Youkou Shukuen: Crimson Destiny

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Chapter 1: Revelation

It was a silent summery night in the hidden village of Konoha. The temperature was just right and the wolves, owls and even the cicadae were sleeping under the full moon. There was only one boy who was having a rough time sleeping, as he was struggling to find the purpose of his life, a life that had been nothing but a never-ending struggle. He thought he had found a purpose and possibly a light in his tunnel of darkness, but fate was not willing to give him that happiness. Ever since his birth, he has been the most hated orphan in the village. For the last thirteen years, he never knew why they hated him, so he used all sorts of mischievous activities, even becoming the class clown to gain the attention he never received. For him at that time, being hated was more favorable then being forgotten, because he did not wish to return to that hell he called loneliness. However, when he, Uzumaki Naruto, learned of the true reason of being hated, he wished he never knew about it and lived in ignorance. It was much more comforting then to know that he was the container of the greatest demon to ever set havoc in history of Konoha, Kyuubi no Youkou and to know that his dream of being acknowledged for who he is, was next to impossible.

It was a revelation far worst then death as he knew he would always be regarded as the demon first and foremost and just when he felt all his hopes were lost to save himself from his darkness, he received his first acknowledgement. Bit by bit, light was growing in his tunnel of dark abyss, he had friends, people he began to consider as family, who believed in his for who he is not what he had within him and he even had found a new purpose in life, to save others from the same darkness. However, just when he let his guard down, fate delivered him with a terrible blow: betrayal and failure to upkeep his motto. With it came low self-confidence and most importantly loss of trust, trust upon others and others trust upon him self. In a single day, he had lost what it took him thirteen years to gain. Who could he trust anymore when the best friend he considered like his brother, betrayed him and dared to kill him just for power. Who can trust him if he could not even fulfill the wish on the one he loved. Sure he had given up on her for the sake of her happiness and his best friends, but he still wanted to fulfill her all her desire. Truly, the failure to bring back Uchiha Sasuke as he promised truly destroyed his new hopes. He took his small freedom too likely, he had forgotten the menace to society he was, the pain he caused and the pain it caused him. He also realized that he was too selfish for his own sake, he nearly died for a promise, one which wouldn't have gained him anything but would have made him lose a lot his own wishes. He renewed his promise to bluntly by making a promise of a lifetime and now, after talking with his mentor, Jiraiya, he realized the mess he put himself into.

As the old hermit put trough his ears, there is almost no chance of recovering the Uchiha. Everyone else had already given up upon him. Tsunade, the Hokage, and the Council labeled Sasuke as a traitor. His former teacher, Kakashi, had little hopes of bringing him back from the clutches of the vile Orochimaru. Sakura believed in him, but was clueless of the political effect of his actions. It was just like Jiraiya said, he was a hopeless cause destined to walk the path of darkness. He and Orochimaru had the same need, power, even thought their ambitions were different. The old man was right and Naruto knew the truth, after all it was Sasuke who decided on his own to go to Orochimaru even thought he knew that Orochimaru planned to use him as his next container. Not to mention the last part of his mentor hurt him the most, the fact that he is wrong in still calling him his best friend. After all, what kind of person tries to impale his best friend? Although it is true that the Uchiha didn't strike twice when he had the opportunity when he, Naruto, had passed out for getting too much of chakra dose from Kyuubi, it didn't help the situation considering that he would have been dead on his first impalement if it wasn't for the demon's high regeneration capabilities. This actually made him feel even worse for another reason, the thing he detested most, Kyuubi, was the reason he was still alive. Now he was somewhat indebted to the beast and now made to thank him for it. Obviously the beast did it for his own survival, but it was probably time to accept that he isn't as bad as he was described in the storybooks.

