Youkou Shukuen: Crimson Destiny

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Chapter 7: Major Pain

The day began as usual for Uzumaki Naruto that is waking up at 6:30 AM while having a dream about his mysterious admirer. This time however, it was the alarm clock that woke him and not the dream, which he was starting to appreciate more now that he is in Konoha. He figured it was because to him the village was already a living hell. With all he had to endure over these years, one could easily see it as an invisible prison for him and it was in some ways.

Then again it may also be because of Mitarashi Anko. After the kinky stories she told Sakura and him yesterday about her romantic life, he was just glad he didn't have a nightmare on those. They were pretty embarrassed about the 'sex' subject to begin with being still virgins and she just had to add about how some sex partners including herself loved sodomy. Not to mention adding her sex story with Kakashi as an example. This affected both teens profoundly, who were now seriously afraid of sex. The adding of Kakashi also made the nightmare worst, not because it was her most disgusting story but because he was the victim they knew the most. After the little incident both hoped and wished that they wouldn't encounter either for them for at least a week. Just their faces could remind them of their adventure.

Another reason why Naruto appreciated his dream was because it kept his mind of his upcoming task, the leader of ANBU division Alpha. One he felt he wasn't ready for and got boxed in by Tsunade. He had to thank her for that one of these days. Sure she was right about his experience with Orochimaru's henchmen and his wide network of connections and knowledge of the outside world, but he was still most likely the youngest member. Not to mention that these were probably the same people who would have loved to slaughter him two years ago if he made the slightest miscalculations. They still probably do today, they are from Konoha after all and it's deadliest shadowy assassins. So he was in the lion's den with the task to tame the lions and turn them into his kitties. If that didn't make worst there were plenty more. He was a lone wolf and this would be his first leadership job. Sure he was somewhat the leader of team 7 in the chuunin exams but this was a whole new ball game. He didn't even know how to act around them. Should he be mellow, funny best friend protector or should he be a hard ass that puts the fear of god in their hearts? He probably will have to do both and while he keeps his identity hidden from his enemies. Either way with this responsibility and his personal problems: Akatsuki, rescuing Sasuke and ripping Orochimaru into pieces, he was assured of long and painful years ahead.

His first task of the day was to get his ANBU equipment and since Kyuubi was still sleeping he figured he would go and do it right away. At least that way, he would avoid suspicious crowds since barely anyone visits shop at 7:00 AM in the morning. Of course he also wanted to get this task finished as fast as possible since he didn't like shopping in Konoha. It was a good time for his haters to punish him economically. If there was a law of supply and demand and price equality it certainly didn't exist in Konoha when it came to him. When he was young they would not only overprice the merchandise but also limit him to their unwanted products. They call it 'the demon tax'.

Of course given that the ANBU armory was exclusive, it required special permission from Hokage to simply access the location. But it was still owned by a merchant and he really didn't have faith in them. The owner, Yori, a former ANBU now blacksmith, was just as he expected: like the rest of them.

"Ah so now she decided to make the demon an ANBU now huh? Well I suppose it is the right place for a monster like you. To think the good times we had the last two years when you weren't around… now even my fond memories in the ANBU is going to be tarnished," he spat out on Naruto's face with the usual glare.

"Thanks for the compliments old man, but I really don't have time for them. So why don't we both make a deal? Since we obviously don't like each other, how about we keep this chat to the minimum? Also since we obviously don't wish to see each other faces again, how about you give me your best available equipments? I will even pay double 'demon tax' rate for the service," spat back Naruto.

"Oh you got some sharp tongue now huh? Well I guess it's a fair trade, besides it's not like I can refuse a direct order from the Hokage and the extra money is always good for an oldie like me. So let's start shall we? I want you out of here as soon as possible. You're bad for business," slammed back Yori.

Within thirty minutes all the necessary components were gathered. Yori was an impressive blacksmith he had armors and weapons of every size and shape, most of which were built by his own hands. The only thing he didn't have were the masks which only Tsunade could hand those out. The only thing he didn't take was the ANBU coats, as he had already bought a plain black sleeveless trench coat with a hood for the job before coming to Konoha. That wouldn't stop the old man from arguing against him.

"That is not sanctioned. All ANBU must look alike it is essential to keep their identity hidden and what is that in your left arm? It looks unique, you know you will have to take it off during mission right?" argued Yori, as he noticed Amenonuhoko (heavenly spear).

"Sorry but the new leader in my division allows a bit of diversity. As for this it is my stringer it bites anyone who doesn't like it and it can even pierce the strongest of armors. It is also sanctioned. I guess the leader hates me and wants me to die faster I guess, oh well can't do anything about that. So let's see, how much all these items add up to with the double tax?" replied Naruto with a grin.

"Ah I see, well then I guess you are in good hands. The amount is at it is written. Although I did agree with your deal, I cannot follow up with the tax part. I am an honest salesman and have been for over 20 years. I am not going to break that now. Besides, you remind me of my former ANBU division leader and if he believed that you were worth to be called a hero, I guess I cannot ignore it so bluntly. It still doesn't mean I like you tough," responded Yori, much to the surprise of Naruto.

"I don't like being pitied old man. Just add the damn tax and spare me of your sympathy," replied Naruto.

"I am not being compassionate it is the way I work. I have never taken bonus and still won't take it today. If you want we can make another deal to cover for that part. How about you make sure, you don't get yourself killed? I wouldn't want the sacrifice of Yondaime-sama to go in vain. Besides, you are probably what we need against these current menaces. This forsaken war has already taken too many of our young ones… Times like this I wish I could go instead of young ones like you, but my damned body is too old for such task. So instead I try to contribute my part by building you guys the best armors and weapons I can. God I knew that snake was trouble… he had an aura that made you feel he was going to create chaos upon us. I have seen too many deaths and I wish to see no more…" mumbled the old Yori.

"Don't worry old man. You just keep building good equipments for our troops. Leave that snake to me. I have a few old scores to settle too… Trust me, when I get my hands on him, he is going to wish he was never born in this world for messing with my precious people," replied Naruto with an icy cold glare, as he quietly took his leave.

"That boy… he talks… just like him. Yondaime-sama could it be you were right after all?" wondered Yori.

Upon returning home, Naruto set on his next task. Now that Kyuubi was awake, it was a good time for his morning drills, thus after eating breakfast, both left for the waterfalls at Naruto's favorite training location. After 3 hours of drills during which he also cleaned up the place, they moved to his second personal task of the day. This happens to be finding a large enough training ground to fit 50 ANBU and which suited his needs. Basically a place that offered the terrains he had in the waterfalls. After an hour of survey he decided this to be area 51, a secluded training ground which was between the lower banks of the falls and the edge of the forest of death. The place still needed a bit of remodeling which was completed within an hour with the help Kaido (Earth Lump), the one tailed earth fox, whom with his abilities added few mud ponds, water ways and even a rocky field. Naruto was going to use these as obstacles during training time. There were a few more things to add such as target boards and traps, which he left for later to complete.
Satisfied of his little land demolition, Naruto treated Kyuubi and himself lunch at their favorite restaurant the Ichiraku Ramen. Half an hour later, during which he was caught talking about his explorations with Ayame and riding the new edition of his favorite novel: Tenseika no Densetsu (Tales of the Heavenly Sacred Fire), he was on his way to his appointment with the Hokage, which was scheduled at 2:00 PM. He was still nervous of meeting his new mates but that took a back seat when he spotted Anko heading his way. The reaction was spontaneous that is he turned around and ran like a speeding bullet. Unfortunately Anko had spotted him also and took chase.

