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"I'm bored." Angelica repeated for like the hundreth time in that hour.

"We know...hey, is that the type of door we are looking for?" Kimi asked.

"I think it is." Comso said.

"You think?" Wana teased.

A few laughed. "No, these aren't it." Danny delcared, "I've been to a large area of the Ghost Zone, and I've been here, these doors aren't it." Looking down at his map, he decided that they should go into an unmarked area. Sam turned the Ghost Mobile to go into a area they hadn't been to yet. As the flew, Danny tired to take note of what was there so he could put it on the map later.

"Hey, what's that over there." Jake said about another hour later.

Everbody looked over at the door to see what he was talking about. On the door was a sign that read, Dimensions. "Looks like that's what we've been looking for." Haley stated. San drove the Ghost Mobile up to the door, then inside. Once inside, they saw nothing but a unending room. They jumped out, looked around, but still saw, nothing but blackness. Someone stepped over a area of the floor that turned on lights. But that didn't help, still nothing.

Tucker walked until a screen appeared in front of him. The others ran over to see what it said. Tucker read out loud what it said.

Dimension selector.

"What is that supposed to mean?" he asked.

"I think that means that we can choose what dimension we want to go to from here." Dil commented.

Danny reached up and pushed a word that said Amity. "Our dimension is called Amity?" Sam questioned. To their left, a portal to Amity Park appeared.

"I guess we go in there." Jazz said. They said their goodbyes and went it. Looking at each other, hands raced up to the screen to find their home. All at once, three more portals appeared. Aang led his group to their home. Angelica naturally tried to take lead, but didn't. Instead they just walked in on their own. Jake opend his portal and walked in. Lisa and Violet looked at each other. It was quiet. Too quiet.

"I miss them." Lisa said.

"Me too." They turned back to the Ghost Mobile and flew home.

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