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The room was dark and silent, but for a single shaft of moonlight across the floor, the pale beam of light catching a few wisps of dust hovering in the minimal breeze. The softer, more stable of mind of the two teens lay sleeping quietly on the bed, silent but for the occasional whimper or cry of pain from his haunting nightmares. Marik, on the other hand, was wide awake, sitting cross legged on the other half of the bloodstained bed, his mind racing. He couldn't sleep. He felt… disturbed, unsettled in the darkest part of the still night, where the still air hung like a pallor of death around the room, empty and foreboding. The darkness sighed, and pulled himself to his feet, muscular, tanned legs leading him to the window. Marik pressed his forehead to the glass, gazing vacantly down on the silent street, where the harsh orange glow of artificial light mingled with the silvery glow of the iridescent full moon. His own caramel skin had a soft light sheen to it under the light, casting haunting shadows over his tanned face.

If Marik had X-ray vision, or some other such uncanny ability to see past the rows of apartment blocks, office buildings, or large shopping malls, he might have been able to see the front door to a large building crack open, and a small figure make his way out of the ajar door, making sure to close it softly behind him, and small feet patter lightly down the street. Silver-spun hair shone like a beacon in the still street from the powerful orb handing in the night sky sparkling with thousands of stars, pinpricks in the black velvety sky. The teenager shivered in the cold night air, pulling his black jacket closer around his slim form, soft brown eyes filled with a haunting sadness gazing up at a dark window among so many others on the large building, where his tenant slept, unaware that his host was leaving him. But Ryou had to. He had to. The light gently winced in remembrance of the confrontation that occurred a few short hours before, the pain in the fresh bruises on Ryous cheeks and along his ribcage still throbbing dully. He sighed softly to himself, lowering his eyes to the sickly orange glow mixed with silver moonlight on the cracked sidewalk, hoisting his rather tattered backpack over a sore shoulder.

And he began to run. His light footsteps coupled with gasps of struggled breath echoed around the silent, moon-kissed street, but no one was awake, around to hear him. No one was around to care.

A few streets away, Marik was restless, pacing the small room of the apartment anxiously, eyes often cast to the darkened ceiling. The sleeping light beside him sensed his anger in his subconscious, whimpering softly and curling into a tighter ball underneath the blankets. The darkness snorted, rolling his amethyst eyes towards the ceiling at the sight of his lights weakness, pacing back out towards the window, staring out at the smooth, moonlit scenery for a few moments, before making up his mind. Throwing a shirt and pants over his muscular frame, Marik stalked out of the apartment, slamming the door behind him, not caring as it rebounded back open, due to a faulty lock.

The night air was cold against his skin, sandy blonde hair positively glowing in the silvery sheen, a faint breeze against the Egyptians skin. Marik took in his surroundings richly, a broad smile on his face as he made his way along the street cloaked in night. He was in his own element at this time of the night, the deep, frozen hours before dawn.

After all, he was the darkness.

And after fifteen minutes of walking around and lurking in the shadows untouched by the pregnant moon, Marik was bored. He sighed, wishing he hadn't left the rod at home under his lights' care, was in two minds to go and retrieve it. He froze in his walk, and turned back in the direction of his home, considering.

If he had of been walking, it was not likely that Marik would have heard the hurried footsteps, and desperate gasps of starved lungs around a hundred yards behind him. The darkness stood stock still, like a dog that had just scented a rabbit, and slowly turning around, cruel lips twisting upwards in a smile. For the teenager who was in a stumble-run along the lighted ground, turning back every few steps, cinnamon eyes wide in fear as though he expected a follower, was none other then the host body of his sworn enemy. The gears in Mariks mind began to turn, as he made his way as soft and silent as a cat into a side alleyway, shrouded in darkness.

Ryous breath came out in hitched gasps, tears clinging to long eyelashes as he kept turning on his heel, expecting to see the pale demon, anger blazing in cold crimson eyes, approaching the light with sadism in his veins. He hoisted his shabby backpack higher on his shoulder, a choked sob threatening to emit from his pale throat. Tears blurred his vision, his view naught but a blurring silvery mass. His lungs burned and he couldn't breathe, but he continued to run, his feet carrying him farther and farther from his abusive darkness.

Marik smirked, waiting in his lingering position in the shadows, as he waited for the light to run past. When Ryou did indeed stumble past the darkness, Marik grinned, and with a silver-caramel hand, he reached out quicker than a striking cobra, and seized the collar of Ryous black jacket, dragging the frantic light into the darkness shrouding the abandoned alleyway, empty but for the Egyptian darkness and the European light.

