Kiss Like This

Disclaimer: don't own anything.

Rating: PG

Pairing: Alex/Izzie

She finally understood what people meant when they said that the best occurrences in life come unexpected. In her mind, it never seemed substantial until the venerable Dr. Karev paid a propitious visit to her at Joe's and planted what could only be described a breathtaking kiss. Literally.

Izzie could see George's skepticism seep out of his pores; she noticed Cristina's chuckling and Meredith's inadvertent dismay after Alex returned her to the bar. Yet all those distractions didn't seem to stymie the feeling of elation that exploded from within her the minute his lips touched hers, and ironically enough Izzie couldn't keep the childish, lovesick grin off her face as she tried to maintain a professional appearance.

All her mind could scream was, "Damn, he's an excellent kisser." Guess he was good with his mouth, and Izzie could settle for the quips and the sometimes awkward flaking if only he didn't stop kissing her like that.

She was so consumed in her thoughts she hadn't heard Cristina murmur quite sardonically, " Wonder how long it had taken him to practice that one."

But nothing could bring Izzie down after that kiss, it held promise and as she took a sip of her Chardonnay she couldn't help but giggle inwardly at the medley of wine and the taste of Alex's lips on hers.