Bleed for My Brother

Part 1

Lucky lurched slightly as he entered the police station, putting his hands on a desk to steady himself. Looking up from a file he was perusing, Jesse immediately got up and went over to his partner. "Hey man," Jesse said, putting a hand on Lucky's shoulder. "You ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine," Lucky said, a little unsteadily. He quickly straightened up, but instantly wavered again. Jesse moved his other hand onto Lucky's other shoulder, keeping him upright.

"Lucky, I don't think you're fine." Pulling a chair over, Jesse eased Lucky down into the seat. "Maybe you should go home and rest."

Lucky shook his head, a movement that elicited an involuntary groan from his lips. "We have a bust today. I'm not going to let you go out there alone, Jesse." Jesse opened his mouth to argue, but Lucky stopped him. "Jesse, the bust goes down in half an hour. We need to go."

Jesse's proposed argument was again cut short, this time by Mac, reminding them that they needed to get going. Jesse was ready first, and began walking out the door, but heard a loud thump behind him. Spinning around, his horrified eyes fell on Lucky's still body crumpled on the floor. "Lucky!" he yelled, dropping to his knees and feeling for Lucky's pulse. He had one, but it was far too faint. "Someone call an ambulance!"

One of the other officers picked up a phone. "We have an officer down at the PCPD," he said. "He collapsed and he's unconscious. We need an ambulance here as soon as possible."

"Lucky, c'mon partner, wake up," Jesse urged. With quickly mounting horror, he noticed the fountain of blood that had suddenly started pouring from the back of Lucky's head. When Jesse took off his coat and gently lifted Lucky's head to try to staunch the blood flow, he was shocked to discover there was no wound. Yet the blood continued to flow, forming rivers around Lucky's unmoving form.