Title: Believe it or not! 6/6

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta:Michelle & Manon

Rating: T, I think.

Special Pumpkin Warning: Angst. Horror, violence. OOC in case. Characters death? Tissues alert.

Summary: A thin line between the real and imaginary world might cause paranoia and even death.

Spoiler: Total AU.

Disclaimer: I tried to claim Legolas in the middle of the night, but Tolkien's ghost attacked me before I had any chance. Only the plot is mine.

Note: A very special note: Legolas is a mere elfling.

Estel, on the other hand, is aged 11.

Don't kill the Author! Poor Thranduil… evil grin…

Believe it or not!


"Greenleaf, you had me worried for you…" Thranduil said softly, as he still hugged his son.

"Forgive me adar, I did not mean it… I thought that you died, and… and your eyes… you had no eyes ada…" Legolas apologized, because he did not want to upset his ada.

"I forgive you… and yet I also came here because I missed you, I missed my sweet elfling," Thranduil said with love in his eyes.

Thranduil pulled his elfling into a hug and watched him as he rubbed his eyes and asked, only just now noticing the black circles around his elfling's eyes, "Have you sleep lately, Greenleaf?"

Legolas shook his head in a negative answer.

Thranduil lifted his elfling and held him in his arms. He walked out of the forest as Elrond's family followed him, Galdor bringing up the rear.

In Estel's room…

Thranduil laid his elfling onto the bed and watched him, and as he noticed the elfling's calmness he turned to his old friend.

"Have any of you perhaps told him a horror story?" Thranduil asked.

"Why do you ask that, Your Highness?" Elladan asked, with a hidden smile.

"Because Legolas hates horror stories," Thranduil answered and watched the twins very carefully.

The twins glared at each other, smiling and then laughing.

"What is so funny?" Elrond asked with a death-stare.

"Your elfling, Your Majesty, was curious about a story we told Estel, for he loves to hear horror stories. After we told our part of the story, adar told a part too."

"You?" Thranduil asked his friend in surprise, for he had not expected that.

Elrond nodded in agreement.

"You told him the horror story?" Thranduil accused the lord. It seemed he was still surprised by what he had heard.

Elrond nodded again, and then he lowered his head, as he noticed the death stare that Thranduil gave him.

"All of this happened because you told him… argh…," Thranduil groaned, still not being able to accept what he had heard.

"I did it for my son, while yours was asleep," Elrond said, as he tried to save his lost pride.

"Because of your story, my elfling almost got killed, and if you recall, he ran away, and has been in the forest all alone, shaking like a leaf, crying from the pain of seeing me without eyes. This, my old friend, is the consequence of your story and the next time you have to be certain that my elfling is sleeping properly. Have you got that right, mellon-nin?" Thranduil asked with warning in his tone.

Elrond nodded again in confirmation.

"Now, when my Greenleaf awakes, I want Elrond and the twins to apologize to him, letting him know that it was only a horror story, am I making myself clear?"

"Yes, you are, mellon-nin," Elrond answered and glared at his friend, hoping he had not lost his friendship.

"Now, move it, move it, move it… I want to be alone with my sweet elfling."

"Yes, Uncle Thrandy," Estel said and hugged Thranduil, who seemed surprised by the boy's act. "Thank you…"

"I am happy when Greenleaf is happy, and you," Thranduil grinned.


"ADA?" Greenleaf called in fear and panic.

Thranduil knelt next to his elfling and pulled him into a warm embrace, making certain that Legolas was watching him, letting him to know that he is still alive.

"I love you adar," Legolas said sleepily, as he laid his head upon his father's shoulders.

"I love you too, ion-nin," Thranduil said back, as he laid his elfling back onto the bed, and kept watching.

At that point, Galdor reached Elrond and whispered.

"I will do that," he assured the guard, and then he continued. "Let us leave them alone, and Elladan, you ask the maids to make a large meal, for our friends must be starving, as well as Legolas…"

The End