She was looking for him all day. When she had woken up from the spell, she was still drowsy but realized that he had carried her home, as he and Sakura stayed by her side till the spell effects were over, as he didn't know if she had other side-effects to it. At the time she was unable to thank him for the service but she also realized that given she was an avid sleep talker about her sexual life there was a great chance she scarred both her hosts with them. She vaguely recalls seeing their faces all white. His run confirmed her fears and now she was chasing him to apologies for the incident, thus the so call chase began.

As Naruto was running around town and displaying the villagers his great running skills, Sakura who was on break from her hospital duties and had her head stuck in a lovely romance novel was on his path. Both being distracted neither saw the other till they collided into each other.

"Oww… You bastard can't you watch where you are going? Oh it's you Naruto. I should have expected it to be you. Only someone with your attitude would bump into a woman like that. Hey, what the hell are you doing? Put me down," yelled Sakura, as she found herself being picked up like a damsel by Naruto, as he restarted his run.

"Saving you what else," replied the teen, as he ran.

"Saving me from what?" asked a confused Sakura.

"Look behind you will understand," was his reply, which Sakura did.

"Oh my god, it's HER! Run faster Naruto she is catching up! Can't you run any faster?" yelled Sakura, at the sight of Mitarashi Anko.

"Look who is talking… I would if you would accept to be dumped right now," replied Naruto.

"Nah, this is much more comfortable. Besides she is surely faster then me. So it's much that you do all the running, while I do all the warning," replied Sakura with a smile, much to the despair of her partner.

This chase lasted approximately an hour, during which the couple pranced around the village like newly weds and thus became the new item of the gossipers, who now considered them romantically link, much to the chagrin of Ino and her newly created Uzumaki Naruto fan girls club. After a while they finally lost sight of Anko, but the couple still kept running as a precaution till they were stopped by an angry blonde girl.

"Halt you two! Naruto, how could you do this to me? I thought you said you didn't like her. I had such great hopes for you. As for you missy, how dare you steal another of Konoha's finest studs? You damn Forehead Girl!" yelled Ino, who stopped the couple dead on track.

"What the hell are you talking about Ino-pig? " yelled the confused Sakura.

"I am talking about you too going out with each other what else. You had Sasuke already and now you're even taking Naruto. This is not fair! We girls have dreams too you know?" exclaimed Ino.

"Erm… there has been a misunderstanding here. We aren't dating, we are running away from some one. Naruto tell her!" replied Sakura, to which Naruto nodded in agreement.

"Ah that is fine then, but still you should be waltzing around the village like that, it breaks us girls' hearts and ruins your value. I even created a fan club in your honor to boost the sales in our flower shop products merchandising you. So don't let my investments down the drain," said Ino.

"Merchandising me?" asked a confused Naruto.

"Yeah, we are selling our new Naruto seduction product line. Like your favorite flower, favorite perfume, favorite flavored lipstick. See it's all going to be published in our magazine this month: Konoha's Gossip. Here is an excerpt, as you can see all the information is taken from a very competent informant. However, we can't merchandize you if you're hanging with Miss Forehead here. It diminishes your celebrity status," explained Ino, while she handed Naruto an excerpt of the upcoming magazine.

"What's so wrong if he walks with me? Besides you should be ashamed of selling a friend to make money. Did you even ask his permission first?" questioned Sakura.

"Who said I am selling him? Since you said the other day you weren't interested in him, I have made him my new love interest and given that I am Konoha's best seductress, I can do this. I am just using his current free status to get some added sales," said Ino with a confident smile.

"Why you vixen. Do you seriously think I am going to let you have him? Naruto did you hear what she just said? Hey say something!" yelled Sakura, as she noticed that he had his head stuck in the excerpt.

"Wow it says my favorite flower is tulip… I didn't know I liked tulips I thought it was white lily. I also didn't know my favorite perfume was daffodil, I thought I liked lilies for their smell, so shouldn't it be lily too? Hmm, how does she know the lipstick flavor I liked was strawberry? I never kissed a girl yet, unless giving CPR to the princess of Snow country, Koyuki-san, counted as one. But wait, I used my kage bunshin (shadow clone) to do that so it shouldn't count and she tasted like iris, but I guess I would prefer cherry. It's my favorite fruit," openly thought Naruto while the two girls listen to him.

"Damn, I wear strawberry lipsticks… wouldn't it be funny if I actually wore his favorite type. Wait what the hell am I saying?" realized Sakura, who was about to pull her hair out for thinking like Ino.

"Damn, I am wearing daffodil perfume. No wonder he hasn't noticed me. Oh well I better note these new information," thought Ino, who began writing the details on her trusty notepad .

"This whole excerpt about me is false. If I didn't know any better, I would say these were Eros-sennin's preferences. After all, he did say he was still in love with the old woman after all these years and that's what she most likely wears. Still the nerves of that pervert trying to sell my preferences to a gossiper like Ino. Even if these are fake I still don't want crazy girls running after me, guess it's time to teach him a lesson. Luckily he didn't say where I live, so it shouldn't affect me much," grinned Naruto, who still forgot that Ino and Sakura was near him.

"Erm, Naruto you do realize that she is taking everything your saying in note right? You've just self-promoted yourself," reminded him Sakura, which caused Naruto's face to go blank.

"Shh! Sakura don't tell him that. Naruto keep on talking, we are nothing but a figment of your imagination. So you live where again?" hissed Ino, who was still taking notes.

"Oh shit, they were still here, nuh! Think Naruto, think. Must find a way to counter this disaster. Damn where is that fox when I need him," thought Naruto, as he scrambled ideas to solve this self-created crisis.

"So Naruto, how about a deal. You tell me some more gossips about yourself, so I can use them to generate some profit and in return I'll become your girlfriend. Think of all the advantages you can have with me. Like making Sakura super jealous, for ignoring you all these years for Sasuke. Having a protection against bad gossips. Being the envy of all boys. Not to mention having a sweet loving wife who can cook you some of the best desserts in the village," offered Ino.

"Like he would want you, Ino-pig. Naruto it is okay you don't have to panic. I'll protect you from Ino and her crazy fan girls," said Sakura to comfort him.

"Erm thanks but no thanks both of you. By the way Ino, I am sorry to say this but I can't be a merchandise for you. You see I already have a girlfriend and I am very committed to her," lied Naruto, as he figured the only solution he had was to take him self off the bachelor market.

"What that is a lie, you just said before you never kissed a girl in the lips before," said Ino.

"Yeah this most likely is a lie. If not describe her for us and tell us why she isn't here with you?" joined in Sakura.

"Erm, well she has long dark hair, blue eyes, pale skin, about my size and lives in Kirigakure and the reason she isn't here is because she is a kunochi over there," said Naruto out of his head.

"That's not sufficient information Mister. Tell us her name and sizes," demanded Ino.

"Damn it, now I got to think of a name for her. I know!" thought Naruto.

"Her name is Kasumi (remember Kasumi Mist, so he just called her that since he said she was from Mist) and her sizes well that is disclosed information," said Naruto.

"A boyfriend who doesn't know the size of his woman, is impossible in this day and age mister. It's the first thing that comes into their mind. Remember what Anko-san said yesterday about how men ran after her for her sizes," reminded him nonchalantly Sakura.

"Speaking of which what did I say yesterday that would make you guys run away from me at first sight?" asked Anko who from appeared behind them and rested her arms on Naruto and Sakura.

But before she could turn her head towards Naruto, he had already disappeared leaving only a faint yellow aura around his last position. This left only Sakura who now had some explaining to do.

