Title: Together

Series: Heart of Gold: Rayne style

Author: Sevangel

Disclaimer: Not mine

Rating: PG-15


Jayne's chin rests on River's shoulder, his small wife cuddled on his lap as he glares across the room. There's only one thing in the verse that keeps him from crossing the room and breakin' the two men in front of him in half and that's the girl on his lap.

"What Happened To My Wife?" Jayne growls, indicating to the bandage on her arm.

"Well." Simon tugs on his ear.

"Answer me!" Jayne shouts.

River jumps, her eyes skittering around the room.

"Oh, baby doll, I'm sorry." Jayne kisses the top of her head.

River turns her face into his chest, the small kitten held on her lap. On hand strokes the kitten's soft head while the other traces circles on Jayne's forearm.

"She had a bad day, Jayne." Simon answers honestly. "The first two days she was fine; she played with Cassie and Britney and read stories to Mattie and Roy. Then she discovered the litter of kittens in the barn and it was all I could do to get her inside. In fact, the only way I was able to get her inside was if I promised one of the kittens could come with her. Then this morning she woke up and right away I could tell something was wrong. She kept looking for you and asking me where you were."

Jayne grinds his teeth, his arms tightening around River.

"We were all in here after breakfast and she lost it." Simon continues. "She must have grabbed a knife when we weren't looking….she was convinced you were dead, Jayne, and there was nothing we could do to convince her otherwise. She sliced her arm and when she moving to do it again, I tackled and sedated her."

Jayne's jaw clenches and unclenches, emotions crossing his face that have never been seen on the merc. After a few seconds, he takes the kitten out of River's lap and hands it to Kaylee. Then he stands up and carries his wife out of the room, her body cradled delicately against his chest.

"Okay, I was expecting to get yell at or hit." Simon says. "Why do I feel scared because he did neither?"

"Don't right know." Mal replies. "But I'm feelin' a bit antsy myself."

"I'm going to go pack up our things." Simon stands up and holds a hand out to Kaylee. "I'm assuming we're leaving fairly soon."

"You'd assume right." Mal smiles apologetically at the Cobb's. "Sorry but we've got a job lined up and ain't really got any more time to spare."

"It's okay." Robert replies. "We knew Jayne weren't gonna stay but for a couple a days; I'm actually surprised he stayed as long as he did even if he was knocked out for most of it."

"I got some food ready for ya." Rita jumps to her feet. "It ain't fancy but it'll make a couple good meals. I'll just get it packed up."

"I'll go get the kids." Andrea says. "I know they'll wanna say bye, specially Mattie and Roy."

With that, various members of the Cobb family run off in different directions to prepare for Serenity's departure.


Jayne carries River out to the barn and sits her down a table used for woodworking. Walking over to a gate, he leads out a older mare and saddles her up. "C'mere, baby doll, we ain't got much time fore we gotta leave."

River jumps down and runs excitedly over to Jayne and the horse. She rubs the horse's nose with hers, giggling when it breathes heavily on her face. "I get to ride her?"

"Just for a bit." Jayne lifts her up into the saddle and takes the lead.

"Oh, Jayne." River hugs the horse's neck and buries her face in its hair. "Thank you."

Jayne leads River and the horse around his folk's yard, listening with a grin as River talks heatedly to the mare. He knows it's loony, but it's her; it's just one of the hundred crazy things she does that makes him love her.

"Boots wants to live with me and Jayne but I don't think the captain will let him." River rubs the horse behind its ears. "Boots would miss it here but he loves me, just like my Jayne does."

"Yes, your Jayne does." Jayne agrees. "And now your Jayne wants to know what happened? Why'd you go cuttin' on yourself?"

"I couldn't remember." River whispers. "You were not there and I got confused and then I remembered you said you would only leave me if you were dead. When I thought you were dead, I wanted to…"

Jayne wraps his hands around River's waist and lifts her off the mare. "It's okay baby doll." Jayne heaves her off her feet, his hands wrapped under her ass. "Not leavin' you again."

River wraps her legs around Jayne's waist and cups his face. "I did not find our separation easy."

"Me either." Jayne's lips nudge hers.

River sighs happily into Jayne's mouth. "Mmm, missed my Jayne."

He's hard in an instant. "Gorram, baby, I've missed you too." He walks back into the barn, the mare forgotten as he's consumed with lust.

River arches her head to the side, moaning softly as Jayne nibbles on her neck.

Jayne sits her back down on the table and steps between her spread legs. He pushes her dress off her shoulders and licks his way down her chest.

River rubs herself against Jayne, moaning as a wave of lust rips though her body. Her hands fists through his hair and she tightens her legs around him.

Jayne runs his hands up her thighs, pulling back when she whimpers painfully. "What baby?"

"Needle." River pulls the skirt of her dress up to show him the spot where Simon injected her.

Jayne rubs his thumb gently over the dark, round bruise.

"Simon didn't want to hurt me." River sees the fury fill her husband's form. "He was keeping me from hurting myself."

"I know." Jayne agrees. "Just tears me up that I coulda lost you and not even known bout it."

"Simon wouldn't let that happen." River cups his face and kisses his nose. "Just like you wouldn't either. I am very protected."

Jayne pulls her against him, his mouth fusing back with hers. He knows they've got more to talk bout but right now, all he cares about is bein' inside his wife.


"Give ya one guess as to where they are." Mal comments, his head nodding to the loose mare.

Robert grabs Lady's lead. "Gorram boy oughta know better than that."

"Seems to me Jayne don't know a hellova lot when his wife's round." Mal says. "But when she ain't, he's hell to be around."

"And she slips back to the broken girl she once was." Simon adds.

