This just popped into my head out of nowhere and I figured I could do something with it. This is for everyone that has to deal with annoying siblings, younger or older. I know I do. I have to admit that I like how it came out and I hope you guys would like it also. I had fun with this one. There is also much Spuffiness to be had, just gotta be patient with me. Any comments would be appreciated!

Chapter 1

"Mom, she's still on the phone. I need to call Willow." Buffy Summers said as she entered the kitchen, where she found her mother making dinner.

"You'll just have to wait until she's done." Joyce Summers replied and Buffy rolled her eyes.

"She's been on for over an hour. She can't keep hogging the line; there are other people in this house." Joyce stopped what she was doing to look at her daughter.

"Buffy, I'm a little busy right now. Why don't you just ask your sister to let you use the phone?" Buffy sighed as she left the kitchen.

"Yeah, that would be like talking to a wall." She mumbled as she walked over to her older sister, who still had the phone to her ear. She was talking about the latest fashions and Buffy could care less. It's not like it was anything important. She was tired of being polite and snatched the phone out of the older girl's hand and put it to her ear, ignoring the glare from her sister. "I'm sure this is a matter of life and death, but she'll have to call you back." Buffy said into the phone as she hung up.

"God, you are such a brat! I was having a very important conversation." Buffy rolled her eyes again at what her sister thought was an important conversation. Sometimes it was hard to believe that they were related.

"I'm sure whatever fashions you were talking about will be out of style by next week. I actually need to use the phone for something school related, but you would know nothing about that." Buffy explained to her.

"Like calling your geek friend is so important." She said as she rolled her eyes and Buffy was about to comment, when Joyce then came out of the kitchen to stop the fighting.

"Harmony, would you take out the trash?" Joyce said and her eldest daughter looked repulsed by that idea.

"Mom, I do not touch disgusting things." She said with a grimace and Buffy couldn't help the smile that formed on her face.

"What would you call your boyfriend then?" She stated and Harmony turned a glare on her.

"At least I have a boyfriend." She stated as she then looked back at her mother. "I'm gonna have to take a rain check, mom. I have a date tonight." She said with a squeal as she ran up the stairs. Joyce then looked at Buffy and she knew what that meant.

"I guess I'll be taking the trash out." Buffy said and Joyce gave her a smile.

"Thanks, honey." She replied as she went back into the kitchen. Buffy let out a sigh when her mother was gone. Her life was really unfair sometimes.

Buffy walked outside with the trash and put it down. She then noticed that she wasn't exactly alone. She looked up to see a very attractive man, with bleach blonde hair and a leather coat. She gave him a smile. "Hey, Spike. What brings you over here?" She wondered and he only shrugged.

"Just getting some fresh air. How are things going, Buffy?" Buffy sighed as she thought about what to tell him.

"Things are as good as they're going to be." She replied and he only nodded, not sure what else to say. Spike moved to Sunnydale from England when he was 14. His dad was the librarian at the high school. They have lived next door to each other for five years now and formed a close friendship, even though he was three years older than her. She was about to say something else, when someone came out of the back door and pushed her out of the way. Buffy glared at her sister, who chose to ignore it.

"Spike, I knew I heard a male voice out here. Did you come by to see me?" Harmony wondered in a sweet voice that made Buffy cringe. Spike just gave her a smile.

"I was just talking to Buffy." He said and the smile fell from her face.

"Why do you constantly talk to her? It's not like she can ever hold an interesting conversation. She's just a kid." Buffy felt like pulling her hair out for that comment. She was 16-years-old and still got treated like a kid. Harmony was only two years older than her.

"I'll just go back inside now." Buffy said as she walked away and she caught the smile on Harmony's face. It was obvious that her older sister had a crush on Spike, even though she had her own boyfriend. Buffy knew that she would never be able to compete with Harmony. She was a Barbie doll basically and all the guys were crazy for her. She figured they only wanted Harmony because she lacked any brain cells and would put out for anyone. She was a senior and one of the most popular girls in school. Buffy got good grades and she was hardly popular. She was attractive, but it wasn't enough. Buffy has liked Spike since she was 12, but he would never notice. He probably only saw her as a kid just like everyone else. Buffy then had a determined look on her face as she walked up the stairs and knocked on her other sister's door. She opened it without even waiting for a reply and noticed her little sister take her headphones off. "Did you do it, Dawn?" She asked and the younger girl gave her a smile.

"It was a piece of cake. You need to give me a challenge next time." Buffy smiled at her sister also.

"I'll keep that in mind." They then heard the sounds of footsteps coming up the stairs and Harmony was soon standing in the doorway.

"What are you two losers talking about?" She wondered with raised eyebrows.

"Nothing that your little brain would be able to comprehend." Buffy said and Dawn laughed at that, while Harmony just looked annoyed.

"Whatever, I'm taking a shower." She said as she rolled her eyes and walked into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her. Buffy then gave Dawn another smile.

"Phase one is complete." She said and Dawn returned her older sister's smile.

"This should be fun." She replied as they both waited.