"Erm, Anko-san… ah you said nothing really. We are just trying to play hide and seek with you," said Sakura trying to cover up her lie with a fake laugh.

"Hey Sakura! Have you seen Naruto? Hokage-sama is getting impatient, she said something about he had an appointment with her 30 minutes ago," said Kakashi who appeared near them.

"… Oh no! You're here too? Ah the horrible images in my head. Get away you bunch of nasty perverted sodomizing teachers! Naruto you bastard how could you leave me like this," screamed Sakura who ran straight for the Hospital to lock herself in the staff room, while leaving a confused Kakashi and Ino.

"Don't ask it's a long story… I guess I really did put bad thoughts in their mind. During my sleep-talk," said Anko.

It didn't take long for Kakashi to understand what Sakura meant after hearing an Anko turned red in embarrassment. He just shook his head and wondered how he was going to make up for this incident. Meanwhile Ino was still confused what the story was between Naruto, Sakura, Anko and Kakashi, but they were sure giving her plenty of materials for her magazine. Satisfied of all the info she collected from this meeting, she silently exited the scene and head back to her job at the flower shop. She wondered if Naruto indeed have a girlfriend. She couldn't blame him if he did, he was good looking after all, but she was going to stick on his back till she had definitive proof that he wasn't lying to her. Besides, if this 'Kasumi' did exist, she was still in another village, so technically she could still use Naruto to sell new merchandizes to his growing fan girls. He was simply too lucrative to not bank on.

As for Naruto, he was finally on his way to meet Tsunade. He was somewhat thankful Anko presented herself, it allowed him a quick exit with shunshin (body flicker) from some more lies that may comeback and hunt him later on, as he just realized the description he gave of this 'girlfriend' of his just happened to be of the same one in his dreams. He felt sorry that he left Sakura behind but she was a casualty of the war. Besides its not like Anko is going to kill her or anything, but he probably will have to face one of her tantrums in the near future. For the moment he had another woman to worry about, so quickly headed for the administrative office. Kyuubi was waiting for him at the door. Apparently the fox didn't feel like playing the chase gave around the village, so he stationed himself the place he knew Naruto would present himself once he finished running around.

Both entered the office without making any sound to not attract any more attention, but their plan was ruined when they met a panicking Shizune, who grabbed Naruto and rushed towards the office of her boss. Kyuubi followed pursuit and nearly missed entering the room as the door quickly closed behind them.

"There you are! Where have you been? I knew having Kakashi as sensei would give you bad habits. Why does all the top shinobis of this nation have to be either lazy or unpunctual. I hope this is only a one time phenomena and why is your dog in here?" yelled the fired up Hokage at Naruto, as soon as he crossed the door.

"Who's she calling a dog? Me? Why you overgrown busty hag, I'll teach you who's the dog!" hissed the fox, as he was about to pounce on her only to be stopped by Naruto.

"Calm down boy, she didn't mean it. Erm, you shouldn't insult Youkou like that. He doesn't like to be called that it's an insult to their pride. I am sorry for being late, I was going to be here way earlier but along the way I ran into a trouble named Mitarashi Anko. So I had to zigzag my way here to avoid her," replied Naruto.

Tsunade didn't know fox had a pride but she still didn't care much of it, she had bigger fishes to fry. She asked the teen what was the reason for his problem with Anko, but Naruto was in no mood to talk about it. So he dismissed it quickly by telling her that it was about her personal relationships she blurted out yesterday while sleep-talking and that it wasn't a big deal as long as both he and Sakura didn't see her for a week. Tsunade understood quickly that it probably had something to do with Anko's rough style of loving and felt sorry that her kids had to hear about it. Hopefully, they will forget it soon enough and maybe this will get them close enough to actually become a couple. After all she felt that would be the best solution for both, in order to put the Sasuke ordeal behind them and it was her favorite pairing for her 'son' note Tsunade considers Naruto like a son, but Jiraiya's report indicated that it may take a miracle for him to forget about attempting to rescue that Uchiha.

The Hokage got lost in her thoughts till Naruto brought her back to earth, as he noticed three ANBU figures sitting on the sofa. So she presented them to him.

"This is Yamazaki Aya, Matsura Takeshi and Akemichi Shuko. All three are members of ANBU team 11, part of the Alpha division. As you know you will be in command of Team 11 to 20, all of which are under the same division. They will be helping you getting used to your division. They will also escort you in that mission in Wave you are thinking about. Jiraiya told me it was a pretty good lead to trace and finally infiltrate Orochimaru's defenses. So it will be your first mission once the division is ready for action in two weeks," informed Tsunade, as they removed their mask to introduce themselves.

"Guess that old pervert really can't keep any secret from Tsunade, once she starts swinging her boobs, can he?" reflected Kyuubi.

"Erm, are you certain these people are safe enough to release such information on air like that old woman? Especially these two, they sure don't look comfortable having me around. By the way you wouldn't have seen my dear sensei during the day have you? I got two presents I wanted to offer him," asked Naruto, while pointing towards Aya and Takeshi.

"We are perfectly legit for the job and unlike you we aren't inexperienced on the field. It's a shame she is placing a novice like you as the leader of one of the most honored ANBU divisions," replied Aya venomously.

"Have we met somewhere? I don't know why but your voice sounds familiar for some reason. Also, if I am so inexperienced then how come I am the one who got the lead while you guys are still clueless about it? Oups, did I just shut you up? Next time, don't open it unless you have something constructive to add; backlashes are painful. By the way shouldn't you be at least four members? Who am I missing? I thought ANBU teams always consisted of five members," replied Naruto with a grin.

"Calm down you two. I am surprised you recalled of her Naruto. She was the ANBU you met two years ago, when I had sent her to watch over Sakura. As for your last question, this is the team that contained the former division leader and well you know the rest," answered the Hokage.

"Ah, no wonder I remember you! You're that annoying ANBU girl that delayed my training progress by a week, because I had to keep a constant eye on you to avoid mishaps. Did you improve your stealth ability like I told you too? Man, you really like complicating my life don't you old woman. First you give me a division that is low in moral due to the loss of their former leader and now this annoying lady is in it too," exclaimed Naruto.

"Glad to see we share the same opinion. I also asked Tsunade-sama the same thing. Why is a monster like you in charge of our division," backed a pissed Takeshi.

"Ah you too? Good. See old lady? They also think I am unfit for this position. So how about you just give me what I want, a sweet little novice team and let someone else take charge of these expert shinobis," contested Naruto, as he once more tried to oppose Tsunade's decision about his position.

His comment took all three members off guard, especially Takeshi and Aya who were expecting him to defend his nomination.

"Naruto resistance is futile. I won't go back on my words. I have already told you yesterday, why you are given this title so stop trying to escape it. I also recall solving this problem this problem with the rest of you. Don't make me repeat myself you won't like it, when I do. Now on to business, since there is two members missing, usually it is the job of the division leader to replace them with recruits from the reserve by nice you're new at it and already in a unfamiliar territory I am transferring Neji and Shino into the division they will be..." ordered a serious Tsunade.

"Erm, since it is my choice, I will take Lee from the reserve instead of Shino. You can keep the creepy bug man," interrupted Naruto.

"What? What kind of a leader would select a reserve over a veteran member. I suggest you reconsider from this novice decision, Captain Tsuba would never make such mistakes," voiced Aya.

"Damn sis, do you always have to contest everything I say. The guy is annoying and stoic. He can't even take a joke. Trust me, we'll be better without him. As for your last comment, note that I am not your former leader. He is dead let him rest in peace. I run things differently. Got that sis?" replied Naruto in a nonchalant voice.