However, all that was in his mind tonight was about the words of Jiraiya, his promise to Sakura, the harsh dilemma between Konoha and Sasuke and of course the most important question in his life, what purpose he served in life. It was a question that had been seriously bugging him ever since his last purpose was shattered to peaces or so he believed. It was obvious that villagers were somewhat unhappy on seeing his return, they would have much-preferred Sasuke or having Sasuke and him change their roles. It was also obvious to him that he was not destined to be the one to help out other people escape there own misery as he couldn't help his former best friend. The thought of having Sasuke call former best friend within his own thoughts was shocking enough.

The hours passed like ages, it was midnight and Naruto was still struggling to fall asleep, as he was having nightmares. These weren't ordinary ones, they were the type he hated the most, he was bombarded by the opinions of others upon him, his effect upon them and so on. Given his low self-esteem due to the last incident, it was clear that the negative causes of what he believed his existence was winning. The voices of opinions kept growing to a point where he woke up shaking as he found himself all alone in that dark pit he feared the most, loneliness. He was sweating like hell, just by the thought of it, a sudden noise in the room increased his agitation even further till he realized it was simply the voice of the wind passing trough his window. Realizing that he might go nuts if this kept up, he calmed himself and tried to sleep. However, as soon as he closed his eyes, he found himself back in the nightmarish world and the voices were getting even worst, it was as if they, the opinions were tracking him like a prey. Suddenly, he heard the voice of Kyuubi as if he was speaking to his directly.

"Since when did opinions matter to you boy? Is this the world, you wish to live in? The world that you ran away from 9 years ago, the world where you felt helpless, the world of loneliness were you like to hide yourself like a coward? Do you seriously wish to live in this world, a place of lies and insecurity? Just because you failed your words once does not mean what you believed in is wrong you know. You are not the kid I am so fond of, look at you. Just because that fool you call friend decided his own path, your cowering like a loser. If you want reassurance I will tell you the truth of your purpose in life, that is if you are brave enough to wake up and face the truth", yelled the great fox.

The sound of that voice made Naruto jump on his bed, as he was certain that it wasn't in his mind that it came from outside of him. When he did open his eyes, he found himself looking straight into the eyes of a red-eyed crimson colored fox sitting upon him with its nine tails flowing in the air. Its size was that of an average fox but he knew who it was, none other then the great Kyuubi himself. The realization that he was outside of him made Naruto scream in fear, but just he tried the world turned all white leaning only him and the fox upon a empty spear the size of the planet, thus no one could hear the boys loud scream apart the fox.

"Calm down you fool, you are going to blow my eardrum shouting like that. No one apart me can hear you here in this genjutsu I placed upon us. Man what is with you these past days, you are totally over-reacting upon that dumb incident. You are totally acting like a four year old now", yelled the fox as he took size of a horse.

"Over-reacting? Do you realize who you are, do you have any implications of you being outside of him, even putting me in this genjutsu of yours means to me? You are Kyuubi you stupid fox and you outside of me that means it is the end of the world!" yelled back the boy, trying to find an exit.

"Erm, if you were in such dangers as you think you are, wouldn't you be dead already and your village turned into dust by now? Although, you are over exaggerating too much about me causing the end of the world. If I am not eating you it must mean that you are not in such situation. We are here to discuss of your recent problems and of course about how I, "the most evil being in the world", note the sarcasm, have escaped from "my eternal damnation". So welcome to my or should I say our fortress of solitude, as you can see there is no one apart you and me here, nothing what so ever. It's a genjutsu I created a long time ago for personal time and is sometime used in different variations to punish or to say break some troublesome peoples will. Ironically, it will be the opposite for you, so I am really wondering what I should call it", babbled the fox.

"You really are the worst of the kind, what kind of an idiot creates for himself and wants to be in a world of solitude. Also your sarcasm aren't really hitting their marks, I am already starting to miss that evilness of yours. You should go check on your own attitude changes before coming to discuss my case, considering that you are the reason why my life has been in a mess", said the boy.

"Have you ever considered the chance that maybe I am not as evil as your villagers made me look like in their little fairytales?" asked Kyuubi.

