Title: The Natural Order Of Things

Author: Amelia. aka: electricgurl

Email: see profile

Genre: Humor

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I do not own the show or any of the plot lines in which have been created around say show. I only own my own personal characters and ideas.

Summary: It wraps around my senses like a smouldering flame wraps around a candle wick.

Dean smiled as he walked over to the table and waved to the waitress.

"Two coffees and two morning specials," he told her as he rearranged the table cloth. She smiled at him.

"Is that everything?" she asked as she let her eyes glide over first him then his younger brother.

He gave her a grim smile. "Yeah, can you make that order to go?"

She frowned, nodding. "I'll just got get you some coffee for the wait."

"Why are you being so mean?" Sam asked.

"I've been up for forty-eight hours straight driving. You can be the nice one today, okay?" he said, leaning back onto the seat. He closed his eyes and relaxed.

"Dean, I know that you haven't slept a lot but you don't have to be a jerk because the lack of caffeine in your system."

"This has nothing to do with coffee," Dean declared as he sat there hugging his empty cup. Sam raised his eyebrow.


"What, Sam?"

"Let go of the cup." Sam laughed as his brother looked down.

"That proves nothing," he stated.

"Describe coffee for me, Dean."

Dean's face eased as he looked down at the coffee mug.

The waitress whistled as she walked back over to the table with the two males sitting at it. She paused as she heard the older of the two describing something in great detail. She leaned against the wall and listened.

"What can I say about the precious gem?" Dean pondered. He looked up and around the dinner room. "I think it's so alluring, so warm and inviting. It wraps around my senses like a smouldering flame wraps around a candle wick," he grinned, lost in thought.

"Dean?" Sam asked, worried.

"Oh, it slowly heats me up from within until I can't stand it any moreā€¦ then I have to just have one more small taste. It's like the experience of a great first kiss. Exotic, new, and refreshing."

"Dean, I think we should talk."

Dean looked at him with a smile. "It can be like your next breath. Something you need to keep going. Something soothing. The liquid heat that courses through your soul."

The waitress walked back in. Sam shook his head as Dean continued to ramble on about his true love. She batted her eyes at Dean. Sam poked her shoulder as Dean spun in his chair and smelled the arousing smell that she carried with her.

"It's not you that he wants, it's the coffee." The waitress' face fell in disappointment and Dean saw it.

"Sorry honey, but no one can come between me and my true love. Now, can you hook us you with some breakfast so we can skip out of this backwater town?"

The End.