Ryou screamed as a hand roughly tore him into a side alley, just as he was looking back, sure Bakura was following him. The light cried out as his spine hit the stone wall, liquid chocolate eyes wide and wet in shock and terror. His first thought was that it was a thief, who wanted to mug him and run off with his bag. His second thought was that it was some creepy pedophile who wanted to molest him, and his third (and most terrifying) was that Bakura had realized the light had run away and was going to drag him home to more terror and pain.

"Let me go!" Ryou screamed, struggling in the darkness's grasp, his eyes shut tight in pure fear. "Please, take my bag if you want, just let me go!" Tears of fear began to cling to long eyelashes, as a sob threatened to escape from his creamy throat. "God, please, just let me go!" his knees felt weak, and his breath was harsh and ragged in his chest, weak fingers struggling with the strong bronzed hand on his jacket collar. I could probably slip out of my jacket… Ryou thought desperately to himself. I could drop my bag, and run. He took a deep shuddering breath, summoning up his courage to attempt his hurried plan.

Malik smiled to himself as he gazed at the young light, struggling and crying under his hold, fearful chocolate eyes squeezed tightly shut. The Egyptian extended a caramel finger, amethyst eyes hazing hungrily at the few filtered bars of moonlight lightly kissing Ryous soft round face, turning the porcelain skin to a pure silvery satin. Marik gently began to run his finger underneath the lights soft jawbone, marveling at the skin smoother than velvet beneath the yamis bronzed hand. Ryou whimpered softly, and began to cry, salty trickles of tears brushing Mariks fingers.

Ryou froze at the touch, his breath hitched in his throat, and his thin, battered form trembling. Squinching his eyes shut tighter, Ryou whimpered, a high keening sound in the pit of his throat, shrinking away from the touch of the strong, callused finger against his smooth ivory-silver skin. Do it! Ryou screamed internally, and with a burst of resolve, he wrenched his head away from Mariks(Although he didn't know it) hand, and struggled to shuck the heavy jacket off of his shoulder.

Marik jerked back at the burst of rebellion against him, and at Ryou fighting to get free of the jacket ad growled, anger rising in his veins at the light disobeying him, And with both hands, slammed the light hard into the alley wall. The angel screamed in pain, and finally opened his orbs, wide fearful chocolate eyes focusing on the Egyptian darkness in front of him, shrinking into the wall in shock and terror.

"Well, well, look who finally opened his eyes," Marik smirked in his low voice. "Now, what's the little host of the Thief King doing wandering the streets at 2AM with a backpack, hm?" One hand trailed up Ryous shoulder and along his soft cheek, running his fingers along a dark purple bruise tinted with silver moonlight along Ryous cheekbone. The light let out a soft cry of pain at his touch, shrinking further into the wall. His hands were firmly straight jacketed at his sides, due to the black leather coat pulled down to his elbows, but Ryou still struggled in fear, iridescent tears of silver still trickling down the soft plains of china.

"P-Please s-stop, M-Mar-rik…" Ryou stuttered hopelessly, breathing harshly in fear and pain as the Egyptian continued to smooth his hands along the lights childlike face. The darkness smirked at Ryous plea, his ringed index finger slowly gliding up one of the trails of salt, the younger shuddering under his touch.

"Where did this come from?" Marik frowned at the purpling bruise spreading across Ryous silky cheekbone. The whitenette flinched away from the Egyptian, his limbs trembling beneath his jacket.

"L-Let me g-go please Marik…" Ryou whimpered softly, his chin beginning to shake as he gazed up at the Egyptian with wide wet eyes. "Please…"

"Where did this come from?" Marik increased his pressure on the lights bruised cheek, Ryou arching his back and crying out in pain, tears returning full force down his velvet china face.

"Please don't hurt me!" Ryou burst out crying, sobs threatening to escape from his creamy throat. "Please… Don't h-hurt me…" He struggled to free himself from the Egyptian, fear rising like bile in his throat. He had tried to escape from the terror and pain and abuse, only to run back into it with another deranged yami. What the hell was wrong with him? Why was he cursed like this?

"Bakura did this, didn't he?" Marik stated in his deep voice. Ryou whimpered, and shook his head, beginning to sob. "Didn't he?" He repeated firmly, his amethyst eyes narrowed to slits.

"Y-Yes…" Ryou choked tearfully, his head bowed. "Y-Yes, h-he did…" His knees were beginning to feel weak, and his back was so sore… He felt like fainting.

"Why?" Marik inquired, using one hand to raise the lights skin, gazing in deep scrutiny at the teenager before him, one finger still softly stroking his bruise.

