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Chapter Six: Darkest Hour Before The Light

The light that was surrounding the forest where Jaden was kept getting dimmer and dimmer. But Jaden didn't give up. He wasn't going to until he found Chazz.

"Chazz! Chazz where are you!" Jaden shouted worriedly.

Jaden stopped running when he saw Chazz leaned up against a tree unconscious. He ran over towards him to help him but there was nothing he could do. He was too late. Izanami had already taken Chazz's soul. Chazz was nothing but an empty shell.

"Chazz wake up! Wake up please!" Jaden had Chazz in his arms but he wouldn't wake up.

That's when Izanami appeared behind Jaden, still wearing the black cloak. Her face appearance had changed from an old hag to a beautiful young woman with long red hair. She crossed her arms as she looked at Jaden with curiosity. Jaden turned around and noticed her standing behind him.

"Who are you?" Jaden asked.

"My, I see that we're quick with asking questions now aren't we? Don't worry young man; I have no intention of hurting you. Besides, I've taken what I've wanted and gotten what I needed. You're of no use to me," replied Izanami.

"What do you mean by that?" asked Jaden.

"Chazz Princeton is what I mean. I see you know him. You must be the one he fell in love with. You must be… Jaden Yuki, am I correct?" Izanami asked.

"Yes I am. How do you know Chazz? And you still haven't told me your name," said Jaden.

"Fine. My name is Izanami. I'm a witch and a soul collector. And what you have there in your arms… is an empty shell. Chazz Princeton… no longer has a soul because I took it," explained Izanami.

"What! You took his soul! But why! He never did anything to you!" yelled Jaden angrily.

"Well, not to me but he did to his ex-girlfriend. She was a Wiccan. She cast a spell that required Chazz here to be turned into a girl and for her to give up her own life to make him suffer. And on the third year of Halloween, Chazz would have to kiss his true love but he never did. And that's where I come in. You see; I collect souls from humans with broken hearts. I died many years ago but I found a way to return to my formal self. Collect a thousands souls, I get eternal life." Izanami began laughing evilly.

Jaden looked at her in disbelief.

(Jaden's POV)
This can't be all true. Chazz's ex-girlfriend being a Wiccan, giving up her life to make him pay for breaking her heart, and now… Chazz… Chazz has no soul. Well, if this is all true, I'm going to get his soul back. One way or another.
(End POV)

"Just hold on a minute!" shouted Jaden.

Izanami stopped laughing. "What is it? If you're planning to stop me, there's nothing you can do. I have Chazz's soul and every other soul that I've taken. I've gotten my life back and I think I'll finish what I started years ago before I was burned at the stake for being a witch," she said.

"And what's that?" asked Jaden.

"Bring back every witch before me that fell into the hands of man and burned at the stake for being a witch. Together, we shall take back the world that was once ours!" Izanami smiled.

"I don't think so! You're plan's going to end here and now!" Jaden laid Chazz down on the ground gently against the tree. He took Chazz's hand into his own and began to whisper in his ear, "I love you Chazz. And I will get your soul back. Even if I have to die trying."

"What makes you think that you can stop me child? There's nothing you can do to stop me from bringing back all of the fallen witches of my Coven. Nothing," said Izanami.

"Well, there is something I can do. How about a trade-in? Chazz's soul for my soul?" Jaden suggested.

"Are you mad child? I may be a soul collector but I'm not stupid. Why risk your own soul for someone who never liked you to start with?" asked Izanami.

"That doesn't matter. Chazz and I have been through a lot, yes, but that doesn't mean I'm not going to fight to help him. I made a promise that I'd protect him and I intend to keep that promise! No matter what you say! I love Chazz Princeton with all of my heart and I know that he loves me too. And if I was in the situation he's in, he'd try to save me!" Jaden shouted angrily.

"If that's what you want to believe then go right ahead. You two have been rivals ever since you've met each other. Too bad, if he'd only known that the only way to save his soul and defeat me, was to break the curse. That's the only way you can stop me. But without a soul, Chazz can't do anything. Ah, having eternal life is going to be grand," said Izanami, bragging.

"You're sick! You can't just take a person's soul for your own reasons!" Jaden said, angry.

"So? What makes you think I care? Tell you what, since you say you're willing to save Chazz, are you still willing to risk your own soul for his soul?" Izanami asked.

"Yes I am! But if you want my soul, you're going to have to duel me for it. Winner takes all! What do you say to that?" Jaden took his duel disk out of his backpack and strapped it on to his wrist.

"A duel? Sure why not. And don't worry, I'm well aware of your modern game," replied Izanami.

"I'm glad. So if I win, you release Chazz's soul and ever other soul that you've taken," said Jaden.

"Fine by me. But if I win, not only will I get to keep all the souls I've taken, I get your soul." Izanami made a spider web designed duel disk appear on her wrist.

"Alrighty then! Get your game on Izanami!" said Jaden as put his deck into the duel disk.

"Oh I'm ready, and you'd better be ready to lose your soul Jaden," Izanami said.

"That won't happen."

(Jaden's POV)
I won't let that happen. Not only will I win this duel, but also, I'll get your soul back Chazz. I promised that I would protect you and I meant what I said. I won't break that promise.
(End POV)

Jaden: 8000 LP
Izanami: 8000 LP

"Okay, here I go!" Jaden said as he drew a card from his deck.

(Jaden's POV)
Don't worry Chazz. I'll save you. I promise.
(End POV)

"Alright, for my first move, I'm throwing Elemental Hero Clayman (ATK: 800/DEF: 2000) into defense mode. And also, I'm activating the Spell card, Pot of Greed, which let's me draw two cards. Your move," Jaden said.

"I see. My, you don't waste any time when you're trying to fight for something you want," Izanami replied, smirking.

