This Is Love


She lost her memory… and he lost the woman he loved…

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Groaning, Gohan slowly got up, terminating the horrible irritating noise. Still half asleep, he walked over to his bathroom. He stood before the sink, just staring at his reflection…

He just couldn't understand…

Everything had been great… He had everything he possibly needed. His father was back, his family was complete, Buu was gone and then… There was Videl… Everything had been perfect… But he should have known better…

It had been raining… It'd been raining for the whole week and traffic was always a problem. She didn't want to go but… He kept insisting, begging, making it hard for her to refuse.

He was ready, waiting for her… For every minute she was late, he just told himself she was just running late… But he was wrong…

He was so wrong…

"Gohan!" Goten had come running to greet him but not with the usual grin on his face.

He should've known something was wrong then. He should've known… Everyone had been solemn…

Chichi had run to him, pulling him into an embrace…

"I'm so sorry son," Goku said, his face pale and grim.

As soon as he heard the news, the floor fell from beneath him and he began to fall into a pit of pure darkness.

"Videl got into an accident…"

The words were like bullets, shooting holes in his body. He continued to fall…

"She lost her memory…"

He paid visits to her all the time at the hospital, every day for the whole time she was in there… But it hurt…

"Do I know you?"

Everyday he came to see her; he had to face the fact that she didn't know him… All of those wonderful memories from their relationship were completely gone. He was just a guy to her… A very nice guy….

He didn't care that she had no idea who he was; all he cared about was that he got to see her but even that had to be taken away…

"Listen you freak!" Hercule's infuriated voice boomed from the doorway of the house as Gohan stood on the other side of the gate.

"My daughter deserves more than a super alien freak!"

And for once, in his pathetic life, Hercule Satan had been right. Gohan's world began to crumble even more… He truly had lost everything…


Gohan snapped out of his walk down memory lane and washed his face with cold water. How long had it been? Three… Four years? He never saw her again. Hercule had sent her away, somewhere far… Far away from him.


Drying his face, he walked to his room to pick up the phone but it was too late. Whoever was calling had hung up. He sat on the bed, letting out a sigh. He'd been living on his own for almost four months… He longed to go home but he had to learn to survive on his own… Not that he couldn't. Piccolo had left him on his own to defend himself in the wilderness at the age of four. Surely he could handle living on his own in the city.

Besides, his life was in the city now. He'd passed all the college tests and graduated early from college at the age of twenty and instantly got a good job from Bulma at Capsule Corp. He loved that job since all his friends and family were always there. He was already somewhat famous. He was an inventor at the lab… He made good money.

Once he was dressed for work, he took off for Capsule Corp. Outside the building Goten was waiting for him. The little Goku look alike was no longer little, nor a look alike of his father. He was now eleven and had cut his hair much shorter. He looked very different.

"Hey Gohan!" Goten greeted his brother once he set foot on the ground.

"Hey Goten, what're you doing here?" Gohan scratched his head.

The young saiyan whipped out a piece of paper and proudly handed it over to his brother. Gohan took a look at it briefly before breaking into a grin.

"Goten! This is great!" Gohan lightly patted Goten on the back. "Mom will be so happy."

Goten grinned up at him. "I've studied so hard and it finally paid off! You should come to the house for dinner!"

Gohan nodded. "Okay. You tell mom I'll be over there tonight."

"You promise?"

Gohan ruffled his hair. "I promise. Now get to school."

"I'm just waiting for Trunks. He should be coming out soon."

"Goten!" a purple haired young man of twelve rushed over. "Yo Gohan! Ready to work then?"

"All set. Your mom in there?"

"Yup! She's waiting for you. She says you guys have to work on the Gravity Room. Dad broke it. Again."

"Okay. Well, get going you two. Don't cause too much trouble!" he called out to the boys speeding away from him waving goodbye. Moments later, they were completely gone.

Gohan walked inside the house, heading for the lab. He glanced at Vegeta sitting on the counter, a scowl on his face. Gohan didn't bother to say hi. He walked into the Gravity Room to find Bulma hunkered down near the controls for the Gravity Room.

"Hey, good morning," Gohan greeted her as he set down his bag.

"Gohan! Ugh. I'm so glad you're here," Bulma greeted him before whacking at the controls with her wrench. "Stupid hunk of junk. Stupid Vegeta broke the damn thing again!"

Gohan laughed. "That's Vegeta for you." He sat down next to her. "I don't get it. Why not just make a much better model than this? Make one that can sustain the hell Vegeta unleashes."

Bulma turned to him. "That's a wonderful idea!"

Gohan nodded. "Anyway, I should get back to the inventing thing."

"You sound so bored when you say it."

"What can I say? I'm too smart for my own good," He gave her a grin before going on his own way.

Sighing, he put on his lab coat and sat at his desk. He took out a small machine he was working and began to tinker with it. It was a machine that helped others find things they'd lost. He was very proud of it too.

Thanks Gohan…

You're so smart…

Gohan blinked several times, staring at the wall. Why did her voice echo in his head? He shook his head and got back to work.

I love you…

I always will…



Startled, Gohan dropped the Finder101. He looked up to see Vegeta scowling at him. He began to pick up the parts of the machine.

"Hi Vegeta," Gohan sighed.

"Come out here," the prince said turning to go.

"I'm working. I—"

"Come out here before I drag you out!"

Gohan finally followed Vegeta to the living room to see that the TV was on.

"Watch." Vegeta demanded.



"Okay, okay." He looked at the TV to see Hercule talking to the press. "Vegeta I don't—"

"Look. On the right."

Gohan felt like he'd had the air knocked out of him. There, on the right of Hercule Satan stood a young woman in her twenties with short dark hair and piercing blue eyes. She looked different but there was no mistaking it.

"Shocked?" Vegeta smirked.

Gohan remained speechless. Vegeta continued to talk but Gohan couldn't hear him.

"I hear she's remembered everything," Vegeta's voice broke through his thoughts.

Gohan spun around to face Vegeta. "E-Everything?"

Vegeta nodded slowly. "Everything… But you."

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