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Chapter 10:

Cold air was messing her hair up, and now her bangs were flying around her forhead, while Beya was of course frowning. She was looking for that ,damn flame-shaped mountin, for over what seemed hours. It was probably Frieza, he just gave her the wrong directions, for something that probably didn't really excist. Oh, yes, she could already imagine Frieza, in his throne room, laughing his head off, while she was looking for something that was just a part of his sick fantasy. Beya stopped in mid air, looking angrily around her.

'Wait a second.. Isin't this..?' Beya thought desperately, as she noticed the same river she passed by half an hour ago.

«Arghhhh!» she yelled, throwing few ki balls, burning few trees, underneath her. She was just so angry, that she could kill someone, really kill someone. Tear that victim limb by limb, and then… She took long breat stopping her thoughts, and relaxing a bit. Beya started to fly back to the river, to check if that river really was the one she passed by 30 minutes ago

Her feet touched the ground almost without a sound, she looked at her surounding, admiring the beauty of this planet. It was truly amazing, she has never seen anything like that, everything looked so peaceful. The birds were singing, making these beautiful sounds, she never imagined to hear. She could hear the river, next to her, and those woods, with big grapes looked so relaxing, and tasty. She could just simply ley down and sleep for an enternity. But, she had a mission to handle, and soon this planet won't excist, she'll destroy it.

Actualy, as the time passed, she started to wonder about her real feelings. During the past 10 years she spent destroying everything Frieza would tell her to, she never found out what really her feelings were, did her sick and dark mind enjoyed killing innocent people, and destroying planets that meant nothing to her, but did to all those people? Or she felt sad and disgusted with herself? Personally, Beya thought that she felt both: she enjoyed it, and at the same time she felt disgusted by it.

It was very confusing and hard for the 14 year old girl to understand that every people has two sides. Of course there were some people that had only one side, and their other side was so small that they even didn't know it exsists in them, and that maybe one day, that side will surprise them, and overtake them. And you always have to be avare that no one is the same, we all different, all.

And all this crap I just wrote meant nothing to Beya, she never heard of it. She felt that it was normal to have only one side, good or evil, but only one.

But it wasn't her fault, Frieza was the one to blame. He made her do what she's doing now, in fact what she's been doing all her life, destroying. And when she had to kill, and complete her mission, that anger she felt for Frieza would make her do things she felt disgusted with, but she just couldn't hold it inside her, let that anger to destroy her as time passes by.

During the night she had nightmares hunting her down like an animal… She just couldn't block out all those people, screaming, beging her to spare them, to spare their children, and she would just give them her cold look, that held no emotions, and killed them coldly, like an monster. Oh,yes, that's the word. Monster. That is what she has became over the past 10 years she spent at missions, doing her job. Beya knew that she had her softer side, one that was beging her to stop with this, to run away, or to fight with Frieza and die, trying to free herself, but that side of her was that smaller side, one you ignore. But little did Beya know that, that side will overtake her, very, very soon.

«Ok,so…» Beya mumbled, a bit confused. «I'm probably right. Frieza was either lying, or he really thinks that that necklace exsist. Never mind, i'm leaving, i don't care.» she said to herself, really thinking it, she did not care at this moment. «I'll better go, and find Teirra and Surreal, to see if they found that ship.» She said, blasting off, as fast as she could.

«I can't believe it! You said that you know where to look, and now…»Pan was roughly interrupted while holding a lecture to Bra.

«I know what I said, and I am asking you just to give me some more time.» Bra said, while not even buying it herself, some more time? She was thinking for over than 3 hours now.

«Braaaa.» Pan whined, tiredly, «My dad, and your dad are gonna find us before you decide…We have to move this ship from dead spot in middle of space, and go to some planet before my dad and Vegeta come here and take us home. They are probably very angry at us, Bra.» Pan finished, shivering at the mere thought of her very very angry father.

«Oh, alright.» Bra said defeated, Pan was right this time, she didn't want to meet her very very angry father either. Bra didn't really think that being dadys little princess would help her if they found them, and her mom….oh,man, if they really do find them before they cool off a bit, they are dead. «Let me pick…» she said concetrating on picking a planet she felt, it could be special somehow…And then, when she looked at that little black spot on the computers monitor, she felt something, some connection. It wasn't strong, but still, she could feel it.

«This one.» Bra pointed on the monitor, that's it.

«You sure?» Pan asked Bra, unsure. She was trying to find the planet for 3 hours and she failed, and now, in one minute she found it?...

«Yeah.» she said dead-seriously, «That's it.»

«Well ok then….we're off to….» She said, reading the planets name, «Anusa-sei.»

«Anusa-sei..» Bra slowly repeated , «Beya…I can almost swear, that you're there.»

«How?» Pan asked, as she set down on a sofa she just uncapsuled. «How can you be so sure?» she couldn't stand not to ask, how.

«I told you earlier, that I can feel it.» Bar said, taking a breath, and countinuing , «It's like we share a bond, which is very weak, cause we never actualy spend more than few hours together, and i'm sure that as soon as I find her, we'll share the best and biggets bond ever.» She stated happily, not knowing that she'll had to wait for a loong time till that happens….

«Ok, if you say so.» Pan said smiling, obviously covinced.

And then, soon, without any warnings, ship started to shake furiously. Throwing Pan and Bra from their seats on the floor.

«What is happenin…..» Bra wanted to ask Pan, but realized that Pan fainted. Her lifeless body was lying down, she looked….dead…Bra tried to come closer to Pan, but soon, without any warnings, she couldn't breathe, Bra was fighting to take a breath, but faild in doing so, and then everything went black….

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