"Why you… Who gave you the permission to call you me your sister and how dare you insult Captain Tsuba!" yelled an angry Aya who had to be held by Shuko to prevent her from jumping on Naruto.

"Calm down you too. I don't have all day to waste on you, so go have your quarrels elsewhere. Naruto your request is granted," yelled Tsunade.

"Forgive us Hokage-sama… Aya-san gets a bit too emotional when the subject comes to Captain Tsuba," apologized quietly Shuko.

"Whatever, that is enough for Team 11, please leave us and wait for your leader in the meeting room. Naruto sit down, we got some important matters to discuss. Shizune please let in our next guest," ordered Tsunade.

As Team 11 departed, the Hokage handed Naruto the files of the members under his charge. It was a big pack, enough to give Naruto a headache as he had to review them by tomorrow to know his troops better. A minute later another man entered the room and bowed to the Hokage. He was in his full ANBU attire and was ordered to sit next to him.

"Meet Kojiro (Yamato of Part 2). He is the leader of ANBU Beta division and in charge of internal affairs. He will familiarize with the ANBU administrative section. Oh before I forget here is your mask. It's the fox just the way you like it," announced Tsunade, as she handed the fox mask to Naruto.

"It is an honor to finally meet you Uzumaki Naruto. Or should I say Naruto-kun. I have heard great things about you," said Kojiro as he removed his mask.

"The honor is on me Kojiro-san. Please don't believe on all the compliments she gives me, she tends to exaggerate my abilities a bit too much. Give me a second, I will quickly change into the uniform as well. Then we can get this tour going," said Naruto who changed in a blink of an eye.

"How nice, you're both friends already… Now get out of my office! Wait Naruto, you want to revert back to your usual uniform or else some may recognize you in your ANBU attire given that you entered without it," reminded Tsunade.

"Thanks mom, I forgot I was still a kid that needed to be told what to do," replied Naruto sarcastically, as he summoned a kage bunshin (shadow clone).

He then had it transformed to his normal outfit via henge (transformation) and then sent Kyuubi along to exit the establishment giving everyone the impression that he had exited the building, while he and Kojiro then headed to their office a short while later, dressed in their ANBU uniforms.

"I guess Jiraiya was right when he said he had gotten a lot smarter, but he is a pawn in my hand though. I can't wait to see his facial expression when he realizes how many responsibilities I have put on his shoulders," smirks a mischievous Tsunade, who went back to her usual job that is signing more papers.

Unfortunately for her, it didn't take long for Naruto to reappear in front of her fuming like a volcano. Apparently, Kojiro spoiled the fun by revealing to him that the files that he had on his hands were of all ANBU members and not only those of the Alpha division. This meant that he is the overall leader of all ANBU, a little fact Tsunade didn't mention to him. Thanks to his assistance Kojiro got to experience of why Naruto is nicknamed Konoha no Kokuei Senkou, as he found himself grabbed by the boy and within a second in front of Tsunade.

"You really like to go overboard in favors don't you old woman? In charge of a whole ANBU division is one thing, but the whole ANBU? What the hell were you thinking to make such a dumb decision.? You want a 15 year old who wasn't even in the group to start leading 250 members, most of whom probably have three times the field experience he has and not to mention almost all older then him," barked the angry Naruto.

"Calm down, you're getting worried for nothing. This is just a part time job. In fact it's a new one. I just want to act like a messenger between me and the rest of the ANBU staff, so that I don't have to see each of them on at a time. You're not responsible for the members under the other divisions apart your own," calmly explained Tsunade.

"Oh really? If that is so then how come you're passing me all their files along?" asked the furious and inquisitive Naruto.

"Well as I recalled one of the responsibilities you have was to up the security and sniffing out traitors is part of that," responded Tsunade with a smile, as she felt she was getting her back slammed to the wall.

"I thought sniffing out traitors was Kojiro-san's job. He is the head of internal securities isn't he? Not to mention your response would have been much better if you hadn't added this paper? Do you wish me to read all the responsibilities you put me in command of Madame the Hokage? Looks like the cat has finally caught your tongue. Who did you think I was, Jiraiya? I don't do jobs for future dates like him," asked Naruto who was laying the hits on her.

"Well I was hoping you would at least as compliant as him, but again your just in charge of reporting most of them. It's not like you can't do them or anything," said quietly Tsunade.

"Oh of course I can. I mean building a defense network for Konoha, forming strategies for war, improving the security, collecting information from foreign sources and forming a new training guide for the ANBU are all easy jobs to do at the same time. What the hell do I look like a freaking machine? You know very well that there are far more capable people for this job of yours, like Kojiro here. He has the experience and maturity for the job. Actually, wait there isn't any, no body would be capable of doing all these tasks simultaneously, unless they become a desk junky like you," shot back Naruto in a sarcastic tone.

"Actually Naruto-kun, you can. Hokage-sama had asked me for this job before you and she even asked a few others including Kakashi-sempai and Jiraiya-sama, but we all rejected the offer. Me personally it was because I am already seeing my field hours decreased with this internal investigation…" tried to explain Kojiro.

"So you decided to shove it in my face is it? You all bailed out and made me the escape goat, just typical of you," interrupted Naruto.

"Erm don't take it the wrong way, but in reality you are a machine compared to all of us. You have an amazing stamina that none of us can compare too…" said Kojiro hesitantly.

"What he means is that unlike us, you have the chakra to multi-task without depleting yourself and thus still remain on the field while performing them on your off-hours. You can hold your kage bunshin longer then any of us and you already know how to coordinate them to your advantages," added Tsunade, which made Naruto laugh.

"You guys are really too much. The way you talk it is as if, I can leave a clone behind while going on a mission. A feat that is impossible or conceivable for even someone like me. I don't know what that pervert told you, but you are really expecting way too much out of me," laughed Naruto.

"That's not what I am asking you to do. Naruto, your job is simply to monitor these responsibilities and report their progress to me. Sure you will have some part to play in each of them but you'll have all the necessary staff under you to do the labor. You're kind of like the project manager. Another reason we put you in this position is because you're the most mobile shinobi in Konoha. You can complete your mission the quickest as you know how to use the hiraishin (thunder god), unlike the rest of us you virtually have no transition time. Okay maybe on your way there but certainly not during the return trip. Trust me, I wouldn't tax you if I didn't know you couldn't do it. It's like this I am Tokugawa Ieyasu and you're my Hattori Hanzo," clarified the Hokage with a joke in the end.

"Hmm, so I get to name a council of my own then. One that will support me in completing these tasks?" asked Naruto.

"Erm, council wouldn't be the best word for it, you wouldn't want one with the one I have to live with already. More like you get to choose people who will work under you for these specific demands," said Tsunade recalling how she wants to kill Danzou and have the two elders as her feet massager for a year.

"Sorry, but I have no intention of having your useless oldies in it. In fact it will be one whose existence will only be known by those who are in it. Their job will be to act as the project managers while I take over the director's position as your informant. That way I won't have run around thirty different places and it keeps my identity even more secret, as no one, apart these members will know who really is in change. Think of it as an additional level of for your corporate hierarchy system. Deal?" asked the teen.

"Well I guess, if you can convince these selected members to join you," mumbled Tsunade.

