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Chapter 1: Secret Revealed

Bright and early, two days before Halloween, Chazz Princeton, age 15, an Obelisk Blue student, was lying under a tree in the shade watching the sun slowly come up over the ocean that surrounded the island that the Duel Academy was on. And Halloween was coming in two days along with the Halloween festival and Chazz wasn't a big fan of the whole 'trick-or-treating' thing. He figured he had grown out of Halloween. Or it could be the fact that he has a secret that no one in the entire Duel Academy School knows about except for the teachers.

Chazz's secret was that he was able to turn into a girl with just someone throwing cold water on him or he bathes in it. Whichever one. He wasn't always like this. It happened when he was twelve and back then he was known for having a very bad attitude and didn't talk to others in the proper way that he should. He broke a girl's heart by accident by telling her to leave him alone and she ran away crying. That's when she wished that he was a girl then he'd know what it feels like to be heartbroken by someone who doesn't love you back.

At first Chazz thought there was no way to break the curse, but then a strange woman in a black cloak appeared to him one night and said, "The curse can be broken on the third year of Halloween by kissing one's true love. Then and only then will the spell be broken. But heed my warning, whichever form of yourself you choose; you will be that part of yourself for the rest of your life."

Thinking that the woman was crazy, he paid no mind to her. Actually, he blamed her for putting the curse upon him. But since it's now been three years the curse has been with him, he's starting to believe that maybe, just maybe, he can be free of it once and for all.

(Chazz's POV)
That crazy old woman ruining my life like this! If see her right now, I'd probably wring her neck. I'm cursed with turning into a girl because of her.
(End POV)

Just then, Chazz began hearing voices far away from where he was. Come to find out, it was Jaden Yuki, a Slifer Red student, along with his friends Chumley Huffington and Syrus Truesdale, who were also Slifer Red students. They were on their way to class.

(Chazz's POV)
Oh great. Those stupid Slifer-slacker students. I can't wait until they get what's coming to them. Hopefully, that'll be soon.
(End POV)

Jaden, Chumley, and Syrus were walking to class. And on time I might add.

"Hey Jay, this is the first time in weeks since we've actually made it to class on time," Syrus replied, smiling.

Jaden just laughed. "Well, I couldn't argue about that. I mean, seeing as how I'm never on time and I always over sleep."

"Or the fact that you take even longer by having me fix you breakfast to miss half of the lesson," Chumley said, laughing as well.

"That's sometimes, not all the time," said Jaden.

"Hey you guys, who's that over there by the tree?" asked Syrus, pointing behind him, ten trees back.

Jaden and Chumley stopped walking to see what Syrus was talking about. Then Jaden noticed that it was an Obelisk Blue student but since they were so far from them, hey couldn't tell who it was.

"Don't know Sy but whoever it is, they're going to miss class if they don't hurry," Jaden said.

"An Obelisk Blue student is never late to class. Then again, it could be someone trying to skip because we have a test today," replied Chumley.

"Bet you wouldn't mind skipping today Chumley," joked Jaden.

"Trust me, you don't know how close I was to actually doing it," said Chumley.

Thunder began to clash slightly through the sky at the three pressed on to class. The sky turned gray, giving a sign that it was about to rain. Chazz was still under the tree and noticed this. He got up and started running as fast as he could to class before it began raining.

Class was quiet as usual when taking a test. Dr. Banner was over the test. Jaden, Chumley and Syrus made it in time to actually start it. This was a test to determine whether or not will students move up or down in their rank. The only person that was not there taking the test, was Chazz Princeton.

By the time Chazz had made it into the building, it was already pouring down raining. He was panting because he had been running to avoid the rain. Too late. He was totally soaked with cold water. Which, might I add, turned him into a girl. His was much shorter and his hair was still the same except for the fact that the back of his hair was longer and the color of it had changed to brown. And his Obelisk Blue uniform was practically hanging off of him.

(Chazz's POV)
Gah! Turning into a girl is like a bad omen. I can't take it anymore! I have to break this curse! There's just one problem, there's nobody at this school I specifically like. And I'll be damned if I'm going to kiss a boy to break this curse.
(End POV)

Chazz was now walking down the halls of the building to the bathroom to rinse his head under some hot water. On his way there, Jaden was coming from the opposite way to go to the bathroom along with Syrus. Chazz gasped, turned around and ran away to hide so they wouldn't see him.

"Today's test wasn't too hard but I still say I failed it Jaden," said Syrus. Instead of putting his confidence in believing that he passed, he puts most of it on believing that he fails.

"Don't worry Sy. It's not the end of the world of you don't pass the test," Jaden replied.

