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Moira couldn't help but feel pity for Charlie. He was obviously suffering from some sort of delusional hallucination and she knew it couldn't be from the suspected drug use everyone else claimed. There were no tell-tale signs of usage. She had voiced her opinion about that to Jack and he had agreed.

A huge distance was put between Charlie and the group. He had moved a bit down the beach and at night Moira watched him huddled in front of his little fire and hood of his sweater pulled over his head. She wanted to go talk to him but she also knew he needed some time to sort out his thoughts and get himself back in order.

"So, Moira you seem to be in good spirits lately. What gives?" Moira looked over at Claire as she sat down next to her with baby Aaron held snuggly in her arms. She was leery of setting him down because of the recent events and Moira couldn't help but understand her anxiety. When a mother felt her child was in any sort of danger a 'momma bear' sort of approach came into play and they grew overly protective.

"What do you mean?" Moira asked trying to fake nonchalance but failing miserably when she began to smile widely. Claire laughed and bumped her shoulder against Moira's.

"You have to tell me why you are all smiles and letting off this fantastic glow." Claire said. Moira would have loved to have shared why she was in such a great mood. But for some reason the idea of letting people in on the secret that she and Sawyer were have some of the greatest sex she had every had in her life was not what she wanted to do. For now she wanted it to be exactly as it was: a secret.

"I've added more fruits and vegetables into my diet and sometimes the right amount of those two food groups can cause a nice healthy glow and improve one's mental state." Moira said sounding very much like the doctor she was. Claire frowned and stared at her for a moment before she smiled brightly and chuckled.

"Fine when you are ready to tell me that you and Sawyer are having sex come find me at my tent. Until then I will carry on like I don't know." Claire said with a smile and then pushed herself up. Moira's jaw had dropped to her lap and she could only watch speechless as Claire made her way down the beach talking softly to Aaron. How in the hell had she figured that out? Where they that obvious?

"You're a God damn fucking whore, more than likely just like your real mother. That's why you worthless pieces of shit are living here. She didn't want the memory of one of her nameless fucks to keep haunting her!" He screamed at Moira. She was crying loudly while he kept up his verbal tirade. It was all because she had come home late from the prom. A mere ten minutes and he was there waiting, ready to pounce on her, to accuse her of being the whore she wasn't.

"Larry –" Janet began in defense of her adopted daughter but he drew up his hand as if to slap her across her mouth.

"Shut your God damn mouth woman. This is all your fault. You allow her to act like the heathen that she is. It's no wonder she's like this. You aren't any better. You're lucky I married your sorry ass. Make yourself useful and get another fucking beer."

Moira watched as her mother ran off into the kitchen in tears, powerless to stand up to a man who had spent years verbally and physically abusing her until she had no ability to voice her opinions. She had become exactly what he wanted. A scared, cowering woman who did exactly what he wanted.

Moira had vowed long before she would never be like her mother. She would never let a man control her. She could only fist her hands, digging her finger nails into her palms and cement that promise with the blood she bleed from her palms.

Moira arched her back as she felt the beginnings of her orgasm roll through her. She braced her hands on Sawyer's chest and moved her hips faster. She felt his steely grip on her hips helping her along when she began to slow down. His own gasps and moans signaled he was close as well.

She peaked, enjoying the feeling of euphoria that overcame her. She managed to look down at Sawyer's face as he came and she smiled at the intense look he had. His eyes were shut and mouth was open. He snapped his mouth shut and ground his teeth then exhaled a curse before opening his eyes to stare into her pale green ones.

"Jesus girl. You're gonna kill me." He said smiling. He ran his hands up her sides before snaking them around her back and pulling her body down over his. She sighed and enjoyed the post coital moment. She hadn't figured him to enjoy anything like that. She had been surprised when he had begun initiating it.

"So you want to stop meeting up with you then for these little…interludes?" Moira asked lifting her head and putting her hands underneath them. Sawyer opened his eyes and stared down at her.

"Hell no. Any man would gladly die this way." Sawyer said laughing. Moira smiled brightly. She moaned her disagreement when she felt him slide out of her but that quickly changed to laughter when he quickly flipped her over and pressed his body over hers. The soft moss of the ground offered a comfortable bed for them. Moira didn't even want to think about what could be in the moss. Right now she was enjoying her time with Sawyer.

"James…Claire knows." Moira said softly not wanting to look him in the eye but instead looking at his shoulder and tracing the scar there. When he didn't immediately say anything she felt herself tense.

"So?" He finally responded and Moira quickly looked at him. He was smiling down at her and lifted a hand to brush a piece of hair behind her ear. Moira couldn't help but feel her stomach flutter. She dared not read too much into though.

"You don't care if people know?" Moira asked. Sawyer shook his head.

"Why would I care if people knew I was having hot sex in the middle of the jungle, with a beautiful but insatiable woman?" He asked smirking at her. He winked and then rose to his knees when Moira made to start tickling him. She had found that the rugged tough guy was ticklish and used that against him whenever she felt the need.

"You're such an ass!" She cried trying to sit up but he held her down firmly with a hand on her chest. He then began to give her a taste of her own medicine. Moira began to cry out for mercy, which he was naturally not going to give her. He was laughing at her helpless attempts to free herself from under his hands.

"I'm an ass, huh?" Moira bucked her hips, trying to get out from underneath Sawyer. She gasped when she noticed his teasing smile falter.

"Damn woman!" He hissed. He quickly pinned her arms above her and claimed her mouth in a savage kiss. She moaned, allowing his tongue to slip into her mouth, mimicking the movements his body was suddenly very ready to do to her.

He slid his hands down her sides before grabbing her hips and lifting her body to his. He was still on his knees in front of her. She watched breathlessly as he reached between her legs to flick his fingers across her more than ready core. He smirked when he felt the slickness, evidence she was just as turned on.

"I can't seem to get enough of you either." He whispered before he harshly thrust himself deep into her causing her to cry out in pleasure.