Note: "Desperate Desires" was originally based on another poem I'd written not too long ago, but it so well summed up Kurenai and Goku's relationship (both in AND THE GREATEST OF THESE and in its companion short stories, TIL THE STARS ALL BURN AWAY and BREATHE INTO ME) that I reworked it. Part I (Attraction) is Goku; Part II (Seduction) is Kurenai; Part III (Culmination) is them both. For those of you who wanted to know more about these two, this is for you...

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Desperate Desires


I feel temptation's subtle tendrils caress my heart,
calling, beckoning, offering her to me
"Come," they say, "give in to us"
No, I shake my head,
even as her scent catches my attention
I close my eyes against her,
trying in vain to shut her out,
to hide this desperate passion from her,
But I can sense the smell,
the heat of a body near mine
Her body burns like mine,
blood pulsing, adrenaline raging,
heart pounding in preparation
To ward her off, I stretch out my hands
and touch soft, warm skin...


Fingers moving free of my control
start tracing features I have so long dreamed of
His breath caresses my hands as I stroke his face,
and my hands begin to shake,
my fluttering touch bringing goosebumps to his skin
His answering touch shatters my control
as eyes open, meet, and lock on each other
Icy chills race up and down my spine
even as liquid heat builds within me
I hear a low groan of aching need,
but is it his or is it mineā€¦
His breathing quickens, and his chest
rises and falls beneath my fingertips
His pulse drums up through my hands,
racing to match my own


Then all pretense of resistance is gone,
as two whirlwinds of passion arise
Fire and ice, control and abandon,
thunder and lightning, slam together,
exploding within and without
There is no elegance, no grace,
no sweet seduction
It is raw, primal, almost savage, as two wild desires meet
Now two minds are screaming,
two bodies are ready
And then the two become one from head to toe,
melting together frantically,
two voices scream out release...
As one soul silently cries