Title: Sister

Characters: Janet, Cat

Summary: Brothers and Sisters

Rating: G

Words: 125

When Janet was two-years-old she had an imaginary friend named Lucy who did the naughty things – drinking Coca Cola, and eating mummy's make up. This showed that Janet was lonely and, because she had concerned parents, against their gynaecologist's advice they tried to give her a sibling.

When Janet was ten she was secretive, alone, a smothered only child.

When Janet was edging on puberty she gained a brother. She smiled, she teased him, she ruffled his hair - then laughed and hugged him when his magic retaliation when awry.

Cat is her brother, always.

Unfortunately, when he chokes a sob upon waking, she leans over and touches his forehead, his eyes open… and the sob is still there, sometimes he thinks she is his sister.