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Raven's Game 3: Final Shadow

PART 1: Game Start!

Beast Boy trembled in the corner, steam erupting from his mouth. Blood ran from many wounds and he groaned in pain, holding himself up on his hands and knees. He trembled in the intense cold of the darkness around him, unable to escape. It was all around him. The darkness. The cold, cold darkness. The nameless, shapeless evil called Dark Fall. He whimpered in pain, skittering along the floor and staggering. He fell flat on his face, shaking in cold and fear. God, how had it found him again? Hadn't he and Raven destroyed it? Why? Why couldn't it just leave them in peace? He could hear the thousands of whispers draw near, signaling the creature's coming. He whimpered louder curling into a ball, making himself as small as possible. "Haaaaaaseeeeeeeooooooooraaaaaaaseeeeeeth…" It hissed softly. Beast Boy had tears in his eyes, all alone in the dark. Don't let it find me. Don't let it find me. Don't let it find me. "RANAKAAAA!" There was a spray of blood, and Beast Boy cried out into the night!

Beast Boy sat up with a cry of terror, tumbling out of bed.

Raven stirred, opening her eyes and looking around the darkened room. She heard the soft hiss-hah, hiss-hah of fretful breathing. Then, she heard the sound of softened weeping. She frowned sympathetically, saying nothing. She looked down at him from the bed, seeing the light sheen of sweat on his bare back in the moonlight. The endless array of scars on his hide made him look like he had tiger stripes… one thing she found attractive about him. "Gar…?" she whispered her private nickname for him. (His real name was Garfield Logan, she'd told him a while back…)

He turned with a startled sound. "Oh, Rae… I'm sorry I woke you." He quickly wiped his eyes, trying to force up a smile.

"Don't try to hide it." She whispered, a softness in her eyes. He hung his head shamefully. "You were dreaming about it again, weren't you?" By it, she meant the Dark Fall. He nodded silently, wiping the sweat from his brow with his discarded nightshirt. He slept in pants only, but now was not the time to think about that. "Come here…" she said soothingly, holding up the blanket so he would climb into bed again.

Now, Raven had said about eight months ago they would have separate beds. But, without even discussing it, Beast Boy's visits to her bed became more and more frequent. They'd never had sex or anything… but the reassuring warmth of another body nearby seemed to help them both sleep better. Especially in the dark. BB's bunk bed was in the room, sure… but it was better off as a desk than a bed, as much as it got used nowadays. So, quietly, the two had been shyly sharing a bed. None of the others knew, and it would stay that way.

"Sorry…" Beast Boy whispered in a cracked voice, climbing in next to her again. She felt him trembling uncontrollably, though. She held his head to her breast, stroking his hair comfortingly. He took a deep breath through his nose, held it, then let it out. Her intoxicating scent clouded his mind into a peaceful sort of lust. Not the kind that would pounce on a girl without a word… but the kind that would wrap her in a wordless embrace of warmth and love. Beast Boy's arms hooked around her, and he nuzzled against her for reassurance.

"It's gone, Gar…" Raven whispered, stroking his hair. "I trapped it in space, you trapped it in time, and we beat it together at the end." She pulled him up to her eye level, halfway on top of him. They could feel the heat from each other's breath. She nibbled at his neck, coaxing a soft moan from his throat. "You've gotta face what you're afraid of…" she whispered.

"Raven…" he whispered her name almost desperately, and she felt his manhood stirring in his pants. She pulled away before he was too dazed with lust, and they nuzzled tenderly for a few moments. "Thanks…" he whispered softly, letting the hot tears drip onto her chest. She held him gently, showing a side the others rarely saw. Raven was still a fairly dark person, but in private with her potential mate… away from the rest of the world… she could do what she wanted. They'd discovered, quite by accident, that the emotion love did not destroy anything with her powers. Trigon couldn't grip such a thing in his fingers, so he couldn't manipulate it into something bad. She and Beast Boy were safe in their relationship, much to their quiet happiness. The others could tell from the fleeting looks and supposedly hidden kisses that they were a more serious couple now. But, they kept it to themselves. Their relationship was a delicate balance, not to be upset just to poke fun at one of them. They'd come a long way.