"So as Hattori Hanzo, I command that the following member should be added for this council. Kojiro-san here will be second in command of all ANBU. Basically, the two of us will share the job as leadership of ANBU. He will take care of the internal affairs, I will take care of the external affairs. Don't worry Kojiro-san I'll do most of the paper works, you'll be just replacing me when I am in mission. Then there is that bastard of a teacher of mine Jiraiya who will be in charge of external information network. Basically, all info that isn't collected by the ANBU itself. We will also create a defense force, which will be part of ANBU but only act as our defensive coordinators and set up defenses. This task will be lead by Hatake Kakashi. That's right boys, if I am going to throw myself at the lava pit I am taking you with me," said Naruto with an evil grin.

"I guess that is an acceptable solution, but are you use you can get both Jiraiya-sama and Kakashi-sempai to agree for these jobs? But wait, wouldn't that leave a spot open? Unless you wish to take over the strategist section as well," asked Kojiro.

"Actually the strategist section will be under Kakashi-san. I know a 'deer' just perfect for the job. The one that we will be lacking is an emergency relief system that will store emergency supplies as well as take care of casualties. A job that should be headed by a medic and since the Hokage is one and she already takes care of such things not to mention it isn't as suspicious for our foes to feel troubled as it is a common thing to do, she should take care of it herself. As for how to get them to join us, don't worry they owe me plenty of favors already and I am very persuasive," said Naruto with a glitter in his eyes.

"Hmm, okay your plan is convincing enough so I will accept it. I will approve it as soon as all the members have agreed to it. I am very impressed with you Naruto. You may not be my son, but you sure do share some of my qualities. I am guessing your going to use the guilt sentiment to force them to accept like I did it to you. You sure learn fast. Heh that Danzou won't know what is really coming for him. I will show him who's the real boss here," said the mischievous Hokage with evil intentions that even scared Naruto off.

With their ideas approved, both men quickly exited the office. Their Hokage's intentions about Danzou and Orochimaru were simply too creepy for both of them. In fact, to Naruto it paled compared to what Anko may come up in her pleasure games. Danzou would most likely get a worst fate then being sodomized by leather strapped Tsunade. Kojiro agreed with him, he even added that now he understood why Kakashi told him that both of them worked well together and gave the impression of a mother and her son. He knew how to turn her ideas even more creepier then she could think. Naruto of course corrected him saying that she was creepier even before she met him.

Then he proceeded to give him his first even command of his new position. That is that all ANBU will now refer themselves by codenames selected by their division leaders whenever they are in uniforms. Thus from now on Naruto would be known as 'Shadow Fox', while Kojiro will be 'Ancient Wood'. Then after their tour, Naruto bid Kojiro good bye and proceeded to the meeting room for ANBU division Alpha, where Aya, Takeshi and Shuko were waiting for him.

The three members hadn't talked much since their encounter with their new leader, each were pretty much stuck in their own worlds. Aya in her reflection about Captain Tsuba, the family she lost and the monster she must endure. Takeshi, 18, also reflected about his lost family. He had also lost them at the hands of the Kyuubi. He had an elder brother who had survived the massacre but died in the Sand-Sound invasion nearly three years ago. So he had a very vengeful personality. Shuko on the other hand was the peace-lover of the team. He was also the oldest, at the age of 26. He was much more worried about food then anything, he didn't know how to reflect on their new leader. He knew his connection to Kyuubi, but he was one of those who were followers of not dueling on the past. Besides, it wasn't like it was exactly Naruto who killed all those people, he was a baby back then.

When Naruto first entered the room, all three members took him as an intruder that is till he had removed his mask. He then sat down and flipped through their files, as the group remained silent waiting for his word. After thirty minutes of overview of the whole division, Naruto finally began to talk.

"Alright, I will get direct to the point. You guys don't like me and I don't like you either but since we will be spending time together for quite some time, I expect full cooperation when it matters. First thing first, like I said earlier I proceed differently from the late-captain Tsuba. I have my own personality and you guys will just have to bear with it. Will I be hard? Maybe. Friendly and funny? Perhaps, but that is all in due time. The one thing that will always remain is the strict rules I will impose, that you will engrave in your souls and that you will follow without hesitation," explained Naruto, as he showed them a piece of paper he had just written.

The paper contained the following sets of laws:
- All members will refer themselves by their codename given by the division leader during the time their in uniform.
- No member can reveal their identity to anyone other then their group and their division leader, not even their own families.
- All members are to fight for the glory of their village and not for their own glory.
- All teams are expected to work as a team and not as individuals.
- Egoism, cockiness and intolerance will not be tolerated.
- All members are treated equal, favoritism isn't allowed.
- Any types of betrayals, be it within the team or village will not be tolerated.
- All members must work out during their off-times, no matter how big their lives outside of the corp. happens to be.
- Failure to obey these rules, could lead to suspension from the group and in most cases: death.

"Now that you have read these you are bound to live by them affected immediately. As for your codenames. Sis from now on you will be 'Miss Bunny'. Takeshi, you are 'Black Hawk'. Shuko you are going to be 'Big Bear'. As for me, I am Shadow Fox," revealed Naruto.

"Pardon Uzumaki-sama but, may-we enquire the reason for these new codenames?" asked nicely Shuko.

"Also according to your laws there is no favoritism here. Isn't calling me 'sister' considered such an act? Not to mention that I already forbade you from calling me that," asked an angry Aya.

"The first reason for these codenames is precisely to not be called 'Uzumaki-sama'. You are much to older then me to call me that. The main reason is to improve our security and to keep identities from being accidentally revealed. As you may have heard it or not, but one of the reasons we lost a few members was due to such incidents. It also prevents us possible enemy infiltration and smoothens our line of communication. As for your case sis. Normally, it would be considered favoritism, but since I am using it to tease you, it's not," replied Naruto with a smile.

"Most of these laws are already in our honor codes, so why bother to repeat them. Isn't that a waste of time? Also, what are you going to train us these two weeks? Last I checked all of us were already qualified for our jobs," asked Takeshi, as he looked at the piece of paper once more.

"Well they are, but some tend to forget. I am here to enforce them. Most of these laws are also there to remind each that there are consequences for each action. Mainly, if you betray the village or your comrades, you will be wishing you were never born here. I will personally guarantee that one. As for the training you will see it when the time is right. I'll just say it is based on how to fight against new threats. So although you may have been qualified for the title you are certainly not ready for these new ones, or else we would have such a high rate of losses. So expect me to be a major pain in the ass for the next two weeks. Note I value effort more then the result, so if you show me you have given your all, I won't complain," replied the teen.

"Your laws have one flaw however. Most of these can be broken and you wouldn't know about it. There is an element of brotherhood in the squad. We don't tell on each other, so your attempt is futile," mocked Takeshi.

"Who said anything about telling on each other or disrupting the brotherhood? There is a difference between loyalty and idiocy. These rules are here to prevent the latter one. As for spotting it, if such rules are broken it will show up in the actions sooner or later. You can say that if such rules were enforced in the first place then you guys wouldn't have lost your captain and your fifth member. They would have been still alive," commented Naruto.

"Are you saying we made some mistake that cost us the mission? That our captain wasn't good enough to prevent it? You don't know what happened so don't you dare to show your filthy fingers at them. We were betrayed and ambushed, the captain gave his life to save us!" shouted Aya who flipped upon hearing Naruto's comment, while Shuko held her back.

"You're on the defensive again. I never said you guys made any mistakes. I said if these rules were in place then it would have been prevented. Sure the villagers gave you up to protect them selves, but that is expected. They are trying to save their people against Orochimaru's aggression that is why they agreed to help us in the first place. That is their first priority: the safety of their villagers," replied Naruto.

"They didn't have to tell about us. If they feared suspicion they could have told us before and we wouldn't have gone there. They purposely set us up," added Takeshi.

