Okay, here is the first chapter of the co-writen story called Mixed Up Worlds.

Disclaimer: Saddly neither JapanAnime or I own Danny Phantom, All Grown Up, American Dragon Jake Long, Avatar The Last Air Bender, Kim Possible, and the Fairly OddParents. It will also include us, the writters in it.

Summary: Well, there really isn't much of one at this point. All those characters get mixed up together, and must work together to get home.

Notes: This story takes place after The Ultimate Enemy for Danny Phantom, and it takes place after So The Drama for Kim Possible. It also takes place after R.V Having Fun Yet? for All Grown Up. In American Dragon Jake Long, his sister can fully turn into a dragon.

Chapter 1

What's Going On?

Danny Phantom

Danny had just gotten back from figthing a ghost, and landed in the lab next to Jazz, Sam, and Tucker. Right as Danny landed, the ground began to shake. Before long, the whole house seemed to be coming down on top of them. Under their feet, a crack opened up, and they fell inside.

They landed and passed out on contact with the hard ground.

All Grown Up

Everyone was at Tommy and Dil's house watching T.V. They were watching a new show called, 'Real Life'. It was supposedly about real life in an alternate dimension. They so far had not missed one episode of it, and it was half way through the season. On todays episode, they were talking about ways to travel between dimensions.

There was a rush of wind through the room right before a swirling vortex emerged from the T.V. The vortex sucked them into the T.V. They landed on hard ground, then passed out.

Fairly OddParents

Timmy had just gotten home from school. His homework assingment was to do look up what was known on other dimensions. Instead, he decided, that he'd just go visit another dimension. When he got up to his room, his fish greeted him.

"How was school today?" Wanda asked as she came out of the bowl.

"Bad, I have to research other dimensions." Timmy said.

"Well, how about we visit one." Cosmo said.

"That's a great idea, I wish I was in another dimension!" Timmy said.

Wanda and Cosmo poofed him there, but instead of nicely landing, they began to fall. They also fell on hard ground and passed out.

Kim Possible

"Another boring day at Middleton High." Ron complained.

Kim just rolled her eyes at him. They were just arriving at school, and they were early for a change. Wade suddenly called Kim.

"What's up Wade?" Kim said.

"Trouble with Drakken, can you squeeze in a rescue before home room?"

So Kim and Ron headed out. But at Drakken's lair, he had invented a machine that actually worked. He called it the 'Alternate Dimension Transporter'. It was designed to transport you to another dimension. So when Kim and Ron came in, he had Sego trap them, and then he aimed at them. It fired off and sent them to another dimension. When they entered it, they passed out on hard ground.

American Dragon Jake Long

Jake and his friends were heading home from school. Trixie started to leave to go skateboarding with Spud, when, Grandpa, Haley, and Fu Dog came running out of the house. Huntsman and Huntsgirl were inside, and they had some new weapon.

"Dragon Up!" Jake said. As he changed, so did Grandpa and Haley. But before they could do anything, a smoke screen filled the air. In it, Huntsman and Huntsgirl escaped. But the smoke screen transported the group to another dimension.

"Now we will not have to deal with the American Dragon anymore." chuckled Huntsman as they escaped.

The group passed out as they hit hard ground.

Avatar The Last Air Bender

Aang, Katara, and Soko were still on their way to the north pole, they had been traveling for a while, so they decided to stop and rest on a small island below. They landed and began to set up camp, when Aang began to walk toward an strange glowing light. Katara and MoMo got up and followed him. Soon after Soko joined too.

They light hypnotized them, then, without warning, it flashed really bright, and sucked the three of them and MoMo into a alternate dimension. They too, hit hard ground and passed out.

The Real World

Several loud bangs sounded out throughout the skies and then, in an old abandoned spot of land, a whole group of people landed. Most spectators just ignored it, but two girls approached, their names were Lisa and Violet. They got within 10 feet of the group of people and watched as they passed out. They called for help, and in moments, they were being rushed off to the nearest hospital.

Okay, a bit short, but it is an intraductory chapter. So what do you think? Please R&R, constructive critisism.