Hermione couldn't face him for the last time. Not yet. As his face appeared in her mind, she really realized that this would be the last time she would see him. She hoped with all her heart that he would keep his promise. But would he? Would he really ignore the sway of evil? If—when—she went back, would he even remember her? Would their week in heaven actually mean anything? How much would have changed?

As her mind was swirling mercilessly with these questions, she didn't notice someone come up to her. "Hermione?" a deep, comforting voice asked.

She jumped in fright, but as she looked up, she was met with beautiful green eyes. She smiled pitifully as she looked into Antares's face…for the final time. "Oh, Andy." Hermione cried as she clambered up to hug him fiercely.

He staggered a few steps, but held her. "Hold on. What's wrong, Hermione?" he asked concernedly.

"Andy, I have to go back! I'm going back soon! I don't know how to say go—good—goodbye!" she whimpered.

Andy's face tightened into a look of sadness and disbelief. "Wh—What?" he asked harshly. "You're—You're going back?"

She pulled away from him. "I have to, Andy. I'm sorry, but I do. My whole life is in the future!"

"Wait. Going back where? What do you mean 'the future'?" he asked, confused.

Hermione's eyes widened. "Oh no!" she exclaimed, covering her face. "I haven't told you? Oh no…oh no…oh no…" she trailed.

"Well this explains a lot." He thought.

"Andy, maybe I'll meet you sometime in the future. Maybe. But I must go now. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before! Goodbye, Antares Black." Hermione said sadly.

Andy's expression was a myriad of feelings, but the one coming up to the surface was the one that said he would miss her. Not in a romantic way—he had gotten over that—but he would miss her as a friend. He wondered why she hadn't said that she was from the future before. He wondered how far in the future she was from. Well, he rationalized, she couldn't be from that far, because she had said that she might see him there. But now, his feelings changed. For the first time in his life, he actually felt bad for that stupid, infuriating Tom Riddle. For reasons he couldn't exactly explain. Just that Riddle had come to really like, perhaps even love, this girl that had come into their lives so quickly, then had to leave just as fast. Andy shook his head as if trying to viciously forget something. He felt bad for Tom Riddle. He never thought he'd see the day.

"Goodbye…Hermione Granger." He said to her, giving her another hug—a last hug.

Hermione gave one last, fleeting look at the man who would grow up to be Sirius's uncle. His black, messy hair; his bright and sparkling green eyes; his muscular but caring physique. How she would miss him. She dared herself not to start crying again, for she had had enough of it. Giving him a grim smile, she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, and ran off…to administer the hardest thing she had ever done.

She walked very slowly to the mouth of the corridor with her eyes closed, not wanting to do this. She honestly didn't think she could. She was about to turn right around when she suddenly remembered something Sirius and Lupin had said.

"You really are the brightest witch of your age."

Hermione was about to scoff at the remark, until she also remembered exactly what Harry had told her at Dumbledore's funeral, and she, almost regretfully, concluded that she needed to go back. His words rang through her head like church bells, and she could not get them out. She needed to do this, not just for her sake, but for Harry and Ron's also. Who else would be there to smack them upside the head when they didn't finish their Potions homework?

"No matter what happens, Hermione, no matter what things may come, the three of us will always be together, won't we? The three of us—always and forever."

Hermione turned the corner again into the same hallway, and walked over to the big window at the end of it, where a figure with dark hair and deep eyes was leaning against it, letting the gleaming sunlight wash over his form. Hermione's eyes held misery, but she smiled in spite of it all—for this wasn't really goodbye after all. She would always have memories. Walking more briskly, and finally breaking into a run, he looked up at the right second, and caught her as she entwined herself on his waist. He just held her, and as they looked into each other's eyes, they told each other exactly what they needed to: I love you.

She slowly let herself down from him and looked up at his tall form, taking in the entire essence of him, fermenting the image into her mind forever. She gave him a long, meaningful kiss, her wand and the picture clutched tight in her hands. After what seemed like an eternity, they separated. Hermione noticed Tom had something in his hand. She cast her gaze towards it, and as he observed her staring, his face gained a pink tinge to it.

