A Chance of a Lifetime

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The last chapter. The end of this fanfic. The chapter you've all been waiting for. I bet you all are itching to find out the end, and who Riku-chan's with, eh? Hope you'll enjoy this last chapter. RXR.


As Riku was this close to leaving, she heard someone calling her from behind. "Ms. Riku!" that person called. Riku knew who it was, so she didn't turn around to see who it was. She faced the doors she was about to leave through carefully. "Niwa… what it is?" Riku asked.

"Ms. Riku… where are you going?" Daisuke asked, concerned. "I… uh, what made you think I was leaving?" she asked. "You're standing right next to the back exit… so I assumed…," the redhead mumbled. "Niwa, you know who I want to see, don't you? I need to see him… I want to. I'm sorry, Niwa. I guess the reason I did choose you was… well… because you were the first boy I ever liked. I may still even like you. But… I still like him. He was the first boy who liked me. He knew I liked you, and yet still liked me. Even with dating Risa… or even thinking about Rika… he still liked me. You can say whatever you want. I'm sorry, Niwa… I really am," Riku told him as she turned around," I've been so confused, and I didn't understand what love was about. He was always concerned about me, and I… Niwa… I love him."

Daisuke stood there, quietly. After her own words, Riku had nothing else to say. Her choices had been tough. She never knew her love life would be this complicated. And confusing.

But when she said her real feelings, it all became clear. Crystal clear. "I… love him. I love him a lot. I've been too afraid, too scared… to just say it. I need him to know this. Dark… I want you to hear this…," Riku thought as she turned around, facing the doors again.

"Ms. Riku Harada, Mr. Daisuke Niwa, hurry up! The play begins in five minutes! Come with me. Now!" an angered voice came from behind them. It was Teacher. "Hurry, hurry!" she shouted, shoving them back to the stage. Riku fumed, annoyed. "Dark…," she thought.


The play began. Everyone was amazed and awed by the touching story of Elliot and Freedert. But Riku wasn't concentrating. Daisuke was acting as Elliot. Dark didn't come. "Was it… because I didn't choose him? I wish I could tell him… right now… that I…," she thought as she looked at the front doors to see Dark standing there, watching the play. Riku gasped.

"Psst! Riku! Say your lines!" Teacher whispered. "Oh!" she suddenly remembered she was still acting. One of the lights faced Daisuke and her as the two were going to be in Heaven together, for their love was so moving, giving up their lives for one another. "Elliot… it's you… finally… we'll be… together…," Riku whispered as the curtains closed.

The audience became clapping loudly, especially Risa. "Riku, Niwa, that was so good!" she exclaimed. Even Hiwatari Satoshi was clapping.


After the curtains suddenly closed Riku ran out of the curtains, jumped off stage and raced to the front doors. "Please… Dark… please still be there!" she hoped in her heart. The audience noticed her leave, and wondered what was going on. "Riku…?" Risa whispered, "Was that… my sister just now?"

Risa looked up to see Daisuke walking over to them. "Niwa, did you just see…?" she asked, and the redhead nodded. "Where is she going?" Risa again asked. "She's going to see… the person she loves," Daisuke told her. "Dark," Satoshi added as Risa looked back at doors Riku was running through, and smiled.


Riku looked around the hall ways. Dark was gone. She panted like crazy as she was still wearing her gown, blonde wig, and everything from the play.

"No… no…," she whispered. Dark was gone, she knew that. Riku shook her head as she stared through the hall windows hoping to see him leaving. But no one was outside. "Dark…," she thought.

"Looking for me?" a familiar voice asked. Riku turned around to see… Dark. "Dark!" she cried as she hugged him tightly.

"Riku… wha?" Dark asked, confused, "You… okay?" "I'm alright; I'm fine. I needed to see you, you pervert! I wanted to see you!" Riku shouted. "Hey, I can't believe you still think I'm a pervert …," Dark mumbled, annoyed.

Now Riku was annoyed, for he missed the point. "Dark, listen! I want to tell you something. Something… really important," Riku said. "I know… I know. You're with Daisuke now. And we'll still be friends," he said with a smile, "Hey; I gotta go, so I'll see you at school, as usual." As Dark walked away, Riku shook her head.

"I saw you during the play!" she called, and Dark stopped, "I knew… you didn't come for me and Niwa… but you didn't have to! I… I don't like Niwa anymore!" Dark stopped as he suddenly felt Riku's embrace from behind him. "Riku…," he whispered, "Don't be silly. You were going to choose him; I know that. Stop playing around," Dark said, turning around.

Riku was getting ticked off now. "You're so stupid, Dark! Can't you listen to me! I love you!" she snapped. Dark gasped as Riku kissed him. He kissed back as the two hugged.

Risa, Daisuke, and Satoshi watched. "Aww… romantic…," the younger Harada twin whispered. The redhead smiled for his once love's happiness, and as for Satoshi, well, he was looking away, for he didn't really care that much.


As they hugged, Dark noticed someone outside the window. Krad. He stood there, staring at the two as he shrugged and left.


The air was calm and the skies were beautiful as the weekend grew onward. The grass was growing green as the flowers shined. Riku smiled as she slowly touched a grave that said:



"You'll always watch over us. Take care."

"Rika…," Dark whispered, who stood next to Riku. "Do you think… she's happy… up there?" she asked him. Dark nodded.

"She'll always be watching over us… hoping we'll be together… always," he told her. "I'm glad… she always will," Riku added as saw a note book beside her grave. "Dark… did you put that there?" she asked.

Dark picked it up as he saw a detailed black and white feather next to each other. "He put it here…," he thought as he placed it back, and Dark stood up. Riku did the same.

"Dark," Riku said as the two walked through the quiet grass. "Yeah?" he answered. "You know, you haven't told me it yet…," Riku mentioned. "Told you what?" Dark asked. "That you love me, you pervert! You've always told me you like me, or you really like me, but those two things don't mean the same as love!" she reminded him, annoyed. Dark blushed as he nervously laughed. "Really…? I'm sure… I've said it before… haven't I…?" he asked. "Not that I know of!" she pouted.

"Hey… aren't we going on that date? We'll be late for that movie…!" he said, starting to walk fast. "Oh, no you don't!" Riku snapped, "Hey, why won't you say it! I did!" "Yeah, well… good for you!" he smirked as he ran off with Riku chasing him. "Dark!" Riku shouted.

"Okay, okay!" Dark said, stopping. Riku stood in front of him, impatient for an answer. "Well?" she asked, ticked off. "Riku… I love you," he said with a smile. Riku smiled as she blushed by hearing those words.

"So… let's head to that R rated movie now…," he added as he began walking. "R rated! Not again! You said it was going to be PG13! I am not going to sneak in again!" she shouted. "You did it once… doing it again wouldn't hurt…," he smirked. "That sounds so perverted, you pervert! Why can't you say anything right!" she demanded. Dark laughed as he was still ahead of her.

Riku was still annoyed, but happy. She was happy to be with him. With Dark. With the one… she loved.


The end. The last chapter, now over. This whole fanfic, now done. (sniff) I can't believe it… I just can't. I hope you've all enjoyed "A Chance of a Lifetime." I have. You know what to do now: review this fanfic one last time, many DNAngel fans. Thank you for reading! (cries loudly) ;