From the Island

By: Crystal of Psyche

Chapter 4: Rock Against Sword

Once again Sasuke found the house empty other than himself for what it seemed like the eighth time; fisting up his hand and pounding the wall didn't get rid of the frustration he felt. He grabbed his shoes and stormed out of his house in search of his houseguest. Not knowing what Naruto was up to on its own made Sasuke feel an unfamiliar painful feeling in his gut. Which only resulted in yelling at the blonde later for making him worry.


Unknown to Sasuke, another accompanied Naruto as he walked through the streets; Neji Hyuuga of course felt like he had nothing better to do that morning. Earlier he bumped into Naruto and decided to walk with him. A pleasant scent came to Naruto's nose; he tugged on Neji's sleeve, and pointed to one of the venders. "Eh? Neiji-san?"

"Those are meat buns…" he watched with mild interest as Naruto just about drooled over them. "What? You want one?"

Naruto sadly dug into his pockets and pulled out some foreign coins showing them to Neji. "Not work. E dneat ykyeh pid drao uhmo kad syt."

Neji made a very quiet chuckle and walked up to the vender asking for two meat buns. He tossed one towards Naruto who just about had a spaz fit as he inhaled the food. "Your welcome."

"…umm…Neji-kun…" a timid voice brought his attention on a smaller form behind him. He instantly recognized it as his younger cousin who cast her own transparent looking eyes towards the ground in a shy gesture. She dressed in the traditional kimino with a deep shade of purple with pale blue butterflies on the material as a pattern.

"Hinata-chan, what are you doing out here by yourself?" His voice usually rough now spoken with a small gentle note in it; him speaking to someone else caught Naruto's attention after he inhaled the meat bun. Hinata also noticed Naruto peer over Neji's shoulder in order to get a better look at her. She felt her face heat up rapidly as she could feel his eyes scan her.

Naruto gave her a brilliant smile and waved at her, which only made her face heat up more. This made the blonde worry that he had done something wrong. Gathering up her courage she walked up to Naruto and held out her hand, "My name is Hinata Hyuuga. And yours?"

To her great surprise Naruto ignored her hand and walked closer to encircle his arms around Hinata's form. This obviously didn't help, because by now she had already blushed red as a tomato. "Hi Hinata-chan! I Naruto! Jano hela du saad oui!"

Used to his antics, only because he had introduced Naruto to TenTen yesterday, Neji just chuckled as he watched his cousin's expressions. "As you can tell his English is off. He's some foreigner that needs to learn our language fast so he can explain why he was sent here. Sasuke and I have been trying to teach him, but he's stubborn."

Naruto laughed lightly and let go of Hinata with a serene smile on his face. "Hinata-chan is cute." As if lightning cam down from the heavens and zapped Hinata on the spot her face remained frozen. Again Naruto looked over at Hinata worried that he broke her or something, after finally gaining her composure she took a few deep breaths.

"If you don't mind," she looked down at her fingers, "I would like to help."

"That's great, because we could use some help with this one," Neji commented as he bonked Naruto on the head lightly, who in return gave him a sheepish smile.

Running a hand through his wild hair Naruto softly muttered while still keeping his fox grin, "Cunno."

At that time Hinata noticed a rather large sword strapped to Naruto's back. "Naruto-kun?" The blonde turned and waited for her to continue. "Are you a fighter?" This also caught Neji's attention, he never thought of it before. Come to think of it, Naruto only came up to his chin and his limps seemed to be a bit small in order to be able to carry such a sword.

"Fighter? Bnudaldun syopa," He thought for a moment and then smiled, "Yeah. Naruto hunts fiends lots with Kimahri." The Hyuugas still not sure what fiends were kept silent for a moment because Naruto had in a way answered both of their questions.

"You good?" Neji asked with a small smile.

"Hungry? Yes!" Naruto smiled with pride while Neji and Hinata just blinked.

Figuring it out Neji gave a small chuckle, "Not food. Good. Do you fight well?" He could tell that Naruto still gazed at him with confusion. He then held out his fist in front of Naruto's face where the distance between his clenched hand and Naruto' nose estimated about a few inches. "You understand what this means right?"

Realization dawned on Naruto's face as his mouth turned into the traditional fox grin, "Ahhh…Fight. Vekrd."

"WAIT!" A voice called out in a shrill-like voice. Next a blur of green came between Naruto and Neji as all stood in silence while the person began to come into focus. Gawking Naruto broke the silence as he pointed at the new comer.

"…Eyebrows…" Both Hyuugas felt sweat drop down the side of their face Naruto's comment.

A very strange young man stood there with an unusual hair cut and bug eyes. Also his outfit consisted of mostly a green jumpsuit…weird. "No one fights my arch rival till I have a go at him first!" He gave a thumbs up and smiled. Oddly enough his teeth sparkled as well.

"Naymmo pek…Eyebrows…"

Tears erupted from his bug eyes, "OH! Why is everything so cruel to someone who has so much cool qualities!" Neji remained stoic while Hinata laughed nervously and shifted her eyes away.

Neji could feel his eye about to twitch, "Lee…never mind. Its pointless to even try when you get like this." He sighed while crossing his arms over his chest, he could feel a migraine coming. Turning around on his heal he started to lead the way. "Naruto follow us." Towards the training grounds the group of now four people made their way to, it didn't take them long to reach the grounds. Lee yipped with excitement and started doing various stretches.

A little worried for Naruto's safety Hinata walked over to where he stood. "Are you sure you want to fight Lee?"