"Well, at first no, but lets just say that given that I am alive cause of you, I am willing to give you the benefit of the doubt", said Naruto quietly.

"Thanks for the boost in my confidence, as low as it seems. Anyway, do you wish to know the purpose of your existence or not?" asked Kyuubi.

"I already know what it was supposed to be, which was to be treated as the hero who contained you in myself, but instead I became the symbol of hatred because they thing I am you. I am nothing more then a tool now, what can you possibly add to that?" asked Naruto in an angry tone.

"For beginners, you may not be happy to know, but I am not the reason of this life of yours, just a consequence. So do not blame me for your parents' mistake boy. I just happen to be the dumbass that opened his mouth too much and like you made a stupid lifetime promise on a gamble. That should teach me gamble again. You see I was the tool of punishment for the god of rice, Inari. Your mom was a priestess of his and your father who didn't know she was one happen to fall in love with her, well they both fell for each other and well then you were on your way and that got Inari angry that one of his priestess favored a Hokage instead of him, so he sent me to rectify his vengeance" started the great fox.

"Wait! You are going too fast. I have lots of questions to ask. Why the hell would god get jealous that his devoted priestess chose another man? Why send you to wreak havoc on a village for what a single man did and wait you said my father is a Hokage? Oh god don't tell me it is that lecherous old geezer Sandaime isn't it? No wonder he was trying to act nice to me. That bastard, he didn't even have the guts to reveal the truth that he was with another woman", yelled Naruto having terrifying thoughts about having Sarutobi as his father and how he might look like when he is 70.

"Erm no, have you noticed that you both look different? The person I was referring too, had blond hairs, blue eyes and yes you consider him as your favorite … Yeah, I guess you already got the message. Anyway the things about the gods are that they have the same flaw as most humans, especially when it comes to jealousy. Inari is no different, he made strict sacred laws that all his priestess have to follow, which is to remain pure and devoted to him till they die. Of course, at first he was lenient since it wasn't working well. Human have needs like all other animals, which you will understand later in life and well it resulted to changing it from pure to not hold their lovers at heart. The ones who did it too much where however punished and turned into foxes", added Kyuubi.

"So my father is Yondaime Hokage? Okay that figures now I get all that hero speech he made about me and why Ero-sennin was also so interested of having me as his student. Damn guy the least he could have done is told them that I was his son? At least I would have been treated better then being stomped over like street trash. So from what you are saying my mother a fox now? Next time skip the perverted stuff okay I am only 13", asked the confused boy.

"Hey I was as discrete as you can possibly be. Your father could not it was one of the rules of the punishment. Your mother has not been transformed into a fox, those are meant for the type Jiraiya prefers. Your mother was a beautiful and devoted priestess. The only thing is that she fell in love with your father who felt the same way, but she did not mention that she was one of Inari's priestess. Inari seeing their perfect love and especially your birth took offense and wanted retribution. Since the village was the most important thing in your father's life apart his secret love, Inari sent me here to destroy it. Of course I was not very fond of destroying a whole village for a grudge, especially when the man didn't know that he was committing an offense. I also had a reputation to protect, but since I was under his command I obeyed it. Halfway during the battle between your father and me the man pleaded the reason for my visit and me being honest blurted the reason and to add my misery the other gods overheard, revealing Inari's involvement, which he wanted under the table. The other gods seeing the injustice forced Inari to change his punishment", continued Kyuubi.

"Wait, why would a god hide his involvement to the other gods? I mean its not like anyone else would not notice if you had destroyed Konoha. It's one of the most famous villages. I think I see the ending already, he decided to pick on me since I am the trigger right? Figures the villagers were right after all…" said the saddened boy.