He brought his hand up to reveal a single, beautiful, scarlet rose. It was the most gorgeous and delightful flower she had ever seen, and she fondly remembered the bouquet he had given her when she had woken up. "This is for you. It's a magic rose—" he said firmly, his voice slightly strained. "—it will never die."

Her face softened even more as she stared down at it, then back up at his impassive face. "Thank you, Tom. Goodbye…I love you."

He made no motion except for his enrapturing eyes which told her he returned her ardor. Hermione reached in her robes without losing his gaze, and pulled out the vividly blue potion bottle. Swallowing it and, grimacing, she noticed it tasted like sweet honey; she noted the irony of it. Pointing her wand at herself, she muttered miserably, "Tempuras Aperio."

An invisible wind whipped around her, and her surroundings started to blur until the only thing that was anomalously clear was Tom's face. Seeing a solitary tear slide down his handsome face, Hermione mouthed the words, "Don't forget", and his face was gone.

Hermione was only in the ripple of time for less than a second, but it was enough time for one memory to pass through her—the three little words he spoke that changed her life forever.

She was spat out of the continuum carelessly, and she felt herself slam on the ground. Gingerly she got up, and was glad her wand did not get smashed in the contact. Then she noticed two other things grasped in her left hand. She shut her eyes—she couldn't bear to look at them. Looking around, she recognized with a face of astonishment the red and gold colors…the fire…the armchairs—the Gryffindor Common Room. Sinking down pleasurably into one of the chairs by the fire, she closed her eyes in relaxation, but she could not get a certain face out of her mind. She couldn't resist the temptation.

Setting her wand down, she gazed at the picture Andrew had taken of her and Tom. She smiled grimly at the image of the two of them—as happy as ever—kissing with more adventure than ever. Hermione watched further as the two miniature figures broke apart, grinning like fools. The picture that was Tom gave a smirk and as the small Hermione was waving, Tom picked her up, and Hermione gave him a playful smack on the arm, but kissed him again.

Hermione didn't notice she was crying until a tear fell on the picture. Horrified, she was about to brush it off, but, miraculously, it disappeared. Hermione was staring at the picture in question, but took a sharp intake of breath, for words in crimson ink were now forming on the picture, and the photographed Tom gave the astonished Hermione a wink and a warm smile. Hermione looked once again at the writing, and saw with amazement that it was Tom's. As she read it, she wiped her eyes:

My darling Hermione,

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Don't cry

For I'm always with you

She rolled her eyes at Tom's sad attempt at poetry, but the Tom in the photo gave her a shrug and went back to kissing Hermione's picture counterpart.

Hermione then moved on to the rose, which, like Tom said, had not wilted, even though she must have gone over 50 years in the future. As she was admiring it woefully, she heard footsteps coming from outside the portrait hole, and her eyes widened to proportions that even Dobby would be proud of. Still, she couldn't help but notice that the two voices were pleasantly familiar…

"—she never comes back?" a worried voice asked.

"Ron, think. She'll come back. We just have to be patient." A calmer, though exasperated-sounding response answered.

The portrait hole opened, revealing a violently red-haired, tall boy, accompanied by a slightly shorter, green-eyed one. They hadn't noticed her yet. Hermione threw the rose to the side, jumped up, and flung herself upon the shorter boy. He staggered in surprise, wondering who in the hell would be doing that.

"Oh, Harry! I missed you so much!" Hermione squealed joyfully.

"H—Her—Hermione?" Harry stuttered, astounded.

Hermione grinned widely, and shot an expectant glance at the redhead, but found his face was that of intense shock, and she knew he wouldn't be talking any time soon. Hermione let herself down from Harry's arms, blushing slightly, but smiling just the same. She couldn't believe they were still here! She had to find Tom. Would Harry know of Voldemort? Did Tom keep his promise? She needed to see Dumbledore. He would know. If he was still alive. But first…

"H—Harry?" Hermione asked tentatively. "Do you live with your aunt and uncle?"

Harry stared at her and raised an eyebrow. "Um…no, of course not. I'm going home for Christmas, though. You should come visit. Mom and Dad really want to meet you. Sirius'll be there too. Hermione, you have to come!" Harry said excitedly, his emerald eyes shining.