"They didn't set you up. You guys were already on your way, when Orochimaru got suspicious of the clan and abducted your informant's two children as hostages. Then used their freedom to cough up about you guys. There was simply no way to prevent it. The man was intelligent and brave though, he knew someone like Orochimaru wouldn't let thing go unpunished. So he took the whole blame on himself to protect the rest of the clan from being slaughtered like him. But that wasn't the reason why you guys failed, was it? It had to do with your fifth member's cockiness. You guys should have withdrawn after the initial ambush, during which he took out one of the 'cursed warriors' with the team's aid. But then he felt he could take on a second one too, but that one's specialty was totally different from the last and got into trouble. Thus you guys attempted to rescue him, but it was too late and he got killed. Then you guys found yourselves surrounded when another of these monsters joined in. So in order to save the rest of you, Captain Tsuba tried to take on both of them, allowing you to escape. He was a jounin and indeed a brave man, but even he can't seriously stop two of these going kamikaze on him just to kill him at all cost. Especially, when it involves self-imploding themselves after having cornered him," said Naruto quietly, as tears ran down Aya's eyes as she relieved the mission.

"How do you know all this. We were the last team to be in the Rice country after that incident. So how did you know of the details about why we got backstabbed?" asked Takeshi.

"Ancient Wood of the Beta division told me about what happened and it was pretty easy to figure out after reviewing your records. As for the informants case, let's just say I have better sources then you guys and no you weren't the last to infiltrate Rice from Konoha. You guys should forget about the event that guilt won't help you progress. Besides it wasn't your fault, like I said you weren't ready to face such eventualities. These henchmen of Orochimaru fight dirty, they are inhumane and suicidal. All they know is to kill, even if it means blowing themselves up. It's a new kind of war now, a war that has lost all its humanity," replied Naruto.

"You said that our informant gave us up for his children. What happened to them? I hope they are safe, they were quiet nice to us," asked Shuko.

"They were most likely executed along their fathers. Orochimaru isn't the type to be merciful and the village probably didn't intervene to avoid the same fate," suggested Takeshi.

"That would have been a much better fate. The daughter was raped beyond recognition. She suffered such a traumatic experience that she took her own life. The wife also suffered the same fate. The boy died while being a live dissection experiment for Orochimaru. Before the man was decapitated, they made him watch some of these horrors. Then they took his head and the remains of his two children and wife and put them in display on the village square as a constant reminder of the punishment that awaited for them if they attempted to betray the snake," responded Naruto, which made all three members nauseated.

"Monsters… they are nothing but a bunch of monsters. What has our world become? These were children for god sake," cried Shuko.

"There is no age in war, my friend. Anyway, sorry to upset your stomachs. I just told you this so you guys finally move on from this incident. The game of guilt, hate and blame won't bring back your friends and that family. Take their sacrifices as a motivation to improve yourselves. We'll be better prepared next time. By this time in two weeks you guys will know enough on how to avoid such situations. I guess that is it for today. Training starts tomorrow at 7:00 AM, in field 51. I'll sent messages to everyone with details, later on. You may all leave now," ordered Naruto.

Each member took their leave one by one. Aya was the last, but before she went Naruto stopped her.

"By the way sis, what was your relationship with Captain Tsuba?" he asked.

"What do you mean? And stop calling me your sister!" yelled Aya.

"I mean were you lovers of some sort. You seem pretty fond of him," he elaborated.

"That is none of your business. My personal life is mine alone to share and you're certainly not someone I will ever share it with," replied Aya.

"Sorry to anger you again. Just needed to know, but its okay if don't want to say anything. I guess he was a very precious person for you, so I will tell you a thing I didn't tell the others. I apologize for not being there. Two days after he died, I had infiltrated Rice country on my own in a hunch to fulfill a promise I made to a certain teammate. But the hunch turned out to be a dud. It's from there that I learned the fate of the villager and about your mission. I found their remains and buried them at the border of Fire and Rice, in the Valley of the End. If you want I can give you the exact location. Again sorry if I offended you in some way and sorry for not being there," said Naruto, as he showed her the exit.

"Thanks…" said Aya as she left quietly.

His words had struck her profoundly. He was really a confusing character to her. One second, he looked like he was intentionally ticking her off while on the other he was being nice to her. It was as if he had a dual personality or something. She really didn't know how to respond to him. He was giving her a headache just with his personality and she had yet to endure his physical pain he was probably going to unleash on them tomorrow. She knows he is going to be a major pain in it. She had seen him train two years ago and those were some pretty harsh labors he was imposing on himself, back then. God knows what he had in mind this time.

That afternoon each member received a black envelope giving details about the training. It still didn't say exactly what the exercises would be, but it was expected to be pretty physical. They also received a copy of the new enforced laws and along with it a codename for themselves.

Naruto's night was far from over though. He spent the whole night reviewing the profiles to find ideas on how to improve the squad over all. In the end he came to a few conclusions. One, the best division was Beta, Alpha and Gamma was average, while Delta and Epsilon were reserves units with no experience or any proper training. In other words, only three of the five divisions were actually active. He also attributed the loss of lives to lack of versatility in each fighters as well as overall lack of physical improvements. Some of them hardly trained or improved ever since they were active members. Most were dependent to their bloodlines, family jutsus or their own set of jutsus. Basically they were all pretty much one dimensional, also known as 'one trick pony'. If you are immune to their style, they were pretty much screwed. Sure being in ANBU most were also weapon masters, but just kenjutsu won't help you against one of Orochimaru's monstrosities. His solution was simple, he was going to make them more versatile and for that he needed to become 'Major Pain'. This is because most of them were stubborn about trying anything outside their field and it wasn't really their fault. They were taught from a young age that their family jutsus is what made them best. A philosophy that he needed to break because this was partially true. Sure your bloodline may bring out the best of you, but you also needed to learn to cope without it and most cases they didn't.

The first training day was pretty much a revelation for the 49 members present at the training. Only Neji was missing as he still had not returned from his mission. Everyone was surprised to find area 51 transformed, but it was still incomplete. Some where nervous what this new leader had in mind and Aya was amongst then, she was certain by now he was going to have them follow one of those crazy exercises he imposed on himself. Some more anxious, but none more then Lee who was ecstatic. Unlike most of his older peers he loved training, the harder the better and this was his first day as an active member. Kyuubi had opted to stay away from these trainings, as he used the free time to explore the forests surrounding Konoha. He did this because he knew he would get bored watching the training session.

Naruto started the day by answering all questions concerning the new laws explaining the reason he imposed them. This part he did it while being very friendly and gullible, so much that it gave them the impression that he was going to be a soft leader. Of course that changed by the time the first exercise was complete. He laid his foot down hard and made them regret all their years of negligence from the get go by ordering them to run around the edge of the area for 20 KM and within an hour. Now most of them weren't ready for such tasks, but he was very persuasive. Example when Shuko. The slowest member, was about to give up, Naruto gave him extra encouragements by sticking a juicy stake on his ass and had the dogs of two of the Inuzuka members of the division chase after it. The poor Akemichi learned from that day on to never say 'he couldn't do it' anymore.

The second training was actually physical labor work where Naruto used the teams to complete the terrain. It may have sounded easy at first, but after an hour of reforming the land and building wooden obstacles, those sore muscles were starting to be pretty painful. Especially after running like a mad dog the hour before.

