From the Island

By: Crystal of Psyche

Chapter 1: Fall of the Fox, Rise of the Boy

'Italics' --Talking in Albhed


Dark aura floated throughout the air, the large town that lay underneath appeared to be in ruins. In the town the war torn people of the village spread every now and then picking up some of the destruction. Although it seemed that everyone loomed around the town picking up debris, but an old man emerged on the hillside donned with robes struggling to climb with a bundle of clothes held tightly, securely in his arms.

On top of the hill stood another older man apparently with no hair, he almost looked as if he didn't belong to the town down below. He watched the man in robes climb up, as the old man neared he helped him sit down to rest on a stump.

The bald man looked at the bundle in the man's arms and spoke with an unusual language. "Ec dryd dra puo?" He extended his arms and took the bundle holding it close to him revealing a newborn baby with blonde hair but the whiskers on the baby's cheeks caught his eyes.

A deep breath escaped the older man, "Yes, that's the boy. Take him with you, I trust you'll take good care of him. He shouldn't grow up here, I fear that he won't have a normal childhood. If you feel it necessary tell him about the Nine Tails, for now let him be a normal boy. It's what his father would've wanted."

The young child let out a quiet sound as the bald man bowed his head with sorrow. "Syo ra nacd eh beala. E femm secc res y mud."

A pipe materialized out of the old man's robes, lit it, and placed it in his mouth as he began to inhale. "Truly it's a tragedy. We will all miss him. You should get going before the villagers can find the boy."

"Oui yna nekrd." The man bowed as he stood up again he replied. "E ruba du nih ehdu aylr udran ykyeh. "

"Yes, I do agree. Hopefully our paths will cross again. Farewell my old friend." Securing the bundle better in his arms the bald man quickly made his way away from the town leaving behind the old man who mused over his thoughts. "Goodbye…Naruto Uzamaki."


…17 years later…on the island known as Besaid…

People crowded around the counselors hut trying to see what the town's leaders plans about the problem. One man stood up with spiky orange hair and slammed his fists on the table.

'We have to fight back! Otherwise they'll destroy us all!' He shouted angrily mostly towards the elders that sat at the larger table.

A middle-aged man in robes raised his hands for the orange haired fellow to quite down. Behind him stood a young woman with shoulder length brown hair and mismatched eyes, she looked a little worried at the man's outburst. 'Wakka…I know you're concerned…but who is going to fight?'

'I will!' Wakka retorted full of anger.

The man shook his head, but the young woman behind him replied for him, 'You can't. Wakka, we can't let you throw your life away. There's just too many of them.' Angrily Wakka sat back down with nothing else to say.

Another man stood up, 'I would like to suggest something.'

'Go ahead Cid.' The man in robes said smiling at the man.

His hairless scalp gleamed as he stood up, 'We need to seek out allies.'

Another slam landed on the table as Wakka stood up again. 'Besaid is on a remote island that has lost contact with the outside world! There is no allies!'

Wakka's outburst did not faze Cid. 'On the contrary young one, I know of a place.' By now everyone's attention was focused on Cid. Even a young man with wild blonde hair who squeezed his way through the large crowd and he stood up in the front staring curiously at all the people. His bright blue eyes gazed in wonder at his adopted father. 'Konoha. In the Fire Country.'

Murmurs spread throughout the room until the man in the middle once again spoke. 'Is has been nearly twenty years since we last held any sort of contact with them. How are they going to respond to our cry of need?'

'There's always the chance.' Cid replied simply, more murmurs spread throughout the room until the middleman stood up.

'All right. We'll send some there. Anyone volunteer?' He looked around the now hushed room. It appeared that no one wanted to go. True that it proved to be a dangerous journey and no one felt safe outside the tiny town. For a long time silence clenched the room. 'No one is willing to volunteer?'

Frustrated with everyone the young blonde ran in the middle of the room and half-glared at the man. 'I will volunteer!'

Gasps of shock spread among the people inside the hut. Cid growled, stormed over to the young boy and grabbed him by the shoulders roughly so that he faced the older man. 'What do you think you're doing!'

'I'm going for help in the Konoha place you said! Since no one else is willing to take your suggestion Dad!' The boy angrily replied.

The bald man looked at him with a worry gaze, 'I don't want to put you of all people in danger my son.'

'I'm seventeen now! That makes me a man! I can make my own decisions for myself!' Although Cid had much fear in his eyes, he couldn't help but to feel proud of him. He took a step away from the boy patting him on the shoulders.

A gruff smile spread on his face, 'You have grown into a fine man…Naruto.'

The whiskered boy smiled at him, 'Thanks Dad.' He turned back to the counselor's table. 'I, Naruto Uzamaki, take the mission!' A lot of people looked extremely worried, someone else started pushing their way through the crowd roughly. As they neared the front a young woman with messy blonde hair and bright green eyes that swirled with so much anger.

'NO WAY! I won't let MY little brother take on such a dangerous mission! He could get killed the second he steps out of town!' The young woman shouted. Murmurs again took place.