"I-I don't know…" Ryou sobbed. "I-I must have a-angered him… I don't know…" He collapsed into a wave of sobs, his arms still struggling uselessly at his sides. "P-Please let me go…" he whimpered tearfully, his wet brown eyes gazing deep into cold amethyst fire. Marik complied, releasing his hold on Ryous shoulder and face, the latter sliding against the cold stone wall to the dark floor, shucking his jacket back up his shoulders, and curling himself into a tight protective ball with his hands over his head. Marik raised an eyebrow at the lights afraid behavior, frowning down upon Ryou.

"Why are you so afraid?" Marik murmured softly, crouching down to gaze eye-to-eye at the teenager. Ryou gasped and curled tighter into himself, his face buried in his knees and his arms flung over his snowy white head, shaking like a leaf. He was certainly thin and fragile enough, Marik mused to himself, frowning at his too-thin waistline and rather bony arms.

"Don't hurt me." Ryou whispered tearfully, odd little gasps and sobs emitting from his trembling form. "Please, oh god don't hurt me…"

"Why would I hurt you?" Marik queried, cold eyes gazing curiously at the pale, trembling light. Ryou swallowed a hiccup threatening to escape from his throat, and with a small burst of courage, lifted his tearstained face, and salty orbs of melted chocolate gazing at cold pools of amethyst. "Ryou?"

"Y-You're… Marik." Ryou finally stuttered, gazing uncertainly at the Egyptian. "You're a darkness, like Bakura-" The light cried out as Marik snarled, and grabbed the lights shoulders forcefully, his caramel-silver face inches from his own.

"Never say that." Marik snarled, eyes burning. "I am not like that weak fool. Never ever say that again." Ryou clenched his eyes tightly shut and began to cry, shrinking away from the darkness to the best of his ability.

"I-I'm sorry!" Ryou blurted out. "I-I'm sorry, oh god, I'm sorry, please don't hurt me, please don't, I'm so sorry, please…" He held his face in his hands, sobbing in fear at the Egyptian glaring at him. "I'm sorry!" He wailed, his sobs and hiccups echoing around the dark empty street.

"Okay!" Marik hissed, holding a caramel hand over the crying lights mouth. "Now shut the hell up or someone might hear you!" Ryous soft brown eyes snapped open, his shoulders shaking. He nodded softly, and with slim pale hands, wiped the tears from his ivory face, the minute salty drops still clinging to long eyelashes. Marik sighed, and with his free hand, he swung the backpack over his shoulder, and released Ryous mouth, the light whimpering softly as Marik wrapped an arm around his delicate ribcage, gently lifting the light to his feet.

"You're coming with me." Marik whispered into the lights ear as he began to walk out of the ebony alleyway. Ryou whimpered, and began to cry again, struggling under Mariks strong hold. "I'm not going to hurt you, you fool!" He hissed. "But Ra knows what will happen to you if you stay out here alone, and Bakura will skin me alive if you get hurt." Ryou nodded tearfully as he began to walk along with Marik, still feeling rather weak. "And besides…" Marik whispered teasingly into his pale ear. "Why would I let such a little beauty escape my clutches so easily?" Ryou gasped, and twisted under his strong hold, gazing up at Marik with big imploring eyes.

"M-Marik, please…" Ryou began in a shaking voice, but Marik shushed him, gently placing a finger on the lights delectable rosebud lips. The smaller of the pair gasped, eyes widened in fear, and he bowed his head, closing soft liquid chocolate eyes.

"That's better." Marik nodded, his hand now ruffling luminous silver hair. "Don't worry, we're nearly there…" He whispered, a hint of… warmth, in his voice? Ryou frowned to himself, confused. He never really thought someone like Marik was capable of warmth and love and kindness. He usually stayed clear of the yami, anyways. This was the first time he had actually had a conversation with him and it was… scary.

Marik pushed the door to the apartment block open, and began to gently guide the shaking light up the stairs, who was still weak and in too much shock to support his own weight. Ryou sighed, and smiled to himself as they paused outside the door of the darkness's apartment, the door still slightly ajar, and pushed it open, gently directing the trembling light towards the large purple sofa. Ryou sighed in relief, as Marik gently set him down on the purple velvet, setting the lights tattered backpack on the floor, Ryou stretching out like a cat on the sofa, a smile on his tired face. Mariks amethyst orbs lingered on the dark shadows under the lights eyes, as he pulled the vibrant lime-green blanket woven with a hint of golden thread off of the back of the sofa, lightly spreading it over Ryous too-thin form.

"Sleep." It was an order, not a question. The angel nodded, burying his head in the soft, well-padded armrest, warm mocha eyes gently fluttering closed. Marik nodded, smirking softly to himself in self-satisfaction, as he silently headed back to his small room he shared with his own hikari, closing the door noiselessly behind him and returning to his soft, bloodied bed.

Now he could sleep.

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