Title: Hearts of Gold: Rayne style

Author: Sevangel

Disclaimer: Not mine

Rating: NC-17

FYI: Yeah, my first 'real' sex scene (besides all the smut for a new day) but this has actual interlocking of parts. There are two people I have to blame this completely on, 1st being literarylemming for her post about help with fluffy fic, which got my brain spinning out new ideas and the second being wolviesrouge who's comment about "Hearts of Gold" somewhat inspired this. So, I'm going to dedicate this to them. I left it open for a second part so if it's wanted let me know.

Spoilers: Up to "Hearts of Gold"

"I need to get you laying down so I can examine you." Simon tells Petaline.

"Now that sounds like a plan." Jayne growls down at the blonde whore. Grabbing her hand, he pulls her out of the room and up the stairs.

Ignoring Jayne's crassness, Simon gently leads the very pregnant woman out of the room. "Mei-mei, come on." Simon tells River.

"Simon, she's a pregnant woman." River replies, rolling her eyes at her brother. "Not a museum exhibit. She doesn't need to be gawked at."

Simon stops and turns towards his sister. "I don't want you wandering around."

River holds up her small bag full of art supplies and a couple of books. "I will occupy myself." Not waiting for him to reply, she moves out of the room, up the same staircase Jayne just used.

"She'll be fine, doctor." Nandi assures him. "There are a couple of unoccupied rooms up there."

"Are you sure?" Simon questions worriedly.

"Yes." Nandi replies. "Rooms bein used are locked, she'll be able to find an empty one."

Simon sighs deeply but gently leads the pregnant woman out of the room.

Jayne follows the whore into an empty room, shutting the door behind him. He walks over the table next to the bed and drops his gun and a couple of cigars onto the it. When he turns back around, he sees the whore starting to undress.

"Whadda ya doin?" Jayne questions, sitting down on the bed.

"Getting undressed." She answers, looking at him weirdly.

"Ain't no call for that." Jayne replies.

"What?" She questions, confused. As she goes to say more, the door opens and the little, dark haired girl that came with the Serenity group moves into the room. The girl smiles sweetly at her before moving over to drop down on the big man's lap.

"Hey, baby." Jayne drawls, kissing her forehead. "Took ya long nuf."

"Simon was being a pain." River replies, leaning back against his chest.

"I ain't into three-fers." The whore replies. "Ya two want some of that, there's a couple girls and boys that get into that kinda thing downstairs."

"Ain't nobody seein her naked but me." Jayne growls. "Let alone touchin her."

"Helen, we aren't in need of your services." River replies, soothing Jayne's possessive growl by kissing his chin. "You're just the diversion."

"Huh?" Helen questions.

"Her hundan brother and Mal don't know bout us." Jayne explains. "Doc be libel to castrate me if'n Mal ain't already thrown me out the airlock. Only reason I agreed to help was to spend some alone time with my girl."

River reaches into Jayne's pocket and pulls some money out. Standing up, she moves over to hand it to the whore. "Need them to think Jayne's up here with you."

"So's if'n ya could just make yurself occupied for the time we're here, we'd preciate it." Jayne drawls, pulling River back down onto his lap.

"Ya're payin me so ya can be with her?" Helen asks.

"Looks like." Jayne answers. "So can ya find something to occupy your time?"

Helen opens her mouth to reply when River cuts her off. "She likes to draw but never has the time." Standing up again, River grabs the bag she dropped by the door and pulls her art supplies out of it. "Here, you can use these."

Helen takes the drawing paper and colored pencils carefully. "Are ya sure? These things cost a lot; can never afford to buy but a couple sheets of paper and a pencil myself."

"Yes, will it occupy your time?" River questions.

"Yeah." Helen says happily. "I'll go down to the room a couple doors down, case ya need me." Staring at the art supplies, she quietly moves out of the room and down the hall, completely enthralled with the objects in her hands. Moving into an empty room, she shuts and locks the door, sitting down to start drawing.

"Gods, I missed ya so much." Jayne growls, pulling River's dress over her head.

"You saw me this morning." River replies, sliding her hands under his shirt to pull if off. She pushes on his chest until he is lying on his back and then crawls up his body to kiss him deeply.

Jayne groans deeply, running his hands down her smooth back to cup her ass. "But it weren't for but 20 minutes and we didn't even get to be nekkid, had to take ya with all our clothes still on."