Hermione was about to faint from happiness. That meant Tom had kept his promise! Hermione hugged Harry in pure delight. "Harry, that's wonderful! Oh, of course I'll come visit you! I've always wanted to meet your parents! And Sirius! I'll get to see him again! You guys, I have so much to tell you!"

Months went by, and Christmas vacation was coming up in the next week. Teachers had cancelled exams, for so many students had protested, and, in any case, the adults were apprehensive as to exactly how many Skiving Snackboxes the Weasley twins had sold. From the more studious students, there were driving whines as to wondering why the exams weren't still going on. However, for the rest of the Hogwarts population, it was a cause for celebrations. Even McGonagall had to admit that the golden baubles floating around singing songs were quite charming and a welcome distraction.

Harry and Ron had been informed of Hermione's adventurous trip, although she had smartly left out the fact that she had had a whirlwind, sumptuous romance with the future Dark Lord. Well, not the Dark Lord anymore, as she had to constantly remind herself. Still, even through all the happiness of the lack of evil, Hermione had to admit that it would take more getting used to. Although, she was strangely pleased to see, that Harry still had his lightning bolt scar, except this time, he claimed it was the result of him running into an oddly shaped table when he was little while trying to reach a dormant Snitch from his father's last Quidditch Cup game. It looked the exact same, only this time, Hermione noted, there were no painful spasms indicating Voldemort's mood swings.

It was at this very moment, as Harry, Ron and Hermione were standing on Lily and James's doorstep, that Hermione truly realized her changed world. It would definitely take a lot of getting used to—not having to fight possessed teachers, ancient basilisks, evil diaries, Dark Lords' rebirths, watching an innocent young man die, enduring the pain of a lost godfather, or even dealing with Harry's occasional outbursts about how much he was frustrated with his life.

"Hermione? Are you coming?" Harry asked her, worry apparent in his entrancing eyes.

"What? Oh. Yes. Yes, I am." Hermione said decisively, giving a faint smile and following her two best friends.

"Mom! Dad! We're here!" Harry called into the warm and inviting house, and Hermione looked around, taking in the pleasant atmosphere.

Hearing two sets of footsteps coming from inside the house, Harry turned to his friends, smiling. A woman with dark, fiery red hair (enough to rival Ginny's) and startling green eyes came hurriedly into the entryway, giving Harry a big hug. After giving him a kiss on the cheek, she turned to Hermione, who almost started crying again at the sight of Harry's mom—alive and well.

"And you must be Hermione Granger! Harry, dear, she really is as beautiful as you told us!" Lily exclaimed. Hermione noticed that Lily had a soft, sweet voice, and her eyes positively glowed with warmth and friendliness.

"Mom!" Harry emphasized, blushing so lightly that it was almost unnoticeable.

Lily turned to Ron and greeted him, too, but Hermione's gaze turned to the fifth individual in the room. For a second, she thought there were two Harrys in the room, but she then took in the eyes—hazel. Everyone that had met Harry was right—the similarities between James and Harry were astounding. They had the same handsome face, the same unruly black hair, and the same body shape. The only difference—as people had a strange need to point out—were Harry's eyes, for they were almond-shaped and bright green. Not as green as Antares's, but shocking just the same.

"Son." James said proudly, disheveling Harry's hair even more. Hermione liked James's voice also. It was a deep, rich tone that almost mimicked Tom's, except there was a joking, mischievous essence to it.

"Dad, where's Sirius?" Harry asked.

"Him? Your godfather had to go Apparate Bellatrix again—she finally passed her test, but she still hasn't gotten the apt for it yet. Such a sweet girl, but very forgetful sometimes." Lily answered, shooting a glare at James.

"Don't look at me, Lils!" James said defensively.

Hermione's blood ran cold, and she stared between the four of them in shock. Bellatrix? The Bellatrix? Was this some sort of cruel joke? She looked at each of them in turn, and saw to her amazement, that no one was concerned. "Hermione, dear? Are you alright?" Lily asked, looking worriedly at Hermione.

"Yes, of course. I'm just perfect." Hermione said sarcastically.

There was silence between everyone for a few seconds, but suddenly there was a loud crack! and two figures appeared in the adjacent room. "PRONGSIE!" a playful voice called. "EVANS!"

