Love Life Much Wanted


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WARNING : Rated T first. We'll see how it progresses. Err... OOC Neji? Not sure about Sasuke.

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Length : As soon as I think it fits to stop the story.

Summary : Add a devious planning Hokage, an apprentice with no love life, a fate believer rival from another team, a brooding jealous teammate and you get...?

Settings : Konoha Village. Sasuke wasn't an idiot to leave and didn't have the Curse Seal.

A/N : Another fanfic. This time, I'm wholeset on the Neji and Sakura or Sasuke and Sakura thing than other pairings. Unless it's Naruto and Hinata including TenTen and Lee then. I'm not totally sure on doing an Ino pairing. It's just weird writing with her. Oh well.

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LLMW : 1


Morning dew was found on the grasses of Konoha and for our Love Lifeless apprentice… She was going to get a real surprise.


The Fifth Hokage stared blankly at the stacks of papers her apprentice recently brought in. What she wouldn't give for a break and some entertainment...

The wheels in her head turned and her eyes brightened in excitement, looking at her apprentice who started staring mournfully outside through the window. She smirked when her apprentice tensed as she turned back to face her.

Training with the Fifth Hokage made her smarter and understand more about her. Obviously a smirk doesn't always mean a bad thing. But in her case, it always meant something worse. Her apprentice gulped and licked her lips nervously.

The smirk widened as the Hokage decided. Her Inner Self jumped about in anticipation all the while shouting delightedly how fun it would be on what she was going to do. Time to call in the reinforcements. She knew the Jounins of the teams she had in mind were going to agree. But obviously Kakashi wouldn't immediately agree due to hesitation to trust on what she was planning.

But of course the reasoning that if they waited for something too long would work because it was never going to happen and she would be in her grave by then.

She let out a chuckle which made her apprentice flinch since it sounded more like a cackle.

The devious planning Hokage dismissed her apprentice with a wave of her hand and watched her disappear with a blur.

"Shizune! Call the Jounins of Rookie Nine including Gai." She shouted to her other apprentice whose table was situated outside the door.

This was getting better and better by the minute. She rubbed her two hands together as she chuckled.


Sakura shuddered as she appeared in the ever busy streets of Konoha. Her Shishou just plain scared her. Who wouldn't? Considering the look in her Shishou's eyes and that... that... was that a cackle? She shuddered once more and hoped she wasn't part of whatever her Shishou suddenly had in mind.

"A penny for your thoughts?" A amused and teasing voice spoke out to her. She peered up slowly.

"Hyuuga-san! What are you doing here?" But quickly berated herself for such a stupid question. It could be because he wanted to buy something. After all, it WAS a marketplace.

Hyuuga Neji looked such as his voice sounded like, amused. He smirked. He answered, his voice light and teasing again, "I'm looking for a present for Hinata-sama, if I do remember correctly, the last time I checked, this was a marketplace Sakura." Sakura instantly flushed, indicating that he was right on the spot to finding a mistake in her question yet silently in awe at the way he spoke her name.

"I'm not sure on what to get for Hinata-sama though." Neji said, a frown marring his handsome features. Sakura instantly did a takeback because of saying he was handsome. Which was true...

"I could help!"

Neji paused. She could help, considering she was a girl and a friend of Hinata-sama. He nodded curtly and his mind taking in the reasons. But this girl infront of him intrigued him in a sort of way. He pushed that thought away to think about it later. He had to find a present for Hinata-sama for now.

Sakura took hold of Neji's left arm and hugging it as she dragged him along with her to search for Hinata's present. A blush easily found it's way to his face. Neji was known to be cold and composed, but having never felt such a contact before and by a female no less made him a little nervous! Not to mention, that certain feeling nagging in his heart. It was confusing yet frustrating him. He stared hard on the back of Sakura's head. She really fascinated him. He had seen the ways she would act and her emotions changed faster than anyone could say, "Konoha!"

Neji let a small smile to appear on his face studying the girl dragging him.

"Why are you looking for a present for Hinata anyway?"

"It's for her birthday."



She screeched to a halt and asked bewilderedly, "Today? Oh God. I completely forgot! We better go find a present for her quick…"

"Of course, as you're Hinata-sama's friend, I'm sure you're invited to the party." He said, smirking at the results to find what to get for Hinata-sama. She was helping him too.

Sakura huffed and started thinking.

'Damn the man for not telling me sooner! I mean, TODAY out of all days. It's still early in the morning. At least I'll have sometime before I have to turn up for training with Kakashi-sensei, Naruto and Sasuke-kun.'

Neji looked at the object of his thoughts finding delight at the emotions crossing her face.

Now… back to the presents.


"Finally! It's hard to think what to get for Hinata!" Sakura exclaimed as she held her gift for Hinata while Neji did the same to his. She had gotten them both similar things in terms of activities. She had bought two sets of bento and two pairs of matching chopsticks for Hinata to pack food when she wanted to picnic with Naruto. Her mind somewhat similar to her Shishou.

Neji's gift however, was a picnic basket and a mat.

Such gifts would certainly help Hinata and Naruto. Her Inner Sakura started shouting, "SHANNARO!" She let out a sigh of relief as there was still time to walk to the bridge she would be meeting Team 7 at.

"I'll walk you there."

"Yeah… Say what?" Sakura asked and blinked as if not believing him. Who would believe? Have the hottest eligible bachelor walking you to your meeting spot and they guy who is known not to be near females.

"Your meeting spot. I'll walk you there." He repeated, this time saying where he'll walk her to. Sakura blushed and nodded wondering how he knew she was going to meet her Team.


The walk there seemed long but nonetheless, both enjoyed it. From their view, they could see Naruto shouting at Sasuke. She loved their meeting place. Like her name, Cherry Blossom Trees surrounded the area. The petals would float around teasing you as if they are alike to that of an Angel's feather.

Neji stopped and noted with satisfaction that the Uchiha sensed them already since he was looking at them. He glared back when the Uchiha started glaring. He felt a nudge beside him. He looked at her questioningly.

"Ne, Hyuuga-san, can you give my present to Hinata for me if I don't turn up for her party?" Sakura asked holding her gift infront of him and willing for him to take it. He nodded curtly and took the gift, piling it on top with his own gift.

"Thanks! I appreciate it!" She said and started to walk to the bridge yet waving back at him. Neji smirked and let a hand lift up to wave. He turned to walk to his house liking the way the Uchiha glared a hole at his back.


"Ne, Sakura-chan! What were you and Neji doing together?" Naruto asked, finally noticing her. Sakura winked, held a finger to her lips and said, "It's a secret."

Sasuke seethed silently. What the hell were the Hyuuga and Sakura doing together? Not to mention from Naruto and his view, it seemed as if Sakura was offering her gift to Neji as if she liked him or something. Adding to the fact that Valentine's Day is nearby...


Kakashi chuckled silently. He was hiding in a tree observing what was happening. He had no doubt that the Hyuuga kid had sensed him long ago already. He decided to give a few more hours to them.

It'll take an idiot not to notice that Sasuke was jealous.


Another Naruto Fic. I'll pause on Puppeteer awhile. I miss the good old Neji and Sakura with Sasuke jealous! Hinata's birthday is on December 27th. Nevermind that fact anyway. I just need Valentine's day to be nearby for this story XD.

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