"Uh huhm…" satisfied that she'd calmed him enough to sleep again, Raven let him rest his head on her chest. Her hips and breasts had filled out quite nicely, much to her private delight. Starfire had gone through that particular part of puberty way before her… but as a late-bloomer she was even more worth it. Beast Boy had said so. That had earned him a rather red-faced smile from her. She heaved another sigh when he was settled, pulling up the covers to warm them both. Her Beast Boy. Hers. That earned a rather private smile from herself to herself. Then, a light blush crossed her cheeks as she realized she'd grown rather moist between the legs.


Beast Boy awoke the next morning to find Raven gone from the bed, as usual. He got up like two hours after she did, and never once did she wake up him up leaving. Although, it would've been nice to watch her get dressed in the morni–! He quickly shook those lustful thoughts from his mind, sitting up and scratching his unruly hair. He looked down at himself. The scars. She'd been shocked to see them at first… much like anyone else. The other didn't know about them either, except Cyborg. He gave physicals to the male Titans once every six months to be sure they were all healthy. (Raven insisted on doing her own, given the proper instructional book. And, Starfire was an alien, so he wouldn't know if she was doing well or not…) He trusted his best friend with that information. But, he wasn't sure how Raven would react when she heard the reason… once the initial shock wore off, much to his shock, she'd actually praised them! "Like tiger stripes…" he mumbled as he got out of bed, smiling a small smile. Maybe, as a joke or something, he could turn into a tiger before she woke up… just to get a rise out of her. She still never hesitated to tell him he wasn't funny, so that facet of their relationship hadn't changed. But, it only made him more determined to make her honestly laugh one day.

Going about his morning routine of shower, teeth brushing and the like. He soon emerged out into the common room. The sight that met his eyes was a strange one. The common room was full of boxes. Starfire was flying near the ceiling, moving them from one end of the room to the other to get them out of the kitchen area. Robin was standing there with a clipboard, scribbling now and then. Raven was hovering near the corner, daintily sipping her tea as she read a levitating newspaper. "Look out." Cyborg said from behind him. Beast Boy moved as the metal man tromped past with another pair of dusty cardboard boxes.

"Dude, what's going on?" he winced, knowing he hadn't used that word in almost a month. Just another part of growing up… "Are we having a garage sale or something?"

"I do not believe many would come to a sale of that sort, Beast Boy." Said Starfire as she flew to relieve Cyborg of his burden. "We are out in a bay, and they would need a boat to reach us."

"We're taking an inventory of all the stuff we keep in the attic, Beast Boy." Robin said, looking up from his clipboard. "Getting rid of anything we don't need, making room for other stuff that's gotten outdated."

"Spring cleaning." Raven mumbled from where she hovered. Beast Boy grinned at her dry joke, thankful that he'd rubbed off on her at least a little. "You might want to look and see if there's anything you want to save from the trash heap." She quirked a rather mischievous eyebrow. "I noticed Robin's dirty magazines aren't present here."

Robin's face went red so fast you could've fried an egg on it. "How the hell did you know–!" He stopped in mid-sentence and looked towards Starfire in embarrassment.

"Please, why would you keep a piece of reading material that is soiled?" She asked, tilting her head. "Perhaps it is of sentimental value? Would you share them with me, friend Robin?" she asked sweetly. Robin went even redder, and a tiny drip of blood escaped his nose.

"I'm sure he'd like to 'share them' with her alright." Cyborg stage-whispered behind his hand to Beast Boy. Raven rolled her eyes as both boys laughed behind their hands.

"Uh… maybe later, Star." Robin said, knowing he'd have to go buy some other magazines just to show her something that wasn't porn. He was the leader… he was also a teenage boy. But, He highly valued Starfire's opinion of him.

