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"Well, well, if it isn't the happy couple." Bakura drawled lazily, sprawled out on the soft white couch, his half-lidded eyes gazing at the pair. Malik looked down, sitting neatly with his hands folded in his lap, caramel cheeks flushed a bright red, the Egyptians chest heaving and eyes oddly bright.

"Oh, shut up." Marik scowled, glaring daggers at the white haired demon. Bakura merely sneered, Malik blushing deeper and biting his lip. Ryou looked away, one hand clutching protectively at the yamis arm.

"Well, are you leaving or what?" Bakura growled, his eyes narrowing in anger at the pair. Marik merely snarled back, and Ryou squeaked, his hold on Mariks arm growing tighter.

"Trust me." The yami glared at Bakura. "I can't wait to leave." With that, he turned, wrenching his arm away from the light, stomping out the door and slamming it behind him so hard the walls shook. Bakura leaned back and placed his hands behind his head, smiling softly.

"I um, should really, like, go…" Ryou stammered, looking away. "M-Malik, I-I gues I'll call you later…" The light couldn't leave the room fast enough, his heart pounding as he managed to catch Marik up on the steps, who was weighed down by Ryous heavy case.

"Hello again." He said dryly, the case clanking behind him as he made his way down the stairs. "What kept you?" Ryou blushed, one hand shyly slipping into Mariks, tightly squeezing the bronzed fingers.

"Nothing." He said softly, the lights soft eyes looking up to Marik. "I was only a few seconds later than you." Marik sighed, squeezing his hand in return.

"I can't believe that sick freak did that to you." The yami muttered angrily, his hand tightening painfully around Ryous. "He is going to regret ever hurting you, I swear." Ryou sighed, leaning into Mariks shoulder as they made their way down the last few steps.

"Thanks for caring."


"Oh shut up, Malik, I don't want to hear it."

"I can't believe you did that!" Malik glared the yami, anger in his warm lavender eyes. "He didn't even do anything; it doesn't give you the right to hit him!"

"Did nothing!" Bakura sat up, crossing his arms as he glared daggers at the Egyptian. "Malik, didn't you see what was going on? How soft Marik was around my host? How he managed to calm him so easily? Get it through your thick head, they're together."

"What!" Malik was dumbstruck? "Ryou… And my yami? Okay, this isn't a funny joke.." Bakura snorted, waving his hand at the light.

"I don't do jokes, Malik, but I know that Marik and my light have something going on between them, and I don't like it." Malik sighed, leaning back into the plush back of the couch.

"Okay, even if they are… together, then what's so wrong with that?" Malik asked, frowning slightly. "I mean, apart from a few incidences, my yami can be quite… nice." Bakura snorted.

"Nice? Marik? HA!" The demon rolled his eyes. "More likely he's beating Ryou senseless. After all, isn't that was he was doing to you?"

"Yes." Malik agreed. "On occasion, but…" he trailed off, trying to phrase his point. "Would you say I was a pathetic, naïve, short-tempered, arrogant child?" The Egyptian inquired, raising an eyebrow.

"No." Bakura snorted. "I would say you're sexy, smart, and such a good fuc-"

"Well, what I'm trying to say," Malik cut in front of the whitenette, flushing furiously. "Is that maybe my yami doesn't see Ryou as the weak, innocent little host that you see. Maybe he sees Ryou as something… More…"

"Well, I still don't like it." Bakura snarled, casting his eyes to the ceiling. "Honestly, My host, and that psycho, together? It just doesn't add up..."

"Well, aren't we, sort of the same?" Malik asked, tilting his head sideways to frown at the demon. Bakura merely raised an eyebrow and shook his head.

"Firstly, you're way cuter and sexier and crazier than my host, and secondly, I'm not some vengeful spirit created from someone else's pain. I do have a less psychotic side… sometimes." Malik giggled, his head gently leaning into the yamis shoulder, Bakura frowning at the movement. "What… Are you doing?" He asked, his brows knitted together.

"Snuggling." Malik smiled, his eyes half closed as he gently nuzzled Bakuras shoulder, both hands clutching at his arm.

"Why?" Bakura inquired, the temperature in his cheeks raising just half a degree at Mariks touch. The light shrugged, his eyes now fully closed.

