This FILK was the result of massive boredom while at work. Someone about three desks down was humming "King Tut" by Steve Martin; of course the song got stuck in my head, and before I knew it, this was the result. The usual disclaimers are, of course, in effect.


Now when Goku was a young man he never thought he'd see (King Kai)
People stand in line to see the Kai King (King Kai)
How'd he get so funky (funky Kai)
(And he's got a monkey)
(Born nobody knows when, moved to Next Dimension, King Kai)
Now if Goku'd known the time it'd take to see him (King Kai)
He'd have hurried off to Yardrat and learned Instant Transmission (King Kai)
Living with a cricket (funky Kai)
He's Goku's magic ticket
(Born nobody knows when, moved to Next Dimension, King Kai)
Living by Snake Way
He'll tell bad jokes all day (waltzing Kai)
His planet's just a mile (walking Kai)
And he's really got no style
He gave his life for Goku
Bluish something
He's a Master!
They're telling you
Now when I die now don't you ever tell me goodbye
I'm gonna be in Other World just like old King Kai (King Kai)
He coulda been a Grand Kai (King Kai)
Now he's just a Dead Kai

(Born nobody knows when, moved to Next Dimension)
(Born nobody knows when, there he goes and jokes again, King Kai)