"I'm doing this for Chazz! So believe what you want!" said Jaden angrily.

"Fine, I will. That's up to you if you want to risk your soul for someone who doesn't like you. Anyway, I'm placing three cards facedown and summon Nightmare Horse (ATK: 500/DEF: 400) in attack mode! Now my Nightmare Horse, attack Jaden directly!" Izanami ordered.

Nightmare Horse charged in and attacked Jaden's Life Points directly.

Izanami: 8000 LP
Jaden: 7500 LP

"Hey, what gives? I have a monster on the field," said Jaden.

"That doesn't matter. Nightmare Horse's special ability allows him to attack your Life Points directly as soon as he's summoned to the field. Not bad huh? But before I end my turn, I think I'll ad a little something extra to make this duel more interesting. Come forth my spirits!" Izanami held out her hand and the mirror she used to take Chazz's soul, had appeared.

"What's that?" asked Jaden.

"The mirror for which I hold all of my souls in. But I can also use them to do things against their will. Like draining your strength each time you lose Life Points. But don't worry Jaden, all of that strength won't go to waste. Go my spirits!"

A train of souls began flying out of the mirror they were trapped in and headed towards Jaden. They circled him and drained his strength, which made him fall to the ground on his knees from mild exhaustion.

"Okay… that was not fun," he replied.

"Well, of course not. And as soon as you run out of energy, it'll be a lot easier for me to win this duel. Every time you lose Life Points, my spirits will drain your strength and all of it transfers to me. So… it looks like your plan to save Chazz will backfire. And your soul is as good as mine," Izanami said.

Jaden was able to get back on his feet. But as he arose off the ground, he was laughing. Izanami became annoyed.

"You find this funny?" she asked.

"Sure, why not? I haven't had an interesting duel in awhile. But you can't just assume you're going to win because of an advantage you have that I don't," Jaden said.

"That's what you think! I end my turn. Now make your move!" yelled Izanami.

"Okay! My draw!"

"Activate face down card! Drop off! The turn that you draw a card from your deck, I can activate this card, which sends that card you just drew to the Graveyard," explained Izanami.

"Great," Jaden replied dryly as he sent that card he had just drew to the Graveyard.

"Hurry up and end your turn so I can take your soul already." Izanami was growing impatient.

"Alright, I think I'll switch Clayman from defense mode to attack mode. Now Clayman, attack her Nightmare Horse!"

Clayman successfully attacked Izanami's monster and sent it to the Graveyard.

Izanami: 7700 LP
Jaden: 7500 LP

(Jaden's POV)
Something's not right. It's like… she wanted me to attack her monster or something.
(End POV)

Izanami began laughing.

"Your moves are so predictable Jaden. By attacking my monster, you've activated my face down card, Pyro Clock of Destiny! This trap card allows me to turn back the time by one turn and bring Nightmare Horse back to the field. And while I'm at it, I'll also summon Inaba White Rabbit (ATK: 700/DEF: 500) from by hand in attack mode as well," Izanami said.

"Aw man! I have two monsters breathing down my neck!" said Jaden.

"And soon, they'll be attacking your Life Points! Like right now! Attack, my Horse!"

Nightmare Horse attacked Jaden's Life Points directly again.

Izanami: 7700 LP
Jaden: 7000 LP

"And now, my Inaba White Rabbit attacks you directly!"

Inaba White Rabbit shot up in the air like a rocket and disappeared.

"Uh, where'd it go?" asked Jaden.

"Behind you," replied Izanami.

Jaden turned around and right on point, Izanami's monster had attacked him, knocking Jaden onto the ground. Izanami laughed evilly.

Izanami: 7700 LP
Jaden: 6300 LP

"And now that you've lost Life Points again, my spirits take even more of your strength."

Izanami made the mirror appear again and the train of spirits flew out of that mirror towards Jaden, and drained even more of his strength and all of it transferred to her. Making her powers even stronger.

"So tell me child, how does it feel… to be powerless?" asked Izanami.

Jaden slowly began to get up off the ground. "Actually… being powerless… is sometimes a good thing. Have a lot of power… doesn't make you strong. It just shows me… how scared you are on the inside," he said.

"You lie! I am strong. Stronger than you'll ever be! I end my turn with a card face down and return Inaba White Rabbit to my hand. Make your move!" shouted Izanami angrily.

"Hold on a minute, you can't just return a card back to your hand. That's cheating!" yelled Jaden.

"Well, it would be if it wasn't the special ability of my monster. For you see, if I have a spirit monster in my hand, I can them to the field. And when my turn comes to an end, the spirit monster returns to my hand. I can play it as many times as I want. So you have no right to accuse me of cheating!" Izanami yelled.

Jaden groaned in frustration as he drew a card from his deck. "Fine, whatever. My turn now! And I'm going to use the Equip Spell card Mud Max and equip it to Clayman! And before I have him attack, I'll lay down a face down. Now let's try this again! Attack Nightmare Horse!"

Clayman attacked Nightmare Horse again.

Izanami: 7100 LP
Jaden: 6300 LP

"That's all from me," replied Jaden.

"My turn again?" Izanami laughed. "I'll activate the Magic card, Monster Reborn, letting me bring Nightmare Horse back once more," she said.

"What! This horse just won't quit!" shouted Jaden.

"And soon you will realize that he's not the type that likes to play horsy. And he's not going to be on the field alone because I summon floppy eared friend back as well Jaden." Izanami chuckled.

"Oh boy," he replied.

"That's right! Come back to the field, Inaba White Rabbit! Attack directly again!" Izanami laughed as her monster attacked Jaden. "Now, it's my Horse's turn! ATTACK!" And of course Nightmare Horse bypassed Jaden's monster and attacked him directly yet again.

