Well, I'm back with an epilogue for this story. I finally thought of a little something to add to it for those that wanted more. I decided to just do an epilogue instead of making it a sequel since it's really only one chapter. I will warn you that this is incredibly fluffy. It is just some Valentine's Day goodness. I was gonna put it in on Monday, but I got a bit impatient and decided to post it now. Also, my writing is a bit different now. Thanks to Holly4 for helping me out. Everyone should check out her stories, they're amazing. Anyway, I hope you guys like this and haven't completely forgotten about the story already. Any comments would really be appreciated!


"So, do you think she'll like it?"

Xander looked over the diamond ring that his friend held. "It's nice, I'm surprised you're finally gonna ask Buffy to marry you."

Spike put the ring back in his pocket. "I wanted to wait for the right time."

"And you think the right time is when she's almost nine months pregnant?"

Spike rolled his eyes. "I don't need a lecture from you, Harris. Everyone has been pestering me about proposing to Buffy after she got pregnant, but I figured dealing with a wedding on top of having a baby would have been too much. So, I decided to wait. It's Valentine's Day and I think this would be the perfect time to ask her."

Xander nodded. "I guess that's a good idea. Valentine's Day is the most romantic day of the year. So I've been told. God, I hope Anya isn't expecting anything really special. All I can really afford these days is a bouquet of roses and possibly a box of her favorite chocolates."

Spike patted his friend on the back. "Good luck with that," he said and then walked out of Xander's apartment. He decided to make a stop at the nearest flower shop before returning to Buffy.

"Where's Spike?" Buffy asked and took deep breaths.

"He should be here soon, honey. Just keep breathing," her mother said.

Buffy nodded and felt another contraction go through her. She yelled and squeezed the hand that she was holding tighter.

Dawn looked out the window. "Spike just pulled up," she told them.

"Thank god, he should be the one doing this. I think she broke my hand." Connor complained and winced as Buffy squeezed his hand again.

They just ignored him.

"All right, it's time to go to the hospital." Joyce said and helped Buffy up.

Spike then ran into the room after hearing Buffy's screams from outside. "Is everything okay?" he wondered.

"Buffy's in labor." Dawn stated as she helped her sister.

Spike immediately went to her side.

Connor sighed in relief when Buffy let him go. "At least we're going to the hospital," he said and inspected his injured hand.

Dawn rolled her eyes. "You're such a baby."

They finally managed to get Buffy downstairs and into Spike's car.

"Get her there safely, we'll follow behind soon."

Spike nodded at Joyce and then drove away.

Joyce went back inside the house. She had a few phone calls to make.

"You're doing great, love." Spike told Buffy as he held her hand in his.

Buffy was breathing hard and didn't think she could take much more. It felt like she has been in labor for days instead of only a few hours. "It hurts too much," she commented and lay back in the bed.

Spike brought her hand to his lips and gave it a tender kiss. "You can do it, sweetheart."

"That's right, Buffy. Just give us one more push."

Buffy nodded at the doctor's words and really hoped she could do it. She pushed with all that she had in her and yelled at the intense pain. It took away a lot of her energy and she lay back in the bed when she was done, completely exhausted. The sound of her baby crying brought more tears to her eyes.

The baby was taken and cleaned off.

Spike brushed the sweaty hair out of Buffy's face. "You did it, baby," he said with tears in his eyes also.

She looked up at him. "We did it."

He gave her a smile and then placed a kiss on her forehead.

The doctor walked back over to them. "Congratulations, you have a beautiful, baby boy," he said and placed the baby into his mother's arms.

Buffy couldn't stop the tears from falling now as she gazed upon her child.

Spike looked at his family with pride. He couldn't believe that he had a son.

"Hey there, little guy. You decided to grace us with your presence a bit early." Buffy said to the baby.

"He's very special indeed. Being born on Valentine's Day."

Buffy smiled at the doctor and then looked back at Spike. "I didn't even realize that," she said.

"Well, you've been pretty busy," he replied.

Buffy nodded and looked back at the bundle in her arms.

"Have you thought about any names, love? We haven't really talked about it."

Buffy smiled again and figured it was about time that she told him her choice for a name. "I was thinking about naming him Matthew. If that's okay with you."

Spike smiled as well. "Yeah, I think that's perfect."

"Well, you should be lucky that he didn't get your nose."

Buffy rolled her eyes at her sister's comment. "Thanks, Harmony. I really appreciate that."

"She has a cute nose." Spike replied with a glare at the blonde.

Buffy gave him a grateful smile.

They all took turns seeing the baby because only a few were allowed in the room at once.

Spike was watching over Buffy after everyone left. Matthew was taken to where all the other babies were and he was left alone with his thoughts.

Buffy finally opened her eyes after only resting for about an hour. She looked at Spike. "Hey," she said in a sleepy voice.

"Hey yourself," he responded.

"Why do you look so serious? That's never a good thing."

Spike smiled and walked over to her. "I just still can't believe that any of this has happened. You've given me everything I could ever want, but there's just one thing missing."

Buffy raised her eyebrows. "I think it's a bit soon to have another kid."

Spike laughed and shook his head. "Not that I wouldn't love having another kid some day, that's not what I'm talking about."

Buffy was about to say something else, when a black box was suddenly in front of her. It revealed a beautiful, diamond ring. Buffy gasped and looked up at the serious expression on Spike's face.

He took a deep breath before he spoke again. "The baby coming early kind of put my plans on hold, but I think this just makes it even more perfect. You're my entire world, Buffy. I couldn't imagine spending my life with anyone else. Will you marry me?"

Buffy definitely wasn't expecting a proposal, but she had no doubts about what her answer would be. "Yes, I'll marry you," she replied and again had tears coming down her face.

Spike smiled and took the ring out of the box. He placed the ring on her finger and gave it a kiss. He then enveloped her in a big hug. "You've made me the happiest man on earth." He pulled away to give her a sweet kiss on the lips.

"I love you," she whispered.

He planted kisses all over her face and then buried his face in her neck. "I love you, too. So bloody much."

Buffy held him tighter.

That's how Joyce and Giles found them a few minutes later. They smiled at the display of both of their children, still not believing how grown up they were now.

Joyce was happy that her little girl finally found everything that she has ever wanted. Buffy used to be so shy and insecure about everything. She never believed that anyone could ever love her. Joyce was just relieved that her daughter found everything in Spike. She knew that he would always be there for her daughter. He was nothing like Hank. That was a very comforting thought.

Giles was just as happy for his son. William needed a good woman in his life and no one made him as happy as Buffy did. Giles knew that Jenny would be very proud of the man that he was becoming.

Both of the adults finally walked away and decided to give the new family a little privacy.

They have been through so much together, but things were bound to only get better from there. When you find the one that you're meant to spend the rest of your life with, nothing else seems to matter.

The End

I'm not that sure about the ending, but that's all I could think of. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all spend it with the one's you love!