Chapter 1

She already promised to herself that three kids were enough. Well, not that she wanted three kids. Both she and Vegeta hadn't planned on having twins. Yeah, that's right, Bulma was having twins, two girls, Bra and Beya.

Bulma sighed. She had just given birth to two beautiful girls and she still didn't have a chance to see them. Nor did Vegeta; he was late and wasn't with her while she was giving birth. She would make him pay for that one. Bulma woke up from her thinking when she heard her mate's voice from the doorway.

«Why haven't they brought those brats to me already? I have to go back and train!» said the already pissed Vegeta as he stared at Bulma, like it was her fault.

Bulma felt her own anger rise. «Well, if you had shown up on time, you would have seen them before the nurses took them away, Vegeta!» said Bulma furiously.

Soon, Bulma and Vegeta were fighting, as always, and they didn't have the slightest idea what was happening on the other side of hospital…

On the other side of hospital:

«I'm sorry, Doctor Frank, but we can't seem to find one of them,» said a blond nurse while tears of terror slid down her face.

This was the first time in history of this hospital that somebody actually kidnapped a child. Not to mention that the missing child was the child of Bulma Briefs.

They were in big trouble if they didn't find the other girl. They were doomed forever. And the father was in hospital, too. Well, it was certain that they would never see the day again.

«Keep looking, and you had better find the child before the Briefs even start to worry!» he yelled, now much more than a worried doctor.

The little blond nurse ran away to look with the rest of the staff for the kid again.

«We are dead if we don't find that child,» said Doctor Frank to himself.

After that day, the hospital wasn't destroyed, thanks to the other z-fighters. After Bulma, Vegeta, and Trunks found out that one of the little twin girls was missing, they had different reactions. Bulma started crying and screaming, Vegeta started choking doctors, and Trunks remained silent as his ki rose. He soon joined his father in choking the doctors. Immediately after that, the nurse gave Bulma a shot to calm her down while Vegeta and Trunks were stopped by Goku. All of the Z fighters tried to find Beya, the missing twin, but with no results. Everybody was desperate, even Vegeta! Well, he wasn't really desperate, he just wanted to choke the person who took his little baby girl.

Years and years had passed, and Bra became a nice grown-up fourteen-year-old girl. Bra knew what happened to her twin sister, but since everybody avoided the subject, she did too. But little did Bra, or anybody else, know that her twin sister Beya was suffering by the monster. The monster that was destroying her, slowly, but surely.