"Yeah but Jaden, this test is supposed to determine whether or not we'll still be Slifer student or Ra students next semester. I know I definitely won't make it into the Ra dorm. I'm not a good enough duelist." Syrus began to frown.

"That's not true Sy. You're a great duelist. We're just going to have to work on your confidence a little more is all," Jaden said.

"I think you're giving me way too much credit than I deserve Jaden," said Syrus.

"Nope, I just haven't been giving you enough." Jaden started laughing. Syrus joined him.

As Jaden and Syrus were about to enter the boys' bathroom, a loud thud echoed down the halls of the school.

"Whoa! What was that noise!" Syrus asked.

"Don't know. It couldn't be thunder from outside. I don't think it's raining that hard," said Jaden.

"Maybe it's a ghost or something. This school could be haunted," said Syrus, getting scared.

"Don't be silly Syrus. I know it's almost Halloween and everything but that doesn't mean the school is haunted. Ghosts aren't scary," Jaden assured Syrus.

"That's easy for you to say. I've always been afraid of ghosts, monsters, and other creatures they show on T.V. around Halloween. And the Halloween festival is two days."

"Cool. I can't wait for it. I wonder what I should dress up as. We should at least dress up or something." Jaden slightly laughed at the thought of him and his friends dressing up in costumes.

"Yeah. Sure. Anyway, whatever that noise was, it's seems to have stopped now," replied Syrus.

But he spoke too soon. The same loud thud they'd heard earlier happened again. Syrus ran into the bathroom and hid under one of the sinks. Jaden went in the bathroom and kneeled down next to him.

"Come on Sy. I know you're not afraid of a little noise," said Jaden.

"Jay, that wasn't a little noise that was a big one. And a very unusual one at that," said Syrus, still hiding under the sink.

"Why don't we just go look for it?" asked Jaden.

"Right, and give Dr. Crowler a reason to expel us. That's the last thing we need right now," Syrus replied, crossing his arms.

"Hey, what he doesn't know won't hurt him. C'mon." Jaden grabbed Syrus by the arm from under the sink.

"But Jay—

"No buts Sy. I'm going to prove to you that this school isn't haunted," Jaden said as he led Syrus out of the bathroom.

Chazz had been trying to find some place to hide so Jaden and Syrus wouldn't find him. But unfortunately, he hadn't been able to considering the fact that his uniform was soaking wet, dripping water all on the floor, and he'd been accidentally slipping in it.

"Argh! I gotta get out of these clothes," Chazz replied in anger, in a more feminine voice.

Chazz stood up carefully off the floor, trying to keep his balance by not slipping in the water he'd tracked everywhere.

Jaden and Syrus were looking around the halls of the school, trying to find out where that noise they heard was coming from.

"You know, it could've been some students working on the festivities for the Halloween Festival. Maybe one of them dropped something," Jaden said.

"But it's still raining outside. They couldn't do anything for the festival even if they wanted to," said Syrus.

"O…K… so, I wonder what that was we heard then?"

"Whoa! Jaaadeeen!" screamed Syrus.

"Sy!" shouted Jaden worriedly.

Not paying attention, Syrus had slipped in a small puddle of water and ended up landing up against the wall. Jaden ran to aid him.

"Syrus, you alright buddy?" he asked worriedly.

Syrus slid down off the wall slowly and onto the floor. When he looked back at Jaden, his face was red and bruised from being hit against the wall.

"Yeah, I'm fine Jay."

"You sure? You look like you hit that wall pretty hard. Let me help you up there," replied Jaden as he lent Syrus a helping hand.

"Thanks. And I'm fine… really. But what was that I slipped on anyway?" asked Syrus.

"Don't know." Jaden looked down at the floor and saw a trail of water from where Syrus had slipped, to where they are now, and down further. "That definitely looks like water. Wonder where it all came from?"

"How did water get on the floor? The janitor's already mopped the floors. Aw man. Jay, can I go back to my theory of the school being haunted?" Syrus started getting scared again.

"Its just water Sy, not a slimy trail of green goop." As Jaden looked on, the water trail seemed to go on further and then turn right. "I think we might have found something. C'mon Syrus. Whatever we find from this water trail may prove that the school isn't haunted," he said as he started running ahead of Syrus and following the trail of water on the floor.

"Jaden, wait for me! You're going to end up slipping against the wall like I did if you don't slow down!" Syrus yelled to Jaden but he didn't hear him. He was already far ahead of him.

Jaden followed the trail of water with Syrus trying to catch up with him and not doing a very good job at it. He was still farther behind him. But Jaden was running so fast and like Syrus had said earlier, he ended up slipping in some of the water but instead of sliding into a wall, he ended up sliding right into a girl, (which was Chazz), knocking them both down on the floor.

