What the-? Where am I? I think I know this place… Its all so white. Too bright. Hurts my eyes. Where am I? I know that smell. I've been here before. Ugh. I'm in the hospital aren't I? And those voices, who are they? I know that deep one. That's Kakashi-sensei! But who are the higher ones? I can almost see them. I just need to open my eyes a little bit more. Now, turn your head. See who they are. I know I can do this. Why does it all hurt so much? Tsunada-baachan! Shizune-neechan! Are they here to make the pain go away? Why can't I remember what happened?

Sasuke! That bastard! Did I even get him back? Was it a failed mission? What was it that Kakashi-sensei was telling that medical nin? Yes! I did it! But he also said that Sasuke was in worse shape than I was… that means he is probably dead.

So, we must have just gotten back. Why are they standing around talking when I'm in so much pain? Why haven't they healed me yet? Why hasn't Kyuubi healed me yet?

They're so noisy over there. Why are they so loud? What are they talking about anyway? Words, words. Are they really saying real things? I can't understand any of it.

WAIT! WHAT? 2 weeks! I've been asleep to weeks and I'm still in this bad of condition? Have they not tried to heal me? I'm so confused. My head hurts. I shouldn't think anymore. I just want to go back to sleep…

Why do they keep talking louder and louder? Ugh! I'm starting to get a headache from their noise. Maybe I should tell them to shut up? If I could even move my mouth that is… Everything hurts so much. Why haven't they healed me yet? I'm in so much pain here. Bastards, they're so mean. br

Oh man… Are they still getting louder? I just want to go back to bed.

"Hey… shut up. I'm trying to sleep here."

Three voices shouted "Naruto!" before the said genin passed out again.

"Tsunade-sama," Kakashi started wearily, "What are we going to do if there are no records on how to heal a demon."

Tsunade sighed, "Shizune, track down all records on Naruto, Kyuubi, and any other demon vessels you happen to come across. There has to be something we missed or something that can give us a lead."

"Yes, Tsunade-sama!"

"Kakashi, I want to see Naruto well as much as you do. Please try and hold on a little longer. While he isn't getting any better, he is stable. That's something to be thankful for. In the mean time, I believe you have an S-rank mission to take care of, right?"

"Please, Hokage-sama."

Tsunade closed her eyes and bowed her head. Kakashi was no longer there a second later when she opened her eyes. The Godaime walked over to the bed containing the future Hokage. She touched the boy's cheek and silently wished for a miracle to happen soon. She didn't tell the boy's Sensei, but she feared that Naruto didn't have that much time left. He couldn't last under this constant pain for much longer. Tsunade sighed heavily.

When the door swung open behind her, she jumped back from Naruto, and inquired the unseen entrant. "Are you here for another visit," she asked fulling thinking it was Sakura, Sasuke, or Shikamaru.

"This is my first time visiting Naruto-kun, Hokage-sama," said a dry voice.

Tsunade spun around with wide eyes. The last person that she'd expect, and from the rumors, also the last person that she'd want to be visiting Naruto stood before her. His eyes were emotionless when staring into her own pair. She feared leaving the room with that redhead present. Her gaze wandered to the kanji for love on his forehead. When she looked back down, the sand-nin's eyes were completely adverted and centered on Naruto's face. Tsunade noticed emotion surface on the sleepless eyes. However, she couldn't read it.

"Sabaku no Gaara. Why are you here? Our official meeting isn't until this afternoon," Tsunade questioned.

"Uzumaki Naruto," was Gaara's only reply.

He continued to stare at Naruto, never looking back at the Godaime Hokage. A range of emotions filtered through Gaara's eyes. Tsunade thought that she could pick out concern along with fear and worry. Gaara maneuvered around the Hokage and to Naruto's bed. Tsunade sighed and gave in.

"Visiting hours are over at six. Take care of him please. He woke up only a few minutes ago for about a second. Alert a medical-nin if he wakes up again. Its that blue button over there. We don't know how to heal him because it isn't him that needs it. It's the demon within him that is injured and preventing him from becoming well again. I don't know what to do, but I'm trying. Its becoming hopeless, no one has attempted to heal a demon before. Anyway, please don't forget our meeting at one o'clock."

With that and a sigh, the blond kunoichi left her favorite genin—though she would never admit that to anyone—in the care of another one of the special shinobi that had fought Naruto and were forever changed by the energetic boy.