"Hey don't blame yourself, you are just a consequence and beside Inari would have still attacked weather or not you were born. So you were just an excuse for him to attack, nothing more. As for why was he hiding his plan, it is simple, for them everything is a game. The gods don't care how famous a village is. If I had destroyed Konoha under their noses they would have congratulated Inari for duping them. You mother was a rare pearl and according to the sacred laws Inari had ever right to retaliate, since when she took upon the job she became his property. Anyway, like you just figured out the others suggested that you bare the burden, since you are the consequence of their union and hurting you would put them in great agony even after death. Given that Inari considered me as a traitor, he decided to use me as the reason to get you hated by your own people so you suffer the "eternal life of hatred" as they called it. The priestess pleaded for you and requested to exchange all her good deeds to spare you this life but they rejected her plea. I pleaded for my case and given that I had been his loyal subject for thousands of years, Inari granted that if I ever felt the danger of you getting killed I could escape, I wont be able to return to my old position but I could still roam around this world, kind of like a retirement", continued Kyuubi.

"Ah I see so you got exiled for opening your mouth once, some payment for your loyalty. So I guess now you can roam around freely, so why you comeback or heck why did you even bother to save me?" asked Naruto.

"Well, blame it on your mother, she cried to loud for you and the harm done to this village because of her mistake. Me being the greatest sarcastic fox in the known world, told her to stop crying for the people, since after the treatment you will be receiving your will go insane and kill them yourself. Your father challenged me that this would never happen, because you are their son. So me being foolish made a stupid bet that if ever I were wrong, I would help and serve you myself. The gods accepted that bet since they thought it would be entertaining to watch and here we are. I really believed you would go insane and break out on them given my knowledge upon the human species. Heck, I even tried to push you into that boundary a couple of times, the latest being the last part against that fool of a friend of yours. However, time and time you proved me wrong and finally I gave you and accepted losing my gamble. So as promised, here I am to help you on your quest to becoming the hero your parents wished you to be" added the Kyuubi.

"What hero? I am no hero, I do not even want to be a hero, all I want is to be treated normally like others, but that will never the case, even the gods cursed on me. My parents died because of me, weather not your former boss would have attacked even if I was not born does not matter. All that matters is that he used me as his primary reason so I am to be blamed, I guess it was true what they said, I do carry the blood of those innocent people on my hands", said a depressed Naruto.

"Oh please, do not give me that crappy excuse. I am a Myobu, a celestial guardian; do you have how many bad deeds I have committed in my life? Everyone is guilty at something, somewhere; the one who refuses that fact is a fool. The thing is we must all live with it and make the best effort we can to repay that sin in someway. You thinking crying about it will make those souls happy? They could have died a thousand different ways if not by me. The villagers have no right to blame you for it; heck none can really take the full grunt of blames for that event since it was the will of the gods. If it was not Inari, it would have been another one, any one them can topple a village the way they like it, that is how the world works, so stop sulking about and do something to repay that debt that you think you owe them. I say think, because you really have no debts, the harsh life they put you trough would not even be repeated by the most monstrous of creatures", yelled back Kyuubi.

"How do you want me to help them? Did you forget what happen last time I happen to help someone? Everyone thinks I am the reason for that incident, if I never had existed he would have never left the village", yelled back Naruto.

"Oh god, you are helpless, so little Sasuke could not bare that there are people who are stronger then him in the village, big deal. You think he would not left if you did not exist? Well I got news for you pal; he would have been killed for his foolish arrogance even before leaving the village. It's the villagers' fault for pampering him up with claims of how great he is, how spectacular he is and what a genius he is, in the first place. They gave the opposite treatment to you, but you know what? He is not a genius, because if he were he would have realized that they were pampering him. If he was he would not have jumped in the arms of a snake who wants to use him as his next soul transporter and he would have certainly realized that what he needed in life was people he could rely on, people like you and not go Mr. emo-avenger "I am more special then you". The guy has serious superiority complex, call it from his family or his blood, anyone should have known better then make him eat more of that crap. If you got any brain cells in that thick head of yours, you would realize what I am saying is the truth", yelled back Kyuubi.