"I know." Mal agrees. "Looks like I ain't gonna be able to separate them again."

"You best not." Rita warns. "I'll wallop you but good if you do. And not only that, you best bring them back round this way in no less than a year or you're gonna be dealin' with me, dong ma?"

Mal nods. "Yes, ma'am."

"Good." Rita pushes River's kitten into Mal's hands. "Here's Boots."

"I don't allow pets on my boat." Mal tries to push the cat back.

"My boy's gonna throttle you." Rita says. "Now, his wife is in love with this little kitten and she's gonna be near heartbroken to leave it."

"And if'n I let her take it, it might smooth things over." Mal finishes.

"Might." Rita replies.

"And you might not even need to say thank you for…."

Mal covers Inara's mouth. "Let's just keep that between the two of us."

"Aww, ain't it cute, they've already gone and got secrets." Kaylee gushes.

"Next will come the pet names." Wash says with a grin.

Mal glares at them both.

"What's goin' on?" Jayne leads River over to the large crowd standing a few feet in front of Serenity.

"We're takin' off." Mal says.

River runs over and hugs Jayne's parents. "I will write you, if that is alright with you."

"I look forward to your letters." Rita kisses River's forehead. "You take care of my boy."

"I will." River kisses Robert's cheek. "I will miss you."

"I'll miss you too, little one." Robert kisses her forehead. "My boy steps outa line, you give me a wave and I'll knock him around."

River smiles. "I will keep that in mind." She then flutters over to hug Jayne's sisters-in-law and brothers, ignoring Jayne's possessive growl. "Just saying goodbye."

"Don't need to hug em." Jayne mutters, shaking his brothers' hands and enveloping them in a quick but manly hug.

"Remember what I have taught you." River tells Cassie and Britney. "And have fun at your dance."

"We will." Cassie and Britney hug River tightly. "We'll miss you."

"I will miss you, too." River says. "You will write?"

"Yeah." They promise. "Bye, River."

"Bye." River moves over to Mattie and hugs the little girl gently. "I will take care your big brother."

"Okay." Mattie agrees. "Love you, River."

"Love you too, sweetie." River kisses Mattie's forehead and then moves in front of Roy. "Goodbye, Roy."

"Bye." Roy mutters, looking at his feet.

River tilts his head up. "Be happy, Roy."

"Miss you." Roy mumbles.

River smiles and leans down to kiss him softly on the lips.

"River Cobb." Jayne growls, tugging her against him and away from his little brother. "What the gorram hell're ya doin'?"

"Saying goodbye." River replies.

Roy touches his lips, his face turning bright red.

Jayne sighs and ruffles Roy's hair. "You best find your own girl, someday, dong ma?"

"Yeah." Roy mutters.

River takes the kitten out of Mal's hands and kisses it on the forehead. "I will miss you also, Boots."

"Don't see why." Mal says. "Since he's comin' with you."

"Really?" River's eyes widen.

"Yep." Mal replies. "But he's your responsibility and kitten, dong ma? You take care of him."

"I will." River assures him, cuddling the black kitten with white paws against her chest.

"Uh, Mal…"

"Don't worry bout it." Mal cuts him off. "Just don't go hittin' me."

"Or me." Simon adds.

Jayne wraps an arm around River and nods. "Well, I guess…"

Rita steps forward and kisses her son's cheek. "Take care of her."

"I will, ma." Jayne assures her. "Keep pa in line."

"Always do." Rita smiles at the couple, tears filling her eyes. "Simon, just remember you're welcome here just as much as River is."

"Thank you." Simon kisses Rita's cheek softly.

The next ten minutes are filled with hugs and goodbyes as the Serenity crew loads up to leave. The boat lifts off not even an hour after it landed, a large family watching as it flies away.

"We will visit them again." River snuggles into Jayne's chest, Boots in her arms.

"Yeah." Jayne agrees.

"Simon, will you and Kaylee baby sit Boots?" River holds out the kitten.

"Yes." Kaylee squeals, taking the kitten from River. "Oh, he's so cute."

"Where are you going, mei-mei?" Simon's arm wraps around Kaylee's waist and scratches the kitten's forehead.

"Our bunk." River grins at him. "We have three days to make up for."

Zoe smiles. "Sounds like you plan on being gone for a while."

"Yes." River smiles back. "Just like you and Wash will."

Zoe nods her agreement and heads towards the bridge.

"C'mon, Simon, Shepard Book, we can play some cards." Kaylee kisses the kitten's forehead. "You too, Nara."

Jayne scoops River up, laughing at her squeals, and rushes past the leaving crew.

Mal jumps to the side when he's almost trampled by the Cobbs. "Where the gorram hell are you two goin' in such a hurry?"

"Sex." River yells over Jayne's shoulder.

Mal shakes his head.

"What's wrong?" Inara asks.

"Where you guys goin'?" Mal questions back.

"Kaylee wants to play cards." Inara slips her hand into Mal's waiting to see his reaction.

Mal glances down. "Is the cap invited, lil Kaylee?"

"Sure." Kaylee chirps. "Why you frownin' for?"

"Not." Mal protests.

"You shouldn't be." Kaylee scolds. "Wash and Zoe are happy, you and Nara can finally be together, Book's got some new books the companion place gave 'im to read, and River and Jayne are off bein' together. Everyone's happy."

"Not to mention you're holdin' hands with the doctor." Mal grins.

Kaylee blushes.

"I wasn't frownin' lil Kaylee." Mal says. "Just thinkin'."

"Bout what?" Kaylee asks.

Mal runs his hand down the doorway to the mess. "How good it is to have everyone home."