Izanami: 7100 LP
Jaden: 5100 LP

Jaden was able to keep his balance from Izanami's two attacks.

"Oh and my spirits drain your strength as well," Izanami reminded Jaden.

"Just great," he said.

She laughed again as she released some of the spirits from her mirror and drained Jaden's strength for the fourth time. Jaden was breathing heavily from exhaustion.

"Hmm, it feels nice to have so much power. I'll switch Nightmare Horse into defense mode and return Inaba White Rabbit to my hand. It is your turn… that's if you can make a move that is." Izanami crossed her arms in amusement.

"Of course I can make a move. Like this one! Right Justice, activate! Now allow me to explain how this card works. As long as I have a monster on my field that has 'Elemental Hero' in its name, this card let's me destroy on of your magic or trap cards you have on the field," explained Jaden.

"Yes, I see, but unfortunately, that's not going to happen."

"And why not?" asked Jaden.

"My face-down can prevent that from happening. I reveal Spell Shield Type-8! And one of the things I love about this card is that it has two effects to it but I can only use one of them. By sending one card from my hand to the Graveyard, I can negate the activation of any Spell Card and destroy it."

"No way!" shouted Jaden.

Spell Shield Type-8 destroyed Jaden's Right Justice Spell Card.

"Your dueling is as bad as your comebacks. Really child, you can do better than that. I'm going to pass my turn over to you. See, I can be nice," said Izanami sarcastically.

"Well not nice enough if you're taking innocent people's souls!"

"Hey, again with me taking everyone's soul? You really need to get off of that subject," she sighed.

"Fine then. Here's another subject for you. I activate Infiltration Spy Hero. And if you down know how it works, let me fill you in: by sending two cards from my hand to the Graveyard, I can take one card from your Graveyard and add it to my hand. And the card I'm taking is Spell Shield Type-8!"

"NO! You can't!" shouted Izanami, in shock.

"Uh, yeah I can, and I will!"

Izanami's Spell Shield Type-8 was removed from her Graveyard and added to Jaden's hand.

"And now, I'll have Clayman attack your monster one more time. And this time, he's gonna stay in the Graveyard because I know you don't have any card in your hand to bring him back next turn!"

"No fair!" cried Izanami.

"Actually, it's quite fair! Go Clayman, attack Nightmare Horse one final time!"

Clayman attack Nightmare Horse. But as her was destroyed, Jaden lost 300 of Life Points.

Izanami: 7100 LP
Jaden: 4800 LP

"Hey, why did I lose Life Points?" Jaden asked.

"That's because I activated my trap Skull Invitation. Whenever a card is sent to the Graveyard, it doesn't matter whose Graveyard it goes to, you lose 300 Life Points per card. And now, it's my turn and I play the trap card Tremendous Fire. This card automatically takes away 1000 of your Life Points!"

"Hold on there, Izanami! I think you're forgetting something! That card deals direct damage to both of our Life Points. Not just mine," Jaden corrected her.

Izanami crossed her arms and sighed. "I already know that but I'd only lose 500. That's less than what you'll lose."

The Tremendous Fire trap card activated, causing both Jaden and Izanami to lose Life Points.

Izanami: 6600 LP
Jaden: 3800 LP

"Go spirits! Drain him now!" she shouted. But this time, even more souls flew out of her mirror and attacked Jaden once more. Izanami laughed manically.

"Go ahead and laugh. You're still not going to win this duel." Jaden was trying as hard as he could to keep his balance.

"But on the contrary, I will win this duel. And my turn's not done yet. Now, I'm activating Emergency Provisions and by sending two of my cards to the Graveyard, I get back 2000 Life Points."

Izanami: 8600 LP
Jaden: 3800 LP

"And since I've increased my Life Points to make sure I don't lose this duel, I'm summoning Inaba White Rabbit to the field. But he won't be staying for long, because I'm sacrificing him to bring forth Patrician of Darkness! My turn is done." Izanami smiled in amusement.

"Finally. Okay, time for me to bring a monster back from the Graveyard. I'm activating The Warrior Returning Alive and the monster I'm bringing back is Elemental Hero Sparkman (ATK: 1600/DEF: 1400)!"

"Wait, there has to be some mistake! I never sent that card to your Graveyard!" Izanami shouted.

"Of course you didn't. But I did. Remember when I played my Infiltration Spy Hero card? I sent two monsters to my Grave. Hero Kid and Sparkman. And to finish my turn, I'm also activating Polymerization, fusing Sparkman and Clayman to create… Elemental Hero Thunder Giant (ATK: 2400/DEF: 1500)! And he's a real shocker too because as soon as he's summoned to the field, I can use his special ability to automatically destroy a monster on your side of the field!" Jaden explained.

"NO!" Izanami cried.

"Oh yeah! Go Thunder Giant! Attack Patrician of Darkness!"

Thunder Giant used its special ability and destroyed Patrician of Darkness.

"His special ability is nothing! Now here comes his attack! GO! Attack Izanami's Life Points directly!" Jaden shouted.

Izanami shuddered in fear as Thunder Giant attacked her Life Points, causing her to scream so loud, it echoed throughout the Island. Now she was the one falling to the ground on her knees.

"Ha! There's no way you're winning this duel now. I'm going to win and get Chazz's soul back and free every other soul you took as well," said Jaden happily.

Izanami: 6200 LP
Jaden: 3500 LP

Izanami was breathing heavily. But she slowly got back on her feet and she was hot mad now.

"There's nothing for you to be happy about! You only got one lucky move! That's doesn't mean a thing! My draw!" she shouted in anger as she drew a card from her deck. "Looks like I got a good card. Activate Spell card, Raigeki! This card automatically destroys your Thunder Giant!"