"It feels nice." He said simply, his head beginning to feel a little bit fuzzy. Bakuras eyes widened, his mouth dropping open half an inch as he stared at the light.

"Oh no, oh no oh no." Bakura muttered shaking his head. "Malik, you are not going to sleep." Malik merely sighed and shuffled slightly, an inch from sleep. "Oh fine, but you're making it up to me later." The demon promised. "We swore to not do any mushy romantic crap." Malik nodded, fast asleep. Bakura sighed, rolling his eyes to the ceiling.

Great. And he couldn't even reach the bloody remote.

Marik sighed in relief as he unlocked the door to his apartment, still dragging the extremely heavy case behind him. Ryou smiled softly, still holding hands with the yami, leaning on his shoulder.

"Well, home sweet home." Marik said slightly dryly as he hoisted the case inside, his arms straining. Ryou sighed, and nodded, sitting himself on the couch, curled into a small ball as Marik wheeled the travel case into his room, leaning it against the wall and joining Ryou on the plush purple velvet. "Are you okay?" He asked softly, wrapping his arms around the lights slender, rounded shoulders. Ryou nodded gently, leaning into Mariks shoulder with a sigh, tears forming in his doe brown eyes.

"Is the right thing to do?" The light asked softly, raising his damp eyes to Mariks pools of amethyst. "I mean, sort of… trading like this. I'm not scared for myself or Malik, it's just…" Ryou trailed off, unsure of how to finish.

"Strange?" Marik suggested, "New, different?" Ryou sighed, and nodded, gently nuzzling the yamis shoulder. "Brilliant?" Ryou giggled and nodded, his arms wrapping around the Egyptians broad chest.

"Yes." Ryou whispered, a wide smile on his face. "Oh yes, yes, more brilliant than anything else in the entire world." He gazed off into space. "But not all everything that is good is right… it you understand me." Marik raised an eyebrow, shaking his head.

"But it feels good, then what can be wrong with it?" Marik tried to reason, his arm still wrapped protectively around the lights shoulder. "Well, that's what I think…" He frowned. "But of course, someone as self sacrificial as you wouldn't think like that…"

"I'm not self sacrificial!" Ryou protested, his rose lips in a cute pout as he tried to glare at the yami. Marik merely snorted, one hand ruffling at the lights fluffy white hair.

"Name one time you have ever put yourself before your darkness, or the wellbeing of one of your friends." He said simply. Ryou frowned, glaring weakly at Marik.

"Well, when I-" Ryou frowned. "And when I-" The light wracked his brains, but he could honestly not think of a single occasion he had ever put himself first. "Well, I don't remember everything that happens, I've just clearly forgotten!"

"Sure." Marik raised an eyebrow at the light. "Ryou, you know as well as I do that you've never done that. You're so bloody sweet like that, did you know?" The yami said, now gazing away from the light so Ryou couldn't see the gentle softness in his eyes. "I wish more people could see that really special side of you, it's like…" He cast his mind around, trying to come up with a good example. "Would you say, let yourself die if it was going to save the life of one of your friends? Even that twisted harpy Anzu?"

"Of course." Ryou said in an instant, not even needing to think about it. "I mean, Anzu has a family that cares about her, good friends, and she already knows what she's going to do with her life. I don't have any of that, if I was to die, no one except Malik would probably miss me." Ryou finished, his orbs gazing thoughtfully into space. "Would you miss me?"

"Oh, Ryou." Marik breathed, taking the light into his arms and placing a sift kiss atop of his snowy head. "Of course I would. I'd be miserable without you to take care of. Don't say things like that, don't even think them." He said fiercely, holding Ryou tighter than ever. "Don't ever say that."

"Okay." Ryou squeaked, trembling at Mariks sudden change in disposition. "I swear, I'll never say anything like that again." The whitenette gently laid one hand on Mariks bronzed cheek, trying his hardest to calm the yami down. "Please, don't be angry, Marik please." His large brown eyes almost melted Mariks heart, soothingly washing away the yamis anger, his soft gentle touch sending shivers up his spine.