"So what should I do act like everyone else and say he is a lost cause and move on? I am not that type of person you know, I stand by my promises even if they are so ridiculous that I wonder where my head was when I made those promises", said Naruto.

"I did not say forget about him, that is your choice. What I said was stop blaming yourself for him. The fact is weather you were there or not, he would have joined Orochimaru one of these days. Why? Because what he wishes, vengeance is against the ways of Konoha. They would never help him kill his brother for vengeance, make him stronger yes, but they are not the organization who trains shinobi for their personal vendetta. If you look at it, neither would Orochimaru help him, till he has possessed him, unless the snake finds some serious weakness on this Itachi guy that he can have Sasuke exploit, but for Sasuke that is more then Konoha is willing to give him. So you want to bring that fool back? First get stronger, become truly who you are, then go beat the living hell out of him and then help him solve his own problem by making him realize the right path to avenge for his loss. Trust me, it is the only way to get to thick skulls like him", added the Kyuubi.

"To become stronger… to protect those who I must protect. That was what I believed a year ago, but just having the will does not help the situation does it? I can't even get stronger by myself, how will I help the others" added Naruto.

"It is true that will does not help you accomplish everything, but power doesn't either. Don't forget, you might be sulking about one failure, but think of all one ones that you did succeed. There are people who are very grateful that you do exist Uzumaki Naruto, because if you hadn't they would still be living in that loneliness you fear. You are a source of their hope and that hope requires you to be there to protect them. I am willing to train you personally, it will be a tough journey and we might encounter things we never wish to deal with, but it is what is written in your destiny and that is what you must follow. Have faith on yourself like your parents had faith in you, because if you don't then it is the same as if you never existed. You were given a task and that task is to protect those people. Acknowledgement is hard to get given that your reputation has been stained since your birth, but with your capabilities and your spirit you can achieve that acknowledgement you wish so dearly", replied the great fox.

"To protect… I still don't know how much I can live up to my task, but I guess I have no choice do I? It is the only way I can forgive myself for being born in the first place and remove this guilt I feel within me", said the boy quietly.

"If that is what you wish for, seems like you are pretty much all healed. We can start our training tomorrow. Be ready, I said I will teach you what you must know, but I am not a softhearted teacher. Release!" said Kyuubi as he released his genjutsu and both found themselves back in the hospital room where Naruto was lodged.

Naruto was amazed that they were still in the room and it was as if they never left the room. It was some amazing jutsu. Kyuubi turned his back on him and headed towards the window.

"Wait, what will you be teaching me and where do I meet you?" asked the boy.

"Now, now don't get too excited we can talk about that tomorrow. Meet me near the waterfalls, there is a hill over there I will guide you from there. Just remember to not tell anyone about this and come alone. This matter must stay between you and me only. We don't want another intervention from the higher up. Sleep for now, you will needed", replied the fox who turned into his original natural fox shaped.

"How can I sleep after all this? My head is divided upon how I must adapt to my past, now that I know what happened", asked Naruto.

"You humans you think too much. All right, I will help you sleep, kitsune kaimin (fox pleasant sleep) should do the trick, now look into my eyes boy. Now sleep!" said the fox.

Before Naruto could say anything, he fell instantly in sleep on the bed. He had accidentally looked upon his fox friend's eyes to trigger the effect of the genjutsu and as the jutsu name meant he could him self sleeping in a calm landscape under the stars without a single disturbance in the world. Kyuubi tuck him in bed and then jumped trough the window he came by to his own resting place near the waterfalls of Konoha.

Far away at the village of the Sound, deep within the Rice country, a vile snake and his loyal servant discuss upon their new prize.

"It seems that Sasuke-kun did not kill his best friend. Although he failed, I still cannot believe your influences affected him that much. I never could have imagined Uchiha Sasuke would dare to kill Uzumaki Naruto. It is a good thing he did not though, having him with the famous mangekyou sharingan (kaleidoscope copy wheel eye) without being fully under your control would have brought a heap of trouble", said quietly Kabuto.