The third exercise was of course Naruto's famous chakra and sense training while catching fishes. Now some found it a bit too excessive and protested against it. This was mainly the case of 'Coyote Ugly', an Inuzuka who didn't like wetting himself. He was known as the loudest member of the division and was also the most arrogant, coincidently he was also Inuzuka Kiba's older cousin. The other member of the clan 'Daisy Wolf" was a much quieter female, who happened to be Kiba's sister. She unlike her cousin was obedient and tried to shut him up before he ran his mouth to much and have the rest of the group suffer for it. Unfortunately, this time she failed as Coyote Ugly claimed that he could teach the group some real training instead of forced labor.

Naruto took this opportunity to show his mischievous side. Seeing how arrogant the Inuzuka was he made him an offer he could not resist. He challenged him on a spar with a certain rules: he had only five attempts and should he fail, he will be humiliated and have to live with it for the rest of day. Coyote Ugly accepted, as he never backed away from a challenge and being one of the best hunters of Konoha, he simply couldn't conceive defeat. He figured his speed and advanced sense of smell would gain him the victory, but he soon learned that against his leader they were useless. Naruto simply avoided his attacks by stepping aside and the match looked more like a matador playing Toro against a bull then an actual shinobi fight. Just like he promised after the fifth attempt Naruto gave him the ultimate humiliation that an Inuzuka can imagine: getting an invisible wedgy. Invisible because it appeared that Naruto didn't even move an inch during the action, which meant either he was so fast that none of them could see him or he just pulled a rabbit out of his hat. Either way, it definitely killed Coyote Ugly's reputation as the best tracker in the division, since how could he keep such a title if he couldn't even sense how he got the wedgy. The reality was of course that while everyone had their eyes on him, Naruto had simply used one of his katsu eizou (split-image silhouette) to go behind the Inuzuka and pull out his underwear from underneath him.

He wasn't done yet though, he then challenged the rest of the protestors to the same fate, claiming that it wouldn't be fair if only the loudest one got punished and one of his laws stated that all will be treated equally. So if Coyote Ugly, a protestor, got his chance to take a shot at him and then get a wedgy after losing then the five other protestors, which included two females would have to go through the same process. Of course, it was at that point that Aya reminded him of a potential flaw in his proclamation.

"Wait a minute! Does this mean you will be giving wedgies to females too? Isn't that considered harassment?" asked Aya.

Thus the dilemma, how does plan to keep equality for all when genders have different views on certain punishments. After a short reflection on the process, he decided that Aya was in deed right so to correct the problem she would be the one giving the wedgies to the female gender.

"What? Hell no! That still doesn't make it right and I refuse to do it!" yelled Aya.

"Well Miss Bunny you will have to do it. I know it sounds a bit harsh, but I will tell you what if any of the men dare to comment on their humiliation wrongly in any form, they will suffer a punishment even greater then that. They will be forced to shave their hairs off of their head. Besides, it's not like you all will fail to hit me right?" replied Naruto.

"Hmm sir, wouldn't that mean if the situation was reversed the woman would also have to suffer the same punishment? I think we better not go into that type of punishment. Instead how about redoing the exercises twice. That way not only they get punished but it helps them physically," suggested Shuko.

"Big Bear, you're a genius. Great plan, anyone else against it? If not let's start this we got plenty of workouts left to do after this," announced Naruto.

Everyone pretty much agreed on it, even the females. After all they wanted to be treated equal and for that such sacrifices were certainly needed. The only one who didn't was Aya, who still didn't wish to be a wedgy giver, but she also agreed under pressure. Of course when all was said and done the remaining five protestors also failed to hit Naruto and were forced to face the same faith as Coyote Ugly, who himself found under the additional punishment after commenting how one of the punished girl's pink panties suited her well. It wouldn't be the last time he was in the penalty box during the training sessions. After the punishment session each team returned to their current exercise and painfully tried to catch a fish just like their leader was showed them. Note this wasn't painful due to the procedures but rather from the toll that the previous exercises were taking on their stamina. Most of them were excellent in chakra manipulation and were darn good at sensing but stamina was another factor.

After the exercise Naruto allowed everyone an hour of break during which they could eat while he explained why they were doing such exercises and what was ahead. The first one was of course for warming up and building stamina, the second was simply the event of the day and the third was again to improve their senses and stamina. Then he proceeded in the most interesting part of the schedule that is acquisition of new jutsus training, but before that he gave them his lecture on diversification.

"I am sure many of you have been wondering how did the six members who spared with me failed to hit me. So I was wondering do any of you have a suggestion on why they failed?" asked the leader.

"That is easy, you being the leader had access to our files so you already knew what we would be doing, while we didn't have a clue on you and still don't apart the fact that you are darn fast," said Takeshi.

"Yes that is true, but that isn't the reason. Even if I read your files I still shouldn't be able to know exactly what you were going to do, especially since I didn't plan ahead on who I would be sparing against. It can't be luck either since one must assume that if I got lucky 30 times then one of them should have gotten lucky at least once. Still no clue? It's simple really all the members lacked versatility," answered Naruto.

"Wait, how did they lack versatility? Most of them used more then one jutsu against you," questioned Shuko.

"Versatility doesn't mean number of jutsus. Sure each of you have mastered around 20 jutsus, but the problem is most of them are of the same line, be it bloodline, family, elemental affinity or weapon related. This doesn't really make you much versatile since almost all your jutsus look alike or have the same set of weaknesses, thus they are pretty easy to predict. All I had to remember is what your weaknesses were and then it was easy to beat you. Basically, your current weakness is your overdependence on your specialties. This has been one of the main reasons for loss of life against these new enemies," explained Naruto.

"How so? I don't want to brag or anything but I have yet to have any trouble facing these cursed warriors. Sure they were overpowered but they aren't that hard to kill," said Coyote Ugly.

"Well in most cases what you say holds true. However, each of them are different and some of them even gain new abilities after transforming. Not to mention is that your advantages are also your disadvantages if your facing someone who's abilities nullifies yours. In which case your bloodline or family jutsus become obsolete. Of course one can say that you may never face such an opponent with luck, but that is always a possibility and for that reason you must back a backup in case your hat tricks become obsolete. Thus what you guys must do is acquire new jutsus that are outside of your box of tricks, which will act as a back up in case of such eventualities," explained Naruto.

"So in other words, you want us to learn jutsus people wouldn't expect us to learn? But wouldn't that be much more difficult to learn?" asked Aya.

"Yes, but the rewards is worth it. Versatility helps you two ways, first it allows you to have a back up in case your trademarks become ineffective and secondly it also allows you to become a much more efficient fighter. This is because then one cannot judge you only by your family, but has to now work harder because your actions are less predictable. It also allows you to take your target out faster. In most cases, you will be facing opponents who may make your specialty partially ineffective against them. At these times if you're one-dimensional, you have no choice but to use you jutsus over and over till either you get a lucky hit or till you have slowly killed them. This makes you lose chakra not to mention leaves you open for injuries. I am sure you all have heard of the first encounter of Konoha against this cursed warriors," said Naruto while pointing towards them a picture of a transformed Sakon.

"Yes, the failed Uchiha Rescue attempt. It was well documented too, but we always thought it was because these warriors were too strong for the four genin and lone chuunin that faced them. In fact, the analysis stated that had there been no reinforcements from an additional genin and three chuunins from Suna they would have surely died. This is not to say that it wasn't already amazing that these kids made that far," recalled Takeshi.

