A Chance of a Lifetime

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It had been two weeks since Risa and Riku Harada's vacation, and the twins were already returning to school. As they headed towards Azumano Middle School, they heard a familiar voice. "Welcome back, Ms. Harada, and Ms. Harada!" he called. The two girls turned to see their friend with the kind face and the red hair.

"Hello, Niwa," Risa greeted Daisuke Niwa. "How was your vacation trip?" he asked them. "It was alright… but it rained a lot," Riku explained, "Risa kept complaining how she wanted to come back here ASAP!" "No, I didn't!" Risa protested. Daisuke laughed. "Come on, let's hurry before we're late," he told them, and they agreed.

"There's a new student at out class?" Riku asked. "Yeah, his name's Dark, I think. He transferred here from another school just yesterday," the redhead explained. "Really? I hope he's handsome…," said Risa with dreamy eyes. Daisuke sighed and Riku noticed. "Are you okay, Niwa?" she asked. "No… I… I'm just tired that's all…," he reassured her.

When they arrived at class, everyone was interested about their vacation. The teacher had to settle down the class, though. Riku sat near the windows, behind Daisuke, and Risa sat in the second seat next to the door.

Daisuke sighed, who was sitting at his seat, looking at something in his pocket. "I wanted to give this to Ms. Harada on the way to school… but I just had to chicken out…," he remembered. The red haired boy looked and saw his crush, Risa, talking with Riku and two others girls. Riku then waved goodbye, and went over to her seat.

"Hey, Niwa. Where's that new kid that's such a ruckus? I can tell Risa can't wait to meet him," she asked. "I don't know. Maybe he's gonna be absent today," Daisuke replied. The bell sounded, and everyone went to their seats. Once the bell stopped, a charming purple haired boy walked in. "So you chose to be late, Mr. Mousy?" the teacher questioned.

The boy looked up and grinned. "Well, what's the harm of being late? At least I get to see all my fans," he mentioned, all the girls gazing at him with dreamy eyes, even Risa. "Wow…," she thought. "So this is the new kid. He's not such a big deal, he's too confident," Riku noticed, and hated those types of guys. Daisuke noticed Risa staring at the new student, and looked a bit down.

"Before I let you go to your seat, Mr. Mousy, let's welcome the Harada twins from their vacation. Girls, please stand up," the teacher announced. Risa stood up, so modest, as Daisuke had to push Riku to stand up, which she didn't want to. "Hey, what was that for!" Riku demanded in a whisper. "Just enjoy your moment of glory, Ms. Harada," he told her. She blushed, but turned away quickly, not wanting Daisuke to see.

Riku noticed the new kid staring at her and blushed, but glared a bit. "Why is he staring at me like that? It's almost perverted!" she thought in disgust. Risa noticed her sister's attention, and pouted quietly. "Don't tell me he likes Riku…," she hoped that wouldn't happen.

"Girls, this is our new student who transferred here, Dark Mousy," the teacher explained. "Dark, go to your seat. I'll excuse your tardy only because you're a new student." He nodded, and went walking to his desk. When Riku sit down, she noticed something. That new kid was approaching the desk next to her! "Please don't let him sit here, please don't let him sit, oh, please, oh, please, don't let him sit here!" she desperately prayed in her head. But, sadly, Dark went to the desk, and sat down, smirking at her. Riku felt like she was going to crumble. "He… he sits here!" she realized with a broken face.

During class, Riku Harada could just feel someone's eyes just looking at her. She glanced at the right to see Dark's purple eyes staring at her. She was a bit taken aback. "Wha… why are you staring?" she questioned. Dark blinked and smiled. "I couldn't help it," he plainly explained. Riku quietly groaned, and turned away.

Risa saw this and felt sad. "Why is Mr. Dark so interested in Riku? I mean, I'm her twin sister… why?" she wondered. Seeing Risa sad made Daisuke feel the same way, but it sorta ticked him off Dark was flirting with Riku behind him.

"Niwa, that new kid is getting on my nerves! It's so… irritating!" Riku complained as she and Daisuke walked out to the school yard for lunch. But Daisuke wasn't listening, he was still looking at that certain letter in his pocket. "Niwa, are you listening to me!" she demanded. "Y… yes, Ms. Harada…!" Daisuke responded, looking up. Riku eyed him.

"Did you bring lunch today?" he asked her. "Oh! How could I've forgotten!" Riku realized, sighing. "I could give you my lunch; I'm not that hungry," he told her. "But… Niwa…!" she protested, blushing. "It's okay," Daisuke reassured her, "Ms. Harada asked me earlier to have lunch with her, so…" "Oh…," Riku mumbled as she thought, "That's why…" "Here," Daisuke said, handing it to her.

"Niwa! There you are!" Risa called, running to them. "M… Ms. Harada…," Daisuke said. "Let's go!" she exclaimed, and ran off holding his hand as he tried to catch up. Riku watched them go as she sighed. She went over to a bench and sat down, looking at Daisuke's bento he had given her. "Niwa…," she thought, blushing.

"Is that lunch for me?" a charming voice asked her. Riku looked up to see… Dark. "This is my lunch," Riku told him, sort of hugging it, "Niwa gave it to me." Dark glared at the lunch box. "If Daisuke cares about you, why'd he go have lunch with the other Harada instead of you?" he questioned. Riku fumed, not knowing what to say. "Isn't it obvious? Niwa… likes Risa…," she told him, looking away.

Dark saw her hurt face, and sat next to her. He took the bento, and started to open the box. "Hey…! What are you doing!" she demanded in anger. "You want someone to have lunch with you, right? It's better me than no one," he mentioned to her, and ate a rice ball. Riku sighed and smiled, and ate a rice ball.

"So… Ms. Harada… why did you want to have lunch with me?" Daisuke asked, after they finished. "We're friends, right?" she asked, smiling. Daisuke held his letter behind his back. Realizing she just wanted to be his friend, and of course, she was into Dark, Daisuke stood up. "I… I gotta go…," he said quickly running off. "But Niwa…!" Risa protested, but he was soon out of sight. She sighed, and then saw a letter on the picnic blanket. "A… letter…?' she wondered, and picked it up.

This is like the 1st ep… but different, considering Dai-kun and Dark-kun aren't one person!

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