"It was quick but fulfilling." River moans against his mouth.

"Yeah but I wanna touch and taste every inch of ya." Jayne growls, rolling them over until he's on top.

"That will be pleasurable." River moans as Jayne licks her neck. "More, please."

Chuckling at her, he rains kisses across her neck before lapping at her collarbone. River moans and tries to push his head to her breast. "I just done said every inch." Jayne growls. River drops her hands off his head and arches her body at him. He sucks at her neck hard enough to leave a hickey, not caring. She mewls at him, shifting her legs in discomfort.

Leaving her neck, Jayne travels down her chest to pull her right nipple between his teeth. River lets out another moan, making Jayne harden more than he already was. She's the most vocal woman he's ever been with; most of the time he either has to kiss her deeply to smother her screams or if his mouth is not available, he has to cover her mouth with his hand or a pillow. But seein how's they're in a whorehouse and everyone thinks he's up here screwing a whore, he don't have to worry bout quieting her.

"Please, Jayne." River moans. "Other one."

"Calm down, baby." Jayne growls. "We got all night. I ain't goin nowhere and neither is you." But he obediently moves over to suck her other nipple between his lips. Using the tip of his tongue, he plays with the harden nub before drawling it deep into his mouth.

"Oh….god, please, touch me." River begs, spreading her legs in invitation.

"Ain't god, baby." Jayne mutters. "Just Jayne."

"Know who you are, want you to touch me." River orders.

"I am touchin ya." Jayne replies. "Is there somethin else ya wanted?"

"Need something inside of me." River moans. "Feel empty."

"Ain't empty baby." Jayne assures her. "I'm right here."

River just moans as he moves down her chest to drag his tongue down her stomach. Nipping gently at her bellybutton, he slides down her body to move onto the ground. Kneeling at the edge of the bed, he pulls her legs towards him to throw them over his shoulders.

"Yes….please…need your tongue inside of me." River moans, knowing what he's planning. Jayne loves to eat her out; says he could spend hours between her thighs.

Wasting no time, Jayne spreads her folds until he can see her nubbin. Running his tongue between her lips, making her squeal, he then latches onto her clit to nibble at it. River bucks against his mouth, moaning his name loudly. Bringing his hand up, he slides two fingers inside of her while still sucking on her clit. River starts writhing on the bed until Jayne has to bring his free hand up to hold her hips still. "Ya gotta be still baby."

"Can't." River moans. "It's building up; need more inside of me."

Jayne moves another finger inside of her easily; she's so wet it's dripping down his hand. River's legs tighten around his head and he can feel her walls starting to flutter. Pulling her clit back between his teeth, he bites down gently, pushing her over the edge.

River screams his name, her hips bucking hard against his face. He rides out her orgasm, his face getting soaked. Once she's come down, he moves from between her thighs, her legs dropping lifelessly to the bed. Standing up, he carefully unbuttons his pants. He's so hard there's actually precum on his tip. He knows he's ain't going to last long but also knows it won't take long to push her back over the edge. She's so sensitive after an orgasm that it doesn't take much to bring her to another one.

Reaching down, he picks her up and drops her at the head of the bed. She lazily opens her eyes and smiles up at him, spreading her legs again and holding her arms open. Jayne kneels down on the bed between her thighs. Lying down on top of her gently, his arms holding most of his weight off of her, he reaches down to kiss her deeply while at the same time pushing into her warm body.

River moans loudly, lapping at his mouth. She moves her hips against his, trying to get him to move harder. "Harder Jayne. You're not going to hurt me."

"I know baby, but ya're so gorram small." Jayne groans, pushing harder into her body. He's always afraid he's going to hurt her, specially after their first time. Jayne knows he's a large man, in all areas, and she was a virgin when they started. It took every once of control he possessed, plus some he didn't even know he had, not to pound into her their first time. Even bein as gentle as he knew how, he still hurt her. But she doesn't like him to always be gentle; most the time she wants it as hard as he does.

She wraps her legs around his back to pull him harder into her. It's nother thing he loves bout her; she's so gorram flexible. One time when they was doin it against a wall in the bay, both of em standing up, her against the wall, she brought her leg up to rest on his shoulder. It was the best orgasm of his life; he almost bit his lip in half to keep from yellin.