"Aw man!" said Jaden.

The Raigeki Spell card destroyed Thunder Giant and sent him to the Graveyard.

"I'm also activating Reinforcement of the Army card. This allows me to move one level 4 or lower Warrior-Type monster from my deck and add it to my hand," explained Izanami.

"Oh no you're not! Spell Shield Type-8, activate! Just like you did earlier in our duel, I'm sending one of my cards to the Graveyard, to negate the activation of your Spell card and destroy it. But after I use this card, it goes back into your Graveyard."

Spell Shield Type-8 destroyed Reinforcement of the Army.

"Ah well, it's not like I needed the card anyway. I've got something better. I summon Masked Sorcerer (ATK: 900/DEF: 1000) and I'll have him attack your Life Points directly! Hahahahahahaha!"

Masked Sorcerer attacked Jaden directly. And Izanami let loose more of the spirits from her mirror and drained some more of Jaden's strength.

Izanami: 6200 LP
Jaden: 2600 LP

"Oh and I also get to draw one card because Masked Sorcerer attacked you directly," she replied as he drew a card from her deck.

"My turn then."

"Don't forget, my spirits take more of your strength and it all transfers to me. Drain him once more my spirits!"

Her mirror appeared again and more souls flew out and attacked Jaden. He was hanging on as much as he could.

"Ah, it's so nice to be powerful. Now then, make your move," she said.

"Okay, I'm playing the Magic card Monster Reborn, which let's me bring a monster back from the Graveyard. And the monster I'm choosing is… your Inaba White Rabbit!" Jaden said.

"What!" Izanami shouted.

"That's right! Your monster is fighting on my side now!"

Jaden brought Izanami's monster back from the Graveyard and onto the field.

"Sweet! Now, attack her Life Points directly!"

Inaba White Rabbit shot up into the air once again and attacked Izanami.

Izanami: 5500 LP
Jaden: 2600 LP

"And now that I've done that, I'll now activate the Quick-play card, Emergency Provisions! By sending three cards to the card Graveyard, I get back 3000 Life Point!"

Izanami: 5500 LP
Jaden: 5600 LP

"Power up your Life Points all you want. It isn't going to help you one bit. I'm still going to win this duel and your soul whether you like it or not." Izanami gritted her teeth in anger.

"Oh yeah? Well, I'm gonna hafta disagree with you. Go Over Soul! And with this card, I can Special Summon one monster that has 'Elemental Hero' in its name from my Graveyard. So come, back Elemental Hero Sparkman (ATK: 1600/DEF: 1400)!"

Sparkman returned to the field.

"I'm throwin' down a face down and returning Inaba White Rabbit to my hand. That's it from me."

Jaden was growing tired because of all the strength he'd lost.

(Jaden's POV)
I'm going to save you Chazz. So hang in there.
(End POV)

"Aw, is this duel too much for you child? I would end your suffering but it's just so amusing to see you in pain. Anyway, for my next move, I'm sacrificing Masked Sorcerer to summon Jinzo (ATK: 2400/DEF: 1500) to the field!"

"No, but that means—

"That's right Jaden. Jinzo's special ability makes it so that neither of can use our Trap cards. So you better hope that face down card isn't a Trap!"

Jinzo used his special ability and destroyed Izanami's Skull Invitation Trap card and Jaden's face down card.

"I'm so sorry Jaden. Too bad. Looks like it was a Trap card. See what happens when you're careless? Jinzo, attack Sparkman! Destroy him!"

Jinzo used his Cyber Energy Shockwave attack on Jaden's monster and destroyed him.

Izanami: 5500 LP
Jaden: 4800 LP

Izanami smiled evilly. "Alright, my spirits drain you yet again."

The mirror appeared and the souls flew out of it and drained Jaden again.

"Next I'm playing Monster Reincarnation, to bring back an old friend who just hates to say good-bye. By discarding one card, I get back Nightmare Horse," said Izanami.

"Great," Jaden sighed, exhausted.

"I know, isn't it? Now I'm going to play him, in ATTACK MODE!"

Nightmare Horse was summoned to the field again and attacked Jaden's Life Points as soon as he was summoned.

Izanami: 5500 LP
Jaden: 4300 LP

And the souls from Izanami's mirror drained Jaden's strength as well.

"I'm ending my turn with a card face down in defense mode. Make your move already!" yelled Izanami.

"Geez, you don't have to yelled," replied Jaden, drawing a card from his deck. "Before I start my turn, I wanna know something," he said.

Izanami grew annoyed. "What is it!" she snapped.

"Your past. You say that long ago, you were burned at the stake for practicing magic. I wanna know… what happened for them to do what they did. They had to have had a reason for you to come back so bitter."

"Why do you want to know? It isn't going to help you win this duel. But I'll tell you anyway to keep you from bugging me about it even more."


(Izanami narrating) "I remember it like it was yesterday. The year was 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts, the city that was known for the Salem Witch Trials. The Trial was still going on when my older sister Izumi and I were there. Any and everyone could be accused of being a witch. Innocent people were being accused of something that they were not. A lot of people were hanged and others were burned.

No one knew that out of all of the families in the town, was the only family of real witches in Salem. There were a few others that were witches as well but we all kept quiet about it. Our parents had died when I was really young but my mother always used to say that my sister and I looked like twins even though we weren't the same age.

Anyway, I was pretty much a free spirit around Salem, unlike my sister. I loved people; I loved to be around everyone. And that's when I met him… William Sanders, the town's blacksmith. Everyday, I would visit him and watch him work since I had nothing else to do. It became and everyday habit visiting him. We became really good friends soon after.

