I almost abandoned this fic. So now its a re-write. I deleted all the other chapters.

I hope I can breathe life back into this fic and the interest the readers had. I just ran out of steam cause I had so many other fics in the works. To all the readers that were faithful to this fic, I deeply apologize for going AWOL. I had intentions to finish but just couldn't.

Note: Padme is not pregnant in the beginning of this story but she will be soon. Please be aware that the many systems in the GFFA are represented in this fic as countries on the planet Earth, however the government will closely reflect reality. BTW, in this fic, the US government is not bipartisan. The capital is not in D.C. It's in NY. And now it begins…


Years ago, several countries seceded from the U.N as a result of severe inconsonance that threatened diametric hostility and formed the 'Separatist Union'.

The Jedi Order was loyal to the U.N, the people of the world and the democracy that held them together in peace. During the days of political unrest between the Separatists and the U.N, the order kept the conflict as peaceful as possible while attempts were made to settle things. It became increasingly clear that the Separatists were not willing to negotiate and that hostile escalation was unavoidable.

Under the leadership of Count Dooku, the Separatist leaders commissioned a massive army of droids to be commanded by a highly advanced cyborg, General Grievous, to forcefully take over the nations that refused to join them. America, along with many other countries, had no choice but to act before more nations succumbed to invasion. The U.N declared war on the Separatist Union and the conflict spread all over the world.

The first two years of the Separatist-U.N war proved to be the deadliest conflict of all time. Many soldiers and Jedi Knights lost their lives in their efforts to free the besieged countries of the Separatist invasion. The droids that were destroyed were simply replaced by newer versions, while America, as well as most of the allied countries, suffered horrific military losses as requests for reinforcements were less than halfway fulfilled. There were not enough soldiers to send, and the military recruitment census was rapidly declining. People were discouraged by the incredible loss of life in the war effort. Hopelessness prevailed. America realized they had fallen into a deadly trap set by the Separatists to deplete the military resources of all countries involved and overwhelm the war with their growing droid army.

After weeks of intense analysis of strategic maneuvers, Congress discovered there was no tactic left to take to save the country. The situation was dire. It seemed inevitable that the draft would have to be re-instated. The public did not take well to this news.

Just before matters became even more drastic, Senator Palpatine proposed a radical solution, suggesting that clones be created for military use. He informed congress of the accessibility of genetic altering to make them less independent than a typical soldier, programming to prepare them for military life and war, and accelerated growth hormones to make them quickly available. As a result of these modifications, they would be totally obedient; taking any order without question. The clones would obey the orders of their superiors including those of the Jedi Knights commanding them.

With no other recourse left for them to take, Congress acquiesced to Palpatine's proposal. Despite the protests of clone life preservationists, Congress began the process of phasing out the use of citizens in all divisions and ranks of the military.

In the meantime, Senator Palpatine was elected to oversee the military cloning project and secretly implemented special programming to high-ranking clones. It included a decree that identified all Jedi as the enemy of the people and traitor to the country. The second decree identified him as supreme ruler of the United States and the only one to whom they will obey. These secret decrees were to go into effect only on Palpatine's cue.

The only two scientists involved in this specialized programming were either killed or disappeared mysteriously.

Under the leadership of the Knights of the Jedi Order, the clones proved to be immensely superior to the droids, being capable of independent thought and action. Not long after the deployment of the first hundred thousand clone troops, the ominous tide of war began to turn in favor of the U.N. Their performance impressed many countries and even motivated them to express interest in adopting the clone army project.

After gaining much recognition and prestige for his clone concept, Palpatine had gained the ultimate political prize and was elected president. One of the first actions he made as president was to supply the countries represented in the U.N with tens of thousands of clones and ask the Jedi Council to assign knights to lead them in the war effort. Congress mostly backed his decisions as its corrupted members were in the majority.

Using his many successful war strategies and revolutionary concepts, President Palpatine had managed to stay in office long after his second term was up. With the war in full swing, Palpatine knew his constituents would be leery about electing new leadership. No one was aware that he had an ulterior motive.

Recently, the president had played his first hand in making his position permanent, unquestioned and unchallenged. He called to order all the senators and representatives of congress in an important mandatory session to announce his decision to re-organize the government into an empire to ensure peace, prosperity and cohesion in the United States of America and facilitate an immediate end to the war. It was an unexpected move that was immediately met with an unprecedented negative response from the public. Citizens made their disapproval known through the media and through outlets such as riots, protests and civil disobedience.

Many politicians were caught unaware. Of the five hundred thirty five members of congress, roughly two hundred secretly opposed this decision. Most, however, dared not to make that known as rumors of disappearances and conspiracy theories began to circulate. While the country was becoming bipartisan on the method of government, it was difficult to decipher the Imperial loyalists from those against the changes. Trust had become a rare commodity.

Emperor Palpatine went on to state that every government official, every division and subdivision of the government would receive the detailed operations of the new imperial government. This package would specify the changes being made within the government.

In these uncertain times, the Jedi held to their code of conduct in keeping themselves out of political matters. However due the sudden change in government, they have decided to keep a close eye on the emperor and his dealings. It was not clear to them where they stood as now the democracy that they swore to protect had vanished right from underneath them. As the Jedi council continues to deliberate on their position on these changes and ultimately their next course of action, they remain vigilant in their efforts to fight off invasion in other countries.