Her fingernails diggin into his back brings him back to the now. Sucking her tongue into his mouth, he starts pounding into her, basking in the mewls she makes at every thrust. He feels her legs tighten around him and knows she close. Putting his hands under her ass, he tilts her body so's that he's hittin her sweet spot. After the 3rd thrust, she screams into his mouth, her body bucking as her walls tighten around him. With a deep groan, he thrust a few more times into her, pushing her over the edge again, and then buries his face in her hair to disguise her name as he growls it out during his own orgasm.

He collapses, his arms no longer able to hold him up, and quickly rolls them over until she's lying on his chest. He pulls the covers over them, moving her until she's cradled against his side, her head resting on his chest. "Love ya baby." Jayne mutters, as he falls asleep.

"Love you too Jayne." River murmurs back, falling asleep herself.

"Aw, they ain't gonna be expecting much of a fight." Jayne mutters as he braids Helen's hair. He can feel River's eyes on him, knows she's gonna be pissed. But Mal already done gave him a suspicious look when he came downstairs without the whore. Luckily, Helen came down a few minutes later and dropped down in front of him. "Might be we can take em by surprise."

The next few minutes are filled with plans about how to beat the hundan who was tryin to steal the one whore's kid. After a few minutes, Jayne stands up to address Mal. "Gonna go back to Serenity and weapon up." Without another word, Jayne leaves the room to walk towards Serenity.

"River, why don't you go with your brother?" Mal orders.

"She probably don't wanna watch that." Nandi says, pulling the smaller girl to her side. "I'll take her on up to her room."

"Thanks." Mal says gratefully. He's afraid River's gonna freak out bout all the gunplay comin up.

Nandi leads River out of the room and waits until they're in the hallway before addressing her. "They don't know bout you and Jayne, do they?"

"No, nobody does." River answers. "You aren't going to say anything, are you?"

"No." Nandi smiles at her. "Just surprised Inara hasn't noticed."

"Inara is too occupied with watching the captain to notice anything else." River says.

"What?" Nandi questions, shocked. "I figured out Mal had feelings for her; didn't know it was mutual."

"Yes." River answers. "They're both to afraid to do anything. You're going to have a choice to make soon. You should walk away before all is lost."

"What are you talking bout?" Nandi questions.

"You'll know when the time comes." River assures her.

"Okay." Nandi replies, confused. "Why don't you go get your man? I'll cover for you."

"Thank you." River says gratefully.

Nandi watches her walk towards Helen's normal room, still confused by what she means.

Jayne drops his guns on the chair by the bed and waits for River to come in. She's gonna be pissed and he's bout to experience her wrath. He hears the door open and watches as she walks in, shutting and locking the door behind her.

"Baby, I know ya're pissed." Jayne says. River just raises an eyebrow before pulling her dress off and walking towards him naked as the day she came out of that box.

River walks over to him and pushes on his chest, forcing him to lie down. Reaching between them, she unbuttons his pants and pulls them off, along with his boxers. Reaching up, she pulls his shirt off. She then moves to straddle him, her knees on each side of his hips. Placing her hands on his chest, she drops her body down on his, until he's in her to the hilt.

Jayne groans loudly at the feel of her body, his hands reaching up to grasp her hips. She rides him slowly, arching her head back. After a few minutes, he's groaning harshly, his body on the edge. Just when it's getting to the good part, she stops. Moving up, she pulls him out until just the head of his cock is inside of her.

"You played with her hair." River growls down at him.

"I know baby." Jayne groans. "Can't this wait until we're done?"

"No." River replies. "You played with her hair. You're not supposed to do that."

"Didn't mean nothin." Jayne growls up at her, trying to get her to move. She just digs her nails into his chest, making him hiss.

"Nothing?" River questions. "So it would be okay if I let one of the boy whores play with my hair?"

"I'd rip his arms off and beat him to death with em." Jayne growls, being completely honest. If'n he ever seen someone touch her like that he'd kill em, no hesitation. "Ya know that baby."

"Did you want her?" River questions.

"Baby." Jayne mutters.

"Did you?" River asks again. "She's pretty. She older than me, more experienced, and she has bigger boobs."

"Yeah, she is." Jayne agrees.