Beast Boy looked around for anything that had his name on it. "Hmm…" he went through some old civilian clothes he'd once had in his room. He'd outgrown most of it, much to his disappointment. Tossing a shirt back in its box he went around the groups of boxes, spying into one here and there. "We sure have a lot of junk…" he mumbled.

"I saved a suitcase full of old books." Raven said mysteriously, sipping at her tea. Beast Boy smiled at her with his eyes, and the others didn't notice a thing. Another of their private jokes, from the first Dark Fall game.

"There might be something there you still want, so look carefully." Robin said. "It's mostly old clothes and spare tech… some of Starfire's Tameranian stuff is here too…" He flipped on of the papers on the clipboard back so he could see the rest of the list. "And… some of this stuff is Raven's too. She's just dropping most of it."

"Unnecessary items. I had to make room for Beast Boy's things in our room as well." Raven blushed lightly, as did Beast Boy. It was usually taboo to speak about the fact that they shared a room. Robin rolled his eyes. To break the awkwardness, Raven gestured with her head to the giant globe that used to reside in her room. "Keep that globe, will you?" Robin nodded, scribbling with a pencil on the clipboard as he went. Placing the pencil in his mouth, Robin scratched his hair and silently pointed to a few boxes while he counted in his head.

Beast Boy went and helped himself to breakfast, watching the scene unfold. As though on que when he was done, the fifth Titan cam back to the common room.

"Hey guys, look at this." Cyborg came in with a big cardboard box labeled 'board games.' "Who brought this to the tower?" No one answered. Raven eyed it suspiciously, and gathered near with the others as Cyborg set it down. He opened it and everyone peered inside. Reaching in, he pulled out a checkers board. "We should keep these, ya'll." The metal man said. "The game room's got a small closet, we could keep board games in there." He pulled out two chessboards of different styles. Everyone knew Raven had one, but these were neat too.

"Neat." Beast Boy said, pulling out an older version of 'Connect Four.' "I haven't seen this game in a long time." He opened it to see if all the pieces were still there. They were, and he smiled. "I'm guessing at least one of these games belongs to everyone?"

"Squeakledorch!" Starfire squealed, pulling out an alien artifact from the box. "I enjoyed many hours of play with this game in my smaller days!" It looked like a rubix-cube, but it had like twelve sides. "I never solved it though…" she frowned slightly, and seemingly out of habit began to turn it this way and that. The colored tiles shifted, and she wandered away with her prize. "Perhaps if I turn it this way…" she mumbled, sitting on a box. The box, which happened to be empty, collapsed into itself, "Yeek!" Starfire said, trying to right herself. The way she was positioned in the box with her arms and legs hanging out, it gave everyone a great show of her panties. Robin turned bright red, unable to look away. Raven swatted the back of his head angrily. Beast Boy and Cyborg were still rooting in the box, and hadn't even noticed.

"Hey, what's this?" Beast Boy pulled the last board game out of the box. "It's made of wood!" He pulled out a polished wood, intricately carved game. Cyborg and Beast Boy looked at it for a long time. "Jumangi…?" ((A/N: Jew-Mahn-Gee, for pronunciation purposes)) Beast Boy mumbled, tracing the letter 'J' with his finger. The wood was dark, maybe redwood. It was completely featureless, otherwise. It was a fairly large wooden box, though. Cyborg and Beast Boy scuttled over near the window, quite interested in their find. "It's kinda heavy…" Beast Boy said. All five Titans gathered around, and he pulled it open by its hinges. ((A/N: Set a closable dart board on the floor, and the open it again. It's about like that…)) "Wow…" he mumbled, completely entranced. There was an impressed murmur from the other Titans. Even Starfire had come to see, setting her 'Squeakledorch' to one side on the couch.

It was all carved wood. Five little paths, all leading to the center of the board, decorated the thing. In the center was what looked like a black spyglass, with a golden rim. Cyborg touched it briefly. Yup. It was glass all right. The 'doors' that Beast Boy had opened to see inside had writing on them, though. "Jumangi." Cyborg read. "A game for those who seek to find, a way to leave the light behind." Starfire picked up the five little tokens, which had been carefully stowed in a little compartment to the side. They were all the same, basic game piece, just different colors. Yellow, red, green, blue, and white. Raven picked up the dice, looking at them carefully. They looked pretty old to her. Cyborg went on once everyone had had a good look at them. "You roll your dice to move your token, doubles get another turn, and the first player to reach the end wins." He looked up at his teammates, a grin on his face. "You guys wanna play?"

