet there was enough for Inuyasha to take the powerful .45, not to mention the sword of his father out into the blackness and unknown of night.

The .9mm felt like a ton in her left hand and cold to the bare skin of her leg as she watched Inuyasha and Bunny walk toward the barn. Kikyo suddenly noticed the motion activated floodlight were staying dark as the two disappeared toward the lights of the barn blazing like a beacon in the snow filled night sky. However what Kikyo feared to her core seemed to be emanating from such a benign place.

"Oh god, something is wrong." Kikyo felt like she had just eaten a stone sinking her stomach. Kikyo pulled open the blinds, then wondering if she should activate the storm shutters and barricade herself and the kids inside. "What if he's inside?" Kikyo paced suddenly realizing Inuyasha did not deactivate the alarm system, all the bells and whistles should have been going off as soon as the utility room door was cracked. "Shit." Kikyo ran to the security panel by the front door, all of the lights were dark, what was eating at her the worse was that the house alarm was on an independent circuit that Sesshomaru set up nobody knew that other than the electrician and her brother in law. Kikyo ran to the utility room door opening the box for the shutters, hitting the switch, and then opening the door standing in the snow-blind night in Inuyasha's shirt and bare feet. "Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha looked back at the house seeing Kikyo at the back windows as he put his hand on the steel handle to pull the door open on its track, however the handle was caked in frozen blood as he hesitated, and the overwhelming scent of blood and hay assaulted his sensitive nose as the door slid on its oiled track to allow him entrance. The dog rushed in before Inuyasha could move or say a word, Bunny's nose to the ground and her black and white ears pinned to her head, her fur stood on end as she growled and bolted for the back left corner stall. Her humans mate right behind her with weapon drawn; the dog could smell the gunpowder as Bunny trotted through a puddle of blood before the stall where the unusual smell was coming from. Happy that it was only a dead horse the dog simply looked at Inuyasha, and followed the scent of the one who killed the massive creature back to the entrance and out toward the main house.

"Damnit dog, if anyone was in there you would have just been killed." Inuyasha stood next to the stalls opening, and out of the blood, when Inuyasha heard gears clicking at the house. "What the hell is Kikyo doing?"

The nosey dog knew the sound all too well and ran full tilt out of the overly warm barn towards her mistress, leaving a dumbfounded Inuyasha to examine the decapitated body of her lady's horse. Bunny ran to Kikyo as she stood on the porch in the wind, the happy dog jumped up on Kikyo leaving dark red streaks down the front of the white shirt she wore before licking her and trotting uneasily into the open utility room door. Before crossing the threshold the dog noticed the smell of horses' blood again, but this time right around the corner; Bunny began growling and pulling at Kikyo by the shirt to get her indoors; the dog could not smell the bad person there just yet but it was too close.

"INUYASHA!" Kikyo screamed out at the top of her lungs as she looked at the white shirt mortified of the bloody paw prints streaking down the front. "Please don't be dead." Kikyo's eyes welled with hot tears which stung her cold face as they fell, the growling dog nearly yanking her off her feet. "Inuyasha you promised."

Kikyo back-stepped toward the house until she stopped, hitting a shoe with her heel. Going stone still for what seemed an eternity until two arms encircled her causing her to yell out in fright, and the dog released her shirt and disappeared.

"Kikyo! It's me, don't shoot." Inuyasha picked her up from behind pulling her into the house, her heart beating a mile a minute. "It is okay Kikyo, I'm fine, I'm here." Kikyo sobbed into Inuyasha's chest as he held onto her with one hand and the other locking the door.

Kikyo turned on the light in the enormous utility room, looking her husband in the face to be sure he was really there, and not some hideous beast from her imagination. Bunny began jumping around the two her ensanguined paws leaving their mark on the wood floor. Inuyasha kissed Kikyo as he removed the blood streaked shirt from her shoulders, throwing the ruined thing in the trash.

Covering herself in a terry robe she used for the pool Kikyo stared wide eyed at Inuyasha as he cleaned off the dogs feet. "Whose blood is it?"

"Honey, I'm sorry, but Kahyman is gone." Inuyasha tossed blood blotted towel into the washer as he finally looked into Kikyo's fear reddened eyes. "And no wolf or coyote did this. I'll burry him in the morning."

A large thump hit the roof almost like a tree branch breaking onto the roof yet with more force. Kikyo gasped and held tightly onto the gun in her hand. "Inuyasha whoever or whatever killed my horse is still here, and the alarm has been shut down. That's why I activated the shutters." Another thump hit the roof, and this one rattling the huge wooden beams of the place, shaking it to its foundation. "Okay, I'm calling the sheriff. We need to get the kids down stairs."

Inuyasha ran for the stairs, his mind trying to ascertain who would be trying to hurt his family, yet the only suspect was one already dead to the world. "It's not possible." He opened the master bedroom to get the doors when a house splintering thud shook the second level, and the hanyou began to smell horses blood from within the house. "Shit." Inuyasha scooped up both girls and bolted down the stairs with them, leaving them on the couch near tears and stunned as he went racing up for his son.

"I'm not getting a signal, and the land line is dead." Kikyo called out as she grabbed the girls, running them towards the butler's pantry partially hidden in the kitchen. "Stay put and stay quiet, no matter what you see or hear." Kikyo was shaking violently, she hadn't even realized until she stopped for a moment to try and dial out again.

Inuyasha had his hand on the gun as he opened the door to his sons room, before him in the dim lit dark a shadow loomed over his sons crib, two ruby lit eyes stared back at him as a mouthful of fangs smiled back.

"The son of Inuyasha and Kagome. How perfect."

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