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Keeping Warm

"Fire, fire, fire."


Troy spoke softly, and it was only during these times that Swofford found peace. His spotter's tone soothed his blood, and it seemed like it was the only sound out here besides his rifle. The two men lay next to each other, the sun on their backs and their hearts grounded.


The sound began to calm the base of his spine.


It crept up, spreading into his muscles.


His brain drew a blank, and he pulled the trigger. Another hole shone through the target's head.

"Is it ever cold?" Swofford asked after a moment.


"The desert."

"I don't know. Probably."

They stared out at the dusted air and their would-be-dead target.

"I don't like being cold," said Swofford.

Troy was quiet for a minute, before saying, "You won't be."

"You going to bring my girlfriend over to keep me warm?"

"I'm going to beat your ass down into the sand to keep you warm."

Swofford smiled.


"No problem," said Troy.

Swoff focused back on the target and waited.

"Fire, fire, fire."

The warmth spread into his heart.