Summary: The gear master felt bad for what he had done years ago and he decided to write a poem for his best friend. But Kuroudo never managed to read it until an accident happen.

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Everyone rushed to the hospital when they heard what had happened. Even Kuroudo was there. He can't just turn back to the guy that had once become his best friend.

"What happened" Kouya asked as he tries to catch up with his breath.

The incident did really bother them all.

"Kyosuke was shot when he tried to block a little girl from being the killer's target!" Lilica said in a worried voice.

Hearing all this, Kuroudo ran outside. He can't take it anymore.

After hours of waiting, Kouya decided to look for Kuroudo; he was carrying a piece of paper that was found on Jin's hand when he got shot. He found him seated at the steps in front of the hospital.

"He's fine now" Kouya said as he joined Kuroudo at the steps. Kuroudo was speechless and he continued to look at the trees.

"Here," Kouya said hading him the piece of paper.

Kuroudo stared confusingly at the paper that Kouya was handing over.

"I think Kyosuke wrote that for you" Kouya said as he stood up and left him alone.

Kuroudo opened the folded paper and read it.

It said:

Bringing it back (A poem for my best friend)

I can never bring back the story

That had happened in history.

I can never bring back the past;

His hate will never last.

I feel bad

Whenever he's sad

I wish I could bring back

The friendship we had.

I missed him so,

My best friend who is now my foe

How I really wished to bring it back

And never let go.

I did my best

To correct my mistakes

And he just gave me

A smile that's fake

Tell me how

To bring back the story that is lost

I'll do it

No matter how much it cost

Just to bring

My best friend back

And never let

The sad memories come back

Kuroudo can't help but to cry when he read it. And in turn he wrote a shot poem saying:

Reply (to my best friend)

You asked me how

I'll tell you now

Time heal,

The pain that we feel

You lost a friend

You gained it again

You'll always be the friend

That I can depend

There can be no one in this world that can make me happy, than my one and only best friend… You! Get well Soon!

He left it at his side table and went home to rest. Tomorrow, he's going to visit him again…

A few days after Jin woke up and found the letter lying on his side table. While reading the letter he can't help but to smile, 'So, I guess he's not mad at me' he thought a he put the letter down. He's definitely gaining back his strength again because of the poem.

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