Only Jaden landed on top of her, accidentally kissing her. But not so much as kissing as if they were both into it. Both the girl and Jaden blushed. That's when Syrus came around the corner huffing and puffing in exhaustion from running behind Jaden. While catching his breath, Sy noticed Jaden kissing a girl.

"Jaden! What are you doing!" he asked in shocked.

Jaden pulled back fast, his face completely red. "It was an accident! I didn't mean it! There was water… and I slipped… and then you were there… and Sy… and it's not what you think…" Jaden was just basically babbling until Syrus slightly hit Jaden on his head to snap him back into reality.

The girl slapped Jaden but it wasn't hard enough to leave a handprint on his face. Jaden just rubbed his cheek.

"I said I was sorry. I didn't mean it. It was an accident," Jaden replied.

"Hmph! Get off of me you Slifer-reject!" the girl pushed Jaden off of her.

"Hey, you don't have to be so rude. He said he was sorry! Are you okay Jaden?" asked Syrus.

"I'm fine." Syrus helped Jaden up. "Hey, shouldn't you be wearing the Obelisk Blue girls' uniform? What are you doing wearing the boys uniform?"

"I-I uh, I was in my boyfriend's dorm and I got my uniform mixed up with his. Not that it's any of your business," the girl said.

Syrus and Jaden blushed slightly. Jaden held out his hand to the girl. "Let me help you up. It's the least I can do since I'm the one who knocked you down," offered Jaden.

But the girl slapped Jaden's hand away and got up on her own. "No thanks. I don't accept help from Slifer-scum like you two," she said as she stormed off.

"Yeah, you're welcome," Jaden replied.

"Well, at least we know that the school isn't haunted," said Syrus.

"How do you figure?" asked Jaden.

"That girl's uniform was completely soaked. She looked as if she'd been in the rain for a while. Let's get back to class before we get in trouble."

"Why don't you go on without me Sy? I just remembered I had something to do." Jaden began running down the hall.

"But Jay—

"Don't worry! I'll be in class! And I'll watch where I'm going this time! Cover for me!" Jaden told Syrus.

"Okay, if you say so Jaden," Syrus said to himself.

(Syrus's POV)
Jaden's probably going to follow that girl. Oh well, I just hope he doesn't get caught by Dr. Crowler.
(End POV)

(Chazz's POV)
(End POV)

While walking down the hall, Chazz was suddenly anonymously splashed with water. Turns out, Dr. Crowler had done it. He was carrying a bucket of water.

"Hey! What are you trying to do! Keep me a girl for…" Chazz looked at himself and realized that he wasn't a girl anymore. "Oh."

"Please, if I wanted to turn you into a girl forever, I would've given you a dorm room where you can only bathe in cold water. You weren't in class and you missed today's test. I figured you got caught in the rain. So now," Dr. Crowler handed Chazz a mop and the empty bucket, "your job is to mop up every floor of this building where you left water. And I expect it to be done before nightfall," he said as he left Chazz alone on mop duty.

Chazz muttered angrily as he began mopping up water off the floor.

Around the corner, Jaden had been watching the entire thing. He was shocked at what he had seen.

(Jaden's POV)
No way! That girl that I had ran into… was Chazz! That's impossible! Maybe…
(End POV)

Chazz was stuck on mop duty and on top of that, soaking wet in his uniform. Yep, I'd say he was having a pretty bad day.

(Chazz's POV)
Great. Just great. Not only am I stuck on mop duty, soaking wet, and still cursed until Halloween, I got kissed by a guy. And not just any guy. It was Jaden. Why did it have to be Jaden!
(End POV)

Jaden was sneaking up behind Chazz slowly. He also had a bucket of water hidden behind his back.

"Oh, Chazz," he called.

"Huh?" Chazz turned around and saw Jaden waving at him. "Ugh! What do you want you Slifer-slacker?" he asked, annoyed.

"Oh, nothing," Jaden replied.

"Then what are you doing here?"

"This!" Jaden threw the water that was in the bucket all over Chazz, drenching him with water again.

"That is it! I have had it up to here with being soaked with water today!" shouted Chazz angrily, while sounding like a girl.

Jaden just stared at Chazz in shock and disbelief. He couldn't believe what he had just witnessed. Or he could've been looking at Chazz's breasts which were quite… big I might add.

"What are you staring at Jaden!" yelled Chazz as he slapped him.

"Ow! What was that for? I didn't do anything," Jaden said.

"Don't give me that crap! You knew what you were doing when you threw that water on me!"

