Love Life Much Wanted

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Summary : Add a devious planning Hokage, an apprentice with no love life, a fate believer rival from another team, a brooding jealous teammate and you get...?

Settings : Konoha Village. Sasuke wasn't an idiot to leave and didn't have the Curse Seal.

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Love Life Much Wanted : 3

Sakura sniffed and smelled lavender and sandalwood. She blinked from her spot, which she noticed she was moving and someone was carrying her. She looked up. "Neji-kun? Why are you carrying me?"

"You dozed off. It's time to meet up with the rest." He replied smoothly and noticed at the corner of his eyes that Sakura was blushing. He inwardly chuckled thinking that Sakura was embarrassed having slept on his lap. She hastily said, "Put me down. I can carry on from here. I'm probably too heavy."

Neji shook his head. "We're reaching soon and you're quite light actually."

"I guess..."

As they reached the spot they were to meet the others at, they received two thick raised eyebrows but ended up with a thumbs-up pose along with the trademark sparkling smile, a squealing weapon specialist, a grinning ramen-lover, a smirking pervert taking every chance to read his perverted books and a fuming avenger, trying to make the Hyuuga die a thousand times with his glare.

Neji smirked, liking the reaction of the Uchiha.

He suddenly got a bolt of inspiration. One that will make the Uchiha envy him and yet get in Sakura's favour! It was like killing two birds with one stone. Except, he wouldn't exactly kill them. So...

"Sakura? Do you want me to walk you home and back to Hinata-sama's birthday party? It's getting dark and I know you're capable of protecting yourself, but Hiashi-sama would be ashamed of me if I didn't escort a lady home or pick her up." He said loudly, catching the rest of the groups attention and for the fact that he said more than at least two sentences. Sakura blushed at the fact he called her a 'lady.'

"But you wouldn't have time to change!" She protested.

"I do live at where Hinata-sama's party is located, which is at the Hyuuga estate afterall. I have plenty of time." He replied back easily as if expecting the answer he received from her and looked amused. Sakura paused and nodded.

"Let's go." Neji and Sakura turned to the way to her home.

Once they disappeared from view, TenTen shouted happily, "Oh my God! That was so cute, that was so cute!"

Naruto, Kakashi, Gai and Lee chuckled while the only one who wasn't really happy about the interaction between Sakura and Hyuuga scowled. They were getting too close for his liking and it was obvious the Hyuuga was already making moves on his teammate. HIS Sakura.

Sasuke made up his mind and decided to turn up for the girl who caught Naruto's eye birthday party.


Sakura liked the silence and hoped it stayed that way whenever she was with him walking. He had this particular air about him unlike Sasuke. Sasuke would be one that makes all conversation fail while Neji would reply back if he wanted to. They reached her home and Sakura invited him to sit on one of her many couches.

He blinked. It was obvious she was living alone since it looked empty but there were a lot of photo frames either on the table or hanging on the wall. He expected to see more of a girly colour for the walls and was inwardly surprised to see light green. After all, Sakura WAS wearing maroon for a shirt. A slightly beiged skirt and really short tights. Oh god, who could miss THOSE pair of legs, seriously! He slapped himself mentally for the way of his thoughts.

Sakura placed a cup of tea on the coffee table just infront of the couch Neji was sitting on. He slowly put their presents they bought earlier beside him.

"Give me twenty minutes to prepare!" And Neji was left alone musing in his thoughts after that statement.

His eyes stared at the cup of tea as if it was taunting him. Neji shrugged and took the cup to his lips, slowly sipping it thoughtfully. In reality, twenty minutes was quite fast, but apparently his mind was processing quite slowly which would indeed be weird due to the fact he was considered a prodigy.

He tensed but calmed once he saw the owner of the hand which was waving infront of his eyes.

Neji stared surprised at how Sakura had dressed up. She was wearing a pink kimono with a red obi holding it together. It was decorated with cherry blossoms a paler colour than her kimono. Her hair was put up in a high ponytail with a red ribbon so that her hair now reached around her shoulders. To Neji, it was simple yet beautiful. He smirked at noticing she didn't put on any make-up.

'At least she has taste. I despise make-up.' He noted absentmindedly as he still stared at Sakura.

"Let's go!" She said, picking her present up from the couch he placed their presents to Hinata on which was beside him. A warm hand touched her hand to move it away from the presents. "Let me." Sakura stared in his eyes and nodded slowly due to confusion.

She flushed slightly as his hand stayed on hers for a few seconds. She felt disappointment once it left hers.


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