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Second Chances: Part I

Shinji Ikari was sitting quietly on the living room couch listening to his audio tapes. Faintly, he heard the door slam in the background, signaling that the Second Child had returned home from Hikari's house.

"Tadaima!" he heard the familiar yell of her voice.

Shinji heard her rattling around in her room before she finally appeared in front of the entrance to the living room and plopped herself on the chair opposite him. He noted with slight amusement that she had a book in her hand. It wasn't just any book either. It happened to be the manga romance series that was currently a hit with the entire teenage girl population. The front cover depicted a man with silver hair and leather trousers locked in a tight, passionate embrace with a scantily-clad woman with short blue hair. Shinji's eyes widened slightly. What exactly were these girls reading?

He shook his head to clear his mind of the image and laid his head against the back of the couch. He probably shouldn't be listening to music right now. There were so many other things he should be doing. He had a test tomorrow that he needed to study for, and it was that time of night when he started to think about what to cook for dinner. Then again, there was that recipe for tofu that he had been meaning to try out for days.

Shinji's train of thought was broken as Asuka huffed loudly. He took off his earphones thinking maybe he had not heard what said. Looking over, he was surprised to see her still engrossed in her manga, although now her face was scrunched up in this cute sort of pout. He could see her eyes flicking frantically over the page as if searching for something that she couldn't find. She must be having problems understanding the kanji again,
he thought to himself.

Asuka gave a frustrated sort of grunt and a heavy sigh. Shinji watched as she absentmindedly tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and bit her lower lip in concentration. Finally giving up on whatever page she was on, she reached into her pocket, grabbed some lipgloss, and began to roll it generously across her lips.

The action caused a wished-to-be-forgotten memory to surface from the depths of Shinji's mind. It happened to be the memory of when Asuka had grown bored one day and declared that she and Shinji should kiss. He frowned. The disgust she had shown once their lips had parted had left Shinji embarrassed for days—if not weeks!—afterward. To this day he still hadn't brought the incident up again. Looking at the manga cover, he began to wonder why she had felt the need to kiss in the first place. Was it because she read things like this? Is that why she felt the sudden urge to engage in a passionate liplock?

On top of that, Asuka had managed to make him feel horrible afterward. Shinji admitted to himself that he really didn't have that much experience with kissing. But he did know that kissing involved two people. The reason the kiss was so…meaningless…wasn't just his fault alone. Was it? After several minutes of silent conflict, Shinji finally worked up enough nerve to ask the question he'd been thinking about since that "dreadful" incident.

"A-Asuka?" He paused. "Was it really that bad when I kissed you?"

Asuka lowered her book and looked at Shinji. He began blushing profusely. I can't believe I just asked that! Shinji thought to himself as his face only turned redder. Asuka cocked an eyebrow as she watched the display of emotions pass across Shinji's face. Her eyes showed amusement at his current predicament. Eventually, she let out a heavy sigh.

"Yes, baka. It really was that horrible."

Shinji's face fell and he quickly looked away. "Oh," was all he managed to say.

Asuka flipped her hair and went back to reading the manga. From the corner of her eye she could see that Shinji's face was beet red with embarrassment and he was staring silently at his feet. After a moment, he took out his headphones and began listening to music again.

What a baka, Asuka thought to herself. She rolled her eyes. Honestly! Pathetic wimp can't even stick up for himself. He really wasn't that bad of a kisser either. After all, I was holding his nose. Asuka read a few lines of text before realization of what she had just thought hit her. N-nani! She couldn't possibly have been serious when she thought that.

Asuka glanced timidly at Shinji over the top of her book. His head was leaning against the back of the couch and his eyes were closed. She let her eyes travel lower down his face until they came to rest on the one thing that had sparked this strange thought in her head: his lips. Her eyes widened as she continued to stare at them. If she hadn't known better, she would've said that they looked deceptively soft and smooth. But she did know. She could still remember how soft they felt when they were pressed against hers.

Shinji unconsciously wet his lips, his tongue slowly trailing along the bottom one. Asuka gulped audibly at the sight. Her face heated up and she felt a warm sensation bubble in the pit of her stomach. It was a good thing Ikari had his eyes closed because if he had caught her staring at him, she knew she could never live it down. Asuka quickly averted her eyes, feeling strangely dirty for witnessing what she just had and for thinking the things she did. I mean, this was Shinji she was thinking about! A little baka and a pathetic fool who didn't know anything!

Nonetheless, Asuka couldn't help but wonder what it might feel to kiss Shinji again and have him actually kiss her back instead of just standing there while she let him suffocate. She could give him many reasons for wanting to do this "experiment" again. It wouldn't be that hard to come up with an excuse. Now the only problem was…would Shinji agree?

"Oy, baka!"

Shinji didn't respond.


Nothing. He was dead to the world.


He sat bolt upright so quickly that he nearly succeeded in falling off the couch. Asuka smirked wickedly as he took his earplugs out and looked at her like she was crazy. He was clearly frazzled from what she just did. "Asuka!" he half-screamed. "What the hell was that for?"

"Do you want a second chance?"