"You're not very good at this reassuring thing." River glares down at him. "You're supposed to say that she's not at all attractive and you would never be tempted."

"Baby, I ain't gonna lie to ya." Jayne replies. "A couple months ago, I'd of takin her in a heartbeat. But not now. Ya know I don't want nobody but ya. Why are ya doin this to yourself?"

"I wouldn't blame you." River whispers. "She's whole, not broken like me."

Jayne quickly turns them over until he's on top. "Baby, ya ain't broken, just a little cracked."

"You just deserve someone not like me." River whispers, tears filling up her eyes.

"Look at me." Jayne orders. "I love ya, ya know that. If anybody doesn't deserve anybody, it's me. Ya're too damn good for me, but I ain't givin ya up."

"Love you." River says heatedly.

"Love ya too baby." Jayne assures her.

"Show me." River orders. "Make me yours."

With a growl, Jayne captures her lips, merging his tongue with hers. River moves one leg up to rest on his shoulder, letting him push into her more deeply. "Harder Jayne."

"Bring ya're other leg up." Jayne orders. River obediently brings her other leg up to rest on his other shoulder, giving him complete access to her body. Then he's pounding into her, trying to merge his body into hers. Her legs curl over his back, heels digging in. With every thrust, she keens louder. Reaching between their bodies, he finds her clit and pinches it. River screams his name as he comes, her walls squeezing his cock tighter than anything he's ever felt before. With a yell, he comes hard, his eyes rolling back. He's completely sapped, only enough energy left to move her legs off his shoulder and roll over, bringing her to his chest. Kissing her forehead, he closes his eyes and falls asleep, River already napping on his chest.

Mal shakes his head when he hears a female voice yelling Jayne's name, followed by Jayne yelling himself. "That man has no since of decency." Mal mutters. "That voice sounded familiar. Zoe, it sound familiar to you?"

"Yeah, but I can't place it." Zoe agrees.

"What are we talking bout?" Wash questions, walking up beside them.

"The voice that just screamed Jayne's name." Zoe answers. "Sound familiar to you, husband?"

"Now that you mention it, yeah." Wash replies. "Can't remember where from though."

"Well, at least one of us is getting their money's worth." Mal mutters. The three crew members walk into the room where Simon, Inara, and Kaylee are currently occupying with the pregnant woman.

"What are you laughing bout?" Mal questions Kaylee, when he sees the girl almost bend over with giggles.

"Jayne." Kaylee answers. "Must be getting all his tension out on her."

"Kaylee, I don't wanna be thinking bout that." Mal groans.

"Hard not to when he's making someone scream so loud." Simon mutters, slightly blushing. "Does anyone else think that female voice sounded familiar?"

"We was just talking bout that." Mal replies. "We can't place it."

"Maybe it'll come in time." Inara replies.

"How's she doin?" Mal questions, indicating to the woman panting on the bed.

"It's close, only an hour or so." Simon answers. "Inara, are you staying?"

"No." Nandi cuts in. "I'll be assisting in the birth. Inara will be helping Mal."

"What?" Mal questions. "Why?"

"You two have some things to discuss." Nandi replies.

"Can I talk to you outside?" Mal questions angrily.

"Sure." Nandi replies.

Mal waits until they're out in the hallway before questioning the woman in front of him. "This have something to do with what almost happened a few hours ago?"

"Yes." Nandi answers. "You should have told me she's in love with you too."

"What?" Mal yells. "She don't…..what makes ya think that?"

"River." Nandi answers. "She told me that I'd have a choice to make. I didn't understand her at first, but when we were alone together, I got it. You need to tell her how you feel. She's not going to do anything until she knows."

"What makes ya think she'll do something?" Mal questions. He was gonna have to have a talk with the little genius. She don't need to be stickin her nose in his business.

"I know her better than you." Nandi replies. "Trust me, if she has a reason, a real reason, she will."

Mal stares at her for a few moments before walking backing into the room and grabbing Inara's arm and pulling her out of the room.

"We need to talk." Mal says. "But not now. Got a fight comin up."

Inara nods her head, confused but follows him down the hall to get ready for the fight ahead.

"That's our first hurdle." Mal tells Jayne over the com. "Think ya…"

Jayne shoots the man using the large gun on the hovercraft. "Think I might." Jayne replies. Looking behind him, he sees River trying to move over to the window again. "Gorrammit, baby, I done told ya to stay away from the window. Don't know why ya're so fascinated by all this. Too damn violent for ya."