Lily gave an exasperated glower at James, who gave an apologetic look back. "Sirius Antares Black, must you be so obnoxious?" Lily scolded, though a youthful spark gleamed in her eyes.

Hermione gave a smile at the name, remembering fondly of Andy. "Sorry, Lils. Old habits die hard, you know." Sirius shrugged, just entering the room.

He had the same flickering dark blue eyes, and an unsettled mess of black hair which fell attractively over his face. His face was filled out now, no longer the gaunt, pale, skeletal look from years in Azkaban. As Sirius came over to greet Harry wildly, Hermione now took notice to the timid woman behind him. She had dark brown hair which fell to her waist in hardly noticeable curls, and her eyes were heavily lined, however, it suited her soft face more. Hermione also couldn't help but observe the fantastically-green eyes she sported, and she was glad to see that at least she had inherited Andy's good looks.

"Bella, sweetie! This is Harry's friend, Hermione, and this here is Ron. They're both in Gryffindor also. How are you?" Lily said expressively, leading Bellatrix over to Hermione and Ron.

Ron had a sort of dazed look on his face, and Hermione had to snicker at his inability to hold in his obvious attraction. She elbowed him promptly, and he blinked as he gave Bellatrix a subtle nod. Bella turned to Hermione giving her a friendly smile, as she held out her hand for Hermione to shake. Hermione took it, and relaxed a little as she had to come to terms with the fact that maybe—just maybe—Bellatrix wasn't evil after all. Sirius did say that his parents and family only thought that Voldemort had the right ideas and then followed him.

"Hello, Hermione…Ron. And my favorite nephew! So you're in Gryffindor also? Are those wretched curtains still there? They never shut properly when I was there." Bellatrix said.

Bellatrix had the same tone of voice as Lily, with just small differences. It had a slight unidentifiable ring to it, and sounded remarkably like the female version of Andy's. Hermione was intrigued by this. Especially the fact that Bellatrix was in Gryffindor instead of Slytherin. This changed things.

"Oh. Um, yeah, they're still there. Stupid things don't work." Hermione recovered.

Sirius cut into the conversation again, and Hermione wondered if he could ever say anything without having a joking tone about it. "Hey Prongs, is Moony coming?"

"Sirius." Lily warned.

Sirius just ignored her. "I think so. Wormtail—" James was interrupted by a swift smack on the arm by his wife.

"That's enough you two! We are not in school anymore! You can use their real names, you know! James, why can't you contain yourself around Sirius? I don't even know why I married you, Potter." Lily said scathingly.

"Because I'm so damn irresistible, Evans." James replied invitingly.

Lily blushed, but she hit him again, and James put on mock hurt. "Not in front of the children, James! And must you call me Evans? It's enough you had to do that for seven years!"

Harry, Ron and even Hermione snickered at the bickering couple. Even though they were arguing, everyone could tell that they were so in love with each other. "Wow, could you guys get any more revolting? It's enough to make anyone sick." Sirius injected, and everyone gave a small laugh.

"Anyway," James continued, "Peter is away somewhere. Probably in with the other rats. He was always a little annoying."

It looked like Lily was about to defend him, but Hermione caught Bellatrix giving her a warning look as if to say 'Don't try, Lily. Boys will be boys'. Lily rolled her eyes, but agreed. "Now, you three, help me get everything ready. Oh, Harry, you look atrocious! What did I tell you about playing Quidditch? Must you get so appalling? I swear, you are just like your father!"

Harry smiled, but went upstairs as Hermione and Ron went to go help, Hermione still hardly able to believe that she was in the company of three people that were supposed to be dead, and one that was supposed to be a murderer.

"This is wonderful, Lils. I might need to come over more often if you keep cooking like this." Lupin said, leaning back.

"Why, thank you, Remus." Lily responded, a faint tinge coming up into her pale cheeks. She glared at Sirius and James who were deeply engaged in a conversation about Quidditch, oddly similar to what Harry and Ron were doing.

"Yeah, it's really great, Mrs. Potter." Hermione said politely, wanting to get a single word into someone's conversation, for everyone had been too preoccupied to pay attention to her.