It surprised her when Naruto stood up, placed both hands on her shoulders, and gave he another gorgeous smile. "Hinata no worry. Naruto strong. Trust Naruto." Once again Hinata's face flamed red and all she could do was to nod her head in response. She then hurried over to her cousin sat to watch the fight.

"Are you ready Naruto-kun?" Lee asked as he crouched down into his fighting stance. Not responding Naruto untied the piece of cloth in front that made it possible to carry around his sword. Once undone he grabbed the sword by the hilt before it could fall to the ground and swung a few practice swings with only holding it with one hand.

"Ready." Naruto stated with a grin. "Go." Within an instant Lee disappeared, using unimaginable speed, leaving behind a bewildered Naruto. But it didn't last long as Naruto's eyes hardened with focus. Out of nowhere several shuriken flew towards the blonde, with surprising speed of his own swung his sword blocking eight of ten. He had caught the rest with his free hand.

Materializing out of nowhere from behind Naruto aiming a kick to his head, but instead of meeting flesh his foot had struck metal. This move shocked Lee because he believed that he aimed for any normal person's blind spot.

Neji from his seat on the sidelines watched as Naruto seemingly knew where Lee planned on attacking. Just for a second he thought of his Byukugan eyes and how they could see all around without even flinching. But Naruto couldn't have that technique, because one could tell by the look of the eyes easily and two he highly doubted that Naruto was apart of the Hyuuga clan. 'So how did he block that move?' he questioned himself furiously and continued to watch the match. The tip of the sword dug into the earth in order to add support while Naruto's arm bent around over his head and held the sword over the back. Suddenly Naruto's grip on the hilt tightened and with a powerful swing threw Lee back a few feet. The two stood for a moment.

It was then that Lee smiled…as well as teeth sparkling again as he said, "You're good."

With his fox smile he replied, "Hungry? Yes!" Ignoring the strange comment Lee sped forward not holding back any longer, Naruto too felt that the workout time ended.


Past midday now, a grumpy Sasuke stormed through the town. Everyone in his way immediately stepped out of the way in fear of angering the Uchiha. In his own mind he was in a panicked state and all over a certain blonde. He didn't understand why he felt this way…it's his job. That right, that's what he believed for now. After coming to that resolution he kept repeating that in his head in hope of getting rid of the dull pain in his gut.

"Sasuke-kun!" Inwardly he cringed, without even turning around he knew who ran up to him from behind. He still held an aggravated face that proved that he didn't really want any company at the moment. He was a man on a mission and did not want to be interrupted.

He clenched his teeth and turned around, "Sakura…"

The female ninja smiled her bright green eyes gleaming with joy as she saw the stoic man. She brushed some strands of pink hair out of her eyes and then waved at her fellow ninja. "Hey there!" She gave him a flirtatious wink, "Would you mind if I join you for lunch?"


Not showing that the harsh comment effected she simply giggled, "It was worth a try. Hey did you hear? Some foreign guy is fighting Rock Lee! I was just on my way over there. They've already managed to gather a crowd."

Something tickled Sasuke's ear, "Foreign guy?"


Everyone stayed silent as they all watched the two fighters stand about ten feet away from the other. Both had just gone through a tough battle and now on the brink of exhaustion. All over Naruto there were signs of many bruises rising to the surface, at the moment he leaned heavily on his sword that had its tip in the ground offering him a bit of support. As for Lee, he looked roughed up as well and several small cuts as the results of Naruto's sword, it looked like he would topple over any moment. "Naruto-kun…you are indeed strong, but I am going to have to end this." After Lee spoke he gave a smile and oddly enough it sparkled again. He knelt down and began to remove his leg warmers.

At the same time, Naruto could tell that this would be the last charge. Pulling his sword out of the ground he swung it fully over his head and then stabbed the ground. His eyes closed with some sort of power up move over taking him. Lee dropped his leg warmers, which made huge holes in the ground do to its tremendous weight; he just about gleamed with joy now free of his restraints.

In no time Lee visibly disappeared from view, unready for such an attack Naruto opened his eyes his body appeared to be glowing red. Then Lee began to pummel Naruto as much as whatever amount of strength he had left. Strangely enough Naruto did not even bother to dodge them now, so sadly every punch and kick Lee made hit with dead precision.

On the sidelines a pair of dark eyes watched with worry in them as they viewed the blonde getting beat to a pulp. It wasn't long before he planned on running up and defending Naruto when something happened. He saw Naruto open his eyes and smile; he managed to kick Lee out of the way for a brief moment.

But the taijutsu ninja rounded about and started to rush in for another series of attacks like before but stopped. Naruto's sword now glowed red as he swung it around, although the metal did not hit Lee something shot off the sword heading directly towards him as Naruto shouted something. "Cbyngman!"

Unable to dodge it due to mostly shock it hit him dead on, sending him flying into a tree. After that a fox grin appeared on Naruto's face as he swayed and began to fall. Surprisingly he did not hit the ground; instead he opened his blue eyes to stare into dark ones. His smile grew as he softly whispered, "Oui vuiht sa ykyeh Sasuke."

"Idiot, what were you thinking? You could've gotten killed." The last part almost drowned with the amount of cheer the crowd gave off. Sasuke sighed and decided to save his yelling for Naruto later for right now the blonde could barely stand on his feet. First thing on Sasuke's mind put tending to Naruto's wounds as the top priority. Which meant he would have to carry him and the sword all the way back to his house. Oh what fun…


Outside of Konoha, another foreigner walked through its gates followed by two of his siblings who made sure to keep at a safe distance. His cold emotionless emerald eyes scanned the nearby buildings; a form of interest entered his eyes. His siblings looked at each other obviously worried of what had crossed their brother's mind.

"Another like me is here. I must seek him out."


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