"Hey, I just wanted to make sure what I saw earlier between you and Dr. Crowler actually happened. So Chazz… are you really a girl or boy?" Jaden asked, grinning.

"So you wanna make wise cracks, huh? How about I kick your butt from here to kingdom come?" Chazz ran towards Jaden to punch him but Jaden had already started running before he could. "Get back here you coward!"

Jaden was laughing while he was running. "I don't think so Chazz! Too bad you're a girl, you run much slower than usual!"

"AAHH! I'm going to kill you Jaden!"

Jaden had run outside the Duel Academy School, and it was still raining outside as well. Of course Chazz followed Jaden outside considering the fact that he was picking at him about how fast he was running.

(Chazz's POV)
You know, instead of chasing Jaden, I can just mess with his head. This ought to be good.
(End POV)

"Wait Jaden! Come back! You're my true love!" shouted Chazz.

Jaden stopped running and turned around to face Chazz and he was confused on the whole 'you're my true love' part. But Chazz was running with his arms outstretched as if he was about to hug someone. When he got close enough to Jaden, he hugged him, causing them both to fall on the ground, and Chazz tried to kiss Jaden. Jaden started screaming because Chazz was weirding him out.

"Chazz! What are you doing!" Jaden asked, trying to get Chazz's arms away from around his neck.

"But Jaden, I'm trying to kiss you. What does it look like I'm doing? Geez, you can be so slow you Slifer-slacker," replied Chazz, puckering up his lips to kiss Jaden.

"AAH! Chazz cut it out! I don't know if you're a guy or girl but kissing you again is out of the question," Jaden said, while trying to pull away from Chazz as much as he can.

Chazz took advantage of the situation and pushed Jaden all the way on the ground on his back and placed his body on top of Jaden's in a straddling position and began feeling on his chest.

"Why are you complaining that we kissed earlier? I could tell that you enjoyed it." Chazz smirked.

"Chazz quit it! You're creeping me out and why are you feeling on me!"

"You know you want me Jaden." Chazz smiled.

Jaden had goose bumps all over his body. Chazz then leaned his face closer to Jaden's and kissed him.

(Jaden's POV)
Don't open your mouth, don't open your mouth, don't open your mouth…
(End POV)

"Oh Jaden," Chazz moaned.

Jaden was just outstretched on the ground stiff as a board. His eyes linger down from Chazz's face to down his chest. Which might I add, he could see within Chazz's uniform.

(Jaden's POV)
They're gianormous! I wonder what they feel like. Oh my god! Why am I thinking this way!
(End POV)

Chazz was still kissing Jaden and Jaden was trying so hard to not open his mouth. Just then, a shadow hovered over them both. Noticing this, Chazz stopped what he was doing to Jaden, turned around and saw Dr. Banner along with his cat Pharaoh, and Syrus, staring at both of them.

"Jaden, what are you doing?" asked Syrus.

"Me? I'm not doing anything!" Jaden noticed that Chazz was distracted. He did the most unthinkable thing you could ever imagine. He grabbed Chazz's breasts and squeezed them. Chazz screamed and fell back on the ground. Jaden was able to get up and hide behind Syrus, who was under the umbrella with Dr. Banner and Pharaoh.

"Jay, this would be the second time I've seen you kiss this girl," replied Syrus.

"The second time?" Dr. Banner looked over at Jaden and then back at Chazz.

"Hey, there was water all over the floor. That was an accident. I swear," said Jaden.

"It is alright Jaden. Why don't you and Syrus go back to the dorm. I'll be there in a minute," Dr. Banner said.

"Sure thing. C'mon Sy." Jaden grabbed Syrus's arm and practically dragged him to their dorm, to get as far away from Chazz as he possibly could.

Dr. Banner was there with Chazz.

"So, I take it that Jaden knows. Or at least I hope so. But, judging by the way he was running, I'd say he does."

Chazz just stared at Dr. Banner. Pharaoh just meowed.

"Quick question: why were you doing that to Jaden?" asked Dr. Banner, arching his eyebrow slowly.

"It's called payback for what he did to me," said Chazz.

"What did he do?"

"He threw cold water on me on purpose so, I thought I'd get him back for it," Chazz said.

"You do realize that revenge gets you no where?" Dr. Banner handed Chazz the extra umbrella he was holding. "Why don't you go to your dorm, dry off and put on some fresh clothes, and finish your mop duty?"

"How did you know I had mop duty?" asked Chazz.

"A good teacher knows everything," replied Dr. Banner as he left and went back to the Slifer red dorm.

(Chazz's POV)
Riiight… well, at least I got even with Jaden for what he did to me.
(End POV)

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