Asuka rolled her eyes and gave a heavy sigh. "I'm bored. I'll ask you one more time, Shinji Ikari. Do you want a second chance to prove that you can kiss?"

"I…um…" Shinji blushed furiously. Asuka walked over to him and sat down. If Shinji had known better, he would have said that she purposely put a little more sway into her hips as she walked right then.

"Shinji…" Asuka whispered, looking hungrily at his lips. Oh, how she hated herself right now. Here she was, once again practically laying herself on a silver platter to one of the people she despised the most. And what for? For one sick moment of pleasure.

Shinji noticed where Asuka was staring and gulped. He could feel his face heating up and he unconsciously leaned away from her. Unfortunately, there was really no where for him to lean to since she already had him pressed up against the armrest of the couch. He looked into her face for clarity and saw her eyes flick up to look at him.

"Well, are you going to kiss me or not, baka?"

Without really thinking Shinji leaned forward, smashing his lips against hers. Asuka widened her eyes at the unexpectedness before closing them and shutting them tight. She waited silently. It felt just like when they had first kissed. Empty.

Shinji had his eyes shut tightly as well. He had expected Asuka to protest or to at least react in some way to his sudden kiss. Rather, she did quite the opposite. She tensed up a bit before remaining completely stiff and indifferent to what he had done. Shinji was confused. What was he supposed to do? He wanted to prove to her that he was a good kisser. He wasn't completely sure why. Maybe he was just fed up with all her teasing and wanted to prove that he was good at something besides Eva-piloting. Maybe he just wanted to one-up her. Whatever his motive, he was desperately trying to coax a response from her and unconsciously moved his lips against hers.

That's when it hit her. She felt a fire begin to well up inside her. She no longer felt empty and she no longer felt alone. Instead she was consumed by this raging new feeling that was bubbling within her. She slowly began to kiss Shinji back.

Shinji felt immense relief when he felt Asuka's lips move against his. He cupped her face and grinned happily. This was going far better than the last time already…

"Hentai!" she slapped his hand away and slowly glared as she wiped the excess spit from her mouth.

Shinji was confused. What had he done now?

"Baka! I could feel the perverted way you were grinning while you kissed me!"

Shinji was taken aback. P-Perverted! "I—what?"

"Don't try to mask it with your innocence, Ikari! I know what you just did. You were trying to take advantage of me!"

"Don't be stupid, Asuka! You know I would never do that!"

Asuka looked mildly surprised. The Great Shinji had finally grown a backbone. And—wait a second. Did he just call her stupid?

"Ergh! Shinji, you baka!" Asuka dove forward tackling Shinji to the ground. He let out a muffled 'oomph' of surprise as he hit the floor. He looked up at her in surprise, partially because of what she just did and partially because of how she had landed. She was practically straddling his waist. Her hands were fisted in the front of his t-shirt and her face was lowered to his. He blushed and felt the urgent need to look away but somehow couldn't seem to pull his eyes away from Asuka's captivating blue ones.

Far too late Asuka also realized the compromising position she had gotten herself into. She blushed slightly as she looked into Shinji's dark brown eyes that were wide with fear and…excitement? She let her gaze trail down to his lips again and he licked them once more. She silently cursed his alluringness. He looked so tempting and needy.

Gods, I hate myself, she thought before leaning down once again.


The sudden appearance of Misato's voice caused them to jump apart so quickly that Asuka only half-landed on the couch (in the process sending the millions of TV guides flying to the floor) and Shinji managed to smack his head on the nearby coffee table.

Misato walked in and surveyed the scene in amusement. Asuka was sitting politely on the couch while Shinji was sitting on the floor, rubbing his head, and surrounded by several TV guide books. "Um…is there something I should know?" Misato asked with a raised eyebrow.

Shinji looked desperately at Asuka. "Well, I—"

"Nope. There's nothing going on here, Miss Misato. Shinji's just being a baka as usual and tripped as he got up from the couch."

Something seemed fishy. Shinji was usually fairly agile and she had never seen him once trip over himself. And…Asuka seemed far too polite and composed at the moment. Normally Misato was sure that the redhead would be cackling like mad at Shinji's misfortune. Something was definitely up.

Misato looked down at Shinji in a way that silently asked if Asuka was telling the truth. He gave a half-hearted sort of nod to say that she was. Misato sighed heavily. The look in his eyes suggested he was hiding something, but she felt it better not to pry at the moment.

"Well, just make sure you pick everything up, Shinji. And do try to be more careful from now on."

"Yes, Miss Misato," Shinji muttered as she left the room.

He looked around at the mess of papers piled around him. Sighing, he reached out to start picking up one of the many TV guides. To his surprise, Asuka grabbed it just before he laid his hands on the piece. Confused, he looked up at her for an answer.

"You did ok, Ikari," she announced. "Maybe if you're lucky we can do this again, and you can finally prove to me that you're at least a little good at kissing."

Shinji smiled slightly. "Oh, I'm good, Asuka."

Asuka raised an eyebrow. Where had that comment come from? "Don't get your hopes up too high, baka! You need to stop being such a pervert first!"


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