"Okay." He finally agreed, his arms wrapped tightly, protectively around the teenager. "I can't be angry." He admitted softly, a small smile on his face. "Not around you." Ryou giggled, a faint blush spreading across his cheeks as he nestled into the yamis chest.

"I hate you!" Malik screamed, tears streaming down his face as he landed another blow to the side of Mariks face. "You BASTARD I HATE you!" Adrenalin was running through his veins, his heart pounding in pure hate. "Who the hell do you think you are, you can't treat me like a stupid slave!" He punched his yami again, in the stomach this time, Marik couching and wincing at the blow. They were both on the living room floor, Malik beating the crap out if his other half. It was when he fell back on his rear, gasping for breath that Marik seized a handful of the lights sandy blonde hair, right on the top where it hurt the most. The light screamed as he was tugged to his feet, sadism flashing in his amethyst eyes.

"M-Marik, please…" The light gasped, struggling madly under the yamis hold. "Let me go!" Marik was wordless as he began to march towards the bedroom, the teenager whimpering and struggling and crying as he tried wrenching himself free of the yamis cold hands. "L-Let me go!" Malik cried out as he was roughly thrown on the bed his heart threatening to break free of his chest in fear. "Please yami, no…" He whispered, as Mariks cold hands began tugging at the zipper of his pants-

"NO!" Malik cried out, jerking awake in fright. His lavender eyes darted around in fright, his hands clenching tightly on Bakuras arm.


Malik blinked as he found out he was curled up on the couch in Bakuras arms, the yamis head tilted back as he snored lightly on his sleep. His eyes widened as he blushed, pressing his lips together slightly. Oh my… The Egyptian flushed deeper when he saw the slight smile on Bakuras face. Holy crap. Smiling Bakura? Well, wasn't that a bloody paradox?

Bakura groaned in his light sleep, shifting slightly under Malik, who froze, thinking he should maybe run away or something. You know, in case Bakura would get pissed off…

"Where are you going?" Bakura mumbled, one eye opening blearily. He yawned, stretching, and blinked a couple of times, rubbing at his eyes. "You owe me."

"Owe you what?" Malik said carefully, trepidation beginning to rise in his stomach. Oh man, what did I promise? "I never said anything…"

"Yes you did. I said you had to make it up to me later and you agreed." A devilish smirk spread across his face as he gripped Maliks wrist. "Besides." He added, dragging Malik closer to him. "I don't think you're going to mind making it up to me…"

"Do you want to go to bed now?" Marik asked, gazing down at the almost-asleep bundle in his arms. Yes, it was only around seven, but Ryou was exhausted, psychically and mentally, and still in a considerably amount of pain, so it really was best for him to sleep it off. The light nodded, shuffling around sleepily in Mariks arms.

"I'd better." Ryou said sleepily, yawning and stretching. "I do need a good nights sleep." He smiled softly, rubbing at his eyes. "But first." He looked serious. "There's something I need to do."

Take off the pillows and blankets, remove the top sheet, untuck the bottom sheet, throw it in the washing hamper, take out the fresh sheet, tuck it into the mattress, tuck in the top sheet, smooth out the blanket and put them back on the bed, put the pillows on, fluff them up, take the hamper to the bathroom…

Marik appeared deep in thought as he leaned in the doorway, nibbling on his lower lip as he watched Ryou change the sheets. It felt strange, hollow, for Ryou to be doing that, to remove the bloodstained bed clothing, it felt like…

Like Malik was never coming home.

Shaking his head to clear his mind of these strange thoughts, Marik smirked ever so slightly at the young Ryou, who had opened the large care residing in the corner of the room, and was sifting through the clothes for his pajamas. When he finally had the flannelette clothing in his hands, staring pointedly at the spirit, Marik turned away, heading into the lounge and leaving Ryou to change into his clothes.

Ryou sighed as he pulled back the sheets, sliding between the clean white linen. Maliks bed was much softer than his, the pillows more full and fluffy, and he also seemed to have more blankets. Malik was lucky. A small smile formed on the young lights face as he curled underneath the coverings, pulling the blankets up to his chin as he rolled over on to his side.

"Night Marik." Ryou whispered sleepily, his mind thick and fuzzy for a few moments, until he sank into a deep, dreamless slumber.

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