River sticks her tongue out at him before dropping back onto the bed, surrounded by all his other girls.

Jayne rolls his eyes at her bratty display and then turns his attention back to what he does best. He's completely absorbed in the fight that River's gasp catches him off guard and he almost drops his gun.

"Baby, what's a matter?" Jayne asks concerned.

"No." River whimpers. "Can't let it happen."

"Huh?" Jayne mutters. He's about to say something else when she grabs one of his pistols and runs out of the room. "Gorrammit, git your ass back here."

Jayne quickly stands up and leaves his post, running down the hall after her. He sees her in front of him and quickens his stride. She runs around a corner and he makes it there just in time for him to see her tackle Nandi, his gun coming up in the air to shot Burgess between the eyes. He glances at the wall where the laser hit and realizes it missed her by maybe an inch.

"What the hell?" Mal yells. "How the hell she'd hit him? She weren't even looking."

"Mei-mei, what were you thinking?" Simon gasps.

Before River can respond, Jayne stomps over and grabs her off the ground. "What the ruttin hell were ya thinkin?" Jayne yells. "Don't ya ever do somethin like that again."

"Had to save her." River tells him.

Jayne just growls loudly before slamming his mouth onto hers. River moans loudly, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Mal's jaw drops at the scene in front of him and he can hear Simon sputtering behind him. He gets ready to yell at Jayne when River sticks her hand down the back of Jayne's pants and pulls another gun out.

"Have to save Kaylee and Wash." River moans, pulling her mouth off of Jayne's.

Before anybody can say anything, River takes off again, a gun in each hand.

Jayne growls loudly and follows her, Mal, Simon, Nandi, and Inara on his heels. "Doc, your gorram sister's gonna drive me round the bend." Jayne yells.

"Oh, you're not going to be alive long enough for that to happen." Simon yells back, his voice full of fury.

Jayne just ignores him and speeds up. He sees River run through the front door and dive off the porch, both guns coming up to shoot the 3 men standing in the yard as she hits the ground. Jayne stops and watches her in awe. He can hear the rest of em move up behind him but that takes second place to watching River move. She shoots like nothin he's ever seen before; she's not even lookin or aimin.

"I think I might have to marry her." Jayne mutters, making Simon and Mal gasp with shock.

He sees a man raise a gun towards her and gets ready to shoot him, when she raises her arm behind herself and shoots him between the eyes.

"I know I'm gonna marry her." Jayne corrects.

Jayne steps off the porch to run after River. The gorram girl runs faster than a ruttin deer or somethin. He follows her into Serenity, through the bay and into the mess. She's straddling the doorway that leads to the hallway between the engine room and the mess. She reaches down with one hand and opens the door, her other arm moving down to pull off two shots. Dropping down, she pushes the door the rest of the way open and walks into the hall, stepping over the dead bodies. She walks over to the engine room door and knock on it.

"You can come out now Wash." River replies.

Wash doesn't reply, just stares at her open-mouthed. She smiles at him warmly before turning around and launching herself into Jayne's arms. Jayne catches her, staggering back slightly with the impact. She wraps her legs around his hips and her arms around his neck, a gun in each hand. Pressing her lips against his, she slips her tongue into his mouth, mewling when he sucks it deeper.

"When did this happen?" Wash questions, walking around the groping couple to step over the bodies and join the rest of the crew standing by the mess door.

"Don't right know, husband." Zoe answers confused herself. She and Book had followed the rest of the crew when they were chasing Jayne.

River puts the safety on both guns and then pulls away from Jayne's mouth, panting heavily. "Catch captain." River orders, tossing the guns to Mal. Once they leave her hands, she moves her mouth back to Jayne's and slips her hands under his shirt to pull if off. Jayne pulls back long enough to help her pull his shirt off and then slams her back against the wall, his hands moving under her dress. River moans loudly and rocks her hips against his.

"River, stop." Simon orders.

"Gorramit, Jayne, what the hell do ya think you're doin?" Mal yells. "Stop. Now!"

The only response is the sound of fabric tearing and River's ripped panties being dropped to the ground.

