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Hope You All Enjoy My Second fic. This happens after his fourth year at hogwarts.

Needing Sirius

It was a very hot summers day and there was no one in the streets exept this 14 year old doing the gardening.

If you looked at him he was just wiping sweat off his face and you could see this blouish bruise on his cheak.

Harry Potter looked like any ordanary boy with glasses but there was something peculiar about him that no one could explain, like how he got all these injuries the neighbours allways wonderd where he went to school but did not actually believe he went to St Brutases he seemed quite sane.

Harry Potter the boy who lived seemed fine on the outside but was screaming in despair on the inside.

In his last year he witnessed one of his class mates getting murdered.

which traumamised him imensly.

At night which was his most difficultest part of the day. His nightmares were unbelievable. The last couple of nights he woke up the whole house of the so called "relatives" of him .


Vernon Dursley cam e storming into his nephews bedroom aand started having a fit

"What the ruddy devil do you think you are doing boy!"

Waking up the whole neighbour hood with your racket you murderer

He lost all controll he pulled back his hand and smacked Harry on the cheek who was so scared of his uncle already did not need any of this. But it only got worse.

Vernon would not have any of this he got out the whip he was holding and started smacking his defencless nephew who could also smell alcohol on his breath. Harry just blacked out from all that pain.

End of flashback.

The neighbor hood always heard the screams but nobody di d anything - didnt call the police to ecen investigate everybody got on with their own lives as if no one heard thos e screams.

It was quite clear that they were abusing their own nephew.

But nobody cared and the people who did care about Harry did not know.

It was exactly on week after term ended that the abuse had gone on for so long and no food that it all was too much for him

He wishe d he had a perant .

Then suddenly he thought of Sirius Black his godfather.

Maybe if he sent a letter to him he might rescue him but that would probalbly never happen he gave it a go at least.

Dear Sirius

How are you ?

Everything is ok here . My cousin is getting fatter each day my aunts fine doesnt talk to me much and my uncle is always at work he comes home very late.

I have done all my schoolwork . Look I am turning in to Hermione Ron would not aprove of this . Say Hi to Professor Lupin for me if you do see him .

How long is it till i can visit the Weasleys ? Hope not too long I am go;ing desperate here with all my chores.



What went by unnoticed by Harry was that aa drip of blood had gone onto the letter which Sirius or Remus would notice. Hedwig took the letter and tried to take it as fast as she could she was very worried about him but did not know what to do.

Later that evening:

When Hedwig arrived at Remus Luping that night she spotted Sirius Black and Remus Lupin sitting at a big table . Remus was looking at map saying " no too dangerous " Sirius cut him off " we could easily do that " Remus was just about to reply when Sirius spoted Hedwig and gave a cry of joy .

When Sirius opened the letter all he said was " Grab the floo powder Remus we are going to see Dumbledor about this "

They rushed off to get some help for Harry Potter who was just suffering another session of abuse from hi s uncle and crying out Sirius's name for help.