After he'd finished working, I'd sometimes fix a basket of food and we'd go on a little picnic by the docks for a little bit. The docks were a peaceful place to go when you wanted to clear your head from outside troubles. William would always tell me these little jokes and we'd sit there and laughed. We enjoyed each other's company. And soon, one thing led to another. We became more than just friends. I actually fell in love with him and he fell in love with me.

My sister told me to be careful and make sure he didn't find out I was a witch because I would be killed if anyone found out. But as usual, I'd never listen to her. I wanted to tell him. I couldn't stand lying to William about who I was. He deserved to know. I felt as if I owed him that much.

But one day, I had told him to meet me at the docks because I wanted to talk to him about something important, which was my secret, of course. I had packed a basket of food as well. And, as soon as I got there, I saw him… in the arms… of… another woman. William had betrayed me! The only man I ever loved, betrayed me!"

"William! What are you doing?" Izanami shouted.

William let go of the woman he was kissing and turned around, only to see Izanami standing a foot away from him and the woman, with a basket in her hand.

"Izanami!" he said in shock, "it's not what you think! We weren't… I mean... I can explain—

The woman William was with cut him off in mid-sentence by slapping him. "Thou was with another woman and didn't tell me? For shame!" she said.

"W-William? I-I trusted you. I thought… I thought you loved me!" cried Izanami as she fell to the ground on her knees. The basket of food she hand in her hands, she had dropped beside her.

William ran to Izanami's side to comfort her. "I do love you. This woman… means nothing to me," he said.

The woman scoffed in anger, picked up some dirt, and threw it at William and Izanami both. Izanami got mad and pushed William off of her.

"You've shamed me in the worst possible way!" Izanami got up off the ground and pointed her left index finger at him. "You… will pay!"

Her eyes began to glow brightly, which terrified the woman and William.

"Alverix Orcus, trans-frogamorphus, spotticus, trotticus, transferus porcus!"

Izanami used her powers to turn William into… a frog. As for the woman, she was screaming in fear at what she had just seen.

"T-thou is a witch! A demonic witch!" she screamed as she ran into town shouting this.

Izanami gasped as she realized what she had just done.

(Izanami narrating) "After that, I had ran home to tell my sister what happened. We immediately hurried and packed some of our belongings to leave town. Izumi scorned me for what I did of course but she was worried about our lives more than she was mad at me. But the woman William was with, had gathered a mob of people and had them all gathered around our little house. That's when my sister and I knew, that everyone else in the town found out, that we were witches.

They captured us both and tied us up. Instead of hanging us like they did other innocent people, they burned us because they assumed that since we were witches, we could bring ourselves back to life very easily because we would not be all the way dead. Salem was at a mass hysteria of the witch accusing. My sister and I begged for our lives to be spared but of course, they wouldn't do that.

My carelessness cost us our lives. Out of anger and hatred, for what William had done to me, we were burned. I swore that as I died, I would come back and ruin the lives of humans with broken hearts. But in return, I'd get eternal life."

(End flashback)

"So you see Jaden, now you know why I'm so bitter. Why I'm the way I am," explained Izanami.

Jaden was silent for the moment but he was thinking.

(Jaden's POV)
Izanami's situation sounds just like what happened between Chazz and me almost. But… no matter how much pain she went through, no one deserves their life being taken away from them.
(End POV)

Jaden had his hands balled into a fist. His head was down as well.

"Now I understand… I understand… why you're angry. Nobody likes to be betrayed. I may not have been betrayed the way you have but I understand your anger." Jaden lifted his head up, "but still, that doesn't give you the right to take a person's life!"

"You still don't get it do you? Thanks to the people of Salem, I had no life! It was ended as soon as the whole down found out that my sister and I were witches," Izanami said.

"Yeah and? You caused that on yourself. As I recall, you said that your sister warned you to be careful and not let anyone find out about you being a witch. You caused you and your sister's death! I hate to say it that way but it's true and you know it! Blaming someone else for your mistake is not going to change what happened years ago!" Jaden said angrily.

"H-how dare you say such a thing? The townspeople of Salem killed us both and you have the nerve to say it was my fault? Then I guess I have to teach you a lesson about your mouth, child!" Izanami's eyes glowed red with anger.

"See? You're doing it again. You're letting your anger get the best of you and that will be your downfall in this duel. But hey, if you don't want to believe me, then maybe my move will make you realize the truth! Okay, now, I activate the Spell card Dark Factory of Mass Production! With this, I can select two monsters from my Graveyard and add them to my hand and the monsters I'm choosing are Elemental Heroes Sparkman and Clayman. And next, I'm summing Elemental Hero Burstinetrix (ATK: 1200/DEF: 800) to the field in attack mode!"

Jaden summoned Burstinetrix to the field.

"And I'm not done! I'm also using my second Polymerization card to create… Thunder Giant! I'm also playing the Magic card Kishido Spirit. Now, any monsters you summon and they have the same attack points of any of my monster, you can't destroy them in battle," Jaden explained as his turned ended.

"Big whoop," replied Izanami as she drew a card from her deck. "Alright, I play Dice Jar (ATK: 200/DEF: 300) in attack mode. This monster can determine the outcome of this duel," she said.

"And how do you figure that?" asked Jaden.

"Because of Dice Jar's special ability, that's how."

A six-sided die appeared in the center of the playing field.

"A die?" said Jaden.

(Jaden's POV)
That's odd. How's a die going to decide the outcome of this duel?
(End POV)

"I bet you're wondering why a die is in the middle of the playing field," said Izanami as she flipped her hair back.

"It kinda crossed my mind," Jaden replied.

"Well, it's part of that special ability I mentioned. We both roll the die once and the one with the lowest result takes Direct Damage to their Life Points by their opponent's result x 500. But if either of us roll a six, the loser takes 6000 points of Direct Damage," explained Izanami.