Lily looked horrified. "Oh my goodness, child, we've been ignoring you! Oh for heaven's sake, Harry, are you always like this?" she said, astounded, and smacking her son lightly on the head.

He stopped his rapid talking with Ron to look at his mother, whose eyes were gleaming with frustration. "What was that for?"

"Mrs. Potter, really, it's not a big deal." Hermione said ashamedly, her face reddening.

"Please. Call me Lily. 'Mrs. Potter' is so formal! Now, Harry, I want you to go and talk to Hermione! Quidditch can wait, mister."

"Mom." Harry said, with an irked look in his eyes.

"Harry James Potter, you will do as you're told." Lily commanded sternly. "James, tell your son."

"What? Oh, yes, dear. Harry, do what she says. Did you ever figure out what that Snitch was made out of, Padfoot?"

"Oh you two are impossible!"

Hermione looked down at her plate, tuning out the bantering between the various people, catching only a few words, most of them about Quidditch, but the occasional shouting from Lily of either Harry, James, or Sirius. But despite the happy conditions, Hermione could not help but feel empty. There was one thing she was missing. The hole in her heart could only be satisfied by one thing. Or, one person rather. Hermione must have looked very forlorn, for the person next to her leaned over.

"Honey, if he loves you, he'll come back."

Hermione's head whipped up, and she came to face Bellatrix, who wore a sympathetic look on her young face. Hermione was grateful that no one else around the table had noticed her sadness, although Lupin shot Bellatrix and Hermione one glance for a second before returning to a heated discussion.

"Wh—What are you—I don't know what you're talking—how do you know?" Hermione stuttered, finally surrendering at the smirk playing on Bellatrix's lips. Regardless of the fact that Hermione should be revolted at even seeing Bellatrix, she had to confess that Bellatrix was very persuasive and actually quite charming.

"Sweetie, I'd know that look anywhere. Don't worry one bit. Don't give up on him." Bella said, and Hermione had to agree.

"Thanks. Mrs. Potter—Lily—I'll be right back. I just need some air." Hermione announced, getting up.

"Oh, okay, dear." Lily acceded. "Hurry back."

Hermione smiled pitifully as she headed out to the garden. Her hands shaking, she sat down on the cold stone bench outside, the frosty night air swirling all around her. She closed her eyes as she inhaled deeply, the crispness of the sky filling her with a dark but piercing chill. Without warning, Hermione's shut eyes were covered with curiously warm hands. Starting to get frightened, and wondering why she didn't stay inside, Hermione felt her captor lean down to whisper in her ear.

"Guess who."

He lifted his hands away, and she turned around to see the most dark and soulful eyes of none other than Tom Riddle. "TOM!" Hermione squeaked, throwing her arms around him with surprising agility, given her position.

She wrapped herself around his waist again, and gave him a deep and loving kiss, wanting to fill herself with his warmth and to feel his touch again. She pulled away to look at him, and shockingly found that he looked not a day older than seventeen. She wondered how this happened. Did he follow her into the future? It couldn't be Dark magic, because he had kept his promise.

"Tom," Hermione began incredulously, "how did you—"

He pressed a finger to her lips to silence her. "Hey, it was nothing like that. I kept my word, Hermione. But, you see, I couldn't live with myself without you. The moment you left, I felt like a part of me had been ripped out and shattered. I couldn't go the rest of my life without knowing you. Without having you with me. I searched and searched and finally I found a solution. It had to have been maybe two or three days after you left and I was beginning to wonder if I would ever see you again. I found a book in the Restricted Section on time travel, and I was just about to throw it on the ground in frustration, when I noticed a chapter called "Desiderium Posterus Vicis". Essentially it means 'I need the future'. It was an insanely complicated potion, requiring the rarest of ingredients, and some manipulative cunning from me to get all the parts necessary for it. When I was sure it was right, I swallowed it—tasted horrible, by the way—pointed my wand at myself, and, well, here I am. And even though it took me hours upon hours to complete it, I know that now it was all worth it." He confessed, his eyes sparkling emotionally in the moonlight.

"B—But h-how did you know that I was here?" Hermione asked, still trying to recover from him being here.