"Okay, I think it's time we left." Nandi replies, when she sees River's hands snaking down to unbutton Jayne's pants.

"I'm not leaving my sister with…..that." Simon replies.

"Unless ya're wantin to see your sister getting laid, I suggest we move out of the room." Nandi points out. "I don't think they're stopping."

Inara grabs Mal's hand and pulls him out of the hallway while Kaylee and Nandi drag Simon out. Right as they shut the door, they can hear River scream, "Harder, Jayne, harder."

"That's where I've heard that voice." Wash says. "It was River."

"We done all caught onto that a few minutes ago, husband." Zoe replies.

Simon drops down into a chair, wincing when he hears his sister moan.

"No, this is what going mad feels like." Simon mutters.

"Hey, Kaylee." Jayne hollers as he opens the door.

"Yeah?" Kaylee questions.

"Could ya run down to River's room and grab her a dress and a pair of panties?" Jayne questions.

"Dress?" Kaylee asks. She knows River's gonna need some new panties; Jayne just done ripped hers off.

Jayne doesn't answer, just throws River's dress out in the hallway. Kaylee reaches down and picks it up. It's ripped in half.

"Oh." Kaylee mutters. "Yeah, I'll be back in a second."

"Jayne." Simon calls out.

"Yeah?" Jayne answers.

"I'm going to kill you, you know that right?" Simon threatens.

"No you won't." River replies. "I won't let you."

"Mei-mei." Simon protests. "He took advantage of you."

"Technically, I took advantage of him." River argues. "I seduced him; he wasn't even completely awake at first."

"How long?" Mal questions, thinking this must have recently happened.

"Since after I slashed his chest and he turned me into the Alliance." River answers.

"That was almost 3 months ago." Simon sputters.

"2 months, 3 weeks, 6 days, 14 hours, 43 minutes and about 12 seconds ago, actually." River corrects.

"Here." Kaylee says, running into the room and holding a dress and a pair of panties towards the door.

"Thanks." Jayne replies, grabbing them.

A few moments later, the two walk out of the room, Jayne's arm wrapped around River's waist, her head leaning against his side.

"Hi." River says to the crew before looking up at Jayne. "Jayne, I'm sleepy. Can we go back to bed?"

"Yeah, baby." Jayne replies. "Mal, we leavin tonight or are we stayin another night?"

"Stayin." Mal answers.

"Okay, we're headed back to our room." Jayne says. "We'll see ya'll in the mornin. Come on, baby. Want me to carry ya?"

"Yes please." River responds.

Jayne picks her up, cradling her to his chest, her legs wrapped around his hip and her arms around his neck. "Night." Jayne calls back, walking out of the room.

"Goodnight Jayne and River." Kaylee calls back.

"Sir, what are you planning on doing?" Zoe questions a few minutes after their gone.

"What can I do?" Mal says. "She's legal and looks to be completely willin. Not a gorram thing I can do."

"What?" Simon yells. "He's on your crew, can't ya fire him?"

"What do ya think's gonna happen to your sister if I do that?" Mal questions. "They've been seein each other for almost 3 months. I'm thinking River ain't gonna respond well if I make him leave. I don't think I wanna piss her off after what I just done seen her do. Sides, Jayne done said he was marrying her; he says something like that, he's gonna do it."

"What?" Kaylee questions. "River and Jayne are getting married? That's so shiny."

"No, this isn't happening." Simon mutters. "I'm asleep; this isn't real."

"Look at the bright side doc." Wash says. "You're sister has her very own merc to watch her back, not that she seems to need it and now he's gonna have to be nice to you, with you being his future brother-in-law and all."

"Oh, they'll have the cutest kids." Kaylee gushes.

"Kids?" Simon squeaks. "No kids."

"This is so great." Kaylee says. "I'm so happy for them."

"Mal, can you just shot me now?" Simon pleads. "Please."

"Oh, come on doc, don't be so dramatic." Mal responds. "I'm startin to think this is a good thing. It'll keep em both occupied and out of trouble."

Simon just drops his head onto the table, muttering under his breath while the rest of the crew moves out of the room to start cleaning up the bodies.

"Yeah, this was a great plan." Simon mutters. "Rescue my sister only to have her marry a violent-non trained ape mercenary." With a sigh, he stands up and moves to help the rest of the crew clean up. "I need a drink."