"Actually that is a false assumption Black Hawk. From what I had read, the team had every chance of succeeding. They were no ordinary genin, in fact two of the genins were even considered high-chuunin in terms of power. While the chuunin in charge is said to be very intelligent. The reason they couldn't finish them off themselves was because they were caught off guard by the transformations of these warrior and the addition of another cursed warrior who was ranked jounin in terms of power and had one of the deadliest bloodline yet to be seen. Finally there is the Uchiha Sasuke controversy which itself assured the failure of the mission as it turned out that he had deserted Konoha on his own will thus sending this team on a mission with a false objective. Even till this day that controversy is widely argued. Some for the reason he betrayed the village while others the reason why Konoha still doesn't have a death warrant under his name," added Aya, knowing full well that Naruto was one of the main subject of that controversy and that it was one of those memories he didn't like talking about.

"Erm, we are deriving off the subject here. The point I was trying to make was that had these guys been more versatile then half of them wouldn't have been critically wounded. So anyway, the goal here is to have you guys learn additional jutsus of your choice which would act as a backup to your trademarks. So that being said, today I want you to think about that and if possible search the library for such a jutsu. If you cannot find it yet, I'll help you out tomorrow, but you should find it though. Anyway that is it for today, I'll let you go early unless you wish to practice more on the fishing exercise," said Naruto.

With that ended their first day of training. The next day, the training was much different then the first and was more intense. It started with the 20 KM run, where Naruto had to use another stake to have Shuko run like Forest Gump, then followed by two hours of obstacle course field drills where the group had to do pretty much everything from jumping, swimming and climbing. There also a few more cases of wedgies, amongst which one was a female, much to Aya's chargin. Then it was the fishing exercise, then taijutsu sparing and finally the jutsu training. Seeing that a lot of them still hadn't found a new jutsu to learn, Naruto put them into accuracy training and called them one by one to find a better solution.

Amongst them were Lee and Aya. Lee's problem was already known by Naruto, he couldn't learn any ninjutsu or genjutsu. His taijutsu had improved greatly as now he was also a master of suiken ryuu (drunken fist style) and wing chun. He was currently learning hung gar from Gai and wondered if that would do. Naruto told him it would do but also offered him a new style to learn. This was the utsusu ryuu (shadow projection style), which was actually a taijutsu style that made you think you were actually hit by the shadow rather then the actual physical body. Lee had the perfect attribute to make this style work that is speed. This was because the shadow effect was created thanks to chakra and high speed movements, where basically the user would strike at full force with the area embedded with chakra but slightly retract his fist, elbow or leg in the middle of the attack, thus giving the illusion.

Aya's case was much different. Unlike the rest, she didn't have a bloodline or family jutsu. She was versatile but average in all her three fields. Her problem was that none of her jutsus were power jutsus. She was known more for her genjutsu, since those were uncommon like: kokohi (false place) and kori shinchuu (sly mind affect), but none of them were for battles unless your goal was confusion. She also had a self-created ninjutsu: komasozi ha buyou (razor leaves dance), which again wasn't much of a killer. Finally, like most ANBU she had weapon related jutsu, which were not worth mentioning apart mikadzuki no mai (dance of the crescent moon), which was her most deadly technique and an exclusive jutsu that only a few shinobis of Konoha knew, all of whom were either currently or formally ANBU Captains. It was a jutsu she learned from Captain Tsuba.

"Well your case is definitely different Miss Bunny. You are indeed versatile but you don't have any killing jutsu. What is your chakra affinity?" asked Naruto.

"I am wind," she replied.

"Hmm, hey you're like me! Wait no, I am multi-affinity, but I got the perfect jutsu for you," said Naruto with a smile.

"How can you be multi-affinity? I thought you could be one or two at max," asked the inquisitive Aya.

"Well, apparently I am a trio. I am wind-fire-shadow. Yeah, I guess you can say I am wind-shadow and I got fire thanks to you know who. But anyway the jutsu is called fuuton yaiba kousen (wind element blade beam) and it is very versatile. Here I will give you a demonstration," said Naruto, as he took out his ninja-to.

"A trio? Does that even exist? Does this mean you're a Jinchuuriki and has a bloodline at the same time? I guess you really are an enigma aren't you Uzumaki Naruto? Who are you really? Your past is way too shrouded in mystery. According to what I have read, nobody knows who your real parents are, but then again they probably didn't want to reveal themselves after you became a Jinchuuriki," thought Aya, when she heard a slash.

"Hey pay attention. Damn you missed the first demo. Oh well here we go again, watch carefully," said Naruto, as he created another blade wave out of the wind with a slash of his sword.

The blade then hit a nearby boulder and sliced through it like butter, much to the shock of Aya and the other spectators.

"Wow… that is strong. Is this your strongest wind jutsu or something? You really are being too helpful here" asked Aya.

"Why would it be my strongest wind jutsu? It's only a B-rank. My strongest one is like ten time worst and you can't do it anyway," said Naruto with a laugh.

"If it is so good why don't you show it to us. I am sure it would make us respect you more and become obedient, Mr. Shadow Fox Showoff," said Aya sarcastically.

"Ha, ha, in your dreams. Besides, I don't want respect by fear. I am just hard on you people because the job requires it. Hmm, there is a chance I may show it to you one day, but you will have to become my big sister for that demo," replied back Naruto.

"Dream on little boy, dream on. The day that will happen the sky will start falling on the earth," replied back Aya nonchalantly.

Naruto laughed on the comment for a moment then proceeded to give her the details on how to learn and use the jutsu. After an hour more of training day 2 was completed and by then Naruto had officially gained the title of Major Pain in the eyes of his fatigued subordinates who were simply glad the day was over.

End of Chapter 7
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New Characters

Akemichi Shuko: ANBU member of Alpha division, part of Team 11, codename: Big Bear. Age 26, is a kindhearted shinobi, who is polite and does all that is asked of him.

Captain Tsuba: Former leader of ANBU Alpha division, love interest of Aya. Now deceased.

Kaido: Legendary Earth fox of the group of 6. He has one tail and dark brown muddy fur and of medium size like the other 6. Personality wise, he is pimp and likes to seduce females for fun.

Kojiro: Known in Naruto Part 2 as Yamato, is the leader of ANBU Beta division and 2nd in command of all ANBU, as well as in charge of internal affairs. Codename: Ancient Wood.

Matsura Takeshi: ANBU member of Alpha division, part of Team 11, codename: Black Hawk. Age 18, a vengeful shinobi who doesn't take traitors likely and doesn't like having his team talked down of.

Yamazaki Aya: ANBU member of Alpha division, part of Team 11, codename: Miss Bunny. Age 20, is confused about Naruto and depressed about the death of Captain Tsuba who she had a crush on.

Yori: Shop owner of ANBU armory and Blacksmith.

Hyuuga Neji: ANBU member of Alpha division, part of Team 11, codename: White Crane.

Rock Lee: ANBU member of Alpha division, part of Team 11, codename: Ninja Turtle.

Inuzuka Oniba: ANBU member of Alpha division, codename: Coyote Ugly.

Inuzuka Hana: ANBU member of Alpha division, codename: Daisy Wolf.

Uzumaki Naruto: Alpha division leader, as well as 1st in command of all ANBU. In charge of external affairs and right hand man to the Hokage.

New Techniques & Weapons

Fuuton Komasozi Ha Buyou / Wind element Razor Leaves Dance: C rank wind elemental ninjutsu, where the user uses the winds to hurl leaves at the opponents like razor blades.

Utsusu Ryuu / Shadow Projection Style: Taijutsu style that uses speed and chakra to create a shadow aura projection out of the body part used for attack to fool the opponent into misjudging the hit, as well believing that it was the shadow that hit them. Most of its attacks are C ranked. Think MK Johnny Cage shadow kicks and uppercuts.