"What! 6000 points of damage! That's crazy!" Jaden exclaimed.

"Maybe to you but to me, it's not. Now then, we only have to roll the die again if our results are the same. So just to be fair, I'll let you go first," Izanami offered.

"Fine. Then I'll roll first."

The die jumped up in the air and landed back on the ground. It rolled three times before stopping.

"My result is three. Your turn," Jaden said.

"Yes, and a winning roll it shall be," she replied as the die rolled again. Izanami's result was three also.

"Oh well, looks like we have to roll again," said Jaden.

Jaden's result was two.

"Winning this duel is easier than I thought. There's no way you can still will with that result. My roll."

The die was rolled and it landed on a four. Izanami growled in anger.

(Izanami's POV)
Damn it! I was hoping for a six. But no matter, he still loses Life Points either way.
(End POV)

"Guess you didn't get the roll you were hoping for," replied Jaden.

"So what? You still lose Life Points thanks to the special ability of Dice Jar."

(Jaden's POV)
She's right. And because of the way she has this duel set up, if I lose Life Points, the souls from her mirror will just drain my strength again. There must be a way to stop her from using those souls against their will. Oh well, I'm just gonna have to hang in there until I figure out something. But I know I can win this duel.
(End POV)

Izanami: 5500 LP
Jaden: 2300 LP

Jaden's strength was drained once more.

"I place one card face down and that'll do it. For now anyway," Izanami replied.

"And my turn starts. Okay, I'm activating the Magic card Special Hurricane! Here's where things get interesting… see, when I discard one card from my hand, I can destroy all monsters on your side of the field that were Special Summoned!"

"What! No!" shouted Izanami.

"That's right! Now your Jinzo… goes bye-bye."

Special Hurricane activated, destroyed Jinzo.

"I'm ending my turn."

"Thank you Jaden." Izanami smiled evilly.

"Uh, thank you… for what?" he asked.

"For destroying my monster. Thanks to you, I can bring him back from the Graveyard even stronger. Go, Premature Burial! Jinzo (ATK: 3200/DEF: 1500) returns with 800 extra attack points but… he's not strong enough to attack your Thunder Giant so I'll end my turn. It's your move now."

"And I'll make it with pleasure! I'm using the Spell card Burst Impact! Oh yeah, the heat is on! As long as I have Elemental Hero Burstinetrix on my field, Burst Impact allows Burstinetrix to destroy every other monster on the field except herself and we both take 300 points of damage for each destroyed monster!"

"That's impossible! There's no way that card can let you do that!" Izanami exclaimed.

"Well guess again. Burstinetrix, turn up the heat and this duel and attack!" Jaden ordered.

The Burst Impact Spell card allowed Burstinetrix to destroy all monsters on the field. Jaden's Thunder Giant and Izanami's face down monster, Nightmare Horse, Dice Jar, and Jinzo.

Izanami: 4300 LP
Jaden: 2000 LP

"And since, I lost Life Points using my cards, you can't use your souls to drain my strength this turn," Jaden pointed out.

"Grr, there's always next turn. Just you wait," Izanami replied, angry.

"You're going to have to wait yourself because it's still my turn. I play Double Spell. And here's how it works: by discarding one Magic card from my hand, I can pick a Magic card from your Graveyard and activate it as my own for this turn," explained Jaden.

Izanami became angry and annoyed.

"So now, I'm taking your Monster Reborn Magic card. Come on back… Elemental Hero Sparkman and I'll put him in defense mode. That ends my turn."

"About time. Your moves have become dull and boring. I mean really, there's no excitement in this duel with you slacking. How are you supposed to save Chazz with moves like that?" Izanami was trying to mess with Jaden's head.

"Chazz…" Jaden whispered softly as he looked over to where he had laid Chazz up against the tree. And he was still lifeless and soulless of course.

"You're going to have to do better than what you've been doing. So much for being the best duelist at this school."

"What? How do you know about that?" asked Jaden.

"I know everything. I've been watching Chazz ever since the curse was placed upon him. I already knew he was going to fall in love with you and look where love got him. He ended up having no soul. Soon… you will be just like him. My power feeds off of helplessly in love humans. And because you're in love with Chazz, you lose more and more of your strength each time my souls drain—

"Enough!" yelled Jaden angrily. "I get it, I get it. You hate people now. You hate everyone because you were betrayed in your past. That's your past! Some things are just best to let go and move on. What would your sister say if she was still alive!"

Izanami gasped at the very mention of my sister. But she brushed it off.

"Leave my sister out of this! She has nothing to do with what I do! My move! I play Graceful Charity." Izanami discarded two cards from her hand to the Graveyard and then drew two more cards from her deck. "Oh, I am so good. Well, you've asked for it now, child. I summon Chiron the Mage (ATK: 1800/DEF: 1000) in attack mode. ATTAKE NOW!"

Chiron the Mage destroyed Elemental Hero Burstinetrix. And as Jaden lost Life Points, he lost more of his strength. It all got transferred to Izanami.

Izanami: 4300 LP
Jaden: 1400 LP

Jaden almost passed out he was so tired.

"Ah, I love having an advantage over you. It makes my chances of winning all the sweeter," Izanami grinned.

"Ugh! My move! Awesome!" replied Jaden happily. "Bet'cha can't guess what I've got in my hand," he said, tauntingly.

"During this entire duel, I haven't cared one bit about what cards you have in your hand," said Izanami snobbishly.

"Well, you should 'cause it's about to hurt you big time! Go Hero Flash! This card let's me Special Summon any monster from my deck that has 'Elemental Hero' in its name. And the monster I'm choosing is Elemental Hero Wildheart (ATK: 1500/DEF: 1600) in attack mode!"

"So? He's weak!" Izanami said.