Naruto glared at the woman. 'Stay out of this Rikku, I may be your little brother, but now I'm a man.'

Rikku huffed and crossed her arms over her chest, 'You're still a little boy in my eyes.' Although it sounded mean, she meant that she cared deeply for the whiskered one. Naruto's eyes caught Rikku's for a moment.

'She's right,' the man in robes spoke up again.

Anger flowed through Naruto as he clenched his fists, 'There's no way that you're going to stop me!'

'I figured that.' A comeback remark quickly died in the mouth of the puzzled Naruto. 'That is why I've decided to send Kimahri with you, to escort you.'

'Huh? Kimahri?' Naruto's gaze went to the blue-coated, cat-like person that towered over the rest of the people in the room. He held the look of a warrior that has been through tough times, but Naruto knew him well. That the warrior instead gave off the impression of a gentle giant, fierce whenever he needs to be. A small smile leaked its way through on Naruto's face. 'If it's alright with him I don't mind.'

'Kimahri protect young Naruto. Gladly give life.' He walked out to the middle of the room standing next to Naruto. The two waited for the approval of the counselors.

Before issuing the order, the robed man took out a paper and wrote on it. After he finished he handed it to Naruto. 'I have wrote the message onto this sheet of paper. The 3rd Hokage should be able to translate it since he can understand our language. Sarutobi should be the leader still of the village, hopefully. Be safe you two.'

Naruto and Kimahri both bowed towards them, Naruto clutched the paper to him tightly. 'We'll leave immediately and bring back help as soon as we can.' Everyone rushed forward to the two handing them things they might need. The caring people told them that they'd pray for their safety and return. Naruto smiled at the people and said his farewells before heading out with Kimahri at his sided.


The journey proved to be a difficult one, especially since many believed that Naruto traveled with a monster that so happened to be poor Kimahri. Which manifested more problems on the way. But other than that they crossed the ocean by boat and the rolling hills of the countryside by foot. And soon they would be nearing Konoha. Naruto's eyes widened in awe as they walked up to the front gates of the town, for a minute he just stood in front of the gates.

'Its huge!' He gaped.

'Hmph,' Kimahri's silent reply. Over the years Naruto has grown accustomed to Kimahri's few word sentences, it's just the way he talked. His little words meant so much.

Suddenly some men jumped out of nowhere and stood in front of the two. "Stay away you beasts! You are not to enter!" One shouted at them.

'Ah crud. I was afraid of this. I have no idea what he just said. What about you Kimahri?' Scratching his head while peering over at the cat person.

'Kimahri not know either.' The two men held up what looked to be knives and pointed it threateningly at them.

"They speak gibberish! Don't let them pass!" The man called to his companion who nodded his head in understanding. They both lunged at the two travelers who looked at each other with the same expression in they're mind…run. With surprising speed the two separated as they ran through the gates with the angry men after them.


Unknown to the residents of Konoha about the two foreigners running around the town stood a youthful yet annoyed man at the local market. In his pale arms held a bag of groceries. His life established itself as boring, although he had hoped that it would speed up slightly as he became a jounin for the town. But no, same old as every day appeared for Sasuke Uchiha. His deep black eyes scanned the shelves and picked up some ramen boxes. 'Hmm…might as well try this junk. I heard it wasn't too bad.' He thought as he slipped it in his bag.

After paying for his stuff he walked out into the street. Taking his good sweet time, also peering up at the clouds lazily. "Damn I'm turning into Shikamaru…" He growled but instantly quieted by the ruckus that was appearing down the street.

"STOP HIM! DON'T LET HIM GET AWAY!" A guy that looked to be about his age sprinted through the crowded streets away from his pursuers. He noted that his clothing looked unusual and the boy's face had three whisker like scars on either side. Sasuke decided he should help out, hoping that it would cure his boredom.

Still holding the bag in his arms he planted himself right in front of the foreigner. "Oi! Where do you think your going?" Panic seemed to etch on the boy's face as he looked around for an exit. He found one too, and it startled Sasuke that he could jump onto the building like a ninja. "He must be trained…" Sasuke muttered quietly to himself, not wasting any time he hopped onto the roof and followed the blonde.

It wasn't hard to catch him, as he neared the stranger Sasuke quickly snatched one of his arms with an iron grip. The boy yelped and struggled against the clamp on his arm. "Mad sa ku! E ryja tuha hudrehk fnuhk! Ymm E fyhd yht HAAT du tu ec caa dra Rugyka!" The boy shouted which just perplexed Sasuke further.

"You're not from around here are you?" Sasuke could tell that the boy started to become agitated. To settle this he decided to let the boy know that he wasn't going to hurt him, they had lost the pursuers long ago so no worries about that. "My name is Sasuke Uchiha." He pointed to himself showing his need for communication. "Sasuke…Sasuke…"

Sasuke then pointed to the boy, who looked at rather confused. He hesitated to repeat his name again before the boy's voice interrupted him. "Naruto."

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