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Thanks to HermioneGranger91, for allowing me to use what began as a review response to her fic, "Betrayal on Both Sides".

WARNING This fic contains HBP Spoilers. Enter at own risk if you haven't read HBP.

Snape smiled grimly as he kicked his former master's body and it flopped over, as broken and lifeless as before. That was two masters he'd killed now, Dumbledore and Voldemort. Good riddance. Free at last, after twenty years of being their quaffle - it would be a relief except that both sides would be chasing him now.

Impatiently he pushed back his messy fringe, revealing a lightning-shaped scar on his forehead. 'Potter hair,' he grumbled to himself. Still, it had done the trick. He hadn't been sure it would work but the news that Potter had destroyed all the Horcruxes had inspired him to dare all on this chance and the risk had paid handsomely.

The prophecy, with Voldemort's unknowing participation, had chosen Harry Potter as the only one who could kill the Dark Lord and, on a purely physical level, he was Harry Potter now until the Polyjuice wore off. Internally he was still Severus Snape, of course, with all his vastly superior intelligence and abilities compared to the loathsome green-eyed brat, but the prophecy hadn't differentiated.

And "the power the Dark Lord knows not", from that extra line of prophecy he'd accidentally picked out of Potter's head the day he stopped him cursing Draco in the Entrance Hall at the end of their fifth year? Who'd have thought it meant merely the power the Dark Lord failed to perceive, the deception he didn't penetrate – Snape's disguise as Potter's body double… in every sense of the word?

Still-green eyes narrowed in mental calculation. Wormtail might scurry off instead of raising the alarm – his loyalty had always been to his own skin -but some of the other Death Eaters would be more vengeful. Bellatrix, for instance.He'd have to get moving. How soon would he need to brew a fresh batch and which of the hairs he'd stockpiled would be the most appropriate to use next?

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