"I'm not done! Now, by removing the following cards from play: Heat Heart, Emergency Call, Right Justice, and Over Soul; any Elemental Hero monsters on my side of the field, I can attack your Life Points directly!"

Jaden removed all four cards from play and Elemental Hero Wildheart was summoned to the field.

"I'd like to see you try and attack me," Izanami said.

"I don't have to try because I can do it! I'm switching Sparkman to attack mode also. Go, attack her Life Points now!"

Both Sparkman and Wildheart attacked Izanami at the same time.

Izanami: 1200 LP
Jaden: 1400 LP

"Lucky move," said Izanami.

"Luck had nothing to do with it. I'm dueling for love! And that… doesn't make me weak either," Jaden replied.

"Gag me already. I'm summoning Orchid the Spy in attack mode. Really Jaden, you're starting to bore me. You're dueling for love? Don't make me laugh. Pathetic is what you are."

"I don't get you," Jaden began, "you were in love once. And just because you were hurt, you're taking your anger out on others who did nothing to you. Have you at least once thought about how many people you've hurt because of your pain? Don't you even care?" he asked.

Izanami put her left on her hip. "No, I don't. What people feel is of no concern to me. Now if you don't mind, I'd like to finish my turn. Starting with… my Orchid the Spy. The special ability of my monster let's me take 200 points from the attack points of one of your monsters. Since I'm not going to bother asking you, I'm taking 200 points from your Sparkman."

Sparkman's attack points went down to 1400 and Orchid the Spy's went up to 1200.

"Now then, my Mage destroys your Wildheart!" shouted Izanami.

Chiron destroyed Elemental Hero Wildheart.

"Spirits GO!"

The souls from Izanami's mirror drained Jaden's strength. Jaden, on the other hand, couldn't take it anymore and just passed out on the ground.

Izanami: 1200 LP
Jaden: 1100 LP

"I place one card face down. Ha! If you're dueling for love, you should be able to withstand everything I throw at you. You're weak, child. And you always will be!" Izanami laughed at him.

Jaden was still lying on the ground unconscious.

(Jaden's POV)
I must… get up. But… I can't! Why… can't I get up? I'm sorry Chazz. I've failed you. I'm sorry I couldn't save you. I'm… sorry…
(End POV)

"Jaden… wake up…" a voice said.

Chazz's glowing spirit appeared in front of Jaden. He gently placed his hand on top of Jaden's head.

"You haven't failed me Jaden. You've done the best that you could. You've done so much for me and that's something I'll always cherish. Now it's my turn to help you. I'm giving you my strength so you can save me. I believe in you"

Chazz smiled. His spirit slowly began to disappear. "I'm fading away. Please Jaden, win this duel and save me and everyone else that's trapped. I love you."

Chazz's spirit disappeared but his strength was transferred to Jaden, causing him to glow a little bit. Izanami noticed this and started wander what was going on?

(Izanami's POV)
What is this? Why is he glowing like that?
(End POV)

Jaden managed to get back up but slowly. Izanami was in a state of shock.

"It can't be! You should be down good! There's no way you should've gotten back up again!" she shouted.

Jaden was panting from exhaustion. "Well… you would… think that… wouldn't you. But… I'm still here. And… it's my turn!"

"Go ahead and make your move! You're one attack away from losing this duel. Face it child, there's not a single move you can make that can save you now."

Jaden was able to stand up straight. "Nothing you say can stop me. Chazz is counting on me to save him and everyone that you've trapped inside your mirror." He drew a card from his deck.

(Jaden's POV)
Come on deck. I need a good card…
(End POV)

I switch Sparkman to defense mode and I'm throwin' down a face down. Your move."

Sparkman's strength went down 200 more points and was now left with 1200 attack points. Orchid's strength was 1400.

"That's the only move you can think of? Then finishing you off will be easy. I'll save my Orchid the Spy for when I win this duel so I'll use Chiron to attack your Sparkman. But before I do that, I'm activating my facedown card, Deal of Phantom! And with this Trap card, comes an excellent effect: for every monster I have in my Graveyard, I can raise any monster's attack points by 100 for each one of them. And I think I'll use this card on my Chiron the Mage (ATK: 2500/DEF: 1000). Chiron, attack NOW!" Izanami ordered.

Chiron charged forward to attack Sparkman.

"I don't think so! Activate facedown card… Draining Shield! This card allows me to negate the attack of one of your monsters!"

"NO!" Izanami shouted.

Draining Shield stopped Chiron the Mage from attacking Sparkman.

"And that's not all this card does Izanami! You see, it also lets me gain Life Points by the amount equal to the monster you tried to attack me with," explained Jaden.


Izanami: 1200 LP
Jaden: 3600 LP

Sparkman's attack points continued to go down by 200 points while Orchid's attack points were 1600.

"Fine! Then I end my turn but I guarantee your next move will be your last," threatened Izanami.

"I don't think so! I play the Magic card, Fusion Recovery! And just like the names suggest, I can bring back one Polymerization card and a Fusion Material monster from the Graveyard and add it to my hand. Polymerization and Elemental Hero Clayman!"

Polymerization and Clayman were brought back from the Graveyard and Jaden placed both cards into his hand.

"Play whatever card you like. It isn't going to help you!"

"I'm gonna have hafta disagree with you, Izanami. This move is going to help me plenty. Because now… I'm activating Polymerization, fusin' Sparkman and Clayman together once again to create… Elemental Hero Thunder Giant (ATK: 2400/DEF: 1500)!"

(Izanami's POV)
What! This can't be happening! How can he retaliate with minimum strength! I can't lose this duel! But no matter… if I lose, he'll go down with me.
(End POV)

"You will not win this duel!" Izanami shouted.