Tom laughed quietly. "You've got to be more careful in the information you give out, Granger. You see, all the spell-caster has to do—well, along with the incantation and potion—is focus on the most complete information you can about the time you want to go to. So, what I did was think about your name, Hermione Granger, your age and magical ability, and your friend over there, Mr. Harry James Potter. And, voilà, it transported me here. Though it wasn't a very generous landing. I must have re-sprained my wrist upon doing it. But I would gladly break it, if it meant finding you again."

Hermione was silent for a few moments, all of the new proclamations spinning wordlessly fast inside her already aching brain. She closed her eyes for a second before speaking. "Tom, I—I don't really know w-what to s-say." She stumbled.

His voice dropped and he stepped forward. "Don't say anything."

He pulled her in for another kiss, but before they could get too far, they heard a set of footsteps coming towards them and a voice. "Hermione? Where did you—oh. Oh—um—well—just, just continue—didn't mean to—well, I'll be leaving now." Harry staggered, all the while backing up until he reached the door and finally turning away.

Hermione and Tom both laughed in embarrassment, but Hermione was still pondering Tom's miraculous appearance. She took his hand, and the laughter had not quite died from his eyes as he looked down at her. "Tom, how am I supposed to explain all of this?"

To Hermione's surprise, Tom got a devilish look on his face, and his impish grin got wider. "Who says we have to explain anything?"

She regained her bossy, commanding persona. "Tom Marvolo Riddle, don't you realize how odd it will be if I had come out here by myself and march back in with this charismatic and handsome yet wicked guy by my side?"

"You think I'm handsome?" he asked playfully.

She hit him lightly on the arm. "Don't avoid the question!"

His smirk didn't falter, and in fact, it would appear as though Hermione had never asked the question in the first place. "I'm sure they'd understand, Hermione. I mean, come on, Potter's mom looks nice and his dad is like a mirror image of him, and as for the other three, the girl knows anyway, the sandy-haired guy seems kind of quiet but accepting, and the other black-haired man seems like he would be indifferent to anything. As for the redhead, he might have a problem, because he's been ogling you the whole time, and as for Harry, I'm not worried. He's pretty awesome." Tom answered confidently.

Hermione stared at him, aghast. "How do you know all of that when you just came here not that long ago?"

"I'm very observant, Miss Granger."

"Observant in everything?" she asked mischievously.

His eyebrows rose a miniscule fraction of an inch, and his eyes flickered. "I'm surprised. Granger has a dark side."

Hermione made her face up into one of concentration, and she seemed to be having an argument with herself. After a couple seconds, she decided. "Oh, just come on, you."

He smiled—a real smile—as he let her lead him in. Immediately, they were met with at first bustling commotion, but then pure silence except for Ron's continued eating as though nothing happened. Bellatrix had an approving smirk on her face as she pretended to be checking Tom out; Lily looked slightly astonished, but whether it was the appearance of Tom or Hermione's foolish grin, she didn't know; James and Harry both had a face of all-knowingness, and Hermione supposed Harry had told him what happened. Lastly, Sirius was as Tom suspected—his face was impassive, and the only indicators that he noticed anything were his dark blue eyes shimmering with impressiveness.

Lily spoke first. "Well, it appears we have another guest, now doesn't it?" she asked rhetorically. "Let me just get you a chair, young man."

She Conjured one, and extended the table slightly, placing it next to Hermione. While she said nothing, Hermione detected a faint smile on her lips as she busied herself. "Thanks. Mrs. Potter, is it?" Tom said politely.

Lily blushed again. "Oh, hush. Call me Lily."

Hermione flushed as she remembered she hadn't introduced him. She laughed nervously. "This is Tom, everyone. Tom Riddle. My b—boy—boyfriend." She smiled foolishly.

Tom smirked again, as he led her to sit down. Hermione followed, but as she took her seat and Tom was talking to Lily about what to eat, Bellatrix motioned Hermione. "See, I told you, honey. Not a bad choice, either." She said, perusing him with her eyes playfully.

Hermione noticed, but caught on to her jesting. "Oh, back off." She said. "He's mine."

Everyone grinned as Hermione grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him into a deep kiss. She didn't even care that everyone was watching. It was an entwined love, she knew, but Tom Riddle was hers…and hers forever.

-The End-

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