"Fu fu fu Kabuto, you worry too much. Weather he would have killed or not, it would not have mattered. He craves for power and I am the only one who can provide him with that. A man who wises to kill his own brother for vengeance has no hope in a village like Konoha, as they preach against it. Too bad I plan to keep him away from that dream till I possess his body. I will give him the power he graves, just not those that aid him to resist me in the future. I shall keep him in my leech and turn into an image of myself. Then I shall take over his mind and body and become the most powerful shinobi of all time, with the power to learn all jutsus with an blink of an eye", replied Orochimaru with an evil grin.

"I still think you should have taken Naruto-kun instead, with the power of the Kyuubi, you could crush all your opponents much easily. Not to mention he is strong and growing faster by the day. Putting out the Uchiha heir for at least two weeks is not an easy task, I am not even sure if Sasuke-kun can recover from those that fast", added Kabuto.

"Kabuto, I thought you had more brains then that, why would I try to share the body of a demon, who would not hesitate to bite my soul into pieces? Not to mention become an important priority for that organization. You give too much credit to that useless fool, he is no genius. He is a dropout who should have died 13 years ago if it was not for the old man. Those were his gravest errors, first choosing that bastard Arashi instead of me as his replacement then allowing that monster to live. Oh I am sorry Kabuto I did not mean your case. Besides I am sure you do not want to arise the suspicion of Akatsuki either right?" laughed Orochimaru.

"Yes, I guess you are right… Too think I had to rely on an evil bastard like you to kind from those annoying people and their quest for my demon… Although having another Jinchuuriki might have been a better defense against the likes of Akatsuki, although someone like Naruto-kun would never accept me as an ally. So I will have to play safe ", said Kabuto.

"Do not worry my dear servant, your secret is same with me. That old man thought he could stop me by sealing my arms, who is laughing now. I shall gain the power of the Uchiha then destroy his precious village once and for all. Don't worry I shall take care of your problem around the same time too", laughed Orochimaru.

"It will not be that easy Orochimaru-sama. Sasuke-kun will not hand over his body that quickly and even thought we have him at our possession, we only have three years to make him totally obedient to your will. Also Konoha might to wait that long, I already heard rumors from our last spies that Jiraiya-sama is taking away Naruto-kun for training. Given that he taught someone like Yondaime and the fact that Naruto-kun is growing at an exponential rate gives me great concern. Not to mention we lost Sakon, Ukon and Tayuya. Kidoumaru barely survived and so did Jibourou but both will be out for a while, a too high cost if you ask me", added Kabuto.

"You worry too much Kabuto, Jiraiya is a failure so was his last student and this one is not even half of the caliber of the other one. However, you are right about one thing, Tsunade is known to be impulsive so she might not wait. For this reason I wish to take Sasuke-kun into one of my hidden location. So make the necessary arrangements we leave as soon as possible. Do not worry about Sasuke, I have him totally under my grasp" laughed the vile snake.

"Yes, that worries me the most a double-crossing snake is bound to be double-crossed by his own creation… and Uchiha Sasuke would probably not even hesitate once he obtained what he needs, given that they both have the same personality", thinks Kabuto as he heads out with his new order.

As the night draws near its end, the plot of this story thickens and one wonders how this story will end.

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New Jutsus

kitsune kaimin (fox pleasant sleep) : A genjutsu that act like hypnothesis and puts the target to sleep when he or she looks in the user's red eyes (Kyuubi/Naruto).

sekai mugen yuukyou (world of infintite solitude) : A genjutsu that Youkou uses to give the illusion to his user (mainly Naruto) of a world all white, where only the two of them are present. He usually uses it when they both need to be left alone for a while. Or course, this is nothing but an illusion, since both are still in the real world, but no one apart them listen to their own conversation, since it's all going on via telepathy.