"Well… we have been cataloging for a few hours now." Robin said. "A break shouldn't hurt." He took the red game piece and looked at it closely. Starfire took yellow, Beast Boy green, and Cyborg blue. That left the white game piece for Raven. She frowned as they all smiled at her.

"I stopped playing games almost two years ago." She said sourly. "You all know that." She dropped the dice on the board, making them land on a four. A 3 and a 1. All five game pieces suddenly jumped from their owner's hands!

There was a group-sized gasp, and Raven cocked an eyebrow. "It's probably magnetized or something." She said, turning to go to the kitchen. "No big deal." She turned away, grumbling to herself.

"Raven!" Beast Boy whispered intensely. She turned and looked at the game board. All five Titans watched in silent shock.

The white game piece advanced four spaces, all by itself.

Raven returned to the game board, kneeling and getting a good look. She reached and tried to pick up the white game piece. Her face portrayed effort, and she finally let go. "They're stuck." She mumbled, her eyes narrowing with a familiar sort of suspicion. Beast Boy saw this and spoke before she jumped to gun.

"I know what you're thinking Raven. No." he said, pointing at her. "Dark Fall is gone." There was a heavy silence in the room as the two stared at each other.

"I… I know that." She snapped, pulling her hood up to shadow the top part of her face. There was an awkward silence, which Cyborg broke by testing each game piece. They were all effectively stuck the to board, as though by super glue! "Mmm…" Raven mumbled.

"Hey, what's that?" Robin pointed to the middle of the game board.

The black circle of glass, outlined in gold, had activity in it! Raven's brow furrowed, and smokey words began to take shape right before their very eyes. Forming letter by letter they soon spelled out a message, which Raven read aloud:



"In the game now you will stay…?" Robin mumbled, reading it for himself. "What's that mean?" There was a long silence between the Titans, a rather nervous one. This was sounding a little too much like an old enemy of theirs. A cloud passed between the Titan's tower and the sun. Everyone turned in shock, but one by one wrote it off as coincidence. It was just a cloud, but still… "Maybe we should put it away…"

"No way man!" Beast Boy picked up the dice. "I've never seen this game before, but if it talks to you it can't be too bad, right?" He grinned around at the halfway nervous looks around him. "What's the worst that could happen?" He tossed the dice, and they landed on eight. A 6 and a 2. They all watched in silent stimulation as the green game piece made its way forward on its little path. Every piece had its own way to the middle of the board, so it didn't pass the white piece (Raven's) on the way. The black eyeglass in the middle must've been the end. Whoever got there first would be victorious, as Starfire would put it. "Hmm…" all five Titans leaned forward, for another message was forming in the center. All the smokey letters wriggled and twitched… and finally became clear. Beast Boy read it aloud, slowly, so the others could hear.



They all looked at each other. "I am mystified by the game's riddles." Starfire said as Robin held his chin in his thumb and forefinger. Raven and beast Boy exchanged looks, and Cyborg shrugged as he reached for the dice.

The common room was suddenly filled with a loud buzzing sound.

All five Titans looked up just in time to see a swarm of giant misquitoes pour into the room! Starfire screamed in terror, blasting a few out of the air with her starbolts. Robin and Beast Boy took cover behind the couch as Raven threw up a black shield around herself. Cyborg fell backward and they flew just above his nose! The swarm flew as one around the room, straight for the couch. Robin and Beast Boy tumped it over, squashing dozens but exposing themselves. Skidding to the kitchen area, Beast Boy pulled a pan out and began swinging at them. None of his animal forms could fight insects!

Robin threw a handful of smoke pellets to knock them out of the air, but they flew straight through the swarm and hit the ceiling. He drew his bow staff, twirling it to knock only a few out of the air. The main swarm was still all around them!