"Oh yes I will and since I just fused Thunder Giant, I can use his special ability to destroy your monster!"

Thunder Giant used its special ability and destroyed Chiron the Mage, leaving her other monster defenseless.

"Now, attack her other monster!"

Thunder Giant attacked Izanami's Orchid the Spy.

Izanami: 800 LP
Jaden: 3600 LP

"This is not over yet! And now that your turn's done, I can get rid of you for good! And just think about it… once I have your soul, you and Chazz will be trapped together forever!" Izanami laughed manically.

"Too bad I'm not done yet," replied Jaden.


"Now quiet down, so I can finish my turn," ordered Jaden.

"What are you talking about! Your monster has already attacked so there's nothing more you can do," Izanami said.

"I still have this card… DE-Fusion! And by splitting my monster in half, I can use one of the monsters that were combined to create Thunder Giant and attack you directly!" Jaden explained

"NO! This can't be the end!" shouted Izanami.

"I'm afraid it is!"

Thunder Giant split back into the two original monsters that were used to form him, which were Sparkman and Clayman.

"Attack her Life Points now, Clayman!"


Clayman attacked Izanami and that caused her to lose the rest of her Life Points. She fell to the ground on her knees in defeat.

Izanami: 0 LP
Jaden: 3600 LP

"Oh yeah! And that… is game!" Jaden replied happily. "And since I won, that means I get to keep my soul as well as you freeing everyone you've held prisoner in your mirror!"

Izanami began to laugh manically.

"Just because we made a deal, doesn't mean I'll actually go through with my end of the bargain. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

The wind began blowing and howling ferociously. Izanami's mirror was shattered into a million pieces as well. All the souls she had captured and held prisoner, were now set free, including Chazz.

But as for Izanami, a whirlwind of power was circling around her. She was screaming because of the fact that the whirlwind was draining her powers.

"What's happening?" shouted Jaden, the wind practically almost blowing him away.

"I WILL NOT BE DEFEATED!" screamed Izanami, her eyes glowing red with anger.

A huge black shadowy hand with claws had appeared right in front of Jaden.

"Uh-oh," he said, as he tried to run from it, but the hand had grabbed his right ankle, causing him to fall down on the ground.

Izanami's evil laughter echoed throughout the island. Everyone at the Halloween Festival heard it as well. It began thundering and lightning and soon after, it started to rain.

"Let me go!" yelled Jaden angrily.


Izanami's dark shadowy hand was pulling Jaden towards her. But Jaden felt someone grab a hold of his hand. He looked up and saw that it was Chazz.

"Chazz!" he said.

"Jaden, hold on!" shouted Chazz.

"YOU WILL BOTH DIE!" Izanami's voice echoed loudly.

Jaden was holding on to Chazz's hand tightly. Chazz was doing his best to pull Jaden's leg from Izanami's grip.


Chazz was able to pull Jaden free from Izanami's grasp. They both ran towards a tree that was far away from her. The weather outside had gotten worse, causing tree branches to fly everywhere. The Halloween Festival was practically destroyed.

"Jaden, I'm sorry about everything. I should've never gotten you involved into my problems," Chazz replied.

"Don't say that Chazz. None of this is your fault. But I meant everything I said. I'll protect you no matter what happens. I know you think I betrayed you with Blair, but I—

"Don't… Jaden. This would've never happened if I'd just believed you about that. I should've never slapped you. Seeing you duel to save me made me realize… how much you truly love me. And I'll always be grateful to have you in my life. I love you Jaden Yuki." Chazz smiled.

"I love you too, Chazz Princeton," said Jaden.


Izanami's shadowy hand had appeared again. Jaden Chazz held onto each other tightly. They knew what was going to happen next.

(Chazz's POV)
I have to break this curse. It's the only way to end all this madness. I just hope that my choice… is the right one.
(End POV)

Chazz suddenly wrapped his arms around Jaden's neck. Jaden noticed this and blushed slightly. But he knew what Chazz was doing.

"I have to Jaden. It's the only way," replied Chazz.

"Are you sure about your choice?" he asked.

"Yes… I'm sure," answered Chazz.

Jaden and Chazz brought their faces closer to each other's. Soon their lips met, and Izanami's dark shadowy hand stopped dead in its tracks before it could reach them both.


Izanami's shadowy hand began to deteriorate slowly and disappear along with the rest of her. Jaden and Chazz held on to each other until the violent blowing of the wind, finally stopped. They gave a sigh of relief. It was over. Izanami's mirror broke into a million tiny pieces of shards. Every soul she'd captured was now free. They were floating up towards the sky.

Chazz looked up at Jaden and smiled.

"I love you," he said, laying his head on Jaden's chest.

"I love you too. I'm glad this is all over. By the way, what made you decide to stay a girl?" asked Jaden.

"I did it… for you and… for my mom. But… I also did it for myself. I've finally realized that I can't go on trying to please my father for something; I don't even want to do. Besides, its not like he cares about me anyway. I have a mind of my own and world domination is not what I want anymore. I may love dueling, but I don't want to dominate it. I'll leave that up to my brothers. Thank you for saving me Jaden." Chazz had a stream of tears.

Jaden used his hand to wipe Chazz's tears away.

"You don't have to thank me Chazz I would've done it anyway, even if you told me not to. And don't worry about your father and your brothers; at least you knew your mother cared about you. And I care about you too," Jaden said.

Chazz yawned sleepily. "I'm tired," he said.

"I am too," replied Jaden, yawning as well.

The darkness of the clouds in the sky began to slowly disappear as the sun came out, shinning brightly. Chazz and Jaden fell soundly asleep under the tree ineach other's arms.

(Chazz's POV)
For once in my life, someone loves me. I will cherish this moment and my new love… forever.
(End POV)


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