Starfire twirled quickly, spouting Starbolts everywhere! Blasts of green littered the common room like some kind of freakish gatling gun. If there was one thing Starfire feared the most, it was insects and creepy crawlies.

Cyborg saw a bug land on his arm and he swatted it quickly. The words from the game pounded in his mind, and he windmilled his arms wildly to keep them all off. He dove for cover near Raven she let him into her dome shield. His sonic cannon sprang to life, ready to fire at any that came close enough.

Beast Boy's pan connected with one, and it literally broke one of the windows! The swarm saw this and flew out the hole with a massive buzzing. There was a long silence and Beast Boy dropped the pan with a rather loud clatter to break it. They gathered at the middle of the room. "Is everyone okay?" Robin asked. "Was anyone bitten?" Everyone checked themselves over, relying on each other to look at each other's backsides. Finally, everyone was confirmed okay… for the moment.

Cyborg's eyes strayed to the game, and soon everyone else followed. They gathered around and looked closely. The message had vanished, just like the other one. "Uh oh…" Cyborg whispered. "I didn't see this part." He turned the game the other way, so he could read the rest of the instructions that had been upside down. He read them aloud to the others:




"Shit…" Raven whispered, though she wasn't looking at the game. Her eyes watched the bay, down near the darker waters. Beast Boy, whose leg was grazing her hip, felt it tremble. He looked over at her in concern, then followed her eyes.

There, in the bay, were the eyes of Dark Fall.

They were red, and quite large. Staring at them with that cold, shapeless evil. It was too far away for them to hear the whispers, but both of them knew they were there. The cries, the whispers, the pleads for salvation… the endless number of souls it had taken over the ages. Raven trembled, her cloak vibrating.

"We are in so much trouble…" Beast Boy whispered. He pulled Raven into his arms as the others turned to look as well. It was watching them. Right then. Watching them play this whole new game it had devised for them. "Damn it…" Beast Boy whispered, his grip on Raven tightening for a moment. "I thought we beat it, Rea…" he whispered, trying hard not to cry. The others didn't understand. They hadn't played Dark Fall's games. Not personally. They couldn't comprehend what was happening. They'd been there at the beginning and end of both games… but this… this was in the real world! God… what was going to happen to them?

"I'm sorry…" Raven whispered, burying her face in the crook of his arm. The couch turned black and literally broke in half. She didn't care though. It didn't matter anymore. The darkness had returned, and another game had been started. Dark Fall's third game. This game was different, though.

This time, they were all playing.

Thought we'd start small with bugs, eh? Well, I think that's a good start for now! What do you lot think? I know this first part will get a lot of hits, with all the people that are steered towards the first two stories. BUT, if you're here and you've read the other two already, good for you! Thanks for sticking around for so long… I appreciate all my fans. So… Opinions? Questions? Comments? Do any of you even remember/know what Jumangi is? Leave anything you wanna say in a review, and I'll be back soon!

P.S. This first part was a little longer so everyone could understand something. That 'something' was that BB and Raven's relationship has developed over time. More than just sleeping in the same bed, mind you. Their affection has deepened, and I want everyone to know that. Okay. I'm done rambling. (smile)

HISTORY LESSON: Originally, Jumangi was the name of a legendary golden city. The very streets were paved with gold, and everyone there lived in peace and prosperity. Until one day, the jungle swallowed the city whole. Legend has it that anyone who wanted to find it again had to face all the trials of the jungle, and would be rewarded with wealth beyond imagining. But… we're talking about the game, so that has nothing to do with this! Thank you for reading this history lesson! Buh-bye!

: Originally, was the name of a legendary golden city. The very streets were paved with gold, and everyone there lived in peace and prosperity. Until one day, the jungle swallowed the city whole. Legend has it that anyone who wanted to find it again had to face all the trials of the jungle, and would be rewarded with wealth beyond imagining. But… we're talking about the game, so